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20 Amazing Nature Photographers to Really Inspire You in 2024

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 12 min read
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Today, we shine a light on 20 of the most amazing, famous nature photographers. Their work is here to inspire you and show you what is possible. If you’re interested in nature photography and looking for inspiration, you are at the right place!

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20 Amazing Nature Photographers

These professional nature photographers will take you on a journey through their lenses. We have everything from breathtaking landscapes to intimate wildlife encounters.

They will ignite your passion for the natural world and make you want to fine-tune your nature photography skills. Make sure to click through to their websites and follow them on Instagram!

1. Marc Adamus

Patagonia landscape taken by one of the best nature photographers Marc Adamus
© Marc Adamus: Website | Instagram

Marc Adamus is a landscape photographer famous for his dedication and respect for nature. His photographic trips often last weeks or months, but the photographs are worth it.

As an adventurer, he finds and shoots countless undiscovered locations. His ultimate commitment puts him first on our list. His style is recognizable from miles away, yet he manages to make every single one of his images unique.

His color palette comprises slightly faded but saturated and lively colors. His photos perfectly show the dynamics of the landscape.

It doesn’t matter if you view his images from a distance or inspect them closely—his work is flawless. He’s based in Western North America. But he’s spent his career pursuing and capturing beautiful landscapes worldwide.


2. Daniel Ernst

Mountain and water travel landscape by one of the best nature photographers Daniel Ernst
© Daniel Ernst: Website | Instagram

Daniel Ernst is a German freelance nature and travel photographer based in Frankfurt. He poses himself as “a photo-creator and story-teller.” He travels the world and shoots nature, adventure, and lifestyle images.

He said this about his art: “With my photography and stories, I want to inspire people… to leave the rush behind, escape routine, go outdoors, explore and experience nature.”

His passion comes across in his images. He offers day-to-day documentation of his travels on Instagram. This has made him very popular on the platform.


3. Jimmy Chin

A rock climber with a waterfall by one of the best nature photographers Jimmy Chin
© Jimmy Chin: Website | Instagram

Jimmy Chin is famous for his adventure photography and is also a well-known mountain sports athlete. He captures extraordinary imagery while climbing and skiing in high-risk environments.

His professional photography career started in 1999. In 2002, his work aligned him with National Geographic. He joined their trek across Tibet’s Chang Tang Plateau.

Jimmy has garnered many photography awards. Recognition ranges from Photo District News (PDN) and Communication Arts to the American Society of Magazine Editors. His years of experience bring an authentic and unique perspective to his storytelling.

He was also one of the directors of the Academy Award-winning documentary film Free Solo. The film captures Alex Honnold as he becomes the first man ever to climb El Capitan without any protection or external tools.


4. Simone Bramante

A person's hand passing over flowers by one of the best nature photographers Simone Bramante
© Simone Bramante: Website | Instagram

Simone Bramante’s list of clients is impressive. Marriott Hotels, Apple, Volvo, and Christian Dior are only a few out of many.

He has many different photography styles. They have ranged from simple, stunning landscapes to well-thought-out lifestyle shots. His stories about our world make you want to travel and become an outdoor photographer.


5. Jamie Out

A sonwy mountain lake by one of the best nature photographers Jamie Out
© Jamie Out: Website | Instagram

It’s very easy to feel small when looking at the images of Jamie Out. He shows us the big and the bold, with a dash of people thrown in. Why? To give his images an even greater sense of scale.

He likes trekking and hiking, photographing water spots and scenes from high above. Paths and walkways are his biggest content, showing how much he likes using those leading lines.

Something else you will find within his shots of landscapes is those with family. These make you want to jump on the road and live life freely!


6. Marina Cano

A wildlife shot by one of the best nature photographers Marina Cano
© Marina Cano Website | Instagram

Marina Cano is a Spanish photographer based in Cantabria. She has been photographing since she was a teenager, and her photographs are world-famous.

She has also published several books. Her book Cabárceno has pictures from three years spent in the largest Wildlife Park in Europe. The other two books are Drama & Intimacy and Inspiración + Naturaleza.

She already has many international awards in her pocket. And she’s an inspiration for outdoor and wildlife photographers everywhere.

A Canon ambassador since 2015, she represents the field of nature and wildlife photography. She has also held exhibitions and talks in Cape Town, London, La Habana, and Korea, to name a few.


