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15 Fantastic Photography Logo Designs for Inspiration

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A photography logo sets you apart from your competition. If you create one that stands out, your clients will remember you more.
You can use anything from your name, your photography business name or playful photography puns when creating a logo.
Here are 15 of the best photography logos to inspire you.
A neon sign of two hands pointing at a red love heart - best photography logo ideas

15. Strike A Pose

The Strike A Pose photography logo is for a photography studio. The name relates to a photographer giving commands to the models and people they photograph.
The logo has four different fonts, which is usually excessive, but it works here. The ‘S’ curls around to form a camera, which I like. The background image is a street scene. This suggests that they also capture images outside of the studio.
Maestro_medak from created this.
The Strike A Pose photography logo for a photography studio

14. Angela Fouquette

Angela Fouquette brings us this photography logo. It isn’t obvious what field or genre of photography she does. This forces the viewer to search her name.
A quick search shows us that she captures landscapes and outdoor architecture. When you look back at her logo, her initials ‘A’ and ‘F’ form hands or a tripod holding the camera.
A tripod is really useful for landscape and architecture photography. This is how she ties her field into her logo.
Angela Fouquette photography logo

13. Baku Photography

The Baku Photography logo comes from Mehman Mmammedov. He designs logos in his home city of Baku in Azerbaijan.
This logo is simple and effective. You can make out a film roll, suggesting analog photography. This logo goes for a photography business name rather than a personal one.
It shows that the company is able to reach the entire city, not just one field. The text fits nicely with the design, which is beautifully minimal.
The Baku Photography logo from Mehman Mmammedov

12. TNS Photography

This photography logo, created by Davy Vermote from Belgium, is simple and to the point. It shows an aperture wheel framing a mountain range.
This makes the focous of TNS Photography very obvious. Landscapes, mountains and outdoor areas.
It’s the aperture wheel that adds the photography element and it is highly important. Without it, the company could be mistaken for a hiking group.
TNS Photography logo, created by Davy Vermote

11. Juan Gestal Photography

Juan Gestal went for a photographic, yet subtle photography logo. It shows the familiar gesture of putting your hands together to create a frame, turned into a drawing.
The hands also create the shape of a camera, as suggested by the lens-like circle in the middle. The logo shows that the brand is all about photography before you even read the company name.
It stands out, the colors are easy on the eyes and it makes you want to look at his work.Juan Gestal Photography logo

10. Straight From the Heart

The Straight From The Heart photography logo comes from LIBRAN005. The blue and dark maroon colors work well together. The theme is continued in the text too, not just the graphic element.
The heart icon represents the name of this photography business. The aperture wheel it encloses captures the photography element (pun intended).
And two different fonts keep some versatility without going overboard. Nicely done!
The Straight From The Heart photography logo

9. Laura Johns Photography

It doesn’t get any simpler than Laurea Johns’ photography logo. She just uses her initials. Without the supporting text below, you wouldn’t know what her business is about.
The joined letters are beautifully minimal. To me, the tops of the ‘L’ and ‘J’ look like two hands holding a camera. The negative space in the middle looks like the frame, creating a simple photographic theme.
Laurea Johns' photography logo

8. Photo Sushi

The Photo Sushi photography logo is uniquely designed. And it stands out.
The icon shows a minimal camera, with the lens mimicking the famous Japanese dish. It is brought to us by Joshua Grasso.
The Photo Sushi photography logo

7. Pawtraits

Pawtraits is one of the best photography puns for a photography business. The name fits very well with the logo of a dog sitting behind the camera.
We can tell from this logo that this photography company captures portraits of dogs. Maybe all pet photography.
The logo is fun and light, which gives us a glimpse into the teams’ style and method of working.
This logo was created by Yo Designs!/marcinbernatek
Pawtraits photography logo of a dog sitting behind the camera

6. Tasnuba Habib

This photography logo is quite obviously one for a landscape photographer. Tasnuba Habib created the logo and brand from five different colors. They beautifully compliment each other.
The box around the trees and rolling hills denotes the cameras’ frame. The image in the background continues the theme of outdoor nature photography.
I love the colors and the size and shape of the logo. They make it stick in my mind.
 Tasnuba Habib photography logo design

5. Pulpo Prod.

The grittiness of this logo is what attracts me the most. The negative that serves as the background links the company to the photography world.
The octopus tentacle links the people behind the photography company to the viewers. It is a little taste of their personality mixed with their business. This photography logo comes from Costin Logopus.
The title fits with the logo beautifully – Pulp was used for cheaply made comics and magazines, but ones that enjoyed cult status. Pulpo also means Octopus in Spanish. For raw and gritty images, this is the place.
Pulpo Prod photography logo from Costin Logopus.

4. Shutter Muse

Shutter Muse is an online photography blog. It offers advice, tips and photography books covering all photographic areas. Their photography logo is famous in the photography world.
The concept came from Dan Carr, but the actual logo design is what Gert Van Duinen created from the brief. It is strong and bold, exactly what the photography blog wants to present.
The connection to the photography aspect comes in the shape of the elephant’s ear. It curls into an aperture wheel. It’s a beautiful addition, without taking away from the logo.

Shutter Muse online photography blog logo design

3. The Roving Photogs

The Roving Photogs is definitely one of the coolest photography logos I have seen in a while. A hand-drawn logo gives the illusion of a man carrying a big camera, or who is the camera himself.
Already we imagine this man is a traveler, hiking outdoors and capturing as he goes. The colors are complementary, and the text works really well.
Eko.prasetyo of 99 Designs created this beautiful photography logo, which stands out nicely.
The Roving Photogs logo design- one of the coolest photography logos

2. Photo Logist

Another one of my favorite photography logos is this one by Photo Logist. It comes from the mind of designer Md Shahajan Abid from Bangladesh.
Although it is simple and minimalist, it stands out well. The photography connection comes through from the hands forming a frame, one that is a camera itself.
And the photography logo has a frame placed around it, again, symbolizing the camera element of the design.
one of the best photography logos by Photo Logist

1. Third Eye

The Third Eye photography logo by on 99designs is absolutely great. It shows an eye in the middle of a camera, using three main colors.
The eye serves as the camera lens, but also the eye of insight, which is what the third eye signifies. Insight in a photography team or photographer says much. They know much more than those who seek their services.
It’s a great design, and very catchy.
It will stick in people’s minds and create job after job for the photographer who holds it.
The Third Eye photography logo by

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