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33 Creative Photo Gift Ideas For Your Friends and Family

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Finding the perfect photo gifts for loved ones can always be a challenge. Often, the best photo gift ideas are the ones with a personal touch. Today we’re going to give you a hefty collection of photo gift ideas for family and friends. We’ll also have a few ideas if they are avid photographers, too.

album with black-and-white pictures of senior couple on wooden background for photo gift ideas

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Creative and Personalised Photo Gift Ideas

Let’s dive in and take a look at 33 creative and personalized photo gift ideas for family members and friends!

1. Canvas Print

If you know of a single image that means a lot to someone, a canvas print is one of the best gifts you can give. Maybe it’s a scene from a momentous occasion or a memorable family vacation. Many sites such as Canvaspop produce an easy service from start to finish. You can choose from a selection of canvas styles and sizes.

Canvas print of groom and bride for photo gift ideas

2. Framed Photos

If a canvas print is too big, consider putting together a series of photographs in an elegant and matte frame. These are a great gift for people to keep family favourite photos on their desk or wall at work or a home office. Framed photos are a simple present to spruce up someones home.

Square black frame with a grid of pictures for photo gift ideas

3. Digital Photo Frame

Instead of printing pictures and putting them in a photo album or a regular frame, why not put them in a digital one? A digital frame automatically cycles through different photo collections. They can be family photos, beautiful landscapes, or favourite memories!

Digital frame with an image of a family for photo gift ideas

4. Personalised Photo Book

A photo book is a perfect gift to encapsulate your favourite memories. It’s an easy way to share your favourite photos with friends. Or, take a collection of pictures from a memorable event and sequence them together.

Photographs generally exist in the digital sphere nowadays, so printing a photo book is a fantastic personal gift. The photo collection will survive as long as it’s taken care of. Plus, there’s no need to worry about accidentally deleting images!

Christmas ornaments and a book of family pictures for photo gift ideas

5. Personal Photo Notebook

A great way to have an everyday reminder of good times is to make a personalised notebook. So whether someone is taking notes or writing in a personal diary, those words will always be accompanied by great pictures.

Notebooks with photo covers for photo gift ideas

6. Custom Silhouette Art

What if someone has too many photographs in their house? Or maybe they prefer something a bit more stylised? Silhouetted wall art could be for you. Silhouette art is where a photograph of your choice is turned into a simple outlined image. Get these made at Not On the Hight Street. Select picture style, background colour, frame, and even a personalised tag line to accompany your own images.

Framed red silhouette of a dog for photo gift ideas

7. Photo Calendar

If you think having one image printed out and on display isn’t enough, how about having 12 of your favourite photos? A photo calendar is a wonderful, functional way of sharing pictures. Mixbook provides an excellent photo calendar service where you have a selection of designs to choose from.

Personalized calendar with family pictures for photo gift ideas

8. Custom Mousepad

A photo mousepad is a practical gift that can be useful for a long time. I still use my personalised photo mouse pad from my trip to Disneyland about 20 years ago!

Custom mouse pad with picture of a boy and dog for photo gift ideas

9. Personalised Photo Key Ring

A photo key ring is another present almost guaranteed to be used and seen every day. Places like Shutterfly give you plenty of options to find the perfect style for your family or friends.

Personalized key ring with picture of children for photo gift ideas

10. Photo Locket

If you are looking for a more elegant photo gift, consider a locket. Loved ones can experience the magic of opening it to find an intimate family photo inside. You can find these photo gifts from Etsy, Amazon, or your local jewelry store or flea market.

Any printing shop will help you out with the miniature print. Take in the locket, and they will be able to judge the size and shape. It is a gift someone can treasure forever.

Intricately designed heart-shaped locket for photo gift ideas

11. Pressed Glass Photo Frame

There is something exquisite about pressed glass frames. Presenting images this way makes them look as though they are suspended in the air. If you have older black-and-white photos or polaroids, this is a great way to preserve your special keepsakes.

Pressed glass frames with old prints for photo gift ideas

12. Personalised Snow Globe

If you’re looking for something small to fit on a desk, consider a personalised snow globe. It’s similar to having a photo frame but with an added touch of Christmas or winter.

Snow globe with a picture inside for photo gift ideas

13. Personalised Photo Wine Bottle

Bottles of wine are always a treat for some people. Why not take it one step further with a personalised photo on the bottle? You can find wineries that provide the wine and a way to add a custom label to the bottle. But you could just as easily find a place to print your own photo stickers to put on a favourite bottle of wine!

Bottle of wine with custom photo label for photo gift ideas

14. Custom Magnets

For the people who want mementoes in the kitchen, a fridge magnet is a great place to put family vacation photos or other memories. You can revisit special days as you cook. Snapfish provides an excellent service. You can choose from different design templates and styles.

Fridge magnets with family pictures for photo gift ideas

15. Personalised Photo Cushion

Do you have the perfect image to tie in someone’s living room decor? Or maybe you want to give your friends a comfortable couch companion? A personalised throw pillow could be the answer to your problems.

