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Photographic prints aren’t the only thing you can give as a photo gift. There are many, creative things you can do with images.

They are perfect for anyone, for any occasion throughout the year. Share those heart-warming memories today.

Phone Case

An interesting phone case is a proof someone is incredibly cool. A playful, yet responsible enough photo gift to look after their most expensive gadget.

Not only does it protect your phone, but it also serves as a portable photo frame. People will catch on to this photo gift every time you pull it from your pocket.

The hidden benefit is if you drop the phone somewhere, and your face is on it, you might get it back.

A personalised phone case - photo gifts -


There is no other British present more creative and ‘out there’ than a mug. It’s a playful idea that helps promote productivity through the use of providing a handy vessel for coffee.

You can have text, but photographs are better. You can put your own mug on a mug and give it to some other mug in your family.

Or you can do what our cousin did for our sons’ first birthday. The pictures on the mug told his entire life (12 months).

This creative photo gift shows images from throughout the pregnancy, through the birth and hospital, to him being a cheeky monkey. We already know, he will be the one to break it.

A personalised photo mug - photo gifts -

Photo Bookmarks

A photo gift bookmark can make someone laugh, even when they are opening their med school textbook to study for their final exams. Bookmarks also promote the healthy activity of reading. Unless they use a kindle.

These can be made from any image, of anything. Family members are nice.

The best thing is, if you decide to put strings, ribbons or tassels on them, you can work that into the poses of your little models.

A personalised set of fun photo bookmarks - photo gifts -

Colouring Pages

Who doesn’t like colouring books? I have seen plenty of adults take crayons and pencils from kids for their own colourful pleasure.

It is a present that will start conversations and cause arguments as someone will no doubt decide to use purple as a skin tone. What were they thinking?!

They are great for kids too, helping the little ones get used to colouring inside the lines and keeping them occupied.

A personalised colouring book - photo gifts -

Photo Blocks

These photo blocks are also great presents for kids. The images used for them can be beautiful portraits of your loving family, or silly shots that they get to mix and match.

It helps them to be pro-active, building instead of watching some random cartoon on the iPad. Adults will enjoy them too.

They will look good enough to show off, leaving them on the mantle as a more hip way than just a photo in a frame.

A personalised set of photo blocks - photo gifts -

Image Transfer onto Wood

Transfering an image on wood is a creative endeavour that sticks out from the usual ‘print-in-a-frame’ way of exhibiting your work.

Wood has a natural texture that will really fit with the work, and make it more interesting.

The wood itself can just be a panel, or it could be the side or top of something else. This is where your imagination comes in.

A black and white photo of an airplane on wood - photo gifts -

Polaroid Lifts

Polaroid lifts are one of my favourite, alternative processes to do within the world of photography and a great photo gift idea. Their shape is also something very unique.

Polaroid film was so far ahead of anything else, it still amazes me today. Polaroid shots can be mixed and mangled, they can be written on.

The idea is that once the Polaroid image has been processed, you can dip it in water. This will remove everything except for the image floating on a thin sheet of plastic.

You then collect the image with paper, glass or stone, depending on what you want to do with it.

An example of a polaroid lift - photo gifts -

Pull-Out Photo Album

Scrapbooking is an age-old trend saved for mothers with too much time on their hands, trying to involve their teenage daughters in the family’s life.

Forget the book part, but the act of selecting images from thousands and sticking them to card is basically an exhibition of your work.

Here, the card is formed into a concertina shape, where each leaf is a photograph. Pop it in a box, and pull up to reveal.

A personalised pull out photo album - photo gifts -

Polaroid Pop-up Cards

We love Polaroids here at ExpertPhotography. So much so, two of these photo gift ideas are made from Polaroids.

Here we have a pop-up card, and not the kind meant to scare you real bad. It is a beautiful way to give someone a meaningful photo gift.

They are simple to make and say a lot more than just a Hallmark card. You made these with your own hands. And eyes if you actually use a Polaroid image.

A personalised polaroid pop up card - photo gifts -

Gift Tags

What better than a personalised photo gift tag?

For extra delight, you can even add them to the wrapping paper (see below). They can then be recycled and reused by those receiving the gift as hangable images.

Click on the link to find out how to make them.

A personalised photographic gift tag - photo gifts -


Making a photographic, personalised calendar is just one way to help you remember people’s birthdays.

You can even make them in a comical way, so that no one will forget you. Or your birthday.

They are great photo gifts for friends or family, and even better if the photographer in the family calls (and takes) the shots.

Follow the link to Vistaprint to start working on yours today.

A personalised photo calender - photo gifts -

Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw is an oldie, but a goodie. My partner loves jigsaw puzzles, and I have been toying with the idea of something difficult for her.

Either the sky at night, or just a full-frame shot of the sea. That photo gift should keep her going for weeks, not just hours.

A better photo gift idea would be to get her to make her own picture of our family, which she can then frame and hang to show off her skills.

Have a look here on how to create and order your new favourite photo gift.

A personalised photo jigsaw - photo gifts -

Memory Game

Kids love the memory game. Maybe a little less so, due to the creation of the iPhone. All the more reason to get them off that blasted device and get them doing something that helps them.

Having photographs of the family can help the little one to speak, picking up names and words as they play.

Photographs of anything would work well here. I know my son would love a whole set on just ‘choo-choos’, and completing the game will make him feel proud of himself.

A personalised photo memory game - photo gifts -

Wrapping Paper

What is better than having your face plastered over wrapping paper. This accompanied with the personalised photo gift tag speaks volumes. The receivers will never forget who gave them the present.

If they are taken apart carefully, it can be reused. They are even a great way to spruce up an old storage box, or the lining to the insides of Grandma’s drawers.

Personalised photo wrapping paper - photo gifts -

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