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12 Fantastic Easter Picture Ideas (Still Life and Portraits)

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 10 min read
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Our Easter picture ideas are a great way to create memories with family or take joyful photos for clients. Either way, you can improve your photography skills!

Because this time of year gets very busy, it’s important to prepare. Use these creative photography ideas for Easter to plan fun photoshoots and add a boost of color to your portfolio.

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The Magical Photography Spellbook
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12 Fantastic Easter Picture Ideas

Here are twelve easy Easter picture ideas, from vibrant egg hunts to whimsical bunny portraits. We hope they inspire your creativity and capture cherished memories this holiday season.

1. Have a Cozy Family Easter Photoshoot

A cozy family photoshoot during Easter is a delightful way to capture warmth and togetherness. Whether you’re photographing your own family or someone else’s, it can be a fun way to spend time with one another.

Use soft, natural lighting, such as a cloudy day or some shade outside, or filtered light through sheer curtains indoors. Style the scene with pastel-colored throw pillows, fresh flowers, or perhaps a basket of decorative eggs.

Encourage the family to snuggle close, sharing affectionate moments that convey the essence of the holiday. Guide them in playful family poses, like the kids hunting for eggs or the parents embracing their little ones.

Spring’s vibrant colors and your subjects’ relationships can create happy family photos. These pictures can perfectly encapsulate the joy and intimacy of this beloved spring celebration.

A child laughing in his mother's arms as an example for Easter picture ideas
Shot with a Canon EOS T2i. 28mm, f/1.8, 1/4,000, ISO 100. Gabe Pierce (Unsplash)

2. Have a Floral-Themed Baby Photoshoot

Young children can be very difficult to photograph. Newborn photography requires strict training, while child photography involves much running and playing. But babies that haven’t learned to walk yet are the perfect subjects for a floral-themed photoshoot.

Put the baby on a warm blanket surrounded by spring flowers. Use fake flowers to avoid allergic reactions and messy pollen. And take photos next to a large window on a sunny day—but avoid unflattering, indirect light.

You can surround your subject with other Easter-related objects. These can be simple objects like easter eggs, palm leaves, or fake butterflies. Before your Easter photoshoot, make sure your props are safe for babies.

A baby in a basket with bedding and flowers as one of the examples of Easter picture ideas
Shot with a Nikon D750. 85mm, f/2.5, 1/100 s, ISO 250. Ardalan Hamedani (Unsplash)

3. Shoot Colorful Flower Photography

Flower arrangements are ideal for photographers who want to capture different colors effectively. Spring is the perfect time to photograph all kinds of beautiful flowers.

Photograph professional arrangements. Use spring flowers as foregrounds for colorful landscapes. Or, include them in conceptual Easter-themed pictures.

Every country has its special spring flowers. Spring in the United States brings a vibrant array of flowers. Here are seven popular flowers you can find and photograph in shops, parks, botanical gardens, and the wild:

  1. Tulips: Come in various shades in gardens, parks, and flower festivals nationwide
  2. Daffodils: Bright yellow or white petals and trumpet-shaped centers are common
  3. Cherry Blossoms: Cherry trees burst into delicate pink and white flowers
  4. Lilacs: Known for their clusters of purple, pink, or white blossoms
  5. Irises: Have a distinct shape and come in purple, blue, yellow, and white
  6. Peonies: Beloved spring flowers
  7. Hyacinths: Prized for their vibrant clusters of tightly packed flowers
A pastel spring flower arrangement as an example for Easter picture ideas for photography
Shot with an OM System E-M10 Mark IV. 25mm, f/1.8, 1/160, ISO 400. Natalia Trofimova (Unsplash)

4. Distract Active Children With Cute Pets

If you take photos of older children, you can still have a stress-free shoot. Include children and baby animals in your compositions to create extra heartwarming photos.

You don’t need to take Easter-themed photos in a professional studio or use portrait props if you don’t want to. If you have an animal that represents Easter, you can easily distract your subjects. Using animals also improves your pet photography skills.

Bunnies, chicks, ducklings, and lambs are some of the animals that represent Easter. Baby animals of all kinds can also symbolize this holiday.

A photography portrait of a young boy holding a yellow duckling up as an example of Easter picture ideas
Shot with a Canon Rebel T3. 50mm, f/2.5mm, 1/800 s, ISO 100. Roxanne Desgagnés (Unsplash)

5. Make Custom Easter Signs for Pets

Signs are the best way to add humor and joy to photos of all kinds. After you make them yourself or print them out, place them next to an adorable pet. Bonus points if it can hold the sign like the bunny above!

Some photographers prefer to write messages digitally. If you’re one of these people, you can use a blank sheet of paper during your shoot and then write your message in post.

A portrait of a fluffy bunny in a basket holding a "Happy Easter" sign as an example for Easter picture ideas
Shot with a Canon EOS 6D. 50mm, f/1.8, 1/640 s, ISO 250. Helena Lopes (Unsplash)

6. Take Cute Easter Pictures of Decorated Eggs

You don’t need to paint breathtaking art on your Easter eggs if you don’t want to. Simple colors and cute doodles work just as well to reflect an Easter theme.

Easter egg photography improves your still-life photography skills. Play with natural or artificial light to make your decorations visually appealing.

This Easter activity also helps you improve your portrait skills. If you take photos of people painting eggs, you must adjust your camera settings to capture their movement sharply. Or, you can use a shallow depth of field (wide aperture, small f-number) to focus more on the eggs.

