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30 Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 9 min read
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Every photographer knows how much timing matters when taking a shot. In this article, we have collected 30 photos where perfect timing was the key to success.
How did a photographer manage to be in the right place at the right time for these perfectly timed photos?

1. Fishing Man by Stephane Ducandas

Our favourite image in our perfectly timed photography list is one by Stephane Ducandas. The composition is really unique, as we can see above and below the water at the same time.
The amount of work and pre-planning that went into getting this shot should definitely be appreciated.
Perfectly timed photo of a man fishing

2. Olympic Rings by REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

In this picture of the Olympic Rings, the moon lines up, turning the five rings to six and thus creating a triangle.
What makes the photo even better is that the moon and the rings are even the same size.

Photo of the Olympic rings and the moon under them

3. Woman on the Beach by Wilma Hurskainen

It is difficult to find clothing that matches the scene perfectly. It is something very rare, so the timing is just as important as the perspective.
Whether it was a planned or candid shot, hats off to the photographer.
Photo of a woman standing on a beach

4. Flamingos by Robert Haas

This image captures a scene of what looks like a flamingo, made from flamingos. How often does something like this happen?
Not only the photographer had incredible luck and perfect timing, but he also managed to get the perspective just right. The bird’s eye view makes it possible for the viewer to appreciate this unique and perfectly timed photo.
Photo a group of flamingos in the shape of a flamingo

5. Stepping on the Moon by Frode Sandbech

This snowboarder is using the well-lit moon as a stepping stone. He even looks as if he is aware that it is there.
Capturing such a shot is all down to the placement and perfect timing of the photographer.
Photo of a snowboarder looking like he is stepping on the moon

6. Rock Eye by Lynn Sessions

We often see scenes within inanimate objects, such as clouds or rock formations. Here, we see the placement of the moon within a hole in the rock.
This formation creates an eye, which even matches the shape of the hole.
Photo of a cave with the moon appearing in a hole in the middle

7. Floating Boat by Alex Thomson Racing

This is an image that was planned beforehand. So it wasn’t only about perfect timing, but the shot also had to be executed precisely according to plan.
Not only is the boat floating irregularly, but they also managed to place a man in a suit standing on the boat’s rudder.
Perfectly timed photo of a man standing on the side of a sailboat

8.  Basketball Face by LucilleSluggers

This image of a man being hit in the face with a basketball seems very strange. For one, he shows no reaction to the impending doom.
Secondly, it hits his face so perfectly, it would look like a mask if there wasn’t a ripple in the man’s face.
Perfectly timed photo of a basketball hitting a man's face

9. Fishhead by Nick Kelly

Humans having animal body parts is a continuous source of jokes when it comes to candid photos.
When the timing is right, we can see all sorts of humans with horse legs, bird wings, or in this case, a fish head.
Photo of a diver with a fish swimming in front of his head

10. Woodpecker and Weasel by Martin Le-May

This is one of the best examples of a perfectly timed photo. The photographer was just hanging around a park on a sunny day when he heard a bird shrieking.
He turned around to see that a weasel had jumped on the back of a woodpecker. Out of amazement, he managed to capture both creatures together.
Photo of a woodpecker with a weasel on its back

11. Super Eagle by Pam Mullins

We can use timing in photography to change the meaning of other subjects. Here, we spot flight lines from what we would associate with a plane.
However, with the placement of the eagle, it looks like the lines are coming from its feet. It makes it look like a really fast bird.
Perfectly timed photos of an eagle flying with airplanes trails from his feet

12. Baseball Audience by

When looking at this photo for the first time, the initial impression is that this photo is a huge chaos. However, when looking at it a bit more carefully, it is noticeable that the photographer timed the photo just right.
They captured the exact second when the baseball bat hit the man’s face. They also managed to compose the photo perfectly in such a short amount of time.
Photo of a baseball bat hitting the face of a man

13.  Crane and the Moon by Bruno Gerber

This image by Bruno Gerber was captured in Bern, Germany. The perfectly timed photo was taken by waiting for the moon to line up with the bottom of the crane.
A scene such as this one makes it look like the crane is relocating the moon to a different spot. Simple yet effective.
Photo of a crane holding the moon in the background

14. Nose Touch by Matt Stuart

There are many memes around the idea of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, where God reaches out to Adam with his finger.
Here, we see similar finger-pointing. The photographer uses his perspective to show the finger ‘booping’ the man’s nose, who is waiting for the underground.