7. Jon Cornforth

A humpback whale underwater by one of the best nature photographers Jon Cornforth
© Jon Cornforth: Website | Instagram

Jon Cornforth is a professional outdoor photographer. According to his website, he specializes in dramatic landscapes and exotic wildlife images.

By exploring the globe, he finds beautiful natural landscapes, epic or intimate. His favorite shooting locations are Alaska, Hawaii, and the South Pacific.

He likes showcasing the “natural beauty of birds, sharks, and whales” in his art. His images are also sold as stock photos to commercial and editorial clients. His work has won him many awards and international recognition.


8. Joshua Cripps

A desert landscape by one of the best nature photographers Joshua Cripps
© Joshua Cripps: Website | Instagram

Joshua Cripps trained as an engineer. He focused on aerospace and worked for NASA. All the work fried his brain, and he found comfort and solace in travel. He did this extensively by traveling the world solo, going to over 20 countries.

The traveler was born, and soon after, he combined it with photography. He works a lot with Nikon, and they don’t back poor landscape and outdoor photographers. Enjoy his nature photography!


9. Thomas Heaton

A mountain landscape with a reflection by one of the best nature photographers Thomas Heaton
© Thomas Heaton: Website | Instagram

Thomas Heaton hails from the UK, the northeast, to be more exact. He makes his mark in outdoor photography by focusing on landscapes and nature.

His YouTube channel is popular around the world. It’s full of tips and techniques to help the viewers capture better images.

His friendly and insightful approach to his work brings him many appreciative followers. His portfolio’s images are all about the outdoors and tell a story.


10. Will Burrard-Lucas

An African black panther prowling at night by one of the best nature photographers Will Burrard-Lucas
© Will Burrard-Lucas: Website | Instagram

Will Burrard-Lucas is from the UK and used to take photos in tandem with his brother Matt starting in 2004. The brothers’ goal was “to inspire people to celebrate and conserve the natural wonders of our planet.” 

Will has continued independently. And his travel gallery includes stunning wildlife, landscapes, and natural wonders. He’s even published a gorgeous book called The Black Leopard: My Quest to Photograph One of Africa’s Most Elusive Big Cats.


11. Christopher Dodds

A snowy owl sitting in a field in winter by one of the best nature photographers Christopher Dodds
 © Christopher Dodds: Website | Instagram

Christopher Dodds got his love for nature and wildlife during backpacking trips. He moved from England to Quebec, Canada, as a youngster.

Photography has taken him on many adventures. He has pursued his passion for wildlife photos, as he has done since 1985.

Now, he travels all over the world. Photographing, leading safaris, and teaching nature photo workshops. If that wasn’t enough, his work has been featured in many prestigious publications, but we can all see why.


12. Joel Sartore

A close-up of a colorful fig parrot's face and feathers by one of the best nature photographers Joel Satore
© Joel Sartore: Website | Instagram

Joel Sartore is a photographer who was first fascinated by nature as a child. We can tell, judging by the passion found in his scenes. For twenty years, he’s been a contributor to National Geographic.

His photography range is wide. This includes all kinds of animals in their natural habitat and using aerial shots to showcase conservational stories.

Joel is also no stranger to the media. Well-known publications regularly feature his work, which is also often presented on many national broadcasts. If you like his images, you can join his 1.6 million followers (and growing)!


13. Ted Gore

A green forest with sun shining through trees by one of the best nature photographers Ted Gore
© Ted Gore: Website | Instagram

Ted Gore is one of the best landscape photographers and lives in California. In 2015, he won USA Landscape Photographer of the Year.

His style combines the wildness of landscapes and seductive post-processing. He teaches workshops and creates useful videos on how he processes his images.

In his words: “My work extends beyond the boundaries of what a photograph can be and fully uses the amazing technology that we have…”


14. Daniel Kordan

A coastline at sunset with an island and trees by one of the best nature photographers Daniel Kordan
© Daniel Kordan: Website | Instagram

Daniel Kordan grew up in the lake region near Moscow. The beautiful landscape there fascinated him. He completed an art painting school as a kid. As time went by, Daniel drifted away from art and studied physics.

