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14 Awesome Dog Photographers You Should Check Out in 2024

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 6 min read
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Pet photography is a niche with countless styles. Some call for smooth, vibrant looks. Others produce dark, moody atmospheres. Or, many use wide-angle lenses to include landscapes or surroundings.
It doesn’t matter if you shoot in a studio or nature, posed or candid. There are dog photographers that can help you reach your goals.
In this article, I’ve collected some of the best pet photographers. Take a look and let them inspire you and your pet photography!

1. Alicja Zmyslowska, Dog Photographers

When thinking about dog photography, Alicja’s is a name that comes to mind. This Polish photographer invented a new style of dog photography. She balances dreamy portraits with dramatic, soulful compositions.
Alicja’s Craving Miracles project follows her global dog travels. She captures dramatic images at various locations, including Norway, Iceland, and Alaska.
A dog posing in front of a waterfall

2. Natalie Große

Natalie proves her talent for outdoor and indoor portraits. She likes to play around with smooth edges, creamy bokeh, and colorful backgrounds. Her signature style adds a vibrant atmosphere to pet photos.
Natalie prefers a sophisticated studio style. She tends to use minimalistic backgrounds and adorable props.
A cute dachshund puppy portrait

3. Claudio Piccoli

This Italian photographer specialises in action shots. He raises the stakes for everyone else! Claudio’s pin-sharp focus and impeccable timing capture striking images of dogs in action. His dog models are running, jumping, or playing dog frisbee with their owners.
Claudio holds workshops all around the world, often collaborating with other photographers.
Photo of a dog catching a Frisbee

4. Anne Geier

Every dog owner knows that life with a pup is an adventure. Anne Geier uniquely captures these adventures. She knows how to achieve those perfect keepsake images while illustrating that wondrous pet-owner life.
Anne travels and hikes with her dogs, photographing favourite moments on every trip. She also created the Adventuredogs photo series to show others how much fun she has traveling with a dog.
Photo of a dog lying by her owners legs

5. Kaylee Greer

Kaylee is a pet photographer who isn’t afraid to think outside the box. She’s always willing to give her viewers a new perspective. So, she started Dog Breath Photography to expose adorable, clumsy, and funny dog personalities.
Kaylee uses a low angle and a wide lens to take expressive portraits. This technique creates a deep depth of field. She often includes sun flares or dramatic skies to add an interesting layer. The longer you look at her photos, the more you fall in love with dogs!
Photo of a dog on a rock

6. Audrey Bellot

Audrey is a French photographer who creates soft, minimalistic, and sophisticated images. She avoids distractions in her outdoor portraits and carefully chooses the colors in her photos. When the viewer looks at them, they see a very deliberate and refined look.
Dreamy photo of a dog walking on a beach at sunset

7. Elke Vogelsang

Elke is a pro at expressive dog portraits. She shoots in a studio as a commercial and editorial pet photographer. Elke often works with dogs who have a disability or are anxious in front of the camera.
Elke knows how to bring the most out of every model. She captures their personalities in the photos, even those human-like expressions!
Funny portrait of a dog

8. Monica van der Maden

Incredibly smooth background, dark forests, shiny urban photos — these are the defining traits of Monica’s dog photography. She likes to capture images in nature and urban settings. The result is a variety of intriguing atmospheres.
Monica’s forest photos are often moody with a lot of vignettes and strong background blur. Her urban portraits display a brighter appearance. Either way, her unique style shines through.
Sweet dog photography of two grey dogs licking each other

9. Shaina Fishman

Outdoor pet photos are more and more popular. As a result, there’s less demand for studio pet portraits. Yet, there are still many dog photographers who provide the studio look. Shaina is one of them, but she puts on a personal spin.
Shaina takes whimsical studio portraits using props to add a narrative. She uses a monochromatic background in her images and the results are sweet and simple.
Cute dog photography of two grey beagles licking each other

10. Jess Bell

You might already know Jess’s work, as she was the creator of the colored powder shots. She puts holi powder on dogs and captures them in action. In her images, dogs look magical and majestic in their movement.
Jess often uses colors that complement the dog’s fur or highlight their characteristics. She works with frisbees and other action shots to enhance this unique result.
Cool pet photography of two dalmatians jumping with colored powder trails

11. Jasmin Hummer

Jasmin uses gorgeous lighting and colorful scenes to reach her desired look. You’ll often see her use backlight and sweet poses in beautiful scenery.
Jasmin also likes to play with the seasons. She captures dogs swimming in the summer or wearing scarves in the winter snow.
Cute pet photography of two dogs under a blanket outdoors

12. Anna Averianova

Perfecting close-up portraits is a popular approach to pet photography. Anna decided to go in another direction and uses landscapes in her images. She shows us snowy mountains, foggy forests, dunes at sunset, lake houses, and more.
Anna’s photography is another example of illustrating life with our dogs. The lesson here is to treasure the important moments. Oh, and never forget your camera on adventures!
Pet photography of a dog outdoors

13. Ria Putzker

Pet photographers know that creating a consistent style is challenging. Austrian photographer Ria Putzker somehow aces this task. She generates a look that is immediately recognisable as her own.
Ria prioritises soft backgrounds and vibrant colors. She does this while being particular about what she includes in her photos. You’ll never see an overcrowded or unbalanced portrait of hers.
Cool pet photo of a dog mirrored in a lake

14. Seth Casteel

Working with dogs is not easy, especially when underwater. Combine the two, and you get a nearly impossible task. The fact that Seth specialises in underwater dog photography is quite impressive.
Seth captures dogs playing with their toys in the water. Because of their eager action, the dogs create goofy and hilarious expressions. Check out his work if you need a good laugh!
Funny pet photo of a dog underwater


There are thousands of talented dog photographers out there. It’s impossible to pick only a few favourites! Everyone has their own preference when it comes to style, so decide who inspires you the most.
I hope that our list of 14 amazing dog photographers will help guide you when looking for motivation. Who is your favourite pet photographer? Drop their names in the comments below!