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Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 – Ice Blue Instant Camera

There’s no denying that scrolling through your digital library of pictures, be it on Instagram or in Lightroom, is a lot of fun. All those memories, great travels, and candid moments at the tips of your fingers. But not quite.

If the photographer in your life enjoys having physical copies of their work, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is a great gift. It’ll give them a fun new way to photograph, instant results they can grasp in their hands, and plenty of inspiration for future projects.

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Instax min as a perfect gift for photographers

Don’t forget to also get them the Fujifilm Instax Mini Black and White Film.

Instax mini monochrome film photography gift


Sharan SW-35 DIY Make and Shoot Panoramic Pinhole 35mm Film Camera Kit

As kids, a lot of us spent time building sand castles, playing with Lego bricks, and just getting our hands on everything DIY we could find. Granted, we didn’t know what DIY was, but we liked putting things together and taking them apart.

For the person in your life who hasn’t lost their delight for DIY projects, get them a DIY Camera Kit. Sharan SW-35’s Make and Shoot Panoramic Pinhole does just what it says on the tin.

They’ll put it together themselves (it’s made from easy to assemble cardboard), and then they’re ready to take panoramic pictures on 35mm film. They can develop the pictures themselves too. It’s a fun way to get back to the roots of photography!

DIY pinhole camera - perfect photographer gift

Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera

The Ricoh Theta S is the ultimate selfie stick. And so much more than that. According to its creators, it brings about a new way to look at photography, and the ability to see the world through virtual 360-degree spherical images.

This is a gift for the modern, on-trend photographer, willing to explore a new area and go beyond tradition. Grab a Ricoh Theta S for them and let them discover 360-degree Virtual Reality photography.

TheRicoh 360 degree camera is a great gift for photographers

GoPro HERO6 Black

If you’re looking to buy a gift for an adventurer with a knack for videography, then look no more. GoPro’s Hero 6 is the camera for you.

Waterproof to 33ft and able to capture smooth footage in even the most challenging of situations, GoPro is the perfect gift for photographers who spend most of their shooting time hiking, jumping in pools, or flying down mountainsides skiing.

The Go Pro Hero 6 is a great gift for photographers

To be sure they never run out of battery for their adventures, you might consider getting them the Smatree Charging Case GS160P with Built-in Power Bank as an additional gift.

GoPro charging case is a perfect gift for a photographer

Hover Camera Passport Self-Flying Drone

This is a drone built specifically for follow footage and taking selfies. It has the ability to shoot videos at 4k, a 13-megapixel camera, and image recognition software that allows it to keep its position without needing GPS. Not to mention that it folds to fit easily into a backpack or purse.

The Hover Camera Passport is the kind of gadget the photographer in your life will enjoy having on their next trip abroad or their next bike ride through the city.

The Hover camera is a perfect photographer gift

Olympus PEN-F Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera

Whether the photographer in the house is concentrating on landscape, portraiture or street, the Olympus PEN is a great little addition to their photography gear.

This stylish, mirrorless camera is super silent, very fast and photographs with stunning quality. Olympus was one of the first to offer us the mirrorless system, and they are still in the top range for these types of camera.

Not only does it photograph, but it captures video too. Great for the video blogger, with its touchscreen capabilities and moveable screen. Built-in WiFi makes it great for geotagging and sharing images immediately. This is a perfect machine anywhere, anytime.

The perfect photography gift - An Olympus PEN


Neewer 750II TTL Flash Speedlite

Let’s get technical. When it comes to buying gifts for photographers, sometimes the most boring things will help their art the most. Like the Neewer 750II TTL Flash Speedlite.

Suitable for most Nikon cameras, your photographer can use this accessory in both TTL and Manual mode, and significantly improve lighting in their photos.

