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21 Cute Sibling Photo Ideas (That Any Parent Will Love)

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 14 min read
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Siblings are some of the most important people in our lives. Though we may argue and fight with them, at the end of the day they are always there for us. And what better way to capture their special bond than with a photo shoot?
If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these 21 cute sibling photo ideas. From matching outfits to playful poses, these photos will capture your siblings’ personality perfectly. So grab your camera and get ready to snap some shots!

What is Sibling Photography?

The simple answer is that it’s the art of taking pictures of siblings. While that is correct, there’s more to it than you might think.
When you think of sibling photography, your mind might jump to photos of children in their smarted clothes giving the camera their biggest smile. There’s nothing wrong with this kind of sibling photo. But there is much more you can do to celebrate their relationship.
Siblings aren’t always children of similar ages. You might have one toddler with a baby sibling. Or you might have a toddler and a teenager. There could be siblings of all ages.
We shouldn’t forget that adults are siblings too. Being a sibling is not something you grow out of, so we also have some ideas for adult sibling photos.
From a photography point of view, there are different approaches you could take. You can take posed photos in a studio. Or you can go for something more candid and natural.
There are no strict rules with sibling photography. It’s about capturing the relationship the way you want it remembered. Usually, that will be in a positive light. But we know that’s not always the reality.

photo ideas for siblings: siblings in a unique candid pose
© Rainier Ridao

Sibling Photo Ideas: Cool and Cute Ideas for Capturing Precious Memories

Here’s our list of cool and cute sibling photo ideas to give you inspiration for your next family photo shoot. We have an excellent array of themes and pose ideas for your to try.

1. Have Them Sit Together for a Classic Pose

This one may not be the most imaginative. But it’s effective and always works really well for any kind of family photo.
Have all the siblings sit on a bench or a sofa, or even on a patch of grass. It can be anywhere that can accommodate all of them.
The great thing about this pose is that it works no matter how many siblings there are. And it works with siblings of all ages, children, teenagers, and adults.
Have them all look at the camera at the same time, so they interact with the shot. They don’t have to smile, especially if that would be forcing it. But a shot of all the siblings smiling together will make a photograph that is sure to be treasured.

photo ideas for siblings: siblings siting on a lawn with buildings in the background
© Charlein Gracia

2. Capture Siblings Busy in Conversation

This shot option is similar to the one above, only this time you’re going for more candid shots. You can have the siblings sit together or perhaps stand. You want them to feel at ease, so the situation doesn’t appear forced on the final photos.
Keep photographing their conversation as it ebbs and flows. Look for highs and lows in the conversation. And pay attention to the laughs. That’s the special moment you’re looking for as a photographer.
The location is up to you. But you want it to be somewhere they feel relaxed. A place that they’re familiar with is perfect, such as a family garden or their favourite park.
Children don’t often spend long periods sitting and chatting together, so this is one better suited to older siblings.

photo ideas for siblings: candid pose of siblings in conversation
© Eye for Ebony

3. Find Their Funny Faces

Children love pulling faces. As a photographer, this is something you can encourage when shooting sibling photos.
Have them pull their funniest or scariest faces at the camera. Or you can have them pull the faces to someone off-camera. You can have another family member standing just behind you so they can direct their faces at them.
Children will enjoy this kind of pose because they’re being encouraged to do something silly!
You can ask the siblings who can pull the funniest face. Brothers and sisters are often competitive, which is something you can use to your advantage with this photo.
This pose is great for kids. But you can try it with young adults too. They might find it just as fun pulling faces and having fun.

photo ideas for siblings: siblings pulling silly faces
© Austin Pacheco

4. Use Matching Outfits to Maximise Cuteness

Matching outfits can be a bit cheesy for family photos. But when it’s siblings, it can still be a lot of fun.
When you have a mix of boys and girls, finding matching clothes is a bit difficult. But if you have two brothers or two sisters, matching outfits can have a big impact. And a bigger impact if you have three siblings.
It’s a common theme with twins, but you can take this approach with siblings of different ages. You’ll need different size outfits. But the results will be undeniably cute.
Adults are less likely to wear the same outfit. But if it’s a bit of fun, they might give it ago. And there are events, such as weddings, where matching outfits might be the order of the day anyway. A photographer needs to make the most of those opportunities.

