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17 Cool Sister Photoshoot Ideas to Try (All Ages)

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 8 min read
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The bond of sisterhood is one of the tightest in the world. It can be stretched and strained, but it’s one that’s rarely broken. It’s a special connection that’s shared from birth to old age.
In this post, we’ve got some excellent sister photoshoot ideas so you can capture this special relationship on camera. We have ideas for sisters of all ages, from young girls to powerful women. And you have some magical images that the whole family will treasure.

17 Cool Sister Photoshoot Ideas

Here are our 17 cool sister photoshoot ideas so you can create images that celebrate and spread the sisterly love. They’re fab ideas for sisters of all ages.

1. Have The Sisters Sit Together

This photo idea may seem basic, but a simple approach can produce beautiful results. It works with sisters of all ages. You can set this scene with two sisters or threes sisters. In fact, there’s no limit.
Have the sisters sit somewhere they’ll be relaxed and comfortable with each other. Take your time, and when they’re all at ease, take a few shots.

Three Girls Sitting Together as an example of a sisters photoshoot idea
© Charlein Gracia (

2. Shoot From The Rear

Again, have the sisters sitting with each other. But this time, take the photo from behind them. Choose a beautiful location so that they can enjoy the view.
Having the sisters sit together in a special location creates an intimate image. You can see the sisters enjoying a shared experience. To enhance these photo ideas, use a location with personal significance for a beautiful backdrop.

Three Girls sitting together facing away from the camera a sisters photoshoot idea
© Matheus G. O. (

3. Try Matching Outfits

Matching outfits is a classic photo idea with sisters’ photoshoots, especially twins. But matching outfits look great with sisters of different ages. It’s adorable with young children, but it can also look sharp and stylish with older sisters.

Two girls in matching dresses a sisters photoshoot idea
© Bui Thanh Tam (

4. Use a Yin and Yang Color Scheme

Rather than going to classic matching outfits, use colors and clothes that follow a color scheme. You don’t want them to match exactly. But you can have colors that echo from one sister to another.
You can have the top colors of one match the bottom colors of the other sister. These photo ideas work well in a studio photo session.

Two girls holding plants in a studio a sisters photoshoot idea
© Hay Dmitry (

5. Create Something in the Kitchen

The kitchen is where some of the most magical family memories are created. And having sisters cook together will create real moments of natural cooperation and harmony. Or, if they’re not so harmonious, you’ll have some excellent interaction shots.

sister photoshoot ideas: Two girls cooking in kitchen
© Evgeny Ataman (

6. Include the Family Pet

Pets are just as much a part of the family as everyone else. They are loved and adored, which is why you should include them in your family photography.
You can have the sisters sit with their favourite pet for a posed shot. Or you can have them all playing together for something more spontaneous.

sister photoshoot ideas: two girls and a dog posing for the camera
© Leah Hetteberg (

7. Look From a Bird’s Eye View

This is another photo idea that works well with sisters of all ages. And you can choose nearly any location you can think of. They can be lying on the grass in the garden, on a picnic blanket, or perhaps on the floor in the living room.
The sisters can be facing the same way. Or you can have their bodies facing in different directions. When their position is correct, have them look up at the camera for an interesting bird’s eye shot.

sister photoshoot ideas: two girls on a blanket photographed from overhead
© Ilya Mondryk (

8. Tell Secrets and Pass Secret Messages

Sisters have some of the closest bonds in human nature. And they often tell each other their most closely guarded secrets. This is something you can use in your sisters’ photoshoot.
Have one sister whisper a secret to the other and capture the intimate moment with your camera. You need to be ready to shoot because you don’t know what the other sister’s reaction will be.

one girl whispering to another girl in front of flowers as sister photoshoot idea
© Vitolda Klein (