The Neewer speedlite is a perfect gift for a photographer

Godox AD200 200Ws 2.4G TTL

This is one of those things that make you go COOL. The Godox is a lightweight, fit-in-your-pocket 200ws TTL Monolight. It works wirelessly and fully supports all big camera manufacturers. There is an integrated 2.4G radio receiver which enables it to be triggered up to 100m away from your camera.

Did I mention it fits in your pocket?

This is a perfect gift for those portrait photographers who like to get out and about, either in the city or somewhere a little bit more wild. Great for locations where you need a lot of power in a small box.

Handheld or tripod mounted, its 8-stops of power adjustment make it ideal for many situations. It even fits in your pocket.

The Godox AD200 portable flash unit is a great gift for photographers

Flash Diffuser Light Softbox

If you aren’t really used to using a flash, you might find that it’s a little tricky dealing with all of those buttons and settings. Getting the right amount of light in any situation can take a lot of brain power, let alone in low light conditions. Either the flash is too strong or doesn’t give you a wide enough range to use.

This is why the flash diffuser is great. It’s a little light box that fits on your Speedlite, and helps to soften the light and enables it to wrap around your subjects a little better. No more harsh light and pitch black shadows. This piece is great for portraits in low light areas, where a flash is a must.

A perfect gift for photographers - Flash diffuser soft box

White Balance Card 18% 

For saving time during post-processing, a white balance card is a necessity. Just photograph the card at the beginning of your shoot and either manage the white balance in camera or during the editing stage.

Lightweight, small size and waterproof – perfect for those underwater portraits you’ve always wanted to do.

The perfect gift for a photographer, an 18% white balance set

Neewer Ring Light

Portrait photographs and good lighting systems go hand in hand. The ring light is a great system as it balances out light directly onto the subject’s face. Without a ring light, you can be too direct, as the light would have to go above or below the camera, which can increase harsh shadows.

This great piece of lighting equipment is dimmable and folds away compactly into its own bag.

The Neewer ring light kit is the a great photography gift

LimoStudio 16″ x 16″ Table Top Studio Tent Kit

Whether practicing your product photography or concentrating on a still-life project, this light tent is very practical. The infinity curve, white structure and LED light system gives a professional studio look to anything you can fit in there.

Not only does it come with two 5500K LED lights, but also 4 different coloured fabrics. Perfect for when you need something other than white. A mini tripod and smartphone clip is also yours, so you are not stunted by choice of camera.

Easy to move too as it folds into one neat, compact system for travel.

This LED lit table top studio kit from LimoStudio is a great gift for photographers

Ringbox Flash Softbox

To get those professional portraits, your bare Speedlite might not be enough. This is why we recommend this ringbox flash softbox. It is a diffuser for your Speedlite, and evens out the flash in front of your lens. Great for stopping harsh facial shadows as the light becomes balanced and diffused.

This will fit DSLRs with their external flash units, latching onto the lens and fitting around the camera. Quick and easy to put up, compact and lightweight material allows it to collapse away neatly. Great for studios and isolated portraits, but not so good for street photography.

This ring diffuser is a great gift for the aspiring photographer

Etekcity 24″ (60cm) 5-in-1 Portable Collapsible Photo Reflector

We could all benefit from using reflectors. A little more light bounced into darker areas of the image can have a big impression. Great for portraits and documentary projects where one prominent light source isn’t enough.

The Etekcity has 5 different styles in one package to either warm up your image or add more light. They pack a punch for a kit that can fold into a case 2/3rds of its full size.

Portable, useful and lightweight. What else could you ask for?

This set of reflectors is a perfect gift for photographers


JOBY GorillaPod

Sometimes a tripod isn’t practical. Maybe you don’t want to schlep them around for one or two possible shots you might take. Or you don’t want to advertise that you might have a lot of expensive photographic equipment on you.

The JOBY Gorrillapod is great for so many reasons. Small, compact, lightweight and fast to use. It can bend and wrap to any surface, holding your DSLR or mirrorless camera with ease. You can photograph landscape or portrait, changing with ease.

