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Best Webcam for Mac in 2022 (for MacBooks and iMacs)

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Finding the best webcam for Mac isn’t easy. There are a few things you need to consider. There are different types for different purposes. And it doesn’t take long until you’re lost in a maze of technical terms. But Expert Photography is here to help you find the best Mac webcam for you.

There’s no problem if you have a Macbook or an iMac. We have plenty of options for both. And we have a variety of different webcams to suit every need. Whether it’s conference calls, streaming, or vlogs, we have all the best Mac webcams.

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Logitech webcam against a blue background
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What is the Best Webcam for Mac?

The best Mac webcam needs to meet your needs. The best webcam for a team leader working remotely might not be the same as a webcam for professional streaming. Thankfully, there is a wide range of webcams for Mac available. The trick is finding the right one for you. Here’s some information to help your search.

Do All Webcams Work on Macs?

No. Not all webcams on the market are compatible with Mac computers. You need to make sure the webcam you buy is Mac-compatible. Some are compatible with both PC and Mac computers. And others are only compatible with one system type.

Do Logitech webcams work with Mac? That’s another common question. And the answer is yes. And that’s a good thing because Logitech has some of the best webcams on the market. You’ll see a few of them on our list.

Video Resolution

The video resolution determines the video quality of the camera. Ideally, you want Full HD quality. That gives you a video resolution of 1080p. That’ll give you enough clarity for conference calls and video chat apps. That should be enough for casual game streaming. But professional YouTubers and Twitchers will need 4K.

720p is best avoided if you’re doing anything of a professional nature. That includes video calls for work. This quality does look dated. And it doesn’t give you much of a boost from your native Mac webcam. 720p is fine for casual video calls with family and friends. But it won’t serve you much more than that.

Frame Rate

The frame rate is measured in frames per second (fps). A faster frame rate gives you smoother video. 30 fps will serve most people well, especially with 4K video quality. But 60 fps gives you an extra smooth video. You’ll have no lagging or jerks when using the webcam. But 60 fps is rarely seen with 4K quality.

Field of View

The field of view tells you how much of the scene the camera sees. A wide field of view gives you a wide-open shot. A narrow field of view gives you a cramped and cropped shot.

A Mac webcam usually has a field of view between 60 and 90 degrees. That’s a fairly wide and open shot. But some cameras give you the option to change it. That allows you to get the perfect shot.

Webcam Mount

Many webcams have a clip for mounting on your computer. That’s a handy feature. But it doesn’t give you many framing options. You might want something less direct. Many streamers prefer a side shot or a position above their line of sight.

You can buy other mounts like tabletop tripods if you prefer. Some Mac webcams come with additional mounting options. Again, how you mount your webcam depends on what you’re using the camera for.

If you need more guidance on getting the best webcam setup, skip to the buyer’s guide at the end.

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The Best Webcam for Mac

All the following webcams are compatible with Mac computers. They’ll work with your Macbook Pro or your iMac. And there’s a webcam for any Mac user. We’ve got webcams for professionals and remote workers. And we’ve listed webcams for gamers and streamers.

1. Razer Kiyo Pro

Razer Kiyo Pro product image

  • Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Frame Rate: 60 fps
  • Field of View: 80 to 103 degrees
  • Connection: USB 3

The Razer Kiyo Pro tops our list of the best Mac webcams. It’s compact and discreet. And it gives you professional quality video. You’ll look like a consummate professional on your next video call with your associates. And you’ll gain more viewers at your next livestreaming event.

It gives you Full HD (1080p) video quality for a clear transmission on conference calls. And it films with a frame rate of 60 fps. That gives you super-smooth recording with no lagging or jerks. It’ll clip on to anything similar. And it’s easy to adjust for the perfect angle.

The Razer Kiyo Pro adapts to your lighting conditions. It’ll change to a brighter setting if natural light is low. And it’ll dim you down if it’s too bright. The automatic light correction operates when you’re recording. It’s a specialist in low light, reducing graininess for optimal quality in all conditions.

