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10 Famous Baby Photographers You Must Check Out

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Baby photography is a difficult niche, and it takes time to master it. Babies don’t understand that a photo shoot is going on. They get hungry, cranky or tired. Baby photographers need to be quick and flexible.

The pictures always look heartwarming and cute. But there is a lot of effort behind the scenes to get those results.

Check out these ten famous baby photographers to get some inspiration and new ideas from their art.

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10. Benedetta Vallone

Benedetta has loved taking photos since she was a teenager. Her photos are focused on babies, childhood and family.

Benedetta’s photos were featured in magazines, and she was one of the best baby photographers in the year 2019.

She mentored with Ana Brandt (see number 3 on this list), and her photographs are full of perfectly captured moments.

A cute newborn baby posed in a toy carriage


9. Sonia Gourlie

Sonia is one of the best baby photographers of the year 2020. She specialises in child and family-oriented pictures. She thinks that photographs are perfect to capture important moments of our lives.

Sonia’s pictures look like they are from a children’s fairy tale book. The kids look happy and glowing with childhood innocence.

Kids playing through a windowsill by Sonia Gourlie

Website | Instagram

8. Jess Buttermore

Jess is based in Seattle and has been photographing for 15 years. She is now focusing only on maternity and newborn photography.

Jess makes sure to get to know her clients. She is capturing such intimate moments and she doesn’t want to be a stranger to the parents or the child.

A newborn baby on a blanket

Website | Instagram

7. Lauren Grayson

Lauren is a maternity, newborn and baby photographer in Cleveland. She introduces herself as the “time preservation artist”, and her photographs capture truly natural moments.

Lauren finds it important to create meaningful portraits. She shoots details that the whole family wants to remember forever.

A newborn baby being held by his father

Website | Instagram

6. Natalia Brembor

Natalia is an award-winning photographer in North Bethesda. She specialises in newborn, children, maternity and family photography.

She thinks that photography is the best way to freeze moments and tell stories.

“I find fulfilment in the ability of photos to capture moments, smiles, and other instantaneous emotions that we experience and feel. For me, photos tell a story. It never fails to give me a magical feeling every time I am able to tell a narrative behind each shot and each frame that I take.”

A four photo grid by baby photographer Natalia Brembor

Website | Instagram

5. Jolia Stern

Jolia was chosen as the Best Baby Photographer in 2020. She is based in Germany and used to work as a media designer. Then she decided to change her career and pursue her passion.

Jolia claims that we can understand photography only with our hearts and not with words. When you look at her baby and newborn photos, it is obvious that she puts all her heart into the work.

A newborn bay portrait

Website | Instagram

4. Erin Elisabeth Hoskins

Erin is a newborn and maternity photographer from Perth, Australia. Erin finds it important to use natural light for her family and newborn photos.

She also holds workshops and offers mentoring in her studio. Erin’s photos are dreamy and beautiful. She makes the best out of the available natural light.

A newborn baby portrait

Website | Instagram

3. Ana Brandt

Ana is a professional maternity and newborn photographer based in California.

She has worked with celebrities and has more than 230 000 followers on Instagram. She also runs a Youtube channel and offers courses and workshops.

Ana also designed maternity gowns and her work was published in various magazines.

A tripych of baby portraits by Ana Brandt

Website | Instagram

2. Shannon Leigh

Shannon is an award-winning baby photographer based in Atlanta. Before becoming one of the most recognised newborn photographers, she worked as a pre-school teacher for 13 years.

Shannon has a large studio and always provides fantastic props for her photo sessions. Her setups are often inspired by fairy tales, movies and Disney characters.

A newborn baby posed in a bunny outfit

Website | Instagram

1. Anne Geddes

Anne Geddes is often considered the most famous baby photographer in the world. She took iconic baby photos during the 90s. She dresses up babies in the cutest outfits and always prepares her photoshoots well in advance.

Anne grew up at a cattle farm in Australia where photography courses were not available. When she turned 25, she taught herself photography and later specialised in baby photography. Today she lives and works in New York.

“I had seen the way children and babies were generally being photographed. It just didn’t seem realistic to me that people took their children along to photographic studios all dressed in their Sunday best. Photographs that didn’t really show the personality of the child.”

Anne Geddes believes that every baby is unique and beautiful. This is why she wants to show the baby’s personalities in her photos. She uses custom-made props and plans the whole setting in detail.

Anne Geddes portrait of two babies dressed like cabbages

Website | Instagram


Photographing babies and children is not easy, but it is very rewarding. At the end of the day, your photo becomes an everlasting memory for the family.

Try to get inspired by photographers whose style you like. You will find it easier to improve your own art if you have idols to follow.

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