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32 Romantic & Fun Couple Christmas Photoshoot Ideas

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 8 min read
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Christmas is a time for family, friends, and fun. And what better way to capture those memories than with a Christmas photoshoot?
If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these 32 ideas for couples who want to have some fun during their Christmas photo session. From classic poses to more creative ideas, there’s something here for everyone.
So grab your loved one, put on your best smiles, and get ready to take some amazing photos!

32 Creative Christmas Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

Taking couples Christmas photos is a fun way to celebrate and share your love during the holiday period. Whether they’re for the family album or this years Christmas cards, we’ve got some fun and festive Christmas photo ideas for couples.

1. Decorate The House

The festivities begin when the Christmas decorations go up. Decorating the house together can be a lot of fun, making it an excellent opportunity for a Christmas couple photoshoot.
Christmas couple photoshoot tips: a couple unpacks Christmas tree ornaments to hang on the tree

2. Add the Final Decorations to The Christmas Tree

Before you add the last bauble to the Christmas tree, stop and get the camera ready. Adding the final decorations together makes a festive Christmas photo.
Christmas couple photoshoot ideas: a couple hanging red and gold Christmas bulbs on the tree

3. Decorate Your Heads With Your Christmas Hats

Once the house and the tree have been given the festive makeover, it’s time to adorn yourselves with your Christmas clothes. The first place to start is with the Santa hat. It’s a great place to start for Christmas photos ideas every December.
a couple photographed in Santa hats and Christmas sweaters look into each others eyes
The next step for Christmas photo ideas is to jump into your jolly Christmas jumpers. You’ve already got your Christmas hat on. So the festive jumper is the next logical step.
As a couple, you can get different or matching jumpers. Either way, it’ll make fun holiday pictures you can share with friends and family.

Christmas couple photoshoot tips: a couple in Christmas sweaters holding each others Christmas gifts
© Igor Vetushko (

5. Pose Together in Your Festive Grotto

One of the best Christmas card photo ideas is to pose together in your Christmas grotto. Once you’ve decorated the tree, walls, and yourselves, take a Christmas photo of yourselves in front of the Christmas tree. And wearing your Christmas clothes adds even more festive cheer.
a portrait of a couple in Christmas sweaters and Santa hats

6. Show Off Your Decorations

Many people are proud of their Christmas lights and decorations, which is why they inspire many great Christmas photo ideas. You and your partner can pose in a shot that puts your decoration skills on display.
a portrait of a couple sitting on the couch next to their Christmas tree

7. Pose With Your Child

For new families, that first Christmas at home is extra special. And celebrating your new addition to the family is excellent for Christmas photo ideas. Holiday pictures make wonderful Christmas card photos. Nothing adds joy to the holiday season like a newborn baby.
Tips for Christmas couple photoshoot: a couple laying on the bed holding up their child in his pajamas

8. Don’t Forget the Dog

Dogs are part of the family too, so why not incorporate them into your Christmas photo ideas? They may not understand the concept of Christmas, but they bring joy to many couples.

Christmas couple photoshoot ideas: a small white dog in a Santa hat posed between a couple
© Igor Tishenko (

9. Incorporate the Cat

For many couples, cats are just as beloved as their canine counterparts. And bringing your cat to the photoshoot can result in some amusing holiday photos.
Christmas couple photoshoot tips: a couple holds up their cat and presents in golden boxes

10. Group Photo in the Grotto

For many couples, Christmas isn’t just about two people. Maybe you have children and pets in the house. You can create some fantastic photo ideas for couples by including the whole gang.
a family portrait with their golden retriever in front of the Christmas tree

11. Mischief Under The Mistletoe

Mistletoe is a fun Christmas prop for couples photoshoots. It’s a great way to add a bit of cheeky fun to your Christmas photos.
Tips for a Christmas couple photoshoot: a guy giving his girlfriend a kiss in the cheek under the mistletoe

12. The Heels-Up Kiss

While you’re in the mood for kissing, you can try the heels-up kiss. This is where the shorter member of the duo has to stand on their toes to kiss the other person. With your holiday socks on, it can make a cute Christmas photo.

Christmas couple photoshoot inspiration: the woman half of this couple stands on her tippy toes to kiss her boyfriend
© Arthur Brognoli (

13. Put Your Feet Up

Seeing as you’ve already got your Christmas socks on, another Christmas photo idea is to get a shot of your feet together. You can’t see the faces, but this kind of Christmas photo symbolises a cosy and happy household.
Christmas couple photoshoot idea: a photo of two people feet in cosy winter socks

14. Get Cosy By The Tree

When it comes to getting in the Christmas spirit, there aren’t many better places than next to the Christmas tree. The tree is often in the corner of the room where you and your partner can cuddle up and see out the cold winter evenings.
photo of a couple that shares a moment of joy next to the Christmas tree

15. Curl Up With Cocoa

Many Christmas photo ideas can come from those simple moments you spend together. And sharing a cup of cocoa on a cold winter’s evening can be heartwarming and special. It’s an intimate moment that makes a nice Christmas photo.
Christmas couple photoshoot tips: a couple cozies up next to each other to drink their hot chocolate

16. See The Christmas Sights

Many towns and cities decorate their streets with Christmas lights and decorations. These are great places to try some Christmas photo ideas.
Capture the moments as you both stroll romantically through the festivities, arm in arm or hand in hand.

a couple photographed looking at the holiday decorated ice skating rink
© Designecologist (

17. Venture Out Into The Winter Wonderland

If you don’t live in the city or if you’re on a winter vacation, the landscape can give you plenty of magical Christmas photo ideas for couples.
If you’re lucky enough to have a white Christmas, use the winter wonderland for your Christmas photos. The snow-filled background makes an excellent setting for some romantic couples photos.

