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26 Best Instagram Famous Travel Photographers to Follow

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Travel photography is a huge genre. It encompasses street photography, adventure photography and even landscape photography. There isn’t much you can’t take that isn’t classed as travel photography.

We have 26 of the best Instagram travel photographers for your perusal. This should help with location and subject inspiration.

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26. @PersianGypsy

The Persian Gypsy is Nina, an Eco-warrior. She believes in sustainability and dreams big. Currently, you can find her and her best Instagram feed in Bali.

By visiting her page, you’ll see a mix of travel photography and personal experiences. She includes herself as one of the people she regularly captures, adding realism to her shots.

You’ll find nature, temples, and places that she spends real amounts of time in. None of that ‘whirlwind travel’ – only great images from interesting experiences.

25. @TravelFreak

TravelFreak is Jeremy Scott, a professional adventurer and travel photographer. His best Instagram travel shots bring in thousands of views, but he doesn’t post super often. He selects his images carefully, each one showing his range of photographic knowledge.

From aerial photography to wildlife captures, you’ll find everything on this Instagram feed. Jeremy embodies the true travel photographer, looking at all aspects of each place he visits.

His technical abilities to capture such beautiful shots are unparalleled. He often includes himself in his images, showing that (almost) anyone can do what he does.

24. @ScottJonPhotography

Scott Jon is somewhat of an abstract travel photographer. He has a great niche in this field, primarily through his use of drone and aerial photography. Some of the places he shoots are truly magnificent, and we don’t see them too often.

What makes them more interesting is the lack of size. We have no idea how big or small his scenes are. On rare occasions, he does capture something vertical, and it adds a nice mix.

It is one of the best Instagram accounts to follow for abstract travel photography, and we’re sure you’ll love it! The only negative is there are only 433 images to look through.

23. @CoryRichards

Cory Richards is one of our favourite photographers in the travel photography genre. His style is very much from a documentary standpoint, which isn’t difficult to see, as he does shoot for National Geographic.

He is a photographer with many interests. Not only does he travel to the furthest reaches of the world, but he is also an athlete and speaks for National Geographic. If this wasn’t enough, he is also a mental health advocate.

From his Instagram feed, you’ll find 1m other followers. They are all there to see his unique images and exciting perspectives.

22. @Renan_Ozturk

Renan Ozturk is a travel photographer with a difference. His style is very much of a documentary style, which we love in the travel photography forum. He captures portraits, landscapes, and projects, depending on where he is.

His images jump around, so you definitely won’t see the same things from scene to scene. You will find shots of mountains in Asia, honey hunters in Nepal, and portraits in the DRC.

Personally, I think this is one of the best Instagram feeds to follow for offbeat travel photography. Join 952K other followers and keep an eye on his work.

21. @AdventuresOfLilNicki

LilNicki sounds like a modern rapper, but you’d be wrong. She is a travel photographer with over 100K followers, all watching her experiences pop us as visual delights.

She has a passion for the outdoors, showing us landscapes, nature scenes, and even wildlife. We see her often in her images, where she shares her personal experiences with us.

One of the things we do love are the straight shots of doorways, buildings or windows. They add a nice mix to the other shots. Have a look. It might be the best Instagram feed you’ll find.

20. @JohnPricePhotography

John Price is a photographer and videographer. However, they are both second to his passion for climbing. There are many on our list who also connect to scaling mountains, but here you’ll find some of the best Instagram images of your life.

The shots of those scaling mountains add a dramatic touch to travel photography. Most people look at their experiences on flat ground. These adventure or action photography shots make this field of travel photography very interesting and fun.

There are also comical elements to his images, which breaks up the more serious ones. John is a technical master, nailing the exposure and colors in every shot. Personally, I love the black and white portraits on his feed as well.

19. @GirlEatWorld

One of the best Instagram feeds for travel photography is @GirlEatWorld. This is a very different take on travel photography, where she looks at the food from each setting she is in. We follow her scenes with food that connects to the location.

We love the consistency of the same style of shoot, where the variation comes through the different food she shows. All the food types she uses changes, from ice creams to drinks. While also using some items which aren’t easily held in one hand.

It’s so refreshing to see these locations shown in a different way. And it will also make your mouth water from scene to scene.

18. @EverChangingHorizon

Quin Schrock is an adventure and lifestyle photographer from Southern California. A professional road-tripper, who captures as he moves around. He is great at capturing feelings of each scene, bringing you into the image as if you were there yourself.

Here, you’ll find sunsets, waterfalls, caves and even wildlife. There is even a video from a scene in Switzerland which, personally, became a new nightmare scene for me. But you’ll love it.

Whether North or South America, Europe or Asia, you’ll find fantastic travel photography. Join 1m other people and keep an eye on his work.

17. @PaleyPhoto

Matthieu Paley is one of my favourite and best Instagram photographers in the genre. He shoots for National Geographic, Time, and switches between documentary photography and commercial projects.