Great for the outdoors, for any kinds of camera you might have and for any situation you could envision.

This JOBY Gorillapod is a great photographer gift

BONFOTO Q111 Lightweight Camera Tripod

When you need something bigger and closer to your eye level than the GorillaPod, a full tripod is a must. This 55″ tripod is a great addition to your travel photography as it folds away compact and small. It is also very lightweight due to its aluminium tubes.

This tiny package extends from 47.5cm to a huge 140cm at its largest expansion. A necessity for long exposures, time-lapses and any situation where you might want to freeze motion.

BONFOTO travel tripod is a perfect gift for photographers

FOTYRIG Hot Shoe Bubble Spirit Level

For images that need to be exact, there is the bubble spirit level. Architecture and landscape photographers can really benefit from having one of these instead of only trusting their eyes.

It looks at both the horizontal and vertical axis simultaneously, which cuts down time and enables you to work effortlessly. It fits onto the hotshoe on your camera, but can be placed anywhere flat.

This bubble spirit level is a perfect gift for photographers

Glif – Quick Release Tripod Mount For Smartphones

For those mobile photographers out there who want to get more out of their photography. The quick release clip fits any smartphone, whether in a case or not. There are three different tripod mounts so that this can be used with any device.

It will even let you add other devices, such as sound or light devices – great for the mobile journalist or blogger.

A perfect photographer gift would be a quick release tripod mount for smartphones

Gekkopod Smartphone Mount

This smartphone mount is not just a tripod. It will grip to any surface, to keep it stable and static. It will also wrap around anything, which makes it very flexible and adaptable to any situation.

Small, lightweight and universal enables you to take this with you anywhere, for any situation.

This Gekkopod is a perfect gift for photographers using their smartphones


Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

The ‘nifty-fifty’ will always be a staple choice in photography. Whether photographing the street, portraits or events, this is a go-to lens. It is versatile in its perspective and allows a good middle-ground when it comes to distance from the subject. Not too close, not too far.

The prime lens tends to be sharper than the zoom rival, and the low f/stop allows a great depth of field in low light collections. This lens is a must to any equipment kit.

This nifty-fifty lens is an absolute gift must for any photographer

Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Wide Angle Lens

This wide angle ‘pancake’ is a very useful lens, as it basically captures more of any given scene. Great for landscapes, either urban or rural. Some architecture can also benefit from a wide-angle perspective as the distortion can add an element of grandeur.

This prime lens is very sharp and very fast. F/stop 2.8 gives you a great depth of field and allows you to be adaptable in high to low light conditions.

This wide-angle pancake lens is a great gift idea for the photographer

Beschoi Lens Mount Adapter for Canon FD lens to Canon EOS

If, like me, you have a lot of analogue lenses that would have been used with my (now defunct) Canon A1, this might be a perfect gift. The adapter allows your old lenses to work with your current DSLR.

Why waste the lenses when you can adapt them to a new system and give them a new lease on life?

A great way to use what you already have, without spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on new lenses.

This adapter for canon lets photographers use analogue lenses on their DSLR - perfect gift

Kenko Auto Extension Tube Set

If you have recently started macro photography, this set might excite you. These tubes work with the lenses that you already own, and lets you use them to get closer to your subject. This is a great way to practise and start cheaply without having to buy specific, macro lenses.

Even if you already have the macro lenses, these extension tubes can help you get EVEN closer! These are for really, really small subjects like insects, or the insects that the insects have.

These extension tubes are a great gift idea for macro photographers

Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Edge 50 Optic for Canon EF

If you have ever looked into architecture, street or time-lapse photography, you may have come across the term tilt/shift. There are specific lenses built to replicate the effects of using a large format camera. Basically, they let you manipulate the distances of objects and settings that you are pointing your camera at.

They are also very expensive. This cheaper version is great to play around with, and will not break your bank.

This allows the focus to not only be modified horizontally but also vertically. This gives you a circular area of focus rather than a line, and can also help to make big things seem small and miniature. A great toy that can give you stunning results.

