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How Self Portraits Will Make You A Better Photographer

Last updated: November 12, 2023 - 9 min read
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Self portrait photography is a great way to get creative and improve your camera skills. They force you to look at yourself in a new and different way, and help you to learn how to see the world through the lens of a camera. By photographing yourself, you learn how to capture the essence of who you are, and how to portray your personality in an image. In addition, self portraits can be a lot of fun, and they provide a great opportunity for creative expression.

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What You Will Need For Self Portrait Photography

To make the most of self-portrait photography, I recommend investing in these items:

creative self portrait of a man standing in a waterfall

Self-Portraiture Will Make You More Patient

A little impatience is natural. But it can get in the way when you have to run back and forth to check your photos, change your camera settings when a cloud hides the sun, and carry all of your equipment back home.
All of these tasks can turn a pleasant photo shoot into a stressful chore. Fortunately, such challenges have a limit. The more you work on them, the more patient you’ll become.
When I first started taking self-portraits, I was much more likely to give up on difficult creative projects. All of this disappeared when, after a few months of self-portrait photo shoots, I took photos of someone else.
The amount of relief I felt was unbelievable. I didn’t need to worry about my expressions, angles, or clothes. I could focus exclusively on giving clear instructions, finding great light, and making my photos look sharp.
Switching from one genre to another was like a breath of fresh air thanks to the challenges that self-portraiture had provided me with.
In addition to making other types of photoshoots easier, self-portrait photography made me appreciate patience. Now, when something goes wrong during a shoot, giving up is no longer my first option. I consider that a great improvement.
motivational quote for self portraiture

It Will Make You More Empathetic

Standing in front of a camera is often awkward, especially if there’s no one standing behind the camera. You have to be okay with learning from your self portrait photography mistakes and looking strange.
This might seem quite fruitless, especially if you don’t consider yourself a model, but it’s beneficial for several reasons.
Once you experience photography from a model’s perspective, you’ll have a better understanding of your subjects’ feelings during a photo shoot. Your ability to empathise will make others comfortable in your presence.
Comfort will lead to better photos, and better photos will lead to a fantastic portfolio and great relationships with your clients.
To develop empathy, all you have to do is:

  • Be open to mistakes
  • Don’t be afraid of feeling awkward
  • Know that all of your hard work will result in better social skills

self portrait of a laughing young woman with a tall wall of flowers behind her

You Will Be More Confident

The more “you” time you spend with yourself, the more comfortable you’ll be with every part of your being. Experiencing failures, finding your best (and worst) angles, and being patient will all lead to more self-compassion.
This, of course, will result in more confidence, more openness to failures, and less self-doubt.
Artistic self-confidence is contagious. The more you accept yourself, the likelier you’ll be to accept others. This will affect every photography genre you focus on, be it portrait photography or something that doesn’t feature people at all.
Self-compassion will also lead to a better life outside of photography. No matter what you’re struggling with, you’ll find the strength to deal with your emotions gracefully.
You’ll come to realise that you’re under no obligation to listen to every thought and feeling, especially if it’s negative. This will affect your professional life, your relationship with loved ones, and most importantly, your relationship with yourself.
creative self portrait of a man shaving

You’ll Make the Most of Insignificant Details

Something I’ve purposely emphasised in my other articles is the power of details. Many of my portraits are filled with items that almost anyone can acquire. Petals, hands, sheets of paper, etc.
These are all indispensable tools in my professional life. Using them, I can add a unique spark to every portrait I take, no matter how simple it is.
This love for details came from limitations that forced me to look at everything from a different perspective. More specifically, it came from having to take photos in small apartments.
If you take photos in seemingly boring places, you’ll get to experiment with things you usually take for granted. For example, a favourite cup could end up being the highlight of a marvellous self-portrait. And an empty room could serve as a stunning backdrop for classic portraits.
There’s no limit to what you can do with everyday items.
Though shooting in extravagant places will never cease to be exciting, you won’t have to depend on such locations to take inspiring self-portraits.
When you do get the chance to travel, you’ll have an abundance of exciting options thanks to your newfound observation skills.
woman in the desert

