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27 Coolest Groomsmen Photo Ideas for Wedding Photographers

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 6 min read
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As a wedding photographer, you know that the best photos always come from capturing genuine moments between the bride and groom and their loved ones. But what about when it comes to photographing the groomsmen? Here are 27 cool groomsmen photo ideas to help you capture some great shots on their big day.

1. Groomsmen Photo Ideas: Getting Ready

The groom and groomsmen getting ready will provide ample opportunity for candid shots. The classic picture shows the groom getting help with his tie or having his waistcoat buckle adjusted. Photos in the mirror can create intimacy and help frame those in the background while the man of the moment makes his final adjustments.
groomsmen photo tip: a photo of three groomsmen getting ready

Checking Cufflinks

This will happen about 1,000 more times throughout the day, so do not panic if you don’t nail it here.
groomsmen photography: a photo of a groomsman helping put cufflinks on the groom

Mirror Shots

Black and white works well here. It will give a behind-the-scenes-before-the-big-show feeling.
groomsmen photo idea: Groom in mirror having his bowtie adjusted by a groomsman

Tie the Tie

A great way to capture an emotional moment, with family members taking pride in the groom’s appearance for his special day.
groomsmen getting ready: two groomsmen adjusting a groom's tie

Waistcoat Adjustment

Everyone adjusts each other, making a conga line of buckle adjusting.
groomsmen getting ready: a black and white photo of a groomsman adjusting a waistcoat

Giving of Gifts

Wedding day tradition sees the groom giving gifts to his groomsmen. These could be something worn or tucked in an inside pocket for drinking later in the day. Either way, it is a moment of sharing that every wedding photographer should try and catch.
groomsmen photo idea: Giving groomsman a watch

Ready Shot

The groom looking resplendent in his wedding suit.
groomsmen picture idea: an image of a groom looking at his reflection in the mirror

2. The Walk

The journey from the grooming station to the venue can also provide ample opportunity for nice groomsmen photos. Think of the famous shot from Reservoir Dogs—the slow-motion walk at the beginning. Get low to emphasise gravitas and have the group walk towards you.

Reservoir Dogs

It helps if you sing the tune.
a black and white photos of three groomsmen walking to the wedding

Beatles Crosswalk Shot

Don’t stop traffic to shoot in the street, but a profile view of the groomsmen walking in a line can be a great way to show personality. If there are lots of them, you may need to shoot panoramic to achieve this.
groomsmen photo idea: Side on walking shot


Even if it makes for a terrible shot, the set-up will allow some fantastic candid photography of the groomsmen trying to moonwalk.
groomsmen picture idea: three groomsmen attempting to dance

3. Pose The Group

Have the guys show off their matching groomsmen attire—be it colorful socks, superhero cufflinks or matching buttonholes. This is where you can have some fun with your surroundings—use windows, hay bails, climbing frames, whatever you can find to get that quirky group shot.

Recreate the Groom’s Favourite Album Cover

Asking the group to pose like an album cover is an interesting one. It depends on what sort of music they are into as some covers are easier to recreate than others.
groomsmen photoshoot: a group of groomsmen posing on steps

Showing Matching Socks/Superhero Vests

At an older wedding, it may be matching tie clips. Finding a common thread in the outfit makes for a unifying pose that sets itself up as everyone presents the matching item.
groomsmen picture idea: below the waist of a group of groomsmen wearing colorful socks

Selfie Shot

It’s that time on the wedding day that needs to be posted on social media. Capturing the group taking a selfie shows the connection between the groom and groomsmen.
The groom and groomsmen taking a selfie

Super Hero Pose

Shoot from low down and have everyone look off-camera except the groom.
groomsmen photo idea: Funny hero pose by three groomsmen

Beatles Help Album Cover

This one is like a party game. Have the group all strike a different pose every shot. No two poses can be the same. Don’t give them much time to think between shots as a rapid-fire pose session will undoubtedly end in…
groomsmen picture idea: Groomsmen Help Jump Shot

Group Laughing

This is bound to happen several times throughout the morning. Pick the best shot for the wedding album.
a photo of three groomsmen laughing together

4. Take Formation Photographs

Now everyone is super relaxed and enjoying having their picture taken, you can pose more traditional wedding photos. Unify what people do with their hands for a more formal look. You can also mix it up a bit with hands in pockets, holding lapels/braces, props, adjusting cufflinks, or glasses.


Groom dead center with the groomsmen forming a semicircle behind him. Have them all look down the lens or have the group look at the groom.
groomsmen photo idea: the groom and groomsmen in formation

Arrow Formation

Groom front and center again, this time with straight lines of groomsmen forming an arrow. This works well if you are shooting from above or standing on steps or a slope.
groom and groomsmen photo standing in arrow formation

Split View

Stand the groom to one side of the frame, have the gang of groomsmen back out of focus on the other. You could have the groom running and the groomsmen going after him.
a black and white image of a groom running from the wedding

With Bridesmaids

Always nice to get the bridesmaids and groomsmen together. Try the formations above. If appropriate, stand them in couples.
wedding photography: an image of two groomsmen with two bridesmaids

Carry the Groom

Getting the bridesmaids to hold the groom in the air can take some doing, but the result will be worth it. Just don’t let them drop him before the ceremony.
groomsmen photo idea: an image of several bridesmaids in purple carrying the groom

5. Change Your Viewpoint

Creating creative groomsmen pictures is all about changing the way you are looking at the wedding. Rather than thinking only about moving your groomsmen around, try and change how you are shooting them instead.
groomsmen photo idea: a black and white image looking up at circle of groomsmen

Use Your Surroundings

Use stairs, either to pose your groomsmen or to get a high vantage point. Shoot the group from a first-floor window or frame them through a doorway. Making a point of changing your viewpoint will make you think more about your framing and can help you capture that unique shot.
groomsmen picture idea: a black and white image of groomsmen framed in an old doorway

Backlight for Dramatic Effect

Wireless flash is a must-have piece of kit for your camera bag. Otherwise, frame your subject against a window for a cool silhouette.
groomsmen photo inspiration: three groomsmen by window light

Include Interests

Find out what the groom and friends are into, and incorporate it into your shots.
a black and white image of a skateboarding bride and groom

6. Shoot Wedding Party Individuals

Having a zoom lens or second body can be handy to get those close-ups whilst shooting the group. If you have time, shoot some groomsmen photos individually. After all, everyone wants a new profile picture for social media, and having it link back to you can only be a good thing.


For individuals, pairs or small groups, have them all look at the ground, then on the count of three, look up and give you their best model face. Call out emotions and then capture the laughter as they try and look quizzical, alluring, hungry, etc.
Groomsman Model Pose Headshot


It is the culmination of little things that make the big day. With that in mind, make sure you get close up shots of the flowers, buckles, tartan, cufflinks and any personalised items or gifts.
a flay lie image of shoes, belt and bowtie


Use the groomsmen photo ideas above to keep the creative energy flowing on your big wedding day shoot. Remember, you are there to guide the wedding party. But it is letting the emotion and personality show that makes genuinely great wedding photos.
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