The lensbaby composer lens is a great gift for a photographer


Purple Relic: Vintage Leather Camera Bag

This bag is specifically for women, to use with their DSLR and photographic equipment. It is both stylish and practical. Made from leather, it is durable yet has a professional look to it.

Ambiguity is a great asset in the photographic world. It enables you to walk around without the worry of theft or unwanted attention, whether photographing on the street or in a studio.

The inserts are completely removable, so you can take the bag from the studio to dinner with friends.

This stylish woman's camera bag is a great gift idea

Lowepro Passport Sling II Camera Bag

Like many bags, each has its own purpose and usability. The sling has a very important advantage, it works on your back just as well on your front. The benefit is that you can move it from your back to your front in one quick movement. This enables you to adapt as fast as possible.

The bag can sit comfortably under your arm as you photograph, keeping your gear safe while you work effortlessly. Any photographer can benefit from this bag, but especially those on the street or in ever-changing settings.

A photographic sling bag is a great idea for a photography gift

LowePro Tahoe BP 150. Lightweight Compact Camera Backpack

If you are moving around with lots of equipment, this backpack might be a huge benefit to you. This bag has the capacity for a lot of equipment and not just photographic. It will also hold documents, a laptop and a water bottle or tripod.

This is great for travels, or even just hiking where you might need other accessories than just lenses and batteries.

Versatile, compact and houses all of your photographic equipment safely and neatly.

A great gift for a photographer would be this Lowepro compact camera bag

Kattee Men’s Canvas Leather DSLR SLR Vintage Camera Messenger Bag

When I photograph on the street, I prefer a messenger bag. It allows me to cycle around and gives me control over where my bag is at all times.

If I am photographing, I want to concentrate on my subject, so the bag goes to my side or front. Walking around, I can have it comfortably on my back, and I can even swap shoulders if I feel it starts to weigh (I carry a lot of equipment).

They are versatile, ambiguous and even have removable dividers for larger pieces of equipment or for cleaning.

This messenger bag is a perfect gift for a photographer

BAGSMART Design Slim Travel Cable Organizer 

If you have a lot of little gadgets and things that you like to take with you on a shoot (I do too), you will need a place to keep them all neatly. This bag is great for organising all of your small pieces of equipment, enabling you to access them quickly.

The bag is heavy duty, has many different pockets for different sized objects and can really help to cut down on time spent searching for that charger cable.

This travel cable organiser is a great photography present


15 Cinematic Presets for Lightroom

Presets are a great way to modify images, even several hundred at a time. They are fast, convenient and save a lot of time when it comes to post-processing.

They sit in your Adobe Lightroom software package and adjust areas such as colours and contrasts at the click of a button. These are great for all kinds of photographers, not just travel and landscapers.

These Lightroom presets are perfect photography presents

Lightroom Package

Maybe the photographer in the family doesn’t have the most current version of Lightroom. If not, this would be a great gift for them. A monthly subscription fee starts at $9,99 and can include the software program and lots of cloud storage, or Adobe Photoshop alongside Lightroom.

They will thank you with beautifully edited images as presents in the future.

Lightroom is a perfect gift for any photographer


ONA – The Presidio Camera Strap

As a photographer, you want to have a sturdy shoulder neck strap when you’re out and about. But sometimes you’d also like it to look nice. The Presidio Camera Strap from ONA does both of these things, making it the ideal gift.

It’s designed for camera kits weighing up to 6 pounds, and comes in several handcrafted leather colours (we recommend the Dark Truffle Leather!).

If the photographer in your life has been looking for a new way to carry their camera, or simply wanting to replace their old neck strap, surprise them with the Presidio from ONA!

This Presidio camera strap is a great gift for any photographer

Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Neck Strap

If leather is not to your taste (or to the liking of the photographer you’re buying it for), have a look at Altura Photo’s Rapid Fire Camera Neck Strap.