Decorated eggs with a mother an child in the background as an example of Easter picture ideas
Shot with a Sony a7 II. 50mm, f/2.0, 1/250 s, ISO 400. Chris Hardy (Unsplash)

7. Create Unique Easter Scenes With Everyday Items

Nothing says “I’m a creative genius” like a smart concept made using simple materials like an egg and ink. The idea of a chick breaking out of an egg isn’t new. But even if you’ve seen photos like the one below many times, it can be fun to recreate them with friends and family.

The point of Easter is to come together and celebrate. So try not to focus too much on creating portfolio-worthy photos all the time. Try DIY crafts with family and friends and photograph the experience and final results.

If you need help brainstorming more ideas, check out The Creative Photography Cookbook! It has tips and tricks you can use for all seasons and celebrations.

A unique funny composed conceptual still-life scene made from a cracked egg shell and ink as an example for Easter picture ideas
Shot with a Nikon D7000. 50mm, f/4.5, 1/100 s, ISO 125. Daniel Jericó (Unsplash)

8. Take Candid Portrait Photos

Portrait photography is often associated with serious expressions, expensive lighting, and supermodel posing. But it doesn’t have to be. Candid photography is all about unexpected moments.

If you’re used to being in control, this portrait sub-genre helps you be present and sharpen all your creative senses. It’s fun to experiment with.

Don’t change how you approach portraits, especially when you’re celebrating Easter with your loved ones. Be open and flexible about shooting various headshots, medium-length or full-body portraits.

A candid of a girl dumping plastic eggs over a boy and them both laughing as an example of candid Easter picture ideas
Shot with a Canon EOS 80D. 45mm, f/2.8 , 1/500 s, ISO 100. Jesse Cortez (Unsplash)

9. Document an Easter Egg Hunt to Preserve Memories

Children grow up fast (a little too fast), meaning every photo of them is precious. Easter is a good time to document their childhood through an Easter egg hunt.

If you don’t see your family members often, it’s also a nice way to get photos of each other enjoying time together. You can use the photos in diptychs, collages, or a photo series that the entire family can cherish for years.

You can also turn this into an annual photo project to show how your subjects and family grow. Photograph the winners every year and document some of the changes in your family.

Two kids with baskets and colored eggs shot from above as an example for Easter picture ideas
Shot with a Canon EOS T2i (550D). 18mm, f/1.8, 1/4,000, ISO 100. Gabe Pierce (Unsplash)

10. Sharpen Your Still-Life Photography Skills

Not every day do you get to sit at a table filled with chocolate bunnies, spring flowers, and other Easter-related objects. Use this as an opportunity to improve your still-life photography.

Hone your composition, lighting, and storytelling abilities. Experiment with different camera angles, lighting setups, and props to elevate the image’s visual impact. And highlight the intricate details and textures of the subject matter.

Use indoor lighting and foreground and background distractions to frame your subject. This idea lets you document moments and details most people likely forget during a family celebration.

A still life with figurines on a tray and tulips in a bunny vase as an example for Easter picture ideas
Shot with a Nikon D5600. 34mm, f/5.0, 1/100 s, ISO 400. Waldemar (Unsplash)

11. Take Cute Bunny Photos of Interacting With Pets

If you want to improve your ability to capture sharp movements, take photos of bunnies playing with other animals. It gives them lots of opportunities to run around and provide you with funny moments to capture.

Gently introduce the bunny to the pets, allowing them to sniff and explore each other curiously. Guide the animals into endearing poses, perhaps with the bunny nestled beside a gentle dog or a cat.

Set a fast shutter speed and use your camera’s burst mode. Be patient and expect those precious, unscripted moments. In time, you can freeze the innocent wonder and affection shared between these unlikely companions.

Bunnies are unpredictable and active—perfect subjects for candid photography enthusiasts. If you don’t have access to a bunny, there are often petting zoos or farms you can visit over Easter. Your pets may not be able to interact with them, but perhaps you can!

A black-and-white picture of a white bunny jumping over a black dog on a couch as an example of Easter picture ideas
Francis Dela Pena (Unsplash)

12. Have Your Pet Wear Bunny Ears!

You can still take Easter-themed pet photos if you don’t have a bunny. All you need are bunny ears! Some online stores even sell bunny hats, costumes, and bows for dogs and cats.

Capturing pets with bunny ears for Easter creates adorable and engaging photo opportunities. A beloved dog or cat wearing bunny ears evokes a sense of playfulness and charm. It’s perfect for pet photographers seeking to connect with their audience.

To execute this concept effectively, ensure the pet is comfortable and at ease with the ears. Use positive reinforcement and treats if needed. Also, use natural light and simple backgrounds to keep the focus on the pet’s expression and the Easter theme.

Be flexible and have fun with the photoshoot. The joy of animal photography lies in its spontaneity.

A funny picture of a French bulldog dressed in sunglasses, bunny ears, and flowers on its head as an example for Easter picture ideas
Shot with a Nikon D850. f/4.0, 1/3,200 s, ISO 160. Firn (iStock)

Conclusion: Easter Photoshoot Ideas

Even though Easter has different meanings in every family, it allows loved ones to come together and celebrate. It’s the perfect time to grab your camera and improve your photography skills with these Easter picture ideas.

Take pictures of your family, children, or friends having fun with Easter eggs. Photograph energetic pets, or go outside and photograph nature’s beauty. There are endless Easter photography ideas! We hope these give you a head start.

Our Best eBooks and Courses for Easter Picture Ideas
Magical Childhood Moments
Magical Childhood Moments
Magical Childhood Moments
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The Magical Photography Spellbook
The Magical Photography Spellbook
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Perfect Pawtraits
Perfect Pawtraits