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12 Coolest T-Shirts for Photographers 2021

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These cool t-shirts for photographers are just one more way to show the world how crazy you are about photography.
No doubt there are many of us that are really geeky about all things related to cameras and photography. I know I am.
From my camera-shaped notebook, to my lens-shaped coffee cup. Apparel is no different.
These cool t-shirt designs can range from helpful information, to downright great designs based around aspects of the camera world. Get stuck in and grab a few pieces today.
An overhead shot of cool t-shirts for photographers hanging on a rack

12. I Shoot People – by The Goozler

Of course, the sarcastic passive-aggressive photography pun of ‘I Shoot People’ is going to be part of our list.
It still makes us chuckle to this day. Just don’t wear it to schools, hospitals, playgrounds, or airports and you’ll be fine.
The boring information is that it comes in seven different colors and is 100% cotton.
A black t-shirt with a camera and the words 'I Shoot People' - by The Goozler

11. Stock Photography – by Adobe

Ok, you got us. These t-shirts for photographers by Adobe isn’t real. But they are great enough to share among the camera world.
Adobe made these cool t-shirts as a promotion for their Adobe Stock – their new stock photography platform.
We are disappointed we can’t buy them.
 Stock Photography - by Adobe, cool t-shirt designs

10. Film is Alive – by Shoot Film Co

Film photography is very much alive, and you don’t need a mad professor and his monster to tell you.
This great t-shirt for photographers has a playful design, ending the debate once and for all. Frankenstein’s monster is definitely a mirrorless user.
100% cotton in 14 different colors.
Film is Alive - cool t-shirts for photographers by Shoot Film Co

9. Polaroid Smile Retro – by Teepublic

Polaroid cameras are very cool, especially the vintage ones from the 80’s and before. That’s why they make such cool t-shirts for photographers.
Wear this t-shirt with a smile and never forget how far we have come.
A whopping 27 colors across five different styles of t shirt, all are 100% cotton.
Polaroid Smile Retro - cool t-shirts by Teepublic

8. Camera Lens – by Outdoor Activity Tshirts

We love this cool t-shirt design as it has a very abstract element about it. It looks great, even if it takes a minute to work out what it is.
You usually see this angle of the lens when the camera is pointed right at you.
Five different colors and all 100% cotton.
 Camera Lens - by Outdoor Activity Tshirts

7. 35mm – by Design By Humans

This is a personal favourite of mine. I love the style of the old film 35 mm camera, and I know many others out there will too.
The t-shirt design is not too small that it gets lost, and not to big it takes all the attention.
The color options for the t shirt are great and well thought out, where there are 13 to choose from. Most are 100% cotton, making them great t-shirts for photographers.
 35mm - awesome t-shirts for photographers by Design By Humans

6. Vintage Kodakby Kodak

We all love Kodak, and have to thank them for huge advancements in photography and film. So, wear their logo high and help promote them as they try to hold on to their photographic film.
They need all the help they can get.
They come in four different variations of grey, and one bright red. Also, 100% cotton as you would expect.
Vintage Kodak - cool t-shirt designs by Kodak

5. Sunny 16 Rule – by RedBubble

This one is fairly self-explanatory. And a great way to always keep the Sunny-16 rule handy!
Sunny 16 Rule - cool t-shirts by RedBubble

4. I Can’t Draw – by Threadless

Threadless is a great t-shirt company, producing the public’s great designs for over a decade. When it comes to cool t-shirts for photographers, they are no different.
They have a few different designs, and this is the second out of the two we really like.
In Threadless fashion, there are two different styles of t shirt and accessories to match.
I Can't Draw - by Threadless - cool t-shirts for photography

3. Photographic Memory – by Design By Humans

This is one of the most creative t-shirt designs for photographers I have ever seen.
You have the vintage large format view camera, the lightning bolt flash symbols, the grey landscape and a whole creative world of color in front of the camera.
I would wear this with pride, knowing i am encapsulating all those who see it. The downside is, people will ask where you got it from all the time.
14 colours, 100% cotton across three different cool t-shirt styles.
Photographic Memory - by Design By Humans, cool t-shirts for photography

2. 18% Grey – by RedBubble

If you want to be super geeky, and have something useful, then go for the 18% grey t shirt. Not only will it attract other photographers to you like moths to a light, it will make a few chuckle.
If you wear this in the studio, you can double as a white balance point.
It comes in 17 different colors, and of course the grey doesn’t change.
Awesome t-shirts for photographers - 18% Grey - by RedBubble

1. Photographer – by Threadless

Our number one spot is also by Threadless. This bright yellow number is a funny take on a cool design.
Here, the old 35 mm camera is itself lining up a view window with its hands as if it has the creative power.
There are two different t shirt styles, and if you act quick enough, there is a sale. Get it now!
Photographer - by Threadless, awesome t-shirt designs for photographers

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