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30 Day Photography Challenge Project » Expert Photography

Do you want to understand your camera and take great photos today?

Yes Please

This is my brand new 30 day photography challenge, and I want YOU to take part too. For my next 30 posts, I’m going to be providing you with tips on how to take the photos that I’ve listed here, and sharing my own results (and I encourage you to share yours too).

Starting today, I will be posting 5 posts a week on here, as well as over on my Facebook page, Twitter and Pinterest.

As I complete the project, I will be posting links to the different photos and tips as I complete them, and the days below will turn from black to blue (links). Follow through the links for tips on how to take part yourself.

Take Part

If you want to take part yourself, then just come over to my Facebook page, Twitter and/or Pinterest, and share your photos with me and the rest of the community. The best photos will be added to the posts, and shared with tens of thousands of people.

That’s all you need to know really, hope you enjoy these different ideas; they will certainly help you to improve your photography.

The Challenge

Day 1: Self Portrait – Complete! – Your photos added.

Day 2: Rule of Thirds – Complete! – Your photos added.

Day 3: Black & White – Complete! – Your photos added.

Day 4: Texture – Complete! – Your photos added.

Day 5: High Angle  – Complete! – Your photos added.

Day 6: Low Angle – Complete! – Your photos added.

Day 7: Silhouette – Complete! – Your photos added.

Day 8: Sunset – Complete! – Your photos added.

Day 9: Bokeh – Complete! – Your photos added.

Day 10: Lens Flare – Complete! – Your photos added.

Day 11: Landscape – Complete! – Your photos added.

Day 12: Portrait – Complete!

Day 13: Dynamic Tension – Complete!

Day 14: Light Painting – Complete!

Day 15: Colorful Water Drops – Complete!

Day 16: Balanced – Complete!

Day 17: Unbalanced – Complete!

Day 18: Frame within a Frame – Complete!

Day 19: Panorama – Complete!

Day 20: Depth – Complete!

Day 21: Water Splash – Complete!

Day 22: Slow Sync Flash – Complete!

Day 23: Panning – Complete!

Day 24: Harris Shutter – Complete!

Day 25: Shallow DoF – Complete!

Day 26: Light Graffiti – Complete!

Day 27: Street Photography – Complete!

Day 28: Architecture

Day 29: Night – Complete!

Day 30: Hidden Camera Mirror Photo – Complete!

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Thank you for reading my post, if you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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I'm a self taught photographer from Brighton, England. I take a lot of photos and enjoy teaching my methods to anyone willing to learn- this is my blog, check out my video training & Google.

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