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7 Children Photos Ideas (Settings, Poses and Tips)

Last updated: April 22, 2024 - 6 min read
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Today, we are looking at children’s photo ideas to help you get great family photographs. Conducting children’s photoshoots can often be a challenge, no matter what age they are!

To make your life easier, we have examined a range of situations and age ranges to give you the best tips and ideas for these photoshoots! These tips range from camera settings to how to make your subjects feel more comfortable in front of the camera, achieving better photos.

Children Photoshoot Ideas

Child photo ideas span from formal group photos to candid photos of them playing. You will never regret taking photos of your children as these are memories you can hang on to forever. So, experimenting with different styles of shoots will never be a waste of time.

Photographing your children is a great way to spend time together. If you’re both having a good time, you can tell from the images!

Each section we cover will give you ideas on shooting different age ranges or situations. If you want more information about a particular section, read our in-depth articles!



Toddler photography can be challenging, but capturing their adorable antics is worth the effort. Use a fast shutter speed of at least 1/250 s to freeze motion, and shoot in burst mode to increase your chances of getting a great shot. Continuous autofocus will help keep your subject sharp as they move around.

Get down to the toddler’s eye level for more intimate portraits with less distortion. Keep the session moving to maintain their short attention span, and be flexible with your plans. Let the toddler take the lead and brainstorm ways to make their activities more photogenic.

Enlisting help to elicit smiles and using props like noise-makers or bubbles can make the session more fun for everyone. If you’d like to learn more about toddler photography, there are many helpful resources available.

toddler photography


Sibling photography captures the unique bond between brothers and sisters. Matching outfits can maximize cuteness, especially with twins or multiple siblings. Including the family pet can also make for a cherished photo.

Candid shots often work best, like siblings walking together or having a conversation. Taking photos from behind or above can help capture natural moments. Windows also make great backdrops for heartfelt sibling portraits.

Childhood activities provide perfect opportunities for sibling photos. Have them read a book together, whisper secrets, or even engage in a playful pillow fight. The holidays are another joyful time to photograph siblings in festive attire. For more sibling photo ideas, explore poses and tips to bring out their unique relationship.

sibling photo ideas


Capturing the special bond between sisters is a beautiful way to celebrate their relationship. A simple approach, like having them sit together, can produce heartwarming results for sisters of all ages. Matching outfits or a yin and yang color scheme are classic ideas that look adorable on young children and stylish on older sisters.

Including a beloved family pet or capturing a bird’s eye view of the sisters lying together can add a playful touch to the photoshoot. Encourage them to whisper secrets or walk hand in hand for a touching moment. Embracing their heritage with traditional costumes is another meaningful way to honor their roots.

Laughter is often what keeps sisters together through life’s ups and downs, so create a relaxed environment where they can share the joy of each other’s company. If you’d like to explore more sister photoshoot ideas, there are plenty of creative options to capture the magic of this unbreakable bond.

Mom and Me

Mommy and me photoshoots capture sweet moments between a mother and her children. These sessions can range from themed fantasy shoots to simple lifestyle images. The best mommy and me pictures have genuine interactions and smiles.

To get the best results, plan the photoshoot carefully. Choose a time when the kids are well-rested and bring along some of their favorite toys. Use simple lighting setups that flatter mom while keeping the focus on the interactions.

Most importantly, keep the photoshoot fun and be flexible. Encourage play, take breaks when needed, and don’t force poses. Capture the everyday moments, not just the planned ones. You can find more tips for great mommy and me photoshoot sessions to create beautiful, genuine images of a mother’s love.

mommy and me photoshoot

Mother and Daughter

A mother daughter photoshoot is a great way to capture the special bond between a mother and her daughter. Props like balloons, styled seating, and signs can add a fun element to the session. Choosing a theme, such as a spa day or picnic, can make the photoshoot unique and give young children something to do.

Wardrobe is another important factor to consider. Discuss options with your clients beforehand to ensure the look they want, whether it’s elegant, casual, or themed. Offering a unique product like matching lockets or keychains can make the experience even more special.

To learn more about mother daughter photoshoot ideas and tips, this in-depth article covers everything from location selection to referral programs that can help grow your photography skills.

mother daughter photoshoot


Let’s now look at some ideas for teen portraits. Don’t force your teen to pose in ways that make them uncomfortable. Teens often know their best angles thanks to social media. Let them pose naturally without much direction to capture genuine expressions. It’s okay if they don’t smile – eventually you can get a few smiles by connecting with them.

Keep teens engaged by having them constantly move around. Ask them to walk, joke with others, or play. Vary the poses and locations to maintain momentum and prevent boredom. Give them space from parents or family to help them feel relaxed.

Talk to the teen during the session about their interests. This loosens nerves and draws out real expressions. Use props related to their hobbies, like sports gear or musical instruments, to make posing easier. Most importantly, let the teen have a say in the photoshoot, such as choosing outfits or locations. Giving them some control leads to more excitement and participation. For more teenager photoshoot ideas, check out our in-depth article.

teenager photoshoot ideas


Prom is a special event in a teen’s life, and capturing the perfect photos is important. Use conversation and breaks to keep poses natural and relaxed. Zoom in on the details like wardrobe, shoes, and flowers to tell the full story of their prom experience.

Photograph each person individually to personalize the shoot. Schedule enough time to cater to everyone, including breaks and wardrobe adjustments. Avoid using flash to keep outfits looking natural, and try different poses for individuals, couples, and groups.

Keep the session quick to avoid boredom, and use props like streamers or signs to make it fun. Give parents time to document the event as well. Most importantly, ask the teens if they want anything special before wrapping up. To learn more about prom picture ideas, check out this helpful article.

prom picture ideas