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Top 10 Travel Photography Destinations

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If you’re looking for the best place for photography, you’ll want to check out these 10 travel photography destinations. From the beaches of Fiji to the streets of Paris, these locations will give your photos that extra something special. So pack your camera and get ready to explore some amazing places!

Brandenburg gate at night, lit up by yellow lights, a camera set up on a tripod in front of it - great travel photography destinations
© Kav Dadfar


The ultimate photography destination. You could spend a lifetime only photographing the United States and still not capture it all.
This vast country offers everything that a travel photographer could want. As such it is one of the best places for photography in the world.
From the incredible landscapes of the 60 national parks to the iconic cities. Each US state is almost like a different country. This means the different states become their own unique travel destinations.

Statue of Liberty from afar
© Kav Dadfar

Here are some things you can capture in the USA.


Head to any of the many National Parks. You will capture some of the most unique and wild scenery in the world.
Yosemite, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Monuments Valley, Arches NP and even Bryce Canyon are all wonderful places to practice photography.
If you want to wow people even more with your photos, head to Alaska or Hawaii for out of this world landscapes.

A vast canyon of red sedimentary rock - travel the world photography.
Credit: Dreamstime


There is no shortage of wildlife photography locations in the US. Bears, wolves, alligators, bison, mountain lions. Even bald eagles.
It might not have the big five of Africa but there are just as many subjects for wildlife lovers.

wildlife photography. a bear standing on a rock in a raging river, catching fish swimming upstream
Credit: Dreamstime


America’s mix of cultures, traditions and geography means photography opportunities everywhere you go.
Head to Texas and you can photograph cowboys. New Orleans and you can capture musicians and the jazz scene. Or how about the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles?

man in a cowboy hat riding a horse
© Kav Dadfar


No travel photography is complete without capturing photos of food.
The US has endless possibilities for food lovers. Every state has its own unique dishes and flavours. You can also photography food preparation techniques.

close up of crackers floating on foam in a cup of coffee
© Kav Dadfar


From the Alamo in Texas to the Statue of Liberty in New York. No other country in the world can boast having as many famous landmarks to photograph.
In fact, your only issue will be having enough time to capture them all.

two men looking across a cobblestone street at The Alamo in Texas
© Kav Dadfar

The great thing about the USA is that it has everything you would want to photograph in one country.
But keep in mind that this is a vast place and often even one state can take several weeks to cover.
Ideal for: Any type of photography

New Zealand

It’s for good reason that this was the real life location for the Lord of the Rings films.
The wild and epic scenery has the power to make even the most hardened traveller stop in awe. The South Island offers some impressive spots for landscape photography.

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing in New Zealand - best travel destinations for photography
© Kav Dadfar

There is the incredible Milford Sound. This was once referred to as the eighth wonder of the world by Rudyard Kipling. Or there is the geothermal activity of Rotorua.
For those interested in mountains, check out Mount Cook and Tongariro National Park. These offer some of the most stunning scenes for photos.
If all that stunning landscape isn’t enough, there is also “That Wanaka Tree”. This has almost become a photographic icon of New Zealand.
Ideal for: Landscape photography

Steamy champagne pool in New Zealand
© Kav Dadfar


The “land of a thousand smiles” offers some of the best photography opportunities in the world.
There is the hustle and bustle of Bangkok which will keep you busy capturing street photos for days. Or head up high to one of the many rooftop bars to practice your cityscape photography.
Head south and you’ll discover amazing paradise islands. Most with luxury resorts that will give those postcard shots.
Long tail boats anchored on a pristine secluded beach is the type of iconic photo you’ll see on holiday brochures.

wooden boat on crystal blue green waters in Thailand
© Kav Dadfar

Head north to historical towns like Ayutthaya and Sukhotha. You’ll get a glimpse into the history of this amazing country.
Keep going north and you will reach the chilled out cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. These are full of temples to photograph. They also offer fantastic opportunities to head into the jungles.
This is where you’ll be able to photograph local hill tribes as well as amazing landscapes, forests and waterfalls. On top of all this, there is also the colorful markets and unique foods to capture.
Ideal for: People photography, street photography, market photography

historical architecture in thailand. old temple lit from below, glowing in the dusk - dream photography places
© Kav Dadfar


Is there any other place in the world with the diversity and color that India offers?
From the Winding Streets of Jaisalmer to icons such as the Taj Mahal. India has long been a photographer’s dream destination.

