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Great Poses and Ideas for Best Friend Photoshoots

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Best friend photoshoots are perfect for capturing genuine emotions. Your models will feel comfortable, and you’ll take unforgettable photos.

If you want to take amazing BFF pictures, all you need are a few ideas and posing tips.

How to Pose BFF Pictures

Giving instructions to one model is different from guiding multiple models.

Your subjects are best friends. This means you need to show their relationship using specific poses.

Ask Them to Hug Each Other

A sweet best friend photoshoot of two females embracing
Friend photoshoots involve physical closeness. Make sure your models’ outfits and hairstyles complement each other. This will make it easier to create eye-catching portraits.

Your models aren’t strangers. You can ask them to hug each other. This is a quick way to make them feel more comfortable. And it gives them a moment to be candid.

To avoid awkwardness, get to know your models before your shoot. Even a 10-minute discussion over coffee can help you gain their trust.

Let them know your style and goals for the shoot. They’ll feel more comfortable in front of your camera.

Use the Shoulder Lean Pose to Create Appealing Compositions

A portrait of three female models - professional friend photoshoots
For professional friend photoshoots, make sure you shoot at eye level. Maintaining eye contact will help you take photos that are sharp, emotional, and easy to look at.

The closer your models are to one another, the easier it will be to look at the photo. If your photo is visually appealing, you won’t need to focus on every element of your photo.

In the photo above, the models are posing in front of a simple background. Despite the simplicity, the photo is outstanding. This is thanks to the symmetry and clear relationship between the models.

This is a concept that’s often used in design. If two objects are close, you’ll assume that they’re related somehow. This is perfect for best friend photoshoots.

The most natural way to achieve this is to ask your models to lean on each other. For the best results, take photos of three models. That way you can create a symmetrical composition.

Share a Surprising Secret

A sweet outdoor portrait of two female friends - best friend photoshootsA shared secret implies that two people trust each other. You can show this trust by re-creating the pose above. One model has to pretend to speak into the other’s ear.

To make the photo even more dramatic, the models should both look surprised. At least one of them should look at the camera.

This pose is ideal for photoshoots with young people or children.

Take an Exciting and Funny Action Photo

A fun outdoor portrait of three friends jumping - best friend photoshoots
The more people you photograph, the more interesting your friend photoshoots will be. If you’re photographing more than two people, use a wide-angle lens to capture all of them in one frame. Many wide-angle lenses are distorted at the edges. This can help you take unique and funny photos like this one.

Posing too much can result in stiff-looking photos. Make sure you let your models play around. Let them have fun throughout your entire photoshoot.

To make your models feel more comfortable, ask them to jump or dance while you photograph them. If you do this at the start of your shoot, you’ll make everyone feel more relaxed and energetic!

A Kiss On the Cheek Is All You Need for Adorable Photos

A sweet outdoor portrait of two female friends posing lovingly - best friend photoshootsTo make this pose look natural, make sure your models are comfortable with kissing each other on the cheek!

This is ideal for sibling and pet photo shoots.

Best Friend Photoshoot Ideas

Once you have a better understanding of poses, you can come up with unique concepts and techniques.

Take a Break From All the Posing

A candid outdoor portrait of a group of friends chatting outdoors at sunset - bff picturesCandid photography is known for its authenticity. Most people want to be captured in a way that shows their personalities, relationships, and hobbies in the clearest way possible.

This is very easy to achieve when you’re photographing at least two people. Keep your subjects busy with an activity. This can be anything from biking, singing, or just walking.

While they keep themselves busy, there will be moments when they’ll forget that you’re there. This will give you lots of chances to take spontaneous and heartwarming photos of people enjoying each other’s company.

Photograph People of All Ages

A portrait of two female friends embracing - bff picturesWhen we think of best friends, we might visualize friends who are the same age. Don’t let this stop you from photographing families and people with big age gaps.

Take photos of mothers and daughters, couples, people and their pets, etc. This will help you capture a variety of relationships. It’ll how you how to find warmth in each one.

You could even start a project where you focus on people and their closest friends or family.

Go to Their Favourite Place

A candid portrait of a group of female friends chatting in a greenhouse - friendship imagesYour favorite place is where you feel at home. This is where you also spend quality time with your friends. To guarantee a comfortable shoot, photograph your subjects in a place like that.

Ask your models about their favorite hangout places. Choose a location that’s comfortable to shoot in.

Examples of this are parks, greenhouses, and fields. Small cafes and rooms with little light aren’t the best for taking sharp photos. Try to avoid them unless that’s the look you’re going for.

Focus on One Person at a Time

A candid portrait of a group of male friends hanging out - friendship imagesWhen it comes to group photos, the best thing to do is to make sure everyone is in focus. For this idea, you don’t need to worry about this.

Instead of photographing everyone, focus on one subject while they’re surrounded by their friends.

This will help you take unique photos and give you a chance to focus on every individual’s personality.

Take a Series of Funny Photos to Entertain Your Subjects

A fun portrait of two young boys making silly faces - friendship images
Friend photoshoots don’t always have to include your models only! If you want to bond with your subjects, take a few self-portraits with them. The funnier they are, the better!

Even if your funny photos don’t end up being posted anywhere, they’ll help you make great memories with your models.

This is particularly useful in children photography. To keep your young models entertained, ask them to be silly in front of the camera. This will help you develop a trustworthy relationship.

Pulling faces is also a great way to capture candid moments. You might be able to take stunning photos of best friends laughing together or discussing their next pose.


Friend photoshoots can teach you how to take spontaneous, hilarious, and touching photos.

The more relationships you photograph, the easier it will be to capture true love wherever you go.

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