You can adjust the field of view to meet your needs. The range goes from 80 to 103 degrees, giving you plenty of options. The camera also has a sophisticated autofocus system. It’ll lock onto a face and track you as you move. That’s handy for the impassioned speakers out there. There’s also a high dynamic range (HDR) mode for extra clarity. But you need to drop down to 30 fps to use this feature.

You can purchase the Razer Kiyo Pro webcam with different accessory combos.

2. Logitech C922x Pro

Logitech C922x Pro product image

  • Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Frame Rate: 30 / 60 fps
  • Field of View: 78 degrees
  • Connection: USB-A

The Logitech C922x Pro is the best Mac webcam for zoom meetings and general webcam use. It’ll boost your video chats. And it’ll boost your professionalism for those important business calls. The Logitech C922x Pro is a versatile dedicated webcam for all Mac users.

The Logitech C922x Pro gives you Full HD resolution. And that’s 1080p picture quality shot at 30 fps. You’ll look fantastic on video apps and streaming platforms. You also have the option of 60 fps for smoother footage. But that’s only available when filming in standard HD video (720p).

You don’t need to fork out on additional audio equipment. The Logitech C922x Pro has two built-in microphones for stereo sound recording. That gives you high-quality audio without you looking like a NASA technician wearing a headset.

The 78-degree viewing angle gives you a wide field of view. This gives you a natural image in video conferences. It’s not too cramped or close up. The Mac webcam also has an autofocus system to keep you in focus. You can move your head while you speak and the camera will keep your face in focus. The light correction system also keeps you perfectly exposed when the light changes.

The Logitech C922x Pro connects to your Mac with a USB-A cable. You don’t need any additional Mac software. And it clips onto your computer or laptop screen. It’s a high-quality webcam for any conference call or business meeting.

3. Logitech Brio Ultra HD Webcam

Logitech Brio Pro product photo

  • Video Resolution: 4K (2160p)
  • Frame Rate: 30 / 60 / 90 fps
  • Field of View: 90 degrees
  • Connection: USB-A and USB-C

The Logitech Brio Ultra HD Pro gives you the best video quality of any Mac webcam. The 4K quality makes it perfect for serious game streaming. It’s ideal for livestreaming on YouTube, Twitch, or Instagram. And remote professionals will see the Logitech Brio as a worthy investment.

The Logitech Brio gives you 4K resolution for excellent image quality. The frame rate is limited to 30 fps when recording video in 4K. That’ll be smooth enough for most Mac users. But you can change the resolution settings to open up more frame rate options. You get 60 fps at Full HD. Or you can go to HD resolution for a 90 fps frame rate. That gives you plenty to play with.

The optical quality of the lens is very high. It has a wide 90-degree viewing angle. And it gives you a 5x HD zoom to help you frame the perfect shot. It also has automatic light adjustment, so you’re perfectly exposed in changing conditions.

The Logitech Brio is armed with two omnidirectional noise-reduction microphones. They give you stereo sound recording. And they cancel out background noise so everyone can hear your voice loud and clear.

The Logitech Brio is pricier than many other webcams. But it gives you unparalleled quality. It’s a professional piece of kit for your Mac. And it’s one of the best Mac webcams for high-standard streaming.

4. Elgato Facecam

Elgato Facecam product photo

  • Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Frame Rate: 60 fps
  • Field of View: 82 degrees
  • Connection: USB 3.0 / USB-C

The Elgato Facecam is one of the best Mac webcams for streaming apps. It’s compact and small. It gives you fantastic picture quality. And the advanced features make it a popular choice with pro streamers. You can also use it for high-level video conferencing.

The Facecam offers Full HD video with a 60 fps frame rate. That’s high-quality video with super-smooth playback. It’ll look fantastic on any social media platform. There’s no video compression so the footage is free of artifacts and pixelation.

The camera lens quality is very high for a webcam. And it has a wide maximum aperture of f/2.4. That lets in plenty of light, so your face is always illuminated. The autofocus also works well, keeping you in focus even when you move.

You’ll need the Elgato Camera Hub app to get the most out of the Facecam. It gives you excellent camera controls. You can change the field of view and exposure settings. And you can adjust contrast and saturation. The Camera Hub allows you to get the type of shot you want. It’s ideal if you’re building a brand on social media.