The Taj Mahal in India
Credit: Dreamstime

Throw in the mix a combination of religion and some of the most amazing and colorful festivals. It’s no wonder travel photographers head to India over and over again.
Full of history, full of tradition. If you want to take your travel photography to the next level, India should be on your bucket list.
Ideal for: festivals, street photography, people photography

a boy covered in colourful paint, standing in a cloud of colours at a festival
Credit: Dreamstim


It’s almost as if Italy was created to be photographed.
The countryside in Tuscany, the Dolomites, the historic cities, and the food. Italy is like an outdoor studio for travel photographers.
The likes of Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice and Pisa all offer a host of monuments and famous icons to capture.

the Colosseum in Italy, lit from within with a warm orange yellow light, glowing in the night
Credit: Dreamstime

Or for those who want to improve their portrait photography, head to the Venice Carnival. You’ll find a vast selection of willing models all waiting to have their photo taken.
There is no better event for portrait photography than the Venice carnival.
Beyond the iconic monuments, the most famous element of Italy is the food. These provide a great opportunity for anyone wanting to improve their food photography.
Ideal for: famous landmarks, city photography, food photography, portrait photography at the Venice Carnival

people taking photos of a street performer in a feathery red outfit
© Kav Dadfar


Visions of tango, football and the wilderness come to mind. This vast country extends all the way south to the tip of Antarctica.
It offers everything. From one of the coolest cities in the world in Buenos Aires to the wilderness of Patagonia. It might not have the same carnival feel as its South American neighbours but it is in no way any less photogenic.
So whether you are hoping to saddle up and capture the famous “gauchos” in the flatlands of the Pampas. Or heading to the end of the world and the most southern city of Ushuaia.
You can capture the ferocity of Iguazu Falls or the various wine region. Argentina is one of the best travel photography locations.
Ideal for: people photography, landscape photography, wineries

a man and a woman in a red dress looking intensely at each other as they perform a dance
Credit: Dreamstime


The UAE illustrates mankind’s architectural brilliance like no other place. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are cities that have emerged from the desert.
They have grown to become a beacon of modern architectural brilliance. The views from the skyscrapers of Dubai are breathtaking.

UAE cityscape at dusk, lit by golden lights, deep blue waters of the creek
Credit: Dreamstime

But venture out of town, and it won’t be long before you leave that trace of modernism behind. You will soon witness a different side to the UAE.
Historic forts and small desert towns are a huge contrast to the skyscrapers of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Head to the Empty Quarter and you will be able to appreciate the vastness of the desert. Not to mention capture some stunning photographs as well.
Ideal for: architecture photography, cityscape photography, desert photography

warm orange desert sands in the UAE
© Kav Dadfar


France is one of the most underrated travel destinations for photography. But it has a unique charm and elegance about it.
From the beautiful lavender fields of Provence. To the wine producing regions of Bordeaux, Loire and the Rhone Valley. From the elegance and romance of cities like Lyon and Marseille to the glitz and glamour of Monte Carlo.
France offers a vast range of photography places. It caters to your ever whim as a travel photographer.

lavender fields in Provence, France
Credit: Dreamstime

Then throw in the iconic capital city of Paris which can keep you busy all by itself.
It’s full of famous monuments, iconic streets and romantic neighbourhoods.
It’s no wonder that travel photographers have been going to France since forever.
Ideal for: city photography, wine and food photography, famous monuments in Paris

The Louvre in France, lit by golden yellow lights, glowing against the deep blue sky at dusk - travel photography destinations
Credit: Dreamstime

South Africa

For a country that has suffered so much, it’s remarkable how photogenic it still remains. For example, Cape Town offers some of the most breathtaking coastal scenery in the world.

a man walking along the shore at a beach in Cape Town
© Kav Dadfar

But head into the wild and you will get to see the real Africa. Wildlife as should be, wild and free. You’ll see lions, rhinos, elephants, hippos, giraffes and more.
Yes, parts of South Africa are dangerous. But use common sense and do your research. That way, you’ll be able to come back with amazing photos and nothing else.
Ideal for: coastline photography, wildlife photography

a majestic lion standing with the golden grasses behind him at sunset
Credit: Dreamstime


All travel photographers have a desire to travel to far away lands to capture the exotic and unknown. But sometimes the best places for photography are right under their nose.
As a UK based photographer, the best places for photography near me are the South East and West of England. This includes the iconic capital city of London. This is a complete travel photography destination in itself.

clock tower and bridge in London
Credit: Dreamstime

You can photograph the countless markets. You’ll find everything from antiques, to food. Or the iconic monuments of Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge.
For those who want something more unique, there are the various neighbourhoods. They are all a melting pot culture, ethnicity and diversity. Areas such as Brick Lane, Southall and Brixton will give a different view of London.

blonde girl in a pink scarf, talking on the phone as she walks past a wall with street art graffiti - travel photography destinations
© Kav Dadfar

But England is more than London. Head south to Cornwall and Devon. You’ll photograph some of the wildest and most rugged coastlines. All dotted with charming small fishing towns.
Or head north to historic cities such and Oxford, Cambridge and York. There are also countless national parks. All offering stunning walks with fantastic views of the rolling countryside.
If you get bored of photographing all that, there are historic castles. These will remind you of England’s ancient past.
Ideal for: coastline photography, landscape photography, city photography, famous monuments

a rocky beach extending into the deep blue waters at a beach
© Kav Dadfar


There are plenty of other unique travel destinations we could add to this list. China, Japan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Canada, Brazil, Iran, etc.
In fact you could make a case for any country in the world as top travel photography destinations.
Each has its own unique history, culture and landscape. These can give you amazing photographs. Often the hardest part of starting on the road of travel photography is to decide where to go.
But if you want to be the best travel photographer you can be, then you need to get out there and photograph the world. Wherever that may end up being.

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