Photo of a guy standing in front of a billboard

15. Catching a Plane by Former_Manc

In this image, Buddha’s meditation hand pose lines up perfectly with the passing plane.
This makes it look like he is playing with a toy. Or he might be trying to catch a flying plane, holding it in the air.
Photo of a Buddha statue looking like it is holding a plane

16. Headless Gymnast by Martin Bernetti

You might think this is a very strange image. You can see the hands and a leg, but the other leg loses its shape as it points towards us.
The timing is perfect with the head disappearing behind the torso. It is a perfect mix of perspective and timing.
Photo of a gymnast jumping in the air

17. The Falling Soldier by Robert Capa

This famous picture captures the death of a soldier. It was taken during the Spanish Civil War.
Even though the image’s authenticity has been a topic of various debates, it is no question that the photograph has immaculate timing.

The Falling Soldier, photograph by Robert Capa18. The Falling Man by Richard Drew

This photo was taken during the 9/11 attacks. The subject of the photograph was falling from the World Trade Center when either looking for safety or escaping from the smoke.
The image had been removed from newspapers for a while because many readers have found the image disturbing.

A man falling from the world trade centre19. Santa is Coming by stan1541

This perfectly timed image shows an older man sliding down the hill, exactly capturing the moment when he is in the air.
An Imgur user described the image as “the exact moment Santa regretted last year’s budget cuts”.

Santa sliding down a hill20.  Diver’s  Expression by Al Bello

This image was taken at the 2012 Olympics in London. The photographer was taking closeup photos of the springboard divers, capturing a variety of hilarious expressions.
The other photos of the series are also worth to check out. The timing is perfect for each of them.
Funny photo of a gymnist

21. Holy Obama by Carolyn Kaster

A light shines behind Barack Obama at one of his speeches. From the perspective of the photographer, it looks as if the ex-president was holding the sun itself in his hands.
Barack Obama holding a ball of light

22. Can You Please Photoshop The Sun Between My Fingers by Acielaw

This image was originally posted in a subreddit post, where the author asked whether somebody can photoshop the sun between his fingers. It was discovered a few days after, which quickly escalated into a huge meme.
Well, even though the Redditor didn’t reach his original intention, he definitely had a mark on nowaday’s meme culture.

23. Pure Elements by Olafur Ragnarsson

A volcano eruption is a spectacular thing by itself. But if it is accompanied by a full moon, which appears to be exactly above the volcano, it creates a magical photograph.
Icelandic photographer Olafur Ragnarsson was lucky enough to witness and capture such a unique moment.
Perfectly timed photo of a volcano erupting

24. Diving with a Whale

Cameraman Marco Queral got a chance to get close to many humpback whales during his life. This photo series demonstrates one of these occasions, where he got to befriend an exceptionally friendly whale.
He is an experienced diver, being used to the company of these enormous animals. But this fact doesn’t make these photos any less breathtaking
A whale swimming with a diver

25. Moon Landing by Unknown

Speaking of breathtaking and perfectly timed photos, here is the original footage of the moon landing. This image is yet another example of the wonders that forced perspective can make.
A para glider landing on the moon

26. Popping a Bubble by Richard Heeks

Given how fast a bubble pops, such images require the photographer’s timing to be perfect. Richard Heeks does a great job capturing the pop in the middle of the process.
Apart from timing, using the right settings is also crucial for this type of photos.
A person touching a huge bubble

27. Dog Catching Treat by Christian Vieler

In his photo series, Christian Vieler captures a variety of dogs catching (or failing to catch) treats. He uses a simple background in studio settings to bring all the attention to his models.
Executing this idea needs impeccable timing, as well as some very eager models!

28. Croc’s Dinner by  Eli Martinez

While we’re at animals catching treats, here is an image of a crocodile catching her dinner in Mexico.
The photographer made sure to work with the animal carefully and respectfully, which allowed him to take this one of a kind photo at just the right moment.

A crocodile eating a fish29. Burj Al Moon by Mo Aoun

The moon is undoubtedly one of the most popular subjects when making optical illusions.
This photo was taken in Dubai, capturing the city’s most famous hotel with the moon in the background.

A hotel in Dubai with the moon in the background

30. The Leaning Tower of Pisa by Martin Parr

Visiting and taking pictures of sights has always been part of being a tourist. Some sights, such as the tower of Pisa, even have a special theme associated with them.
This is what we can see in the image below. Many tourists try to replicate the famous photos of tourists supporting the tower.
Joke image of people failing to hold up the leaning tower of pisa


There are many ingredients that make the above-mentioned photos outstanding. These can mean taking advantage of forced perspective, or simply being at the right place at the right moment.
We hope that you enjoyed this collection of perfectly timed photos as much as we did. If you got inspired, don’t be afraid to go out and try to take a perfectly timed photo of your own!