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12 Simple Tips for Perfect Pictures of Bunnies

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 8 min read
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Taking pictures of bunnies proves it’s fair to say that they’re one of the cutest countryside critters. They’re a delight to see when we’re out walking through fields and woodland. But rabbits are becoming ever more popular as a household pet.
As we start to see more bunnies in our homes and gardens, bunny photography is becoming more of a trending topic. Owners want to photograph their floppy-eared companions to create treasured memories. Or maybe they want to share them with friends on social media.
If rabbit photography is something you want to try, you’re in the right place. We have a load of fabulous tips so you can get the best rabbit photographs.

Pictures Of Bunnies: What Is Rabbit Photography?

Rabbits are both wild animals and domesticated pets. It’s great fun to go out and photograph wild rabbits in their natural habitat. But in this article, we’ll be looking at taking photos of pet rabbits in and outside the home.
If you want to try wild rabbit photography, you can check out our article on wildlife photography. That has exactly what you need.
Rabbits make excellent pets. They’re small and manageable and they won’t bite your hand off. You can even train them to use a litter box like a cat. But most of all, rabbits are undeniably cute.
There are a few reasons rabbit owners want to capture fab bunny pictures. They might want to capture fun family memories. Or maybe it’s part of their social media brand. Or perhaps rabbit breeding is their business.
There is no exact equipment for taking pictures of rabbits. Of course, you’ll need a camera. But you can use a DSLR, mirrorless, or even a smartphone. Additional gear is entirely up to you. It depends on the kind of pictures you want to capture.
rabbit photography: a tan rabbit posed next to his little bunny offspring

Tips for Taking Perfect Pictures of Bunnies

Now we’ll get started with some excellent tips so you can start taking photos of your rabbits right away.

1. Use Natural Light to Avoid Scaring Bunnies

Rabbits are small creatures and they can get nervous. Like any photoshoot, you want to keep your subject happy and comfortable. Rabbits are sensitive, so you don’t want to frighten them.
A rabbit won’t like bright artificial lights. They’re too powerful and could damage the rabbit’s eyes. If the lights are bright and direct, they could become nervous and distressed.
Natural light is the best light for rabbits, so try shooting in a room with plenty of windows. You can take pictures right next to a window. Or you can even take the shoot into the garden.
Natural light is an excellent photography tool. You can achieve some cool effects and moody pet portraits, even with rabbits. It’s the best kind of light for pictures with rabbits.

rabbit photography: a little bunny posed on a window sill looking outside
© Степан Галагаев (

2. Keep The Rabbit Safe—Don’t Use a Flash

A bright camera flash is going to startle your bunny, so don’t use one. Rabbits don’t understand the concept of a photoshoot, so they won’t know what’s going on. A flash of light is going to come as a big surprise.
The bright light could also damage their eyes. They have big eyes that take in a lot of natural light. An artificial flash is going to hurt.
You can change your camera app to manual if you’re using a smartphone. Or you can download a camera app with more manual controls.
rabbit photography: a baby bunny scratches its nose with it's front paw

3. Use Light as Soft as the Bunny’s Fur

If you really have to use artificial light, keep it as soft as possible. If you’re making a home studio, you can use lamps from the house. If you’re using directional lamps, don’t point them into the rabbit’s face. They won’t like that.
If it’s a studio rabbit shoot, use softboxes over the lights. Or you can use reflectors, so you don’t have to point the lights at the rabbits. You can still achieve great lighting without harming the animal.
rabbit photography: a rabbit posed with a backlight showing its translucent ears

4. Give Them A Pre-Shoot Groom

If we’re having our photo taken, we want to look our best. Why should it be any different for rabbit photos? No matter the reason for the shoot, you want the animal to look its best. So give your rabbit a groom.
If the rabbits are dirty, wash them. But even if they’re clean, you can give their fur a good brush. This will make their fur even fluffier, increasing the cuteness of your photographs.
a candid shot of a cute bunny with floppy ears

