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12 Couples Boudoir Photography Ideas You Should Try Yourself

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Boudoir photography is difficult enough, even when you have only one model to work with. But what if your job is to capture the intimacy between couples?

Read our 12 tips to create breathtaking couples boudoir photography.

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12. Couples Boudoir Photography: Have a Short Brief With the Couple

Have a meeting with the couple before the boudoir session takes place. Get to know them a bit, and ask them about the ideas they might have.

Many clients have specific ideas when it comes to couples boudoir photography. They want to have certain kinds of shots or poses. Sometimes they come with ideas they see somewhere and want to recreate the scene.

It’s a good starting point to see what the partners want from the boudoir session. It’s also a chance for you to see the dynamics between the two of them. It often happens that someone is very comfortable with being photographed, while their partner is camera-shy.

If you meet the pair, you will have a general impression of them. They get to know you a bit too, so you won’t be a total stranger during the couples boudoir session.

A tattooed couple sitting on stools with a large cactus between them

11. Get Creative With the Location

Boudoir photography often takes place in a bedroom setting. But you can capture intimate images at other locations too.

It can be the kitchen where the partners are preparing breakfast and giving a few cuddles meanwhile. Having a bubble bath is also a popular theme for couples boudoir photography.

Or you can go to a location that is meaningful for the couples. Maybe the place of their first date or first kiss.

A couple embracing outdoors, a checked blanket around them
Photo by Diego Rezende from Pexels

10. Help the Couple With the Outfit

Lingerie is the most common outfit for boudoir photography. But underwear is not the only option when photographing couples.

You can ask your clients in what clothing they like to see their partner. A woman can look very seductive in a men’s shirt.

Or you can get creative with bedsheets. It’s also common that couples wear minimal clothing for boudoir photoshoots. They pose or hug in a way that they can cover each other’s body parts.

Close up couples boudoir photoshoot

9. Make the Couple Feel Comfortable

Couples boudoir photography session is more intimate than regular couples photoshoot. Your job is to make the couples feel comfortable in front of your camera.

Create an atmosphere that makes both of them feel pleasant. You can play some music or let them goof around a bit.

And try to be as invisible as possible. You can capture the most intimate moments if your clients forget about your presence.

Black and white couples boudoir photo

8. Tell a Story With Your Boudoir Photos

Couples have unique stories that you can capture through your boudoir photography. Take shots that show the couples’ dynamics. If you have a couple who is more into romantic shots, photograph their cuddles or kisses.

But if you have a couple who is all about having fun, let them have a pillow or a food fight.

Your couples boudoir photography should tell the story of the specific people you are working with.

A couple embracing in front of a teepee

7. Use Props That Fit the Couple

You don’t need many props for a boudoir photoshoot. But it’s good to include a few objects or some decoration to create the right mood.

Pillows and blankets are excellent for creating a cosy boudoir session. Fairy lights can create dreamy and intimate vibes. Candles and rose petals are both romantic and sexy.

You can also use ordinary objects such as mugs or a book to create more natural vibes.

If the partners have special props they want to include, ask them to bring them for the boudoir photoshoot.

A couple drinking coffee in bed together

6. Choose a Theme for Your Couples Boudoir Session

A theme can spice up your couples boudoir photography. Ask the pair if they have a theme in mind.

The theme can be anything from romantic to sexy. For example, you can turn an engagement shoot into a couples boudoir session.

Or you can recreate one of their cosy evenings at home.

A couple embracing on a cosy bedroom floor

5. Direct the Couple’s Poses

Partners might know how to hug or kiss each other. But as a photographer, you know what poses look the best in images.

Direct your models to make them find the best poses. Ask them to look into each other’s eyes to show bonding and intimacy. You can also tell them where to put their hands to make it look great in photos.

Every pair has a different love language. Combine it with your expertise about poses, and you will get the most amazing couples boudoir photography results.

A couple embracing on a cosy bed

4. Help the Couples With Body Positivity

A boudoir photoshoot is a perfect opportunity to boost people’s self-confidence. When you are taking photos of individual people, it’s your job to compliment them so that they feel comfortable in front of your camera.

But if you are creating couples boudoir photography, you can ask the partners to compliment each other. This is not only great for bonding but also helps your models feel sexy and comfortable during the session.

Close up couples boudoir portrait kissing on a bed3. Capture Intimate Moments and Details

Try to focus on as many intimate details as possible. People book a couples boudoir photography session to capture a very sensual aspect of their relationship. They undress in front of a stranger, and they are brave enough to show affection in front of a stranger.

Focus on the least visible gestures and details. Those that show true love in the most subtle way.

You freeze these moments and show them to the couples afterwards. They will appreciate how you spot and highlight these invisible aspects of their love.

Close up couples boudoir portrait of the woman kissing the mans forehead

2. Turn the Boudoir Shoot Into an Experience

Make sure that you are not only getting another photography job done. Yes, people expect excellent photos from a couples boudoir session.

But they also want to have fun and an experience of a lifetime. The photos should be the long-lasting memories, focusing on the intimacy they share.

It’s a bit tricky to stick to your schedule, get amazing photos and make sure the pair has a great time. But when you are photographing humans, you always have to be a people person. Especially if you choose a personal niche like couples boudoir photography.

Playful couples boudoir portrait drinking morning coffee and making funny faces at each other

1. Be Spontaneous With Your Boudoir Session

You can plan the location, the props and the poses. But often, the best photos are the ones you took spontaneously.

Let your couples be silly and have fun. The more natural they act in front of the camera, the better.

Be open to new ideas as well. The pair might have a random idea during the boudoir photoshoot that can turn into fantastic images.

Close up couples boudoir portrait embracing on a bed


Couples boudoir photography is about highlighting the intimacy between the partners. Remember, you are there to capture aspects of their relationship they might not even know about.

Our tips can help you get more comfortable and prepared for a couples boudoir session.

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Precise Timing
Wireless Timer Remote for Canon/Olympus/Fuji Cameras
Remote Control with Intervalometer
Looking for inspiration for your couples boudoir photography? Consider using a remote control with intervalometer for ease and stunning shots.

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