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12 Awesome Music & Concert Photographers You Should Know

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Music is an influential part of every individual’s life. It’s not surprising that the music and concert genres are so popular in photography.

Music photography stands out when it’s both appealing and touching. These music and concert photographers juggle both worlds.

12. Concert Photographers: Ashley Osborn

Ashley Osborn is a Los Angeles based documentary and lifestyle photographer. She taught herself how to take photos and picked up her first DSLR in 2010.

Since then, she’s been touring with bands like Bring Me The Horizon. She has attracted over 110,000 followers to her Instagram page.

The singers in her photos are often yelling and having fun. Her images still share a unique softness that’s not common in the music photography genre. Her aim to capture genuine emotions is evident in every post.

Ashley has worked with clients like Apple Music, iHeartMedia, Coachella, and many more.

She has photographed the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Kesha, and others.

11. Todd Owyoung

Todd Owyoung is a NY based photographer and Nikon USA ambassador. He has over 10 years of experience.

His concert photos are intimate and vibrant. He wants viewers to feel like they’re experiencing the music on their own when looking at his photos.

Todd also shares his camera equipment and settings in almost every Instagram post. This is perfect for aspiring concert photographers. This genuine openness has earned him a loyal fanbase. He works with many famous clients like FKA Twigs and Aerosmith.

10. Katy-Rose Cummings

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Glaston-Billie @billieeilish 🖤

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Katy-Rose Cummings is a London based music photographer, blogger, and print designer. After moving to London to have more access to shows, she started photographing gigs. This led to a 3-year collaboration with The Hunna, which she toured the world with.

During the tour, Katy-Rose discovered her love for art. She designed merchandise and took cover photos for different albums. She uses these skills on her website. It features a blog that celebrates women and gives visitors a clearer idea of her story.

Katy-Rose has also photographed Two Door Cinema Club, Circa Waves, Billie Eilish, and others.

9. John Shearer

John Shearer is an entertainment and advertising photographer based in Nashville. He has a diverse portfolio. From studio portraits, candid behind-the-scenes shots, and electric concert photos.

John often photographs singers at popular events like the GRAMMYs and Academy Awards. He takes spontaneous photos of people interacting with one another and having fun.

This, he says, is what he seeks during any photoshoot. Genuine connections make John’s work shine bright in the music photography world.

He has a long list of clients that include Bob Dylan, Billy Ray Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, and more.

8. Raven B. Varona

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Rome, Summer ‘18.

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Raven is a music photographer and NYU graduate. She has over 120,000 followers on Instagram alone. She’s known for photographing Beyoncé and Jay-Z during their On the Run II world tour.

A few years before this, she posted a tweet saying how much she wished she could photograph the couple. This unusual Twitter manifestation made Raven stand out even more in the industry.

Raven has deep knowledge of New York culture. This is one of the many talents that make her shine in a male-dominated industry.

Raven has also photographed famous performers like Jennifer Lopez. She collaborated with notable brands like Nike.

7. Nabil Elderkin

Nabil Elderkin, known as NABIL, is an American-Australian photographer and filmmaker. He started his career by taking photos of surfers. He was also studying photography and photographing concerts.

He rose to fame in a very unconventional way. After discovering rapper Kanye West’s music, he claimed the domain When the rapper became more popular, Nabil was asked to sell the domain.

Instead of asking for money, he requested a photo shoot with Kanye West. This led to incomparable publicity. He continued to have more collaborations with the famous rapper. And opportunities that every music photographer dreams of.

Since then, Nabil has worked with an endless list of performers, publications, and companies. These include John Legend, Nike, Rolling Stone, and more. He often takes black & white photos that are bright, bold, and emotive.

Nabil has also directed some short films and music videos. The list includes Supermodel by SZA and Holocene by Bon Iver.

6. Ilona Gerasymova

Ilona Gerasymova is based in Prague. She often takes vibrant and electric photos of concerts. Her gallery is full of wide shots and close-ups that are intimate. Because of this, her photos will make you feel like you’re a part of the show no matter how far away the subject is.

Ilona also works with harsh concert lights. Unnatural shades of red, blue, and green all look appealing in her photos. She manipulates them in a way that complements the musicians and audience.

She excels at something that most people would find impossible. This makes her portfolio so outstanding.

Ilona has photographed Eugene Abdukhanov, Tetiana Shmailiuk, AVATAR, and others.

5. Julian Bajsel

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Houston ❤️

A post shared by Julian Bajsel 📷 (@jbajsel) on

Julian Bajsel is a Houston based concert photographer. His photos are sharp, radiant, and welcoming. His portfolio is full of all kinds of unique angles, compositions, and models.

Julian believes that music should be seen and heard. He doesn’t take professional studio portraits. He photographs every moment as it comes while carrying his equipment in a backpack.

Julian has photographed Diplo, Lil Nas X, Zedd, and others.

4. Deneka Peniston


Deneka Peniston’s music portraits are personal and emotive. This is not very common in the music genre. She takes portraits of musicians and actors showing their most vulnerable sides. Oftentimes, she celebrates her subjects’ cultural background during her photoshoots.

Most of Deneka’s photos are posed. But she has a candid approach to music photography. She uses conventional studio photography techniques. And captures her subjects in atmospheric light in front of simple backdrops. This unusual mix of genres gives her work a soft and elegant touch.

Deneka has worked with Jason Lindner, Ben Williams, Madison McFerrin, and others.

3. David Uzochukwu

David Uzochukwu is one of the youngest photographers on this list. At the age of 20, he has been featured in Vogue Italia. He’s exhibited his work all around the world. And he has been interviewed by an impressive amount of publications.

David started his career as a conceptual and fine art photographer. These genres still play an important role in his current work. But he has broadened his horizons and moved into other genres, like music.

He combines his knowledge of surrealism and music to create unforgettable masterpieces.

David stands out because his photos aren’t what you’d expect from a music photographer. His images resemble paintings more than anything else. It’s not a surprise that they grace the covers of magazines like Clash.

David has photographed FKA Twigs, Pharrell Williams, Benjamin Clementine, and others.

2. Allister Ann

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Adele, 21 Tour

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Allister Ann is a Los Angeles based photographer and director. She’s one of the only female touring photographers. This is surprising since there are many talented female music photographers out there.

She strives to put a spotlight on women in a male-dominated industry.

Despite the limitations in the music industry, Allister was never limited at home. Her family, all in love with art, gave her room to grow and evolve as a photographer.

Allotter’s bold determination is clear in her work. Her music photos are honest, soft, and fearless at the same time. She has photographed Adele, Dolly Parton, Reggie Watts, and many others.

1. Matty Vogel

Matty Vogel is a Los Angeles based music photographer. He’s known for photographing the famous rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars. Their lead singer is Jared Leto. Matty has taken personal, in-studio, and candid photos of Jared Leto.

His diverse portfolio features studio shots, spontaneous concert snaps, editorial photos, and more. He has attracted almost 80,000 followers on Instagram only. He has toured all over the world with various musicians and has hundreds of vibrant photos to prove it.

Matty’s creative flexibility has made him a household name in the music photography world. Whether you’re a Jared Leto superfan or a music photography enthusiast, you’ll enjoy looking through his work.

Matty has also photographed Billie Eilish, Julia Michaels, Shawn Mendes, and others.


Music photography has been an irreplaceable part of the art world for decades. Its importance will continue to intensify as the years go by.

The photographers we mention on this list are a great source of inspiration. Check out their work before you head out to that next concert!

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