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Best Mother Daughter Photoshoot Ideas and Tips

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 8 min read
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A mother daughter photoshoot is a great way to capture the close bond between these two special people. There are many different ideas and tips for how to make this type of shoot go well, and we’ve collected some of the best here.
If you’re looking for a way to commemorate your relationship with your mom or daughter, read on for some ideas that will help you create beautiful photos that will last a lifetime.

1. Confirm Who Will Be Attending the Mother Daughter Photoshoot and Their Ages

This is a good idea for all mother and daughter photoshoots. Ask the person scheduling the session to give you the ages of those attending.
This will give you a little more insight on where to schedule the session. And also what themes you can chose, wardrobe, and all the other small details.
A mother daughter photoshoot outdoors on the beach
Your client may mean her and her daughter. Or she can also mean her granddaughters will be joining the session as well.
This means that you’ll be dealing with a range in ages and different generations. It’s important to ask before your session.
If you are going to be photographing children, a nice open space is great. You can photograph freely and the girls can play, explore, and have a good time.
If the daughters are older in age, this means that you can offer a more studio-like session. Or you can choose a location that is a little different from the open fields if your clients want a specific look.
A diptych portrait of a mother and two adult daughters outdoors in a park

2. Offer Makeup and Hair Styling

This is nice option for when you’re setting up your mother and daughter photo shoot. It is a nice option to include or offer an add-on of makeup and hair styling.
This can add a little more glamour to the day. It’ll make it feel more unique and special for the mother and daughter to experience and bond over.
A triptych portrait of a mother and two adult daughters outdoors in a park
Contact a local makeup / hair stylist in your area. This could mean reaching out to someone new or someone you have previously worked with. Offer to include their services or use as an add-on for the photoshoots you have scheduled.
Make sure to photograph a part of the getting styled time. You can add these photographs into the final gallery. They enhance the story of the entire photoshoot experience.
A diptych portrait of a mother and two adult daughters outdoors in a park
Having photographs of this special bonding time can be beautiful in an album or slideshow. And it adds more significance to the entire photo session.

3. Props

Props are a great way to add a little more fun to the session. This can mean adding balloons and styled seating. Or adding some signs to the session to make it more special and playful.
A diptych portrait of a mother and young daughter on the beach
Renting seating from a local company can offer great options like sofas and chairs. The mother and daughter session will be unique from all other types of sessions.
A diptych portrait of a mother and young daughter on the beach
You can also ask your clients if there are any mementos or props that they would like to use during the session. These can make the session more personalized to their mother and daughter relationship.

4. Themes

Choosing a theme to add to the mother and daughter photo session can make it one-of-a-kind.
For example, choosing to have a spa day photo session can suit some mother and daughter pairs. Others could enjoy a hunting/camping themed session, if that suits their personalities.
A diptych portrait of a mother and young daughter on the beach - mother daughter photoshoot
Other themes you can choose include:

  • picnics
  • a day at the park
  • getting ice cream
  • flying a kite
  • riding bikes
  • a pool party
  • hanging out at a museum
  • baking together

A theme can make it fun and exciting especially for young children and give them something to do.
Posing and trying to bribe a 3-year-old to sit on mama’s lap is difficult. They can have a picnic instead and share slices of watermelon while you photograph their interactions.