Like the name suggests, this neck strap is perfect for fast-paced shooting. The photographer in your life might use it for those street photography moments, or that wildlife action adventure where they’re trying to capture two foxes mid-fight.

This altura neck strap is a great gift for a photographer

Rangers 8pcs ND Filter Kit 

Any great landscape or long exposure photographer needs a set of Nd filters. Neutral density filters stop levels of light getting to the sensor, which allows the photographer to increase the time photographing a subject. This is perfect for removing distractions or creating stunning effects.

This pack comes with 8 Nd filters, adapter rings to fit any lens size and a case to carry them all in. Beautiful.

This set of Rangers Nd filters is a perfect gift for any photographer

Peak Design Capture Camera Clip

For the photographer who’s always on the go, the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip will sit comfortably on their waist (or their backpack strap), leaving their camera within easy access.

It clips onto any strap or belt up to 3 inches wide and 0.5 inches thick. Photographers of all levels will appreciate the versatility of this tiny accessory.

This camera clip from Peak Design is a great gift for a photographer

Peak Design Clutch CL-2 Quick-Attaching, Quick-Adjusting Black Hand Strap

What if neither a shoulder strap nor a camera clip is something the photographer you’re getting a gift for is interested in? Fear not. Then you can get them the Peak Design Quick-Adjusting Black Hand Strap.

This will allow them to carry their camera in their hand, shoot at a moment’s notice, and put less strain on their wrists. It will also provide them with much-needed security so that their camera doesn’t end up on the ground.

This hand strap by Peak Design is yet another great idea for a photographer

Aquatech Sensory Gloves

Winter photography is eye-catching and beautiful. The snow, the ice – everything about it can make for stunning landscapes. And very frozen fingers.

If you want the photographer in your life to keep their hands protected and their pictures gorgeous, get them these sensory gloves with thumb and index finger openings. It will allow them better access to the controls on their cameras while keeping them warm.

A great gift for photographers would be a pair of sensory gloves from Aquatech

Zonman DSLR Camera Univeral Waterproof Underwater Housing

Ever wanted to take underwater photos? With your DSLR? Phones nowadays come with various waterproof options, so do Go-Pros, but DSLRs remain quite water-averse.

This makes a universal waterproof case the perfect gift for those photographers who enjoy underwater photography but would like to avoid damaging their cameras.

This underwater housing from Zonman is a great gift idea for photographers

MegaGear Camera Buckle Lens Cap Holder

I’m always losing my lens cap. Sometimes I find it at the bottom of my camera bag (if I’m lucky). But sometimes it’s covered by a stray napkin, under a table, in the corner of the garden, at that outdoor family wedding I was photographing.

If you know a photographer with a similar tendency for losing track of their lens cap, do them a favour and get them the MegaGear Camera Buckle Lens Cap Holder this Valentine’s Day. They’ll be eternally grateful.

This lens cap holder by MegaGear is a great gift idea for photographers

Lenspen Elitepro Cleaning Kit for DSLR Camera

Keeping your camera clean is important for every photographer. Whether they’re shooting sunrises over the ocean, or insects with a macro lens, they’ll need a competent cleaning kit to keep their DSLR in top condition.

And you can also point them towards our Camera Care Made Easy article, where we go through every aspect of maintaining your photography gear.

The lenspen elite is a great gift idea for a photographer

Grizzly Camera Bean Bag

Cameras are heavy. Any photographer can tell you that. If they’re crouched on their stomach, waiting for that perfect moment to photograph a pride of lions, they’ll appreciate having the Grizzly Camera Bean Bag to both protect their lens and take some weight off their wrists.

Make sure you also grab them a pack of Grizzly’s Polystyrene Beads.

