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12 Great Easter Picture Ideas (Still Life Photography)

Last updated: November 12, 2023 - 6 min read
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Great Easter picture ideas are a great way to create memories with family. Or you can take joyful photos of clients, and improve your photography skills.

Because this time of year can get very busy, it’s important to prepare. You can use these Easter photography ideas to plan fun photoshoots that will add a boost of color to your portfolio.

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12 Great Easter Picture Ideas

1. Have a Floral-Themed Baby Photoshoot

a Floral-Themed Easter photoshoot of a newborn surrounded by Easter-related objects like feathers, palms, and fake butterflies - easter photography ideas
You can surround your subject with other Easter-related objects like feathers, palms, and fake butterflies. Before your shoot, make sure your props are safe to use around babies.

Young children can be very difficult to photograph. Newborn photography requires strict training, while child photography involves a lot of running and playing.

Babies that haven’t learned to walk yet, however, are the perfect subjects for a floral-themed shoot.
Put the baby on a warm blanket surrounded by spring flowers. To avoid allergic reactions and messy pollen, use fake flowers. And take photos next to a large window on a sunny day to avoid unflattering light.

2. Distract Active Children With Cute Pets

A sweet Easter photography portrait of a young boy holding a yellow duckling to the camera - easter photos
If you prefer taking photos of older children, you can still have a stress-free shoot. To create extra heartwarming photos, include both children and baby animals in your compositions.

You don’t need to take Easter-themed photos in a professional studio or use any kind of props if you don’t want to.

If you have an animal that represents Easter, you can easily distract your subjects. And it’ll improve your pet photography skills at the same time.

A few animals that represent Easter are bunnies, chicks, ducklings, and lambs. In general, baby animals of all kinds can be used to symbolize this holiday.

3. Make Custom Signs for Your Pets

Adorable pet portrait of a fluffy bunny with a sign reading 'happy easter' in its mouth
Signs are the best way to add humor and joy to photos of all kinds. After you make them yourself or print them out, place them next to an adorable pet. Bonus points if it can hold the sign like the bunny above!

Some photographers prefer to write messages digitally. If you’re one of these people, you can use a blank sheet of paper during your shoot and then write your message in post.

4. Take Colorful Flower Photography

Bunches of different colored tulips - Easter flower photography tips
Flower arrangements are ideal for photographers who want to get better at photographing different colors at once.

Spring is the perfect time to photograph all kinds of beautiful flowers. Bokeh, vibrant colors, and sunshine will all take your flower photography to the next level. And it’ll inspire you to look for beauty in details.

You can photograph professional flower arrangements. Or use spring flowers as foregrounds for landscape photos. Or you can include them in conceptual Easter-themed pictures. Every country has its special spring flowers. Here are some of the most popular ones you can find in the UK:

  • Tulip
  • Hyacinth
  • Bluebell
  • Lilac
  • Iris
  • Freesia
  • Peony

5. Take Cute Easter Pictures of Decorated Eggs

Cute Easter Pictures of Decorated Eggs
You don’t need to paint breathtaking landscapes on your Easter eggs if you don’t want to. Cute doodles and quotes might reflect your models more accurately.

Easter egg photography will improve your still-life photography skills. If you take photos of the eggs as they’re being painted, you’ll have to change your camera settings often.

You’ll need to adjust to different lights and movements. This will help you get better at working with your camera in busy environments. You’ll also get better at working with natural or artificial light. This will make your decorations look as visually appealing as possible.

6. Have a Cozy Family Photo Shoot

A cosy portrait of a mother and baby posing among wild flowers - family easter picture ideas
Whether you’re photographing your own family or someone else’s, it’s fun to spend time with people who care about one another.
You can use spring’s vibrant colors and your subjects’ relationships to create joyful family photos.

7. Make Your Pet Wear Bunny Ears!

A cute pet portrait of a small dog wearing pink bunny ears and sunglasses - funny easter pictures
If you don’t have a bunny, you can still take Easter-themed photos of your pets. All you need are bunny ears!
Some online stores even sell bunny hats, costumes, bows, and tutus for dogs.
The joy of animal photography lies in its spontaneity.

8. Create Unique and Funny Photos Using Everyday Items

Unique and Funny Easter Photos Using Eggshells, paper and ink
Nothing says “I’m a creative genius” like a smart concept made using simple things like eggshells, fingers, and candles.
Even if you’ve come across photos like the one above many times, it can be fun to recreate them with friends and family.

The point of Easter is to come together and celebrate. So try not to focus too much on creating portfolio-worthy photos all the time.

9. Take Candid Photos of Your Family

Sweet easter portrait photo of two little girls in bunny ears posing outdoors
Portrait photography is often associated with serious expressions, expensive lighting equipment, and supermodel-like posing skills.

Even though this sub-genre is fun to experiment with, it doesn’t have to influence the way you look at other types of portraits. Especially not when you’re celebrating Easter with your loved ones.

Candid photography is all about unexpected moments. If you’re used to being in control, this will help you sharpen all of your creative senses and be present.

10. Document an Egg Hunt to Create an Unforgettable Story

A sweet Easter portrait of a little girl on an Easter egg hunt
Children grow up fast (a little too fast), which means that every photo of them is precious. If you don’t get to see your family members often, take the time to document an egg hunt.
You can use the photos in diptychs, collages, and photo albums that the entire family can cherish for years to come.

You can also turn this into an annual project to emphasize how quickly your subjects grow. Photograph the winners every year, and document all the details that have changed throughout the years.

11. Sharpen Your Still-Life Photography Skills

Bright and airