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30 Beautiful Landscape Photos to Inspire Your Work

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Here are 30 examples of beautiful landscape photography. Take inspiration from them and start shooting!

What Is Landscape Photography?

Landscape photographers seek to capture the spirit of nature by photographing swaths of beautiful natural scenery.

Some landscape photographers exclude any evidence of human intervention.

Others incorporate human influence as a juxtaposition between the artificial and the natural.

Either way, landscape photographers surpass language and distance, centering instead on our innate connections with nature.

1. Photograph Fog or Mist

a stunning landscape photo with fog over a forest
Photo by John Westrock on Unsplash

By cutting off aspects of a photograph, fog and mist create spectacular depth in a landscape photograph.

2. Take a Portrait of a Landscape

a rocky mountaintop against a soft pink sky - stunning landscape photos
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash

Landscapes don’t have to be, well, landscape.

Some of the best landscape photos are in portrait orientation. This gives the viewer a feel for the depth and size of a subject.

3. Reflect on Reflections

a beautiful mountainous landscape over a lake - stunning landscape photos
Photo by Ben Klea on Unsplash

Reflections reinforce a landscape and illustrate the literal balance of the natural environment.

4. Focus on Colour

a beautiful landscape shot of a poppy field under a cloudy sky - stunning landscape photos
Photo by Yermek Zhakipzhanov on Unsplash

Colorful landscapes reflect the way most of us see the world.

Through color associations (we’ll have a look at a few later), an environment develops its own personality.

5. Go Black and White

a rocky mountainous landscape shot in black and white - stunning landscape photos
Photo by Ben Klea on Unsplash

Black and white photography is eye-catching. It draws particular attention to the many shapes and forms that make up a natural environment.

6. Keep It Simple

a beautiful aerial landscape - stunning landscape photos
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Minimalist photography strips an image back to the bare bones of composition.

Try adopting a minimalist approach to landscape photography. It emphasizes strong elements of a landscape by minimizing or eliminating weaker elements.

7. Change Perspective

a stunning aerial landscape photos
Photo by Sacha Styles on Unsplash

A shift in perspective can be all it takes to create a spectacular landscape photograph.

8. Depict Human Intervention

a beautiful aerial shot of a luscious mountainous landscape - stunning landscape photos
Photo by Silas Baisch on Unsplash

The juxtaposition of nature and human-made structures cultivates fascinating landscape imagery.

Evidence of human activity emphasizes the wilderness or the fragility of an environment.

9. Seek Out Pattern and Repetition

a beautiful landscape of bright colored trees over a lake - stunning landscape photos
Photo by Jarrett Kow on Unsplash

Pattern and repetition in landscape photography capitalizes on our natural human tenancy to seek out visual order.

10. See the Forest From the Trees

a beautiful view of light through a forest in autumn - stunning landscape photos
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Forests are ecosystems that seem to burst with the beauty of nature.

11. Get Out in the Open

a beautiful shot of burnt trees in a desert landscape - stunning landscape photos
Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash

Try photographing landscapes beneath the open sky. It creates a striking contrast between the land and the atmosphere.

12. Be Captivated by Auroras

the norther nights over a seascape - stunning landscape photos
Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

If you are lucky enough to be able to witness the auroras, be sure to have a good camera on you!

The auroras create an otherworldly glow, illuminating the sky and the surrounding landscape. 

13. Take Pictures of Snowy Landscapes

a beautiful mountainous landscape in the snow - stunning landscape photos
Photo by Aaron Andrew Ang on Unsplash

Snow can be tricky to photograph. But the wonder of a snowy or frozen landscape is well worth the effort.

14. Dig the Desert

a beautiful desert landscape - stunning landscape photos
Photo by Timothy Simon on Unsplash

Deserts and sand dunes are an amazing natural phenomenon.

Capturing the qualities of each isn’t difficult. And it makes for great landscape photography.

15. Shoot for the Moon

the moon above a beautiful mountainous landscape by a lake - stunning landscape photos
Photo by Sayan Nath on Unsplash

The moon has been the muse of countless painters over the centuries. Add it to your images to include a layer of time and depth to a photograph.

16. Chase the Sun

a beautiful mountainous landscape at sunset - stunning landscape photos
Photo by Jasper Boer on Unsplash

Incorporate the sun into a landscape photograph. It speaks to the natural cycle of the world we live in.

17. Go Coastal

a beautiful coastal landscape photos
Photo by Darrel Collins on Unsplash

Coastal sites provide great opportunities for melding land and water-based photography.

18. Get a Bird’s eye View

a birds eye view of a beautiful mountainous landscape with a waterfall - stunning landscape photos
Photo by Rolands Varsbergs on Unsplash

Not everyone has the opportunity to view the landscape as a bird would.

Aerial photography transforms the earth below. It creates unique and compelling landscape photography.

19. Embrace Abstraction

a beautifulabstract landscape of trees in the snow
Photo by Sergey Pesterev on Unsplash

Abstraction is the minimization of literal references to the visual world.

In abstract landscape photography, techniques like distance, isolation, and repetition create abstracted environments. 

20. Get Into the Blues

a beautiful moody coastal scene - stunning landscape photos
Photo by Aleks Dahlberg on Unsplash

Blue is associated with beauty and emotion.

The blue hour delivers atmospheric imagery that conveys emotion and intrigue.

21. See Red

a beautiful orange and red colored coastal scene at sunset- stunning landscape photos
Photo by Niklas Schweinzer on Unsplash

Red catches and directs the attention of the viewer.

Linked with love and heat, red is a color of energy and passion.

Red sunsets, sunrises, and autumn leaves can all create spectacular landscape imagery.

22. You Rock

a rocky mountainous landscape shot in black and white - stunning landscape photos
Photo by Brandon Green on Unsplash

Rocks and soil build and shape many environments.

Focusing on rock forms is a beautiful way of investigating a landscape.

23. Go Chasin’ Waterfalls

a dreamy mountainous landscape over a waterfall - stunning landscape photos
Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Waterfalls are one of the most popular subjects in landscape photography.

Capturing a waterfall adds movement and momentum to any photographic landscape.

24. Slip Into Shadow

aerial view of a rocky mountainous landscape - stunning landscape photos
Photo by Waranont (Joe) on Unsplash

Shadows amplify line, shape, form, texture, and light.

In landscape photography, even the slightest shadow is enough to create dynamic imagery.

25. Love Yellow

a stunning landscape photo shot in a field of yellow flowers
Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash
Yellow is a color that signifies happiness and energy. It infuses an image with buoyancy and life. 

26. Go With Florals

pink flowers in the foreground of a stunning mountainous landscape
Photo by Sean Paul Kinnear on Unsplash

Flowers are a charming feature in many landscapes. They add vibrancy to an image and signifying season and climate.

27. Incorporate Star Trails

startrails over a rocky mountainous landscape shot in black and white - stunning landscape photos
Photo by Andrew Preble on Unsplash

Star trail photography merges landscapes with earth movement. Use them to explore the dynamic beauty of our small planet.

28. Go Green

a luscious green mountainous landscape under a cloudy sky - stunning landscape photos
Photo by Claudel Rheault on Unsplash

Drawing associations with nature and calm, green landscapes illustrate a flourishing natural environment.

29. Slow Down

a luscious green mountainous landscape featuring a waterfall at evening - stunning landscape photos
Photo by Robert Lukeman on Unsplash

Using a slower shutter speed produces soft, fluffy movements of water. This is a delicate way to enhance the energy of a landscape photograph.

30. Sign Off With a Sunset

a glorious sunset over a mountainous landscape - stunning landscape photos
Photo by Bryan Minear on Unsplash

Last but not least are sunset landscapes.

Sunsets render the world in a myriad of beautiful shades of light and color.

If you want a dramatic rendering of a landscape, wait for the sun to start setting.


And there you have it – 30 beautiful examples of landscape photography.

Has this list inspired you to create some of your own magical landscape imagery? Please share in the comments below!

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