 The grizzy beanbag is a great gift idea for a photographer


Neewer LCD Timer Shutter Release Remote Control

The shutter release cable is a great advantage to those pushing their camera to the long end of shutter speeds. If you are photographing a subject where the exposure time is longer than a few seconds, you don’t want the image to be ruined by camera shake. This shutter release cable enables you to access the shutter without touching the camera.

This means less accidental shakes and movements, which is absolutely necessary for professional looking photographs.

The shutter release cable is a perfect gift idea for photographers

Syrp Genie Mini Panning Motion Control System

This little device was made specifically as a motion control device for time-lapse photography or real-time video projects. The purpose of this little box is that it moves your camera in a panning motion. It moves to your specifications. You just need to work out how fast it should go. It comes with handy presets so you can just start shooting from the box.

They work over Bluetooth connections, and a few Genies can be added for extra camera movement control. Great little toy to help you get the best out of your photography, with a professional, fluid feel.

The Genie Mini by Syrp is a great idea for photographers as a gift

Neewer Battery Grip

A battery grip has two main advantages. It gives you more battery power, meaning more time out in the field. It can also help with the weight of your camera, enabling it to be held better. The battery power could also be used with AA batteries instead of the specific camera battery, which can be expensive.

This helps you out in a pinch, if you run out of battery, but have the energy to keep shooting.

The battery grip for DSLRs isa great idea for photographers

Canon Wireless File Transmitter

The file transmitter is a very handy piece of equipment, It fits on the hot-shoe of your camera and sends your images straight to another device. This could be a laptop or desktop computer up to 500 feet away (150 metres). This is a great way to get outside and photograph without worrying if your images are being saved correctly.

It allows you to tether to your computer, so you can see the images straightaway for editing and focusing purposes.

Great for wedding or portrait photographers, where having to change multiple cards can waste time.  This system takes away the stress of accidentally losing a card and the valuable images along with it.

The Canon wireless transmitter is a great gift idea for any photographer

For the Mobile Photographer

Telephoto Lens for Your Phone

Mobile photography has come a long way and for many of us, our phones are our go-to cameras for daily use. If the same is true for the photographer in your life, get them a telephoto lens for their phone this week.

They’ll appreciate having more options and improving the quality of their images.

This telephoto lens for iPhone is agreat gift idea for a photographer

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

There are many benefits to having a mobile printer. Printing off photographs to give to people is a great way to connect with them. They could act as personalised business cards, or even just put into a photographic album.

Also great for research and a real copy of images that are too often just digital imprints. With one of these machines, you will get to see what your images look like in person, and off the screen.

The zip printer is a great photography present

Polaroid 2×3-Inch Premium ZINK Photo Paper

This premium paper is very long lasting. They have sticky backs for easy storage in a homemade album, or stickers around the home. Water and tear resistant, they are durable and will stop you from worrying about family pictures falling into the hands of children.

The Zink photographic paper is a great idea for a photography present

Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000mAh, Dual Port 2-in-1 Portable Charger and Wall Charger

Nothing could be easier than plugging your charger into the wall to charge or top up your smartphone. This charger also lets you store some of that energy to take with you.

Up to three phone charges can be held inside and you won’t waste space as this compact storage device has two jobs.

This charger / power bank by Anker is a great photography gift idea

Lomography Smartphone Film Photo Scanner

Analogue photography systems have one drawback – the images aren’t digital. You need to create a digital copy before you can share it on social media, or show it off on your website or blog.

This is where the smartphone scanner comes into play. Just attach your smartphone to the scanner, add the film and sit back while it scans your negatives.

It goes straight to your phone for editing before being sent off into the World Wide Web.

This negative scanner is a great idea for a photographer

PulsePak Battery Booster of up to 2 Hours for Apple

You’re in the middle of taking a photograph of your latest outing with friends or trying out some creative use of reflections for street photography when the screen of your phone goes black with that dreaded battery outline on it. Can you imagine anything worse?

Neither can we. The PulsePak Battery Booster is the ideal gift for the Apple mobile photographer in your life. They’ll never miss that perfect photo again because of a too low battery!