But his passion for nature remained, and he became a guide for mountain climbing and hiking. He then turned into a guide for photo workshops. And now he’s leading groups from all around the world.

He has received several awards for his art. Plus, his work has been published in media such as Photography Week, Photography Master Class, and National Geographic. Daniel spent most of his time in the Lofoten Islands and Tuscany but is now based in Bali.


15. Max Rive

Rugged snowy mountains with a beam of sunlight and bird flying by one of the best nature photographers Max Rive
© Max Rive: Website | Instagram

Max Rive was born in the Netherlands, but his nature photography shows his love for mountains. He gave up on being a student and started to pursue his passion. He conquered landscapes from Scotland to the Himalayas, always chasing mountainous scenes.

Max’s photos often feature a single person to provide a sense of scale. His pictures convey the pure feeling of freedom, a state when a human becomes part of astonishing nature.


16. Cath Simard

A nighttime aurora mountain and river landscape with a hiker by one of the best nature photographers Cath Simard
© Cath Simard: Website | Instagram

Cath Simard is a Canadian self-taught travel and landscape photographer. She has a passion for the wilderness and the outdoors.

Cath used to work as a model and fashion stylist in Quebec. She then quit her job, traveled, and took pictures for four years. During that time, she explored Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Peru.

Now, she’s a full-time traveler and wants to inspire people to get outdoors and admire our planet. She thinks that taking photos is great therapy and helps find purpose and a way for self-expression.


17. Erin Babnik

An abstract landscape shot of ridges by one of the best nature photographers Erin Babnik
© Erin Babnik: Website | Instagram

Erin Babnik studied art history and took photos because of research and teaching. She fell in love with nature photography and started to focus on taking wilderness pictures.

She likes to focus on details and how the landscape affects our senses. Babnik claims that she always wears shades of purple when she goes out to shoot photos.


18. Mandy Lea

Colorful autumn trees with reflections in the water by one of the best nature photographers Mandy Lea
© Mandy Lea: Website | Instagram

Mandy Lea lives on the road in a small teardrop caravan. She also takes stunning nature photos on her adventures. She was born in Colorado, where she developed her great love for nature.

She had been working as a conventional photographer for over 20 years. Then she felt that the routine was ending in burnout, so she quit her job and moved into a trailer.

She was touring from Alaska to Mexico and wrote a blog about the journey. She has also documented her travels with videos, too. Mandy met her partner on her journey, and now they are traveling together in a teardrop trailer called Rocky.


19. Guy Tal

A minimalist abstract desert landscape with a tree by one of the best nature photographers Guy Tal
© Guy Tal: Website | Facebook

Guy Tal is a professional artist, author, photographer, and educator from the Colorado Plateau. He’s a landscape photographer who focuses on patterns and structures. He has been working in the high desert landscape of Colorado for more than two decades.

Guy wants to express his familiarity with the nature he works in. He highlights details in his landscape photos.

His pictures show how much he belongs to the landscape. “The things I photograph are not just attractive models to me; they are also temples and sanctuaries and multi-dimensional characters in my own story…”


20. Marco Grassi

A Norway cabin in front of a mountain at dusk by one of the best nature photographers Marco Grassi
© Marco Grassi: WebsiteInstagram

Marco Grassi is a self-taught, award-winning photographer from Italy. He focuses on landscape photography and sometimes includes wildlife in some of his images. His meticulous planning and deep connection to the environment result in powerful compositions. 

He’s fantastic at using light and shadow to create breathtaking scenes. At 23, he completed a trip around the world, which turned him into a passionate traveler and adventurer. He’s had a lifelong affinity for nature and explores remote and renowned locales.

Media outlets such as CNN, BBC, National Geographic, and HuffPost have used his awe-inspiring landscapes. He posts compelling images that evoke emotion and showcase Earth’s beauty.


Conclusion: Amazing Nature Photographers

Nature photography includes landscape, outdoor, and wildlife photography. These fabulous nature photographers capture beautiful natural scenes outdoors. Their images include animals up close and personal and mouth-dropping weather.

We hope they inspire you to explore the outside world. The adventure starts here.

Are you looking for more inspiration for nature photography? Then look at one of our eBooks or courses, such as Simply Stunning Landscapes or Wonderful Wildlife. We also have an Epic Landscape editing course to breathe new life into your photos!

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