5. Ausdom AW651

Ausdom AW651 product photo

  • Video Resolution: 2K / 1080p
  • Frame Rate: 30 / 60 fps
  • Field of View: 75 degrees
  • Connection: USB-A

The Ausdom AW651 combines quality with affordability. It offers excellent value for money. But you’ll also see a marked improvement in your conference and video calls. It’s one of the best Mac webcams if you’re working from home.

The AW651 gives you 2K image quality. 2K isn’t very common in any device. But it sits between Full HD and 4K for picture quality. That means you’re getting a bright image with excellent detail. There’s very little video compression.

The 2K video operates at 30 fps. You also have the option of 60 fps when shooting in Full HD. For many, the extra smoothness is worth the drop in quality. And even in Full HD, you’re getting high-quality video.

The lens gives you a bright 75-degree field of view. Ausdom chose that angle specifically for conference calls and Zoom meetings. The autofocus is fast and reactive to changes. And the camera has dual mics for stereo sound recording. They reduce background noise to make sure you’re heard loud and clear.

You don’t need any additional software for this Mac webcam. That saves you time. But it means you have to change the settings in the video app you’re using.

6. Razer Kiyo

Razer Kiyo with Built-in ring light product photo

  • Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Frame Rate: 30 fps
  • Field of View: 90 degrees
  • Connection: USB 2.0

The Razer Kiyo is an all-in-one webcam for Mac. It gives you everything you need to thrive on the most popular video services. You get sound, light, and high-resolution video. It’s popular with streamers of all kinds. And it’ll boost your online profile.

The Full HD video is fantastic. And the 30 fps frame rate gives you smooth and professional footage. You also get an extra smooth 60 fps at 720p. It has the performance for gaming, livestreams, and work meetings.

Much of the Razer Kiyo’s popularity comes from the built-in ring light. It gives you 5600k power illumination. The light has been balanced to emulate daylight. And it gives you even face lighting with no additional equipment.

The Razer Kiyo also has a built-in mic for audio recording. It’s a complete webcam setup in one. And it has a fold-away design for easy storage. It’s no surprise the Razer Kiyo is so popular with social media stars. The Razer Kiyo is perfect for vlogs, makeup tutorials, and TikToks. You’ll be able to video chat with your friends and colleagues too.

7. GoPro Hero 10

GoPro Hero 10 product image

  • Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Frame Rate: 30 fps
  • Field of View: 73 degrees
  • Connection: USB

You might be surprised to see the GoPro Hero 10 on our list. A GoPro is an action camera. It isn’t a dedicated webcam for Mac. But the GoPro Hero 10 can be used as a webcam for Mac. And it’s a good one. It’s a popular choice with many content creators.

The streaming resolution is 1080p, so it can compete with other dedicated webcams. And it’s a multimedia creation tool. You can record videos in stunning 5.3K. It also has a time-lapse feature. And there’s an image stabilizer to reduce camera shake. You can also take still photos with 23 MP image quality.

The GoPro has a good aperture change, so it’s a good webcam for all lighting conditions. And there’s a built-in mic for sound. You will need something to mount it on.

You’ll need the GoPro Webcam software on your Mac. Watch this video to get your GoPro setup as a Webcam for Mac.

8. Logitech Streamcam

Logitech Streamcam product image

  • Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Frame Rate: 60 fps
  • Field of View: 78 degrees
  • Connection: USB-C

As you might guess from the name, the Logitech Streamcam is one of the best webcams for streaming apps. It’s a huge step up from standard Macbook webcams. And it’s ideally suited to YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram. It’ll also make you the most professional employee in your next Zoom meeting.

The fact you get Full HD at 60 fps makes the Streamcam a contender for the best Mac webcam. It doesn’t have the best resolution on the list. But the quality and frame rate combine to make it a must-have for live streamers.

The Logitech Streamcam uses intelligent exposure to maintain the perfect light levels. It adjusts to any change in light, so you look your best at all times. It also has auto-framing that keeps your face in the center of the frame. The built-in mic is clear and records well. The Logitech Streamcam is a dream for streamers.

