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41 Creative Photography Business Card Designs (Stand Out)

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 10 min read
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Business cards are a crucial part of the networking process if you have a photography business. Photographers know visual material is essential. We make up our minds on whether we like the aesthetic or not in seconds. This is why business cards, and how you present them, are so important.
Today, I will show you a few examples of creative photography business cards to draw inspiration from. The list will be wide and varied, so there is a card type for every photographer.

Professional Design
Envato Pro Visiting Template
Envato Pro Visiting Template
Looking for a creative photography business card? Our software offers fully customizable designs that will help you stand out and showcase your unique style.

Do Photographers Need A Photography Business Card?

The primary function of a business card is to give your contact information to someone. As photographers, we can take advantage of these cards to differentiate ourselves from others.
The obvious way of doing this is to use the card to deal out small prints. This is a great way to show your skills quickly and conveniently. Even if you don’t need to pass on your information, keeping a business card on you is a great way to show people your photographic style.
Business cards are almost essential if you are a street photographer or work with models. If you pass someone on the street and take their photo, they may want to see it. You’re able to present your photography business card, and they can contact you easily.
Photography business cards can also help gain access to specific locations! If you have a way with words, business cards can help you access areas that others can’t.
Art business cards. Fun design of a cut out in a business card that then looks like a picture frame

Information to Put on A Photography Business Card

There are a few essentials you need to put on your business card. These are your name, email address, and website.
Other optional bits of information may be crucial to your photo business, like your social media accounts. You can even link these through your own custom QR code you can make online!
Some people like to put their phone numbers on their business cards, which is entirely up to you. I would suggest not overloading the card with information, as it may be too confusing.
bussiness cards on the road with a blank service so you can image what your design would look like on it

Where to Hand Out Your Photography Business Card

The best time to give out your business card is toward the end of a conversation with someone who may be interested in your work. Of course, you will need to judge if they will be a worthy potential client or not.
If you know the recipient you want your card in front of, try meeting them face to face. Handing over your card yourself is a lot more impactful. If you can’t do that, try to get it on their desk or in their work mailbox.
photography business cards being passed from one person to another

41 Unique Photography Business Card Designs

1. Simple Photography Business Card

A design like this is ideal as it simply shows your image on the front and your information on the back.
photography business card designs where a bride is holding her dress in a forest

2. Simple Photography Business Card With Logo

If you have a logo for your photography company, try to balance it out on the back of your card like this. Having it on the back means you have an uninterrupted image on the front.
photography business card designs where there is a set inside a cardboard box and a set of business card outside

3. Cut Up Collage Photo Business Card

Suppose one image doesn’t capture your photography business. Why not try a collage consisting of more than one photo?
Photography business card designs where you can see a camera, a leaf and some business card on a pink background

4. Emotional Business Card

Why not evoke emotion through your business card by making the viewer feel like they’re on holiday? This can be a calming photo you have taken.
Photography business card designs where the sea takes up most of the business card

5. Circle Business Card

Trying out different shapes and sizes can set your business card apart from the others. This design embraces photography to the fullest.
Photo business cards that look like a camera lens

6. Informative Business Card

This photography business card is an excellent example of simply managing a range of information. The QR code has not been squished in with the text. Instead, it takes up some space of the image.
Photography business cards on a wooden plate

7. Portrait Business Card

Change up from the norm to produce a business card that works well with portrait images.
photographer business cards in portrait orientation with a 35mm camera taking up the card

8. Film Business Card

Get creative with your business cards! This excellent idea mimics a ripped, old film slide.
Photographer business cards as a filmstrip

9. Transparent Business Card

A great way to set yourself apart is to use a different material. A transparent business card looks classy and is a great way to promote your photography.
Photography business cards that is see-through

10. Film Negative Business Card

This business card uses a transparent material embedded in the card to look like a film slide. The negative will make your image stand out!
Photography business cards that look like a film negative

11. Cut Out Business Card

This design features an unusual size and has a hole cut out in the middle. This could be for the viewer to look through to mimic a camera. To me, it looks like a large format lens board!
Photography business cards with a hole cut out of them

12. Design Business Card

This design is great if you work with a designer. Use artwork that highlights your style. The recipient can still see your other work on your website.
photography business card with a nice design on the front

13. Translucent Business Card

If you want to mimic a photographic negative, print your card on translucent paper. This will have a significant impact on both sight and touch.
photography business cards that have a see-through design

14. Image In Text Business Card

Maybe you don’t want to have an image overwhelming the small place. Or perhaps you don’t want to show your whole image on a card. This technique allows you to show your photo and text together creatively.
photography business cards where the image appears in the text

15. In-Lens Business Card

This photography business card idea works great if you have a picture of yourself while working. The design makes it look almost James Bond-esque, with you as the subject down the lens barrel.
photography business card with photographer in the camera lens

16. Instagram Business Card

You will love this idea if your photography business is big on Instagram. Why not use this business card design to give someone one of your Instagram posts physically?
photography business card in the shape of an instagram post