5. Meet Them on Their Level

Rabbits are small, especially compared to humans. If you take a photo of a rabbit on the ground from a standing position, all you’ll get is a picture of a ball of fur. Cute, maybe, but also featureless and indistinct.
To capture a bunny at its best, you need to be on the rabbit’s level. You want to see the rabbit’s face and look into its eyes. That’s where the cuteness lies, so taking pictures from above just won’t do.
You can lie on the ground so you’re down on the rabbit’s level. This will also make the rabbit feel relaxed.

a cute bunny photographed outdoors with perked up ears and whiskers
© Daniel McCarthy (

6. Meet Them Halfway

If you don’t want to lie on the ground, you can bring the rabbit up onto a surface. Meet halfway and have the rabbit sit on a table. A bed or a sofa is great too, depending on the house rules.
Keep the rabbit’s safety in mind, and don’t put it in a precarious position. It might decide to jump off, so be careful. But once they’re raised up, it’s easier for you to get to the rabbit’s level.

photo of a gray bunny comfortably sitting on the couch
© Matt Pike (

7. Hold The Rabbit in Your Hand

One way to raise a rabbit to a higher level is to lift them up. If the rabbit doesn’t mind, have someone hold the rabbit while you snap the photo.
Not only is this convenient for the photographer, but it can also make a seriously cute photo.
Again, keep the rabbit’s safety in mind. If you’re shooting with children, make sure they are strong (and gentle!) enough to hold the rabbit. Always make sure the rabbit is comfortable.

picture of an adorable tan and white bunny gently held up in someones hand
© Paige Cody (

8. Interact With The Rabbit For More Animation

Rabbits love to sit around and relax. They look cute sitting there, but you can get a bit of action out of them with some interaction.
You can play with them to get them to move around. Using food is a good way to entice them to another location. Or you can try having them stand or reach onto another surface.

rabbit photography: a rabbit stands up on its two hind legs to grab a treat from its owners hand
© Olga Dudareva (

9. Use More Than One Rabbit

If you have more than one, try taking pictures of bunnies together. If they know each other, there won’t be a problem having them pose together for a photograph.
By adding another bunny to your shots, you’re doubling the cuteness. And it gives you more creative input. If you have many rabbits, you can mix and match them with fur colors and poses. A group photo will make a great advert if the rabbits are for sale.

two rabbits cuddle on a ledge in a photo with a shallow depth of focus
© Lorna Ladril (

10. Include Children in Your Shots

Rabbits make excellent pets for children. They’re cute, fluffy, and there’s nothing dangerous about them. Many families have a rabbit as their household pets.
If you have children as well, add them to the picture. You can take some lovely photos of the child and the rabbit interacting.
a girl petting her posed white bunny

11. Make It A Family Photo

It’s not only the children that love pets, the whole family adores them. So bring them into your rabbit picture, too! You can turn a rabbit portrait into a fun family photo.
Children grow up fast, and sadly, small pets do, as well. That’s why including pets, such as rabbits, is a great way to add more meaning to family pictures.
photo of a mum dad and daughter holding and smiling at their pet rabbit

12. Get Close for Extra Detail

Rabbits have exquisite fur. It’s fluffy and full of color. And fur quality is a good way of judging a rabbit’s health. So if you’re buying or selling rabbits, fur quality is something you need to pay attention to.
A standard prime or zoom lens will get you close enough for a detailed picture. But if you want to get up close and personal with your rabbit photographs, try a macro lens. It’s not vital for rabbit photography, but it’s worth a try if you have a macro lens.

an up close portrait of a bunny eyeballs and ears
© Emiliano Vittoriosi (

Conclusion: Pictures Of Bunnies

There are many reasons you might want to take pictures of bunnies. For starters, a cute bunny makes a fantastic photo. But maybe you’re creating memories with a family pet. Or perhaps bunnies are your business.
As far as animals go, rabbits are easy to work with. But they’re not a prop. Always keep their safety and happiness in mind. Don’t blind them with bright lights. And don’t let them fall off of raised surfaces.
Rabbits are an excellent subject for photos. So if you have one or two, or maybe more, then have a go at rabbit photography.
Check out our Perfect Pawtraits course to really step up your pet rabbit photography skills!
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