Throw pillow with a family image for photo gift ideas

16. Personalised Blanket

There is no better cross over between fun and functionality than a custom photo blanket. There are multiple ways you can layout your images. Most places will give you a template to help you with your layout.

If you are confident in Photoshop, make a document the same size as your desired blanket. You will only be limited by your imagination!

Custom blanket for photo gift ideas

17. Personalised Reusable Shopping Bag

What if you want to get photo gifts for a friend or family member who is environmentally conscious? A reusable bag is your answer. Ensure your friends don’t use single-use bags for shopping anymore. They can take the same custom bag out every time!

Reusable shopping bag for personalized photo gift ideas

18. Personalised Suitcase

Avoid accidentally picking up someone’s suitcase by getting a personalised suitcase. Dyefor gives you the option to have a full print on both sides of your bag. This is the perfect photo gift idea for the jet setters out there.

Custom luggage for photo gift ideas

19. Personalised Phone Case

A thoughtful gift to get someone is a custom phone case. It adds a personal touch to the everyday. Not only is it protective of your smartphone, it can also be a warm reminder for the person you give it to. You can create an original design with your favourite photos, picture collages, digital collages and more.

Custom phone case with picture and words as a gift idea

20. Personalised Wrapping Paper

What if you already have the perfect gift but want to add a custom touch to it? How about making your own wrapping paper! You can select from a range of styles and easily upload images to put in patterned templates.

A red bow tied around custom wrapping paper as a photo gift idea

21. Custom Photo Cake Icing

The ultimate party pleaser is having your own photo on your cake. This used to be an expensive choice where you would have to go to a particular baker. Now, you’re able to order the layer of icing with a custom message online!

Custom image on a layer of icing for photo gift ideas

22. Custom Photo Bunting

Are you looking for a way to add an extra-special touch to a party set-up? Get some personalised bunting. What better way to show different faces of the guest of honour around the whole room!

Image of a girl blowing out a birthday candle on bunting for photo gift ideas

23. Personalised Mug

A classic option. Giving the gift of a nice mug goes a long way, especially with an image that warms the soul as much as a nice cup of tea.

printed mugs for photo gift ideas

34. Personalised Photo Coasters

A great small way to personalise any household is with photos on coasters. You can select how many you want and whether they have the same image or different images on each one.

Custom images on coasters for photo gift ideas

25. Custom Camera Strap

If you’re looking for a present for the avid photographer, why not add a simple addition to their kit with a camera strap? There are plenty of materials to choose from and different degrees of personalisation. It’s an easy, thoughtful gift without going over the top.

Custom leather camera strap with a person's name for photo gift ideas

26. Photo Reel Viewers

Are you feeling nostalgic? Do you want to pass on memories to younger family members or your whole family? Maybe they’ll get a kick out of this great Photo Reel viewer. Photo Reel viewers are a fun way to see photographs in an intimate way. Uncommongoods makes the viewers along with your own customised picture reel.

Photo picture reel as a photo gift idea

27. Personalised Photo M&M’s

If a friend has a sweet tooth, give them customised M&Ms! This well-known chocolate brand allows you to print a small portrait onto each small piece of chocolate. Pick your colours, photos, and package.

Colorful custom M&Ms for photo gift ideas

28. Personalised Hat

Are you looking for a present that adds a bit more style? How about getting a personalised hat! You can turn your image into a vector and have it embroidered. Or, if you want to stick with a photograph, they can print a patch to stick on.

Embroidered image of a dog on a ball cap for photo gift ideas

29. Photo T-Shirt

There is no better way to keep a personal photograph close to your heart than by wearing it on your chest!

T-shirt with a picture for a photo gift idea

30. Custom Socks

Do you have someone who won’t wear pictures on a T-shirt? Custom photo socks could be the right personalised gift to give someone. You’ll find a wide selection of design templates to choose from. Some options even cover the whole sock!

Custom socks for photo gift ideas

31. Custom Photo Puzzle

Looking for a family activity with a personal touch? A custom photo puzzle is a unique gift idea for whole families or problem-solving friends. Putting a puzzle together is a great way for people to spend time together and enjoy your selected photo. You can select the size of the puzzle and how many pieces there are to fit your needs.

Photo puzzle and box for a great gift idea

32. Custom Playing Cards

A pack of cards is common to have around for games night. Why not make it that much more fun by adding your own photos to them. specialise in this. They give you a choice of different card types, some that are even poker-quality! They also have a great option to create your own tarot cards.

Custom playing cards with a patterned floral design on the back for photo gift ideas

33. Custom Photo Rubik’s Cube

CanvasChamp makes a great selection of fun ways to show photos. You can find this in their custom Rubik’s Cube section. Not only do you get the choice of putting your favourite photos on a Rubik’s cube, but there are also fun magic cubes that reveal your images in exciting ways.

Personalized Rubik's cube for photo gift ideas


After going through this list of photo gift ideas, you will have more than enough gift options for your loved ones. Make sure you read the size and resolution requirements of each website for your images. The quality of your photos will make or break the gift, so make sure you provide the highest quality possible.

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