You’ll find portraits, village scenes, animal photography, and a range of emotions and expressions across the board. The everyday life of those working, peasant classes are some of the best I have seen.

We love his use of colour, which he literally finds anywhere. There are almost 500 posts, which you can jump through a little too quickly.

16. @TheBlondeAbroad

The Blonde Abroad is Kiki and the go-to place for female and solo travel around the world. She left a job to chase her dream of travelling and photographing.

There aren’t many places she hasn’t been, and she is well into reach half the countries on the planet. Almost 1m miles have been flown by her to capture these amazing shots. Her images show off her experiences beautifully.

For female travellers, she has one of the best Instagram photography feeds. She includes herself quite often, but that only adds more realism to her scenes. Over 500k followers oversee her work, and we think you should too.

View this post on Instagram

As pretty as a postcard 💌 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• As you can imagine, this viewpoint gets crowded for sunset! I staked out a spot, @meyerofcapetown grabbed some beers and snacks, and we hung out as the sky changed from gold to pink to blue. Just after the sun set below the horizon, the crowds started to clear, and we were soon some of the last people standing. While I’m not normally the type of person to get up for sunrise or shoot the sunset every day, I love that photography pushes me to see and appreciate things differently. I take my time and stay around a while longer. I challenge myself with the technical details of framing, exposure and lines of interest. I note the intricacies and details of the scene that unfolds before me… the colors, the people, the architecture, and the incredible beauty of nature. I spend HOURS shooting, editing and archiving it all (a labor of love and, sometimes, frustration). Just after flying to Italy from Greece, my hard drive crashed. While I have multiple backups of all of my photos and videos, I only had one backup of all of my photos from this summer. Thousands of photos and video clips… all gone. For the past week, I’ve waited in anticipation to hear if the data was recoverable, wallowing in self pity and drowning my sorrows in pasta and wine… (things could be worse, I know). Luckily, I was able to pick up my fully recovered drive this morning and, funny enough, pasta and wine is still on the itinerary. So, this is just a reminder from your friendly neighborhood blogger that if photos are important to you or your business, always backup to a cloud AND/OR backup your BACKUP (meaning travel with 2 external HDs if you’re shooting professionally and don’t have strong or consistent WiFi). Do as I say, not as I do 😉 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #santorini #oia #beautifuldestinations #greece #sunset #tbapresets

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15. @GettingStamped

Getting Stamped are a couple of travel photographers and bloggers. Hannah and Adam are travelling the globe to bring us some amazing images. Not only that, but if you go to their website, they offer travel photography tips as well.

From their Instagram travel photography, you’ll find images of all sorts of topics and places. From woodland landscapes to city street photography. They look at every aspect of what it is to be a travel photographer and show this variation well.

They capture the images well, showing a range of techniques and perspectives. It adds a constantly changing element to their feed. This is for anyone, and luckily, there are over 1000 posts.

14. @Stephen_Matera

Stephan Matera is another National Geographic contributor and is a great travel photographer to follow. His main focus of travel photography is on outdoor sports and lifestyle. It means he often switches between personal and commercial work.

Most of what you’ll see on one of the best Instagram photography accounts are landscapes. The outdoors is one of his favourite topics, switching seamlessly from woodland areas to mountains.

His technical abilities are exceptional, and his use of color is stunning. There aren’t many people in his scenes, but when they are, they are necessary.

13. @Nois7

Robert Jahns is the travel photographer who goes by the name @Nois7. We love his work, but we aren’t really sure if all the shots on his Instagram feed are his images. That being said, the images he shares are incredible.

He is a digital artist, so he turns the images he does have into magnificent, one of a kind shots. We aren’t sure where the border lies between reality and retouched or fake. But does it matter that much?

At over 1.2m followers, he is one of the most popular photographers, with one of the best Instagram feeds.

12. @JuliiaThompson

Juliia is another photographer who uses herself as a subject in her travel images. You’ll see her in every one of her posts, showing that the places she visits are real. We see her travel photography as if we are travelling with her.

We see her hiking, camping, or even sleeping in parked vans. Right now she is in Canada, so we see a lot of nature and wildlife, as well as mountain ranges from very high up positions. She knows how to capture a great environmental selfie, and her use of light is fantastic.

11. @MarcoGrassiPhotography

If there was one person in this world that loves mountains, it’s Marco Grassi. This Skylum Ambassador is a nature fanatic, capturing images from the US, Norway, and South America.

Basically, if there are mountains or volcanoes, he has either been there, going there or is there right now. We love the specialisation, and with his range of techniques and style, you never see the same image twice.

He doesn’t have many posts, but the ones he does have are amazing. He is very selective, which brings him over 143K followers. For mountain ranges, he is one of the best Instagram travel photographers.