This booster by PulsePak is a great idea for any photographer as a gift

For the Post-Processing Guru

XSKN Adobe Lightroom Shortcuts Keyboard

When it comes to photography, some of us tend to focus on the shooting part. Setting up a scene, location scouting, perfect camera settings, etc. But a lot of today’s photography relies on the enhancing abilities of editing software, like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop.

This doesn’t mean that photographers aren’t taking great pictures to begin with. Lightroom offers them the possibility to take those pictures to the next level.

And XSKN Adobe Lightroom Shortcuts Keyboard will make their workflow (and lives!) significantly easier. It’s the perfect gift for all photographers, whether they’re into landscape, macro, or astrophotography.

This laptop keyboard skin is a perfect gift for photographers

IOGEAR 12-in-1 USB 2.0 Pocket Flash Memory Card Reader

The card reader is a necessary piece of equipment for any photographer. Whether shooting on DSLR, mirrorless or adventure camera systems, this device works with all the memory cards you might be using. Even more beneficial if you have a few different systems that require a multitude of different types of memory card.

Its fast and efficient copying of photographic information via USB enables you to spend more time photographing.

This flash memory card reader is a great gift for photographers

Loupedeck Photo Editing Console and Lightroom Keyboard for Adobe Lightroom 6 or Lightroom CC

This Loupedeck is a specific keyboard for editing photography or video projects. All the handy parts that you need are there, without having the extra items as a distraction.

It is comfortable to use, and easily customisable. Editing photographs will be so much easier and faster, you can get out there and spend more time photographing.

the loupedeck is a great gift for photographers who like to edit

SanDisk Extreme 500 Portable SSD

The Solid State Drive is the fastest way to backup your work – up to four times faster than other external hard drives. The rugged, shock resistant design is great to take with you anywhere, especially into the great outdoors. It’s small and very light, so you won’t even notice it until you need to transfer your files.

A great gift for the adventure or wildlife photographer who captures a lot of hi-res images.

The Extreme SSD isa perfect photography gift

GNARBOX – Portable Backup & Editing System

GNARBOX is a rugged device that not only stores your photographs like an external hard drive but lets you edit the images too. This is all done with their app, and due to the processor inside the box, you have similar power and speed to a laptop.

This is a great way to store and edit images without the need of a laptop. Great for outdoor shoots such as hiking where weight becomes very important. It keeps your valuable photographs safe and lets you work on your images on the journey home.

The GNARbox is the perfect gift for adventure photographers

Kogalla SSB2210 Solar Storage Bank

Travel or outdoor photographers can have a hard time keeping all of their devices charged. Extra batteries for DSLRs are not cheap, and even having a few means more weight and extra organisation. Having some sort of device that can help with power out on the road can be very beneficial.

This is why I recommend the solar storage bank from Kogalla. This foldable pack can be left in the sun to charge as you move around the local area, or it can be placed on your backpack to charge as you go. When you need a top up, it is right there.

It can hold 10,000 mAh, which charges in under 5 hours.

The Kogalla solar panel and battery is the perfect photography gift

For the Trend-Setting Photographer

Some photographers love them, some hate them. You’ll have to know the preferences of the photographer you’re buying for. But for those of us who enjoy a good camera-shaped mug, here are ten photography-inspired gifts.

MIROO Slr Camera Lens 12 oz Travel Mug

For tea lovers and coffee drinkers alike, this MIROO 12oz travel mug is shaped like a Canon SLR lens. You can even use it as a pen holder!

A perfect gift for any photographer is the camera lens travel mug

F-Stop Photographer Unisex Analog Watch

Time is a precious thing. Giving it away as a present is a wonderful sentiment. What makes it better, is that it is designed following the aperture of photographic lenses.

It’s f/5.6, time to finish work and go home.