17. Portrait of Pets Business Card

This design only works for pet photographers. What could be better than having a furry friend as a welcome to your company? This design is also nice as it mixes an image and logo well in portrait orientation.
photography business card for pet photographer

18. Metallic Business Card

As I have mentioned previously, different materials are a great way to stand out. Here we have a stainless steel card that’s shaped like a camera with a hole in the middle. It would be hard not to hold this up to your face if you received this!
photography business card in shape of camera made out of metal

19. Icon Business Card

If you are not only a photographer and dabble in other similar industries, this could be the technique for you. No one wants to see a long written list on a business card. Instead, give them small icons that represent your work.
icons that show a range of different technical skills on a photography business card

20. Minimalist Design Business Card

If your photographic work is minimalistic and well-curated, have a card that fits your aesthetic. This card is simple, smart, and easy to read, checking off all the boxes on a great business card design.
minimal design on a mostly black photography business card

21. Drone Business Card

This is for the drone photographers amongst us. This design clearly shows what you do in a single image.
photography business card that shows a white vector of a drone against a black background

22. Illustrated Business Card

An illustration of yourself or one of your images adds a unique feel to a business card. It makes it seem more soft and personal than rigid and business orientated.
photographer business cards with a drawing of a photographer

23. Reflective Surface Business Card

A business card design like this works great for product photographers. It’s almost like you are giving a small reflector to your client. Also, if you ever run out of a small light bounce, you’ll have one in your pocket!
photography business card with a reflective surface

24. Rough Material Business Card

Business cards should always reflect your aesthetic. For instance, if you have a rustic aesthetic, a card like this would fit perfectly.
rustic business card made of a brown rough textured material for photographers

25. Spot Gloss Business Card

If you worked with a designer and they managed to turn your image into a simple vector, you could use spot gloss to enhance your image. This would give your image another dimension that would certainly stand out.
photography business card with silver lining

26. Gold Foil Business Card

This is like the last card mentioned, but just a little fancier.
elegant photography business cards with gold lining

27. Logo and Shape Business Card

Many logos are shaped differently from standard business cards. To stand out from the crowd, have the business card in the same shape as your logo.
circle business card design with a colorful aperture logo for photographers

28. Slipcase Business Card

Having a slipcase for your business card adds a great personal touch. It also adds value to your image inside as it is delivered like a fine art print.
photography business cards inside a slipcase. Pictures seen through a window cut out

29. Print Business Card

Speaking of prints, why not just gift a print as a business card? A simple print like this lends itself to earning a permanent place on someone’s desk. You could even frame it!
Photography prints as business cards

30. Letterpress Business Card

If you have a simple logo or vector of your photographs, consider embossing this onto your card. A letterpress of your design is a simple way of putting a lot on the card without it looking too hectic.
photography business cards with pressed design in them

31. Simple Type Business Card

Many people have specific fonts they use for their branding. If you are keen on your font, make this the center of attention.
close up of photography business card that just have text

32. Film Business Card

This one is for the videographers out there. Haven’t we all wanted to bang one of these pieces of film equipment?
photography business card with a film clicker on them

33. Simple Collage Business Card

If one image doesn’t get your point across, how about a well-curated sequence?
wedding photography pictures on business card

34. Camera Business Card

Use a business card design like this so that there’s no question that you’re a photographer.
graphic design of camera on business card for photographers

35. Design Around The Edge Business Card

Soften the edge of your photography business card by using a simple repeated image or illustration.
subtle business card design for photographers

36. Slim Business Card

An unusual shape is excellent, but sometimes going smaller works even better. This way, you can slip your business card in almost anywhere.
Photography business card that has slimmer design that usual

37. Bright Design Business Card

A bright design will stand out from the crowd and bring color into everyday life.
bright and colorful range of business cards for photographers

38. Fluorescent Business Card

Usually, photographers don’t like being seen. But, when it comes to getting a job, we’re more than happy to stand out. There is no way anyone could ignore this!
a vibrant neon green fluorescent photography business card design

39. Film Editor Business Card

Photographers who use YouTube to promote their work will like this design. But I would suggest removing the red background and using your own image.
photography business card design that looks like a video timeline

40. Elegant Business Card

An elegant approach works great in many environments. It may be ambiguous that you are a photographer. But, make it so cryptic the viewer will be forced to look at your website to know more.
simple and elegant black and white card design for photographers

41. Stamped Slip Case

A brilliant extra touch to your business card is sealing it in a slipcase with a wax stamp. This works perfectly for wedding photographers.
wax seal stamp on ribbon on a photography business card


After looking at this list, you can see a vast range of approaches to consider when designing your photography business card. It may seem overwhelming, but the trick is to show your photographic aesthetic.
The best way to get a successful business card is to try out many different designs. You can even print out your design on cheap paper and show it to friends and family. So get designing and go bag yourself a job!
Handing out your business cards is a great way to get noticed in person. Check out our Social Success Strategies ebook to get noticed online!

Professional Design
Envato Pro Visiting Template
Envato Pro Visiting Template
Looking for a creative photography business card? Our software offers fully customizable designs that will help you stand out and showcase your unique style.