10. @YoungAdventuress

Liz Carlson is a travel photographer from the US but currently finds herself in New Zealand. She often gives talks as part of @thetravelbootcamp, so she knows how to market herself.

We follow her through her journeys across the world. They are more personal than some others on our list, as she is often the subject of her own images. This adds to the realism and helps us remember that these Instagram creators are real people.

Jump in and ride along with her. You’ll be sure to see nature, adventure and a few shots of residential areas. Join one of the 200k+ followers, and you won’t be disappointed.

9. @LaurenepBath

Lauren Bath is an Australian photographer, who finds herself across the globe, capturing amazing travel photography. She has one of the best Instagram accounts to follow due to her unique style. She captures everything from wildlife to street photography scenes.

What we love is her use of colours. She combines it with other compositional techniques, making her images stand out. She knows what she is doing and has her hand very much in the travel photography business side of things.

She runs @thetravelbootcamp. It aims to help give others an insight into travel photography, Instagram, and marketing. Follow her here. You won’t be sorry.

8. @LostWithPurpose

Alex Reynolds is yet another solo travel photographer, but she is more of the low key backpacker type. Right now she is in Pakistan, capturing mountain ranges and workers in a documentary style.

Offbeat places and friendly faces are her tagline, and she shows both in her wide range of travel photography. She shows us her experiences through street and nature alike. We don’t often see her face, but she does place herself in her shots from time to time.

We love her portraits and pictures of people going about their everyday life. With over 500 posts, there is something for everyone.

7. @RoamingRalph

Roaming Ralph breaks travel photography, but in the best way possible. He doesn’t have the most amount of posts, and neither followers. But so what? We love his images none-the-less.

Looking at his Instagram feeds, you’ll discover places you didn’t even know existed. He uses many different techniques, perspectives, and compositions to show us his journeys.

What sets Ralph apart from others on our list is that his style is very documentary. Each image is contrasted from the next, filling us with inspiration and motivation to get out there.

6. @BeMyTravelMuse

Kristin Addis is a solo female travel photographer from California. Currently, she is in The Galápagos, one of the most mystical places for wildlife on the planet.

Looking at one of the best Instagram feeds for travel photography, you’ll see she is very much an outdoors girl. You won’t find many cityscapes or street photography, but you’ll find inspiration.

She does dip into partnerships with other brands, but don’t let that dissuade you from her travel photography. She captures on a personal level, including herself in many shots. We travel across the globe with her.

5. @TravisBurke

Travis is a self-proclaimed athlete, which can come in handy when running to capture the great travel photography he provides us with. From his Instagram feed, you’ll find images of space and action photography, all shot on his travels.

Africa, US of A, Indonesia – he does it all. Vanlife, sleeping in tree houses, and even helicamping – there aren’t many places he can’t sleep. He even works and travels with others on our list, such as @theblondeabroad.

This is one of the best Instagram travel photography feeds. It has everything you could want for inspiration. He hasn’t yet posted 1000 images, yet his followers are well on the way to reaching 830k.

4. @ChelseaKauai

Chelsea is one of the more modern Instagram travel photographers. She records her journey through interesting experiences, and she usually places herself as the subject throughout her Instagram feed.

Chelsea spends a lot of time in the water, making it stand out from other travel photography we selected. We take a lot of inspiration from her personal voyages across the globe.

She has just over 1,100 posts but has a following over 800k. It’s easy to see why, as she uses a range of techniques to nail the shot every time.

3. @EliaLocardi

Some of you might know Elia from the FStoppers travel photography workshop. That took him (and a film crew) to many locations, including Iceland, New Zealand and the US of A.

He is a master of composition in a simple yet very effective sense. Elia follows the technical aspects to a T, providing us with almost painting-like images. Long exposures are a big part of his work, no matter where he is.

Compared to some on our list, his followers fall around the 137k mark. He doesn’t post regularly, but on his Instagram page, you’ll find great inspiration for your own work.

2. @ChrisBurkard

Chris Burkard does everything. Apart from being a great travel photographer, he is a speaker and director. On top, he also gives photography and photography business-related workshops around the globe.

He spends his time traipsing around, filling his travel, surf, and adventure photography as he goes. Chris has awards coming out of his eye sockets, and knee-deep in important clients.

What you can expect to find is a following of 3.5 million people. It’s not hard to see in his Instagram feed, as it is full of high-quality and interesting subjects and scenes.

1.  @DanielKordan

Daniel Kordan is one of the best travel photographers you’ll find on the internet. He manages to create masterpieces from every location he sets his sight on. His edits are beautifully done without being over the top.

Japan, Myanmar, Nambia, and Greenland are just a few of the many places he has experienced and captured. If you’re looking for inspiration for all areas of travel photography, you found it.

Portraits, landscapes, and even street photography – there is nothing he cannot do. He is a master of light and knows how to work with color, long exposures, and action. You won’t find many black and white images, but you won’t feel like you’re missing out.

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