9. eMeet C990

eMeet C990 mac webcam product image

  • Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Frame Rate: 60 fps
  • Field of View: 60 to 96 degrees
  • Connection: USB

The eMeet C990 is a compact and discreet webcam for Mac. It delivers on picture quality. And it has advanced features to help you make strides on streaming platforms.

Viewers will be impressed with the 1080p at 60 fps footage. You can’t get much smoother than that. You can change the field of view to suit your needs. You can select any angle between 60 and 96 degrees.

The eMeet C990 has two built-in mics with noise reduction technology. They give you stereo sound recording. And they cancel out unwanted background noise. They also have echo-reduction effects, helping your voice carry clearly.

You need the eMeet software if you want the most out of the C990. The software gives you more creative control. You can adjust the field of view, change the brightness, and set audio controls. The eMeet is one of the best webcams for conference calls.

10. Kensington W2000

Kensington W2000 product image

  • Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Frame Rate: 30 fps
  • Field of View: 75 degrees
  • Connection: USB-A / USB-C

The Kensington W2000 is one of the best Mac webcams if you’re working from home. It delivers good-quality footage for video calls, meetings, and conferences. It’s a basic webcam. But it’s an affordable solution to your home office problems.

The 1080p resolution gives you Full HD quality. And the 30 fps frame rate ensures there are no lags or jerks. There’s no video compression, so you’ll come through clearly on your colleagues’ screens. You also get a 2x digital zoom. The Kensington app gives you more options with camera settings.

The camera lens gives you a 75-degree field of view. And you can tilt the camera head vertically and horizontally to get the perfect angle. The W2000 also has an omnidirectional microphone built-in. And the noise reduction technology makes sure your words are heard. The Kensington W2000 is a no-thrills Mac webcam for remote workers.

11. Hrayzan HD Webcam

Hrayzan HD webcam product image

  • Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Frame Rate: 30 fps
  • Field of View: 110 degrees
  • Connection: USB 2.0

The Hrayzan HD webcam is the best Mac webcam if you need an ultra-wide-angle lens. The video quality is fantastic. And it has all the specs you need for video calls and livestreaming. It’s also a budget-friendly webcam for Mac.

This webcam gives you excellent Full HD video at 30 fps. But the field of view is the main selling point for this Mac webcam. It gives you an incredible 110-degree field of view. That includes more of your environment in your shot. Many streamers prefer that kind of composition.

The built-in mic provides excellent sound quality. And there’s no need for additional software. All you have to do is plug it into your Macbook and it’ll run. The camera has a clip for your computer screen. But it also comes with a mini tripod for more mounting options.

12. Wansview HD Webcam

Wansview Mac Webcam product image

  • Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Frame Rate: 30 fps
  • Field of View: 90 degrees
  • Connection: USB 2.0

The Wansview HD Webcam for Mac is a cheap and cheerful option for casual streamers. It’s a good budget option if you’re working from home. And it’ll do a good job with video calls to family and friends. It’s simple, easy, and works well.

We’ve seen 1080p quality with a 30 fps frame rate a few times now. And each time, we’ve said you’ll get excellent image quality. That’s because it’s true. And the same is true of the Wansview Mac webcam. The camera lens gives you a nice 90-degree viewing angle. And the autofocus keeps you in focus while you speak.

The camera has dual microphones with noise reduction technology. The mics also have subject recognition. Once they know your voice, they’ll cancel out other noise. The camera also has automatic light correction during videos. It’ll keep you well lit in dark situations. And it’ll adapt to changes automatically. You don’t have to change the camera settings manually.

13. Logitech C930e

Logitech C930e product image

  • Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Frame Rate: 30 fps
  • Field of View: 90 degrees
  • Connection: USB 2.0

It’s another fantastic webcam for Mac from Logitech. It’s one of their more basic webcams. But you still get the same Logitech quality you’d expect. It’s ideal for remote work and streaming.

You won’t be disappointed with the Full HD quality shot at 30 fps. The lens gives you a 90-degree angle of view. And the C930e has a 4x digital zoom to help you get the perfect composition.