photo ideas for siblings: siblings wearing matching outfits
© Janko Ferlic

5. Include the Family Pet

For many, the family pet is just as much a family member as any other relative. Pet lovers will love to include their furry friends as part of the family photo.
There are plenty of posing ideas when you include a pet. You can have the siblings playing with the animal. You could have them all sitting together in front of the camera. Or the siblings can hold the pet in their arms, size permitting.
Animals are more unpredictable to work with than children. But having a beloved pet in the shot can make for a timeless photo that families will cherish.

photo ideas for siblings: sisters sitting on a bench with their dog
© Leah Hetteberg

6. Take the Photo from Behind

This may sound strange at first. But taking a photo from behind your subjects can produce some special shots. Without a camera in their face, the subjects will be more relaxed. They’ll be less conscious of the camera and pose more naturally. So you can capture some lovely candid moments.
You can let your subjects do as they please. They’ll be relaxed and interact with each other naturally. It will allow their natural sibling relationship to express itself.
If they love to laugh, they’ll laugh together. If the siblings are competitive, maybe there will be some pushing. If they’re affectionate, this will come out naturally.

photo ideas for siblings: brothers facing over a lake on a sunny day
© Vitolda Klein

7. Capture a Shot of the Siblings Walking Away From You

This is another great idea where the photographer is behind the subject. This time the photographer stays in one place while the brothers and sisters walk away from the camera.
Having siblings walk together can make for a cute moment. Again, they won’t have a camera in their face, so the images will be candid and heartfelt.
This image type can be especially poignant with siblings of different ages, where you have an older sibling with their younger brother or sister. And, if they’re holding hands or arm in arm, you’ve got a truly sweet moment.

photo ideas for siblings: black and white photo of brothers walking away from the camera
© Juan Pablo Rodriguez

8. Let Siblings Gaze Out of a Window for Vivid Shots

Windows holds a surprising amount of significance in films, literature, and even in our lives. They symbolise new beginnings and brighter futures. And this is something you use to create great sibling photos.
There are several types of shots you can get using a window. You can have the siblings on the inside looking out, or vice versa. The camera can be on the other side of the glass. Or it can be behind them.
By capturing the window frame and interior of the family home, you can add another dimension to the emotional significance of the photo. When the family looks back at the photo in the future, it will stir up vivid memories.

photo ideas for siblings: brothers gazing out of a window
© Andrew Seaman

9. Shoot From Above if Working With Babies

Taking photos from above is an excellent option when you’re working with younger children. But you can try it with siblings of all ages.
It works particularly well with babies, as they spend most of their time lying down. You don’t need them to sit up, which can be difficult.
It’s great if you get an older sibling to lie back with their body brother or sister. They’ll enjoy the activity, and it’s easy for the baby.
You can also take pictures from above with older siblings too, even with adults. They’ll usually find it funny, so you can capture them laughing together.

photo ideas for siblings: brothers lying on their back
© Edward Cisneros

10. Use a Special Location to Capture Intimate Moments

Siblings grow up together. They play together, and they have places where they love to hang out. These locations can be used for sibling photography.
It could be the garden or a park they love. Or it could be somewhere they love to visit. This helps capture something extra special in the photograph. You have a moment and a place frozen in time.
For adult siblings, they can return to a place that is significant from their life. It could be an old family home, or somewhere they used to go on holiday as children.

photo ideas for siblings: siblings sitting on a wooden gate in the countryside
© Annie Spratt

11. Use a Silhouette for Stylish Photographs

Silhouettes are a powerful tool in photography. And there’s no reason you can’t use them to create fabulous images with siblings.
They work best in outdoor locations, though you can create them by using light from a window. You have the subjects located between the window and the camera.
Outdoor locations work the best, especially at twilight. And a beach or countryside location can make the pictures extra special. The silhouette is a great way to bring a bit of magic to family holiday photos.

photo ideas for siblings: silhouette of siblings standing by the beach
© Kylo

12. Capture Childhood Energy

Children love to run. Sometimes you just can’t stop them. So if they’re bursting with energy, embrace it.
You have the children run together towards or away from the camera. Or you can have them run past you. We recommend an outdoor space for this type of shot.
Siblings are often competitive, so you can have them race each other. They’ll be so distracted by trying to win that they may forget they’re in a photo shoot!
Adults may be less inclined to race each other. But if they do, we’re sure they’ll find it hilarious.