9. Watch Them Walk Away

When the camera is behind your subjects, they forget the camera’s there. This can allow for some natural and heartwarming moments.
The sisters can walk away from or ahead of you. When they feel relaxed, perhaps they’ll walk arm in arm or hand in hand. It’s a touching moment that’ll become a treasured photograph.

two young girls walking arm in arm down an alley as a sister photoshoot idea
© Andrea Tummons (

10. Embrace Their Heritage

Sisters can grow apart in later life. But no matter independent each branch of life becomes, they always have the same roots. And you can bring these roots into your sisters’ photoshoot.
Have the sisters embrace their culture and heritage by using traditional costumes and clothes. Photo ideas like this celebrate the immediate family and celebrate their culture and a wider identity.

Five women in traditional Indian clothes
© Pranav Kumar Jain (

11. Give a Piggyback

A great way to inject a bit of fun into a sisters’ photoshoot is to have one sister give the other a piggyback ride. This photo idea works especially well with sisters of different ages.
Photo ideas like this not only add fun and playfulness, they also hold a deeper meaning. Older sisters look after and care for their younger siblings. And in this context, a playful piggyback ride can symbolise a lifetime of sororal support.

An older girl giving a younger girl a piggyback as a sister photoshoot idea
© Yohann Libot (

12. Sit Shoulder to Shoulder

Sitting shoulder to shoulder or back to back might seem unnatural. But it’s another way of bringing deeper meaning to your sister photo ideas.
If the sisters sit back to back, it demonstrates the support they give one another. And once the shoot has started, they’ll relax, and the photographer will be able to get some fabulous shots.

Two girls in cowboy hats sitting in a field a sisters photoshoot idea
© Joice Kelly (

13. Laugh Together

Sisters go through the ups and downs of life side by side. And laughter is often the thing that keeps them together. The moments of laughter are real moments of fortitude and strength.
In terms of technique, there isn’t much to this photo idea. You need to create a relaxed environment where the two or three sisters can share the joy of each other’s company.
Young siblings laughing makes an adorable image. But when this idea is done with older siblings, the photo can hold more meaning and depth.

sister photoshoot ideas: Two Women Laughing Together
© Silverblack (

14. Go Moody With the Lighting

Teenage girls might not enjoy many of the usual sister photo ideas. They might be too cool for matching outfits or orchestrated activities. Instead, you can indulge their darker attitude by using moody lighting.
Whether you’re in a photography studio or at home, using darker lighting can create an environment where they feel comfortable. They can play the moody teenager, and you can still get some excellent family photos.

sister photoshoot ideas: Two girls under a lamp in a moody setting
© Luis Machado (

15. Get Crafty with Paints and Brushes

People of all ages love getting messy with paints. If you have the tools and space, painting is a fab activity for a photoshoot. It’s fun for sisters of all ages. When they’re distracted with the paints, you’ll be able to snap some natural photos of them at play.

Two Girls Playing With Paint as sister photoshoot idea
© Gorodenkoff (

16. Taking Care of Baby

If one of the sisters is very young, you can have the older take care of the young. They’ll love to have the responsibility of looking after their baby sister.
Of course, they’ll only be looking after the baby in a performative sense. But you’ll be able to capture a special moment of love between the two sisters.

One girl carrying a baby girl in a wooded area as a sister photoshoot idea
© James Gulles (

17. Jump for Joy

Star jumps may seem a little silly for a photoshoot. They are silly, and this is a silly idea. But that’s the point. It’s sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.
Young girls will have fun jumping around. But adult sisters will have just as much fun once they’ve loosened up.

two girls doing star jumps on a beach a sisters photoshoot idea
© Jo Bryan-Smith


Sisters have one of the strongest relationships in the family. But it’s not always easy to capture that bond on camera. But these sister photoshoot ideas will help you create images the family can treasure forever.
With start jumps, you can capture magic moments no matter their age or how many sisters there are. You can go for styled poses in a studio or natural scenes somewhere relaxed. But no matter what your approach, these photo ideas will help you create some fabulous sister photos.
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