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10 Stunning Bird Photos to Inspire You (Bird Photographers)

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 3 min read
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Bird photography is not only about patience and good luck. You need a good amount of creativity to capture breathtaking bird photos.
Check out these 10 stunning photos by talented bird photographers to get inspired.

1. Caron Steele’s Bird Photos

Caron is a wildlife photographer who takes incredible bird photos. She studied Zoology at Oxford University. She now runs a farm in Worcestershire with her husband.
She believes in conserving nature by letting people learn about it. Caron finds that photography is the best educational tool for that.
Photo of two hummingbirds by a flower

2. Glenn Bartley

Glenn Bartley is a famous nature photographer from Canada. He focuses on bird photography and takes fantastic portraits of rare birds.
Glenn’s images are known and represented around the world. He is an award-winning photographer. His work is often featured in International and North American nature publications.
Bird photo triptych

3. Jari Peltomaki

Jari Peltomaki is a professional wildlife photographer from Finland. His passion is bird photography, and his favourite subjects are owls.
He has co-published many books on birds and photography. His work has been featured all around the world. Jari has won several photography awards and was a Nikon ambassador for Finland between 2012 and 2016.
An owl in flight

4. Bence Mate

Bence Mate is a Hungarian wildlife photographer who was featured in a series on Spectrum Television. He was a participant in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.
Bence also co-authored a popular bird photography book titled ‘The Handbook of Bird Photography‘.
Two herons playing mid flight

5. Arthur Morris

Arthur Morris is a wildlife photographer and writer who specialises in birds. Almost every famous bird photographer learnt from him.
11,000 of his photographs have been published in prestigious magazines. He is also a popular lecturer and educator.
Close up of a heron eating a fish

6. Alejandro Prieto

Alejandro Prieto is a wildlife and underwater photographer from Mexico. He often does conservation photography to help to protect wildlife.
Alejandro was given many international awards, including 2nd place in the Nature category at Word Press Photo 2020.
A group of flamingos reflected in a lake

7. Andy Rouse

Andy Rouse is a world-famous wildlife photographer. At the age of 32, he decided to leave his corporate career and follow his passion.
He has won over 24 international awards and puts a great emphasis on wildlife conservation.
Stunning owl photo by Andy Rouse

8. Alan Murphy

Alan Murphy is an award-winning bird photographer living in Houston, Texas. His work has appeared in magazines such as National Geographic, Wildbird and Birders World.
Alan also leads workshops. He is passionate about educating other wildlife and bird photographers.
Bald eagle photography by a lake

9. David Tipling

David Tipling is one of the best-known bird photographers in the world.
He has won many awards and published various books about bird photography. His stunning bird pictures have been exhibited all around the globe.
Three penguins

10. Gregory Basco

Gregory Basco is an award-winning professional photographer based in Costa Rica. He is a BBC/Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year.
His work has been published in several magazines, books and calendars. He also teaches nature photography workshops.
Silhouette bird photo


We hope you find inspiration in the work of these 10 outstanding bird photographers!
Looking at pictures from other bird photographers can help improve your wildlife photography skills. They are also excellent motivation to get out and capture your next picture of a bird.