photo ideas for siblings: siblings running towards the camera
© Reba Spike

13. Have the Older Sibling Hold their Infant Sibling

If you have a new baby with an older sibling, the older one can pose holding the baby. Of course, the older sibling has to be strong enough. Or you can position them so they are both supported, perhaps on a sofa or chair.
This works well with very young babies as the older child can contain the excitement of holding their new baby brother or sister. They’ll be beaming with pride. And it’s a moment for them to bond.
The older child will have the responsibility of holding their baby sibling. And this will help them realise the responsibilities they’ll have as an older brother or sister. Let this happen naturally, and you’ll get some fantastic shots.

photo ideas for siblings: young child sitting with their newborn sibling
© Zoe Graham

14. Have Them Hug for Ultimate Cuteness

Sometimes siblings can act like they hate each other. They fight and shout. But one way to bring them together again is with a big hug.
A warm embrace can strengthen any relationship. And a hug can be a special moment for both people. And a photo of their children hugging can make a special memento for parents.
Hugs can also be a powerful moment for older siblings who have not seen each other in a long time. As people grow up, they take separate paths. And sometimes those paths don’t cross for many years. But when they do, it can be a powerful moment.

photo ideas for siblings: siblings hugging with a dirt path in the background
© Patty Brito

15. Capture the Children Sharing a Book Together

Having children read for photos is an excellent pose idea. It keeps them in one place and distracts them from the photo shoot going on around them.
If the children are of a similar age, you can have them read together. They’ll be happy to show off their reading skills with their favourite book.
If you’re dealing with children of different ages, you can have the older one help the younger.

photo ideas for siblings: sisters embracing while reading a book
© Ben White

16. Tell Siblings to Whisper to Each Other

Siblings love keeping secrets from their parents. Siblings like to have things that only they know about. And this is something you can use when photographing brothers and sisters.
You can ask the older sibling to tell the younger one a secret or a joke. Have them whisper it into their ear so the adults can’t hear. Be ready with the camera to capture the reaction.

photo ideas for siblings: siblings whispering
© Annie Spratt

17. Capture Movie Magic

There are films and TV programs that siblings grow up watching together. This media can hold a special place in their hearts.
It’s also useful when you want to take a picture of siblings together in a natural situation. They’ll be so absorbed by what they’re watching that they won’t notice the camera in your hand.
You can capture the looks on their faces as they react to what they’re watching. Just make sure it’s not something boring.

photo ideas for siblings: siblings watching a movie
© Josue Michel

18. Let Children Play Outside

Playing outside is something all children love to do. That’s why it’s one of the best times to capture photos of all the children playing together. They can all be different age groups, boys and girls.
They can play any game they wish. You just need to capture the fun they’re having in your pictures.
You can select any outside location, as long as it’s safe and the children feel comfortable there.

photo ideas for siblings
© Robert Collins

19. Pillow Fighting to Unleash Energy!

Under normal circumstances, pillow fights are not allowed in most houses. But for one occasion, you can let children break the rules. They’ll be excited and you can capture some fun and unique sibling photos.
You’ll have to be careful and set some limits to make sure they play safely. But make the children feel like they are being allowed to go wild. And while they’re letting loose, you can focus on getting the perfect shot.

photo ideas for siblings: siblings having a pillow fight
© Allen Taylor

20. Cook Up Some Trouble

Getting kids to eat healthy food can be tricky. But getting them involved with the cooking process can help them eat better. And while they’re cooking, it’s a great opportunity to get the perfect shot of siblings together.
Things might get a bit messy, but that’s part of the fun. With a photo shoot, you can be more relaxed about these things than you normally would be. Let things flow naturally and you’ll get some excellent candid photos in the kitchen.

photo ideas for siblings
© Annie Spratt

21. Embrace the Holidays

Religious holidays are a special time for families all over the world. And festive siblings not only make cute additions to the family photo album, but they also make perfect holiday cards!
You can have the children in their most festive close pose next to the decorated tree. Or you can have them wrapping or unwrapping presents. The holidays are a joyful time for children, so you can capture some joyful sibling pictures.

photo ideas for siblings: siblings in matching christmas outfits sitting by a christmas tree
© Christian Bowen


Siblings have a unique relationship. Even over the course of a day, siblings can seesaw between being the best of friends to the worst of enemies in the blink of an eye. One second they’re holding hands, and the next, they’re bickering!
Photographing siblings is about capturing their unique and special relationship. We hope our list has given you some great ideas for sibling photography.
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