5. Choosing a Wardrobe

It is important to have a consultation with your clients before the session. You can get an idea for the theme, look, feel and style that your client wants for their session.
A diptych portrait of a mother and young daughter on the beach - mother daughter photoshoot
Talking about wardrobe can help add to the overall look of the final images and add to the theme they are going for. It’s a good idea to discuss wardrobe options beforehand. There are so many different looks the session can take on.
An easy way to discuss this is to ask your client what look they are going for. Offer them keywords like “elegant”, “fun”, “casual”, “classic”. You can build different looks to the session from there.
A diptych portrait of a mother and young daughter in a garden - mother daughter photoshoot
A session can also have two or more looks depending on the photoshoot model you have set up for the mother and daughter sessions.
You might only offer one type or one theme for the sessions, especially if they are mini sessions. You can also offer different options and have your clients choose.
An elegant styled wardrobe may mean your clients plan on wearing evening wear. This can look great in a nice plain background like a studio or a field.
It can also look pretty elegant and fit in a nice urban setting with modern architecture.
Sweet outdoor mother daughter photoshoot
Or your client might want something a little more fun and choose to bring t-shirts and blue jeans for the session. They’ll be able to play and have a good time while they are at their session in a field or exploring a park.
You can also go for a themed wardrobe, from their favorite book characters or movie characters. Again, it depends on what you are offering or if your clients are free to choose their looks.
A diptych portrait of a mother and daughters on the beach - mother daughter photoshoot
In either case, discussing the wardrobe before the session can avoid any unwanted meltdowns.
It’ll give your client the proper amount of time to choose their wardrobe or find substitutes looks if needed.

6. Offer or Include a Unique Product

Mother and daughter photoshoots show the special bond that happens between mothers and daughters.
It is nice to offer or even include a matching product for both mother and daughter after the session.
This can be a beautiful unique locket holding their favorite photo, or a photo key chain for both girls. These unique keepsake items make the experience even more special.
You don’t have to include it in the session fee but you can offer it after. Think during the preview, the selling session, or at any time you have delivered the images.
A diptych portrait of female family members posing on the beach - mother daughter photoshoot
Offering specialty keepsake items that aren’t on your pricing menu can give it that exclusive touch. It’ll make the session even more special for all of your clients.
A product like this can also bring in more client referrals. It’s easy to wear or show off. When people ask about it, your clients can refer you.
This will fill up your calendar with all types of photoshoots in general!
Sweet portrait of a mother and young daughter outdoors - mother daughter photoshoot

7. Have a Referral Program in Place or Run a Contest

Set up a referral program. Mothers and daughters can then spread the word about their excellent experience and photos from the session.
Sweet portrait of a mother and daughter on the beach - mother daughter photoshootThis can bring in new clients that want a similar experience from you! In creating a referral program, offer your clients a takeaway.
This can be a nice keepsake product, prints, credit, another session, etc., for a certain amount of referrals that they send your way.
Having your clients spread the word, especially when Mother’s Day is close, can help you get returning business year after year.
A diptych portrait of a mother and daughters on the grass outdoors - mother daughter photoshoot
You can also run a contest for clients or your social media followers to nominate one person they know for a free photoshoot. This can create more traction on your mother daughter photoshoots.
Create buzz and getting your business out there with offering a free session. This can help you generate more clients and also give someone a well deserved special mother and daughter photo session. It’s a win-win for everyone!

8. Location

Location is key when it comes to mother and daughter sessions. It determines the wardrobe that they will need to bring to get a specific look to the photos.
A diptych portrait of a mother and young daughter on the beach - mother daughter photoshoot
You might also take mother and daughter mini sessions. This can mean that you’ll have many sessions all in the same area.
You may need to do some scouting beforehand to find the right place to get variety in the photos from the session to session.
Fields and parks can add a more ethereal feeling to the session. A city or more urban location can add a little more attitude to the look of the session.
A studio session can also have a distinct look from that of one in an ice cream parlor.
Also, in-home sessions are a little more relaxed and can offer a more lifestyle feeling to the final images.
A diptych portrait of a mother and young daughter on the beach - mother daughter photoshoot
Depending on what you have set up for the sessions, the look can vary. Choose a location that best suits your purpose and that of your clients as well.
This is an important topic to discuss at a pre-consultation with your clients. This way you’ll have a clear vision of what your client expects and what you are offering.


A diptych portrait of a mother and daughter posing outdoors - mother daughter photoshoot
Mother and daughter photoshoots capture the special bond between mothers and daughters.
These tips will help you photograph the best mother and daughter photoshoots all year round. You’ll create beautiful images while giving your clients a memorable experience.
Have you photographed mother and daughter photo sessions before? How did it go? Let us know in the comments below!