This analogue watch is a perfect photography gift

Electronic4sale 8GB Nikon Camera Bag Shaped USB Flash Memory Drive

Let’s be honest. We all have multiple USB flash drives scattered around our bags, our workplaces and our homes. They are small and get lost easily. And it’s difficult to know whose is whose if others have the same exact devices.

This Nikon camera shaped USB drive sticks out, so everyone knows it is yours. It is also camera related, so this stays with your photographing equipment and continues to help you with your photographic work.

This camera shaped USB drive is a perfect photography gift

Cuff-Daddy Camera Dial Cufflinks

Cufflinks are the ultimate detail to a fine suit. Photographic cufflinks show that you have a playful side to your serious demeanour. Definitely a subtle touch, due to their size, but those with a photographic eye will no doubt use them as a conversation starter.

A gift that is necessary for the dapper photographer, and for one with a perky personality.

These cuff links are a great photography gift


Polaroid 6 Designer Magnetic Picture Frames

If you’re having a hard time figuring out what to do with your Polaroid/Fujifilm photographs after pulling them out of the camera, look no further. These great photo frames fit the exact size of those instant pictures. They are beautifully designed, and they are magnetic, allowing you to keep them on anything metallic.

A great gift to go alongside the Instax camera, and shows off the receiver’s photographs better than an album.

These magnetic photo frames are a perfect gift for photographers

Fun Stuff

LIFE Iconic Magazine Black & White Covers Collage Jigsaw Puzzle

LIFE magazine was one of the most iconic places to share documentary photography. They broke through barriers in terms of content and showed those sitting at home what was happening in the rest of the world.

Now, you can see those images in the way of a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. A great way to spend an evening (or two), giving you inspiration as you ponder ‘Where is the rest of Albert Einstein?’.

The LIFT photographic jigsaw puzzle is a great gift for a photographer

NIX 18.5 inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame

Your friend, family or significant other keep the same photographs on the same wall for a long time. Maybe you even mentioned that it might be time for a change. Whether this is true or not, there’s always room for a little variety.

Digital photo frames have been around for a while. They are amazing little gadgets, as they create a slideshow of your photographs and loop it continuously. This is a great way to keep all of your family photographs in one place, saving lots of wall or mantle space.

A great gift idea is to pre-load these motion-sensor frames with images, so the enjoyment starts from the moment they open the box.

This digital frame is a great photography present

Sebastião Salgado: GENESIS

There is no photographer like Salgado. Reading personal accounts and stories surrounding his photographic life is astounding. He managed to fit so much into his life, and continues to this day. A perfect present for photography fans, and it will get you drooling with inspiration and an urge to go travelling.

Disclaimer: We cannot be blamed if  you decide to pack up your life and follow in his footsteps. It was just a suggestion!

Genesis by Salgado is the perfect gift for a photographer

National Geographic Masters of Photography – Amazon Video

National Geographic has some of the best travel, landscape and wildlife photographers in the world. This video package gives you insights into the work of 12 NG photographers as they talk about some of their iconic images.

This is a great present for aspiring photographers to get a little more knowledge going about photographing the outside world. There are not many places you can hear masters of photography talk about their work. Luckily Amazon Video has all of these in one place.

The Masters of Photography is a great present for the landscape of documentary photographer

Use This if You Want to Take Great Photographs: A Photo Journal

Ever wanted that personal photography help, giving you simple suggestions on what to photograph? Maybe you are searching for inspiration from the masters of photography. Or you’re looking for an attractive way to show off your latest photos.

Enter Use this if you want to take great photographs. This handy, medium sized journal is all of these things! It makes you think by directing you what to photograph, showing you other photographers work as an example.

Then, after the photograph has been captured, you can slot it into the journal to keep it protected.

This journal by Henry Carroll is a great gift for photographers

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Craig Hull

Craig is a photographer currently based in Budapest. His favourite photographic areas are street and documentary photography. Show him a darkroom and he'll be happy there for days. As long as there are music and snacks. Find him at and Instagram/craighullphoto

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