Christmas couple photoshoot ideas: a couple embraces in front of a snow capped mountain
© Christine Donaldson (

18. Walk Together in The Snow

Two people walking together through a snowy scene creates a sense of togetherness. It’s a striking image and a romantic Christmas photo.

Tips for a Christmas couple photoshoot: a couple walks hand in hand in the snow
© Yuriy Bogdanov (

19. Sit Together in The Snow

When you’re out together, find a picturesque spot and capture a romantic shot. A beautiful snowy scene is perfect for creating Christmas photo ideas for couples.
a woman gives her boyfriend a kiss on the cheek

20. Share a Winter’s Kiss

A frozen scene is full of romance when you’re with your partner. And sharing a kiss is a wonderful idea for a Christmas photo.
a couple kisses as they sit on the stairs

21. Kiss in the Snow

Snow produces some wonderful Christmas photo ideas. And kissing your partner when the snow falls around you is a powerful and romantic image. Next time you’re walking as the snow falls, take your partner and give them a big one.
Christmas couple photoshoot inspiration: a couple kisses as snow falls around them

22. Wrap Presents Together

Presents play a large part in the magic of Christmas. But the fun starts long before the big day. Wrapping gifts is a fun activity that can produce exciting Christmas photo ideas for couples.
Christmas couple photoshoot tips: a couple in Santa hats wrap Christmas presents together

23. Pose With the Presents

Presents are a symbol of Christmas. And posing with them is great for Christmas photo ideas. You can both pose with all the presents you’re going to give one another.
Christmas couple photoshoot ideas: a couple in Santa hats sit back to back and open gifts together

24. Exchange Your Presents

Sharing presents with your partner is one of the most exciting moments of Christmas. The excitement and anticipation make it a perfect time for Christmas photos.
Christmas couple photoshoot tips: a woman looks at her boyfriend from behind wrapped Christmas presents

25. Surprise Your Partner with a Gift

For superb Christmas photo ideas, the moment of giving gifts is a special one. It’s a funny moment full of excitement. And those expressions make perfect Christmas photos.
Christmas couple photoshoot ideas: a boyfriend presents his girlfriend with a Christmas present

26. Hide Their Eyes to Enhance the Surprise

As they prepare to unwrap their gift, cover their eyes to heighten the excitement. It’s a moment that makes memorable Christmas photos for couples.
Christmas couple photoshoot tips: a man holds his hands over his girlfriends eyes so she can't see the present she's holding

27. Reveal Your Gift

For more Christmas photo ideas, you can reveal your gift to your partner. It’s another special moment for perfect photos you can share with family.
Christmas couple photoshoot ideas: a boyfriend opens the present box while the girlfriend covers her eyes with her hands

28. Watch the Children Open Their Presents

Children personify the magic of Christmas. And for young families, they can provide some wonderful Christmas photo ideas. You can document the magical moment to create perfect Christmas photos.
a couple watches their two daughters open their Christmas presents

29. Cook Together

Food can be a great source of inspiration for Christmas photos. The holiday season is full of fantastic tastes and smells. And you can make your own by cooking together. It’s another opportunity for a Christmas couple photoshoot.

christmas couple photoshoot ideas: a man and woman putting Christmas cookies in the oven together
© Hannah Busing (

30. Feed Your Partner

Once you’ve finished cooking, it’s time to eat. Feeding each other can make some romantic Christmas photo ideas.
christmas couple photoshoot ideas: a man feeding his girlfriend a cookie

31. Bake Yourselves

If you’re baking sweet cookies, you can bake cookie versions of yourself and your partner. Then you can use your cookie effigies for Christmas flat lay photos. It’ll make a fun Christmas card.
a flat lay photograph of two gingerbread people

32. Pillow Fight

If you’re sick of all the kissing and cuddling, pick up a sofa cushion and let the fighting commence. Capturing it with your camera will make some fun Christmas pictures.
Christmas couple photoshoot ideas: a couple enjoying some laughter during a pillow fight


The holiday season is a wonderful time of year, especially for couples in love. With all the decorations and gift-giving, there are plenty of Christmas couple photoshoot ideas you can use to create unique and memorable festive pictures.
If you’ve welcomed a baby to the world this year, create wonderful pictures to show them when they’re older with our Dreamy Childhood Portraits course. 
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