The Logitech C930e has stereo microphones for superb sound quality. And they also cancel out unwanted background noises. It has plug-and-play compatibility, so it’s easy to get started on Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime. The Logitech C930e isn’t flash. But it delivers on what you need the most.

14. AverMedia PW513

AverMedia PW513 webcam product photo

  • Video Resolution: 4K
  • Frame Rate: 60 fps
  • Field of View: 94 degrees
  • Connection: USB 3.0 / USB-C

The AverMedia PW513 is a perfect Mac webcam for gamers and live streamers. The quality is 4K, so your transmission will be crisp and clear. And the 60 fps frame rate is fast enough to keep up with any computer game.

The 94-degree lens gives you a wide, environmental field of view. The camera can also swivel 360 degrees on its mount. The PW513 webcam has plug-and-play technology. Once it’s plugged into the USB-C port, it’ll work with video calls or streaming apps.

15. Anker PowerConf C300

Anker PowerConf C300 product image

  • Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Frame Rate: 60 fps
  • Field of View: 115 degrees
  • Connection: USB-C

The Anker PowerConf C300 is an excellent all-around webcam for Mac. The 1080p at 60 fps footage is good enough for game streaming and professional work conferences. Teachers can also use it for remote teaching.

The dual microphones pick up clear sound. And the camera reduces excess noise from your environment, giving you more clarity. It also has low-light corrections programs that give you proper illumination even in dark conditions. The PowerConf C300 also has an auto-adjust field of view mechanism. It knows if you’re speaking alone or in a group. And it’ll change the angle to fit everyone in the frame.


Webcams have become a vital part of our home offices. More and more people are working remotely. And they need to stay connected to their colleagues or clients. Teachers also need to be able to communicate with their students. That means Mac owners need the best webcam to keep the lines of communication open.

Webcams are also vital tools for streamers and gamers. They need good quality video and fast frame rates to boost their profile on YouTube, Twitch, or Instagram.

The Razer Kiyo Pro and the Logitech C922x Pro top our list. But all the Mac webcams listed will give you what you need. Whether you’re a remote worker or a game streamer, there’s a Mac webcam for you.

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Setting Up Your Mac Webcam

Setting up a new tech device can put some people in a cold sweat. But setting up your Mac webcam doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, it’s easy. Whether you’re using a Logitech or a Razer webcam, there’s an easy setup process. We’ll give you some tips on how to get set up and get the best results.

Mac Webcam Setup

Many of you will be happy to hear you don’t need to install software to use a new webcam for Mac. Simply connect your webcam to your Mac using the cable provided. This is usually a USB cable. But some webcams now use a USB-C cable. Most webcams use the computer as a power source, so you won’t need other power cables.

Once connected, open a video conferencing app like Zoom or FaceTime. Go to the video settings, and you’ll see your webcam listed as one of the camera options. Select the webcam and the app will change to the camera’s view. You’ll see the jump in image quality straight away.

If you still need to know how to use a Logitech webcam on Mac, watch this video. You can also get the Logitech Capture video software if you need more creative options.

Audio Settings

If your webcam doesn’t have a built-in microphone, the computer will continue to use the computer’s native mic. That doesn’t give you the best audio quality. If the webcam has a microphone, go to the app’s audio settings and select the webcam.

Webcam microphones don’t produce the best audio. That’s no problem for casual video calls. But professionals and streamers might want a better microphone. You can get a microphone as part of a headphone set. The Logitech H930 is an excellent choice. Or you can get a standalone mic for premium sound quality. The Rode Podcaster is popular with podcasters.

Using Light with Your Webcam

Not everyone needs additional lighting for their Mac webcam. If you’re in a bright room with plenty of natural light, you’ll have no problem with video calls. But if you’re struggling for light, you might need help. The glow from your computer can be unflattering. And professionals and streamers need to look their best.

We’ve listed a couple of webcams that have built-in lights. This is handy for conference calls. But you still might need something more powerful. Ring lights are very popular with content creators of all kinds. A ring light gives you an even brightness that removes shadows on the face. You can see our top ring lights here. You can also see our list of LED lights if you want something funkier.

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