Challenges Won’t Intimidate You

We all shy away from challenges sometimes. This can even make us feel uninspired and helpless compared to other creatives. Self-portrait photography can change this by introducing you to the value of obstacles.
The more exposed you are to small challenges (like learning to pose in front of the camera), the less intimidating bigger ones will be. Also, thanks to your newfound patience, you’ll be able to try out new things without much resistance.
Understand that failure is inevitable and that every challenge comes with valuable lessons. This will give you more opportunities, help you grow, and enhance your imagination tremendously.
Another thing you can do is purposely look for small challenges to work on. A creative weekly project or an editing tutorial you’ve been meaning to watch for a while are great to start with.
These seemingly insignificant experiences will slowly shape you into a better photographer. Before you know it, you’ll be happily embracing every challenge that comes your way!
male photographer wearing a yellow winter jacket and setting up his camera

You’ll Find Beauty in Everything

In self-portrait photography, choices are very important. You can’t press the shutter randomly in the hopes that you’ll get meaningful results. Instead, you have to take care of your appearance, the location, the lighting, and your camera.
Because of this, you have to be picky with compositions. This will help you develop a sharp creative eye.
To be more appreciative, go out and look for location and items that you find interesting. Ask yourself why you find them beautiful.
Knowing your own creative taste will give you a better idea of what to look for in future photo shoots.
creative self portrait of a young woman using shadows

Expressing Yourself Will Be as Easy as Pie

As a self-portrait photographer, you’ll get better at expressing yourself in two ways. First, you’ll become a master of facial expressions. I recommend spending a few hours taking photos of yourself pulling different faces.
This will make you laugh, show you what you’re capable of, and just give you an opportunity to get comfortable as a model. Most importantly, it will teach you how to express yourself as genuinely as possible.
Secondly, you’ll get better at expressing yourself through stories. As a storyteller, you’ll have the chance to say anything to the camera and impact someone else’s life.
Even seemingly simple portraits have the power to make someone’s day. Don’t underestimate your ideas!
The most precious benefit of storytelling is how cathartic it is. If you have a struggle, an achievement, or a desire that you’d like to share with the world, grab your camera and express it.
You’ll not only feel better, but get results you’ll proudly share in your gallery.
camera set up on a tripod

Your Knowledge of Camera Settings Will Improve

Self-portrait photography demands a lot of technical changes. A slight change in weather will force you to get up and change your camera settings. The wrong focus will compel you to start over. The list of things you should be aware of is endless.
Once you familiarise yourself with your camera’s settings, however, your creative life will reach a whole new level. Imagine how easy it will be to quickly switch settings when taking photos of anything! You’ll have enough knowledge to excel in any photography genre.
Of course, you don’t need to sit down and memorise every setting for hours. My advice would be to go out and experiment. Shoot in manual mode and see what you’re comfortable with.
Do you like detailed or blurred backgrounds? What kind of color temperature do you prefer? What is your favourite time of day to shoot?
Keep these questions in mind as you take self-portraits. The more you experiment, the easier it will be to change your settings in any situation. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes as that’s how we learn! Eventually, these changes will come very naturally to you.
creative black and white self portrait of a young woman in the mirror of her car
Self-portrait photography is an opportunity to become a more appreciative, confident, and creative artist. It’s a chance to make the most of everything you have, no matter where you live.
What I love most about self-portraiture is its ability to change anyone who embraces it. My experience with this genre will be different to yours, but we’ll both be transformed into better photographers because of it.
For more self portrait photography inspiration, check out our 20 up and coming portrait photographers to keep an eye on or why not try some cool Platon inspired portraits!

Convenient Remote Control
Pixel Remote Shutter Release
Pixel Remote Shutter Release
Improve your self portrait photography with a remote shutter release. Capture your essence with ease and creativity, while staying inspired with this helpful tool.