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10 Best Wedding Presets for Photography in 2024 (Updated)

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 6 min read
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If you’re looking to get into wedding photography, editing is one aspect that can easily be overlooked. But it makes a significant difference to images. If you’re not a fan of the editing process, wedding presets in Lightroom are a great way to make quality edits quickly.
Today, I will show you some of the top wedding Lightroom presets available for download. The majority of these presets were created by well-established wedding photographers. And you can see how well these presets work on wedding photos.
So take a look through this list. Be sure to choose the aesthetic that works best for your wedding photography.

Top Wedding Presets for Lightroom

10. Be Art Presets – Vintage Collection

  • Number of Presets – 50
  • Price – $

This set of wedding Lightroom presets is the cheapest you will find on this list. There are plenty of presets to choose from that will satisfy most wedding photographers.
These presets produce a sharper style of aesthetics. So be sure this is how you want to portray the whole wedding.
I think these could be fun to try out. But it may be worth paying extra for other wedding presets made by highly experienced photographers.Screenshot of Be Art Presets website with a vintage collection of wedding presets for Lightroom

9. Preset Pro – Portrait Bundle

  • Number of Presets – 300
  • Price – $$

This option is great if you want to produce different aesthetics for each wedding you shoot. Or maybe you’re not sure how each Lightroom preset will work on your pictures. You get so many options!
Inside the 300 portrait presets, there are 80 dedicated wedding Lightroom presets. Most of the presets will give you soft edits.
Make sure you study the list of the different Lightroom presets before buying. You will get a lot of presets for your money. But I cannot confirm that dedicated wedding photographers made them.
Screenshot of Preset Pro website with portrait bundle of wedding presets for Lightroom

8. Trey Wallace – Atlas

  • Number of Presets – 9
  • Price – $

Wallace’s Lightroom presets are primarily made for landscape photography. But they can work great for wedding photography if you shoot weddings in beautiful locations.
When used for portraits, the colors and tones draw you right into the subject’s face. Some of the presets will turn natural greens brown. This is a stylistic choice that could work out in your favor. It would make the wedding scene seem a bit unrealistic. But it will also reflect the uniqueness of the special day.
Screenshot of Trey Wallace website with Atlas wedding presets for Lightroom

7. LKO – Sierra Presets

  • Number of Presets – 13
  • Price – $$

The key in Lukas Korynta’s set of presets is softness. As wedding photographers know, the key to great wedding photography is taking out the rigid “realness” of photographs and making them look relaxed.
These Lightroom presets aren’t just easy on the eyes. They also remain surprisingly natural. It is due to the tones he chose, where each image looks as if it’s been shot during golden hour.
Screenshot of LKO website with Sierra wedding presets for Lightroom

6. Cody + Allison – C&A presets

  • Number of Presets – 18
  • Price – $

Cody and Allison are wedding photographers who shoot in a dramatic style. If you photograph in a similar style, these wedding Lightroom presets could be the right choice for you. But the look could be a bit overboard for photographers who don’t use this documentary-like style when shooting.
If you want a Lightroom preset with darker contrasts, this one could be perfect. It gives rich tones where the skin tones pop out of the darkness. This puts more focus on the subjects in your images.
Screenshot of Cody + Allison website with C+A wedding presets for Lightroom

5. Archipelago – LXCR

  • Number of Presets – 8
  • Price – $$

This wedding Lightroom preset gives you a range of moody tones to play with. Archipelago did a great job of providing unique Lightroom presets that work successfully with wedding pictures.
All of the presets in this series have a deep tonal range. This is particularly evident in the black-and-white presets, which are very dramatic.
Screenshot of Archipelago website with LXCR wedding presets for Lightroom

4. India Earl – Honey

  • Number of Presets – 1
  • Price – $$$

Now, we look at Honey. It is a high-end preset created by India Earl. And the name Honey perfectly describes this wedding Lightroom preset. It adds a rich, warm, golden cast to your images—not to mention soft highlights and deep shadows.
As the most expensive Lightroom preset on this list, be sure this is the aesthetic you want before buying it. It may be worth the money if you know you want to use this aesthetic for several jobs.
Screenshot of India Earl website with Honey wedding presets for Lightroom

3. White In Revery – Dolce Presets

  • Number of Presets – 6
  • Price – $$

This set of six wedding Lightroom presets will set a calming tone for your images. The presets mimic a fairytale-like aesthetic, which would go well with any wedding story. This dreamy aesthetic adds a soft touch to the scene, amplifying the intimate emotions of the event.
I am a fan of Dolce 2. I like how the preset handles the highlights, pushing them close to the limit. This makes the image reminiscent of an angelic dream. Who wouldn’t want that to reflect the photos of their day to remember?
Screenshot of White In Revery website with Dolce wedding presets for Lightroom

2. Benj Haisch – Cascade Presets

  • Number of Presets – 12
  • Price – $$

I am a fan of Haisch’s wedding Lightroom presets. He manages to give each image a warm tone without going over the top. Even the photographs taken in the snow seem to have a slightly warm touch.
There is a common theme of blowing out the highlights in these Lightroom presets, which I think works well. This is especially true in indoor settings. The highlights make the lighting look perfect.
Screenshot of Benj Haisch website with Cascade wedding presets for Lightroom

1. Pablo Beglez – PBX Presets

  • Number of Presets – 8
  • Price – $$

When it comes to choosing wedding Lightroom presets, the tint and tone of the color is the most crucial factor. You are given a rose-tinted view of the world with the PBX set. This fills your image with romance and positive connotations.
These Lightroom presets work wonderfully on all skin tones. Wedding portraits pop, and there is a soft, warm tone throughout the photographs.
Screenshot of Pablo Beglez website with PBX wedding presents for Lightroom


After looking through this selection of professional Lightroom presets, you can see that the choice will come down to your personal preference. Wedding photos often benefit from a slightly unrealistic color tone, whether subtle or obvious.
Choosing this color tone is entirely up to you. As you can see by this list, I tend to lean toward warmer tones. This gives the viewer an instant uplifting feel.
The best way to find the best wedding preset in Lightroom for you is to study examples of each preset. So go through this list and find the right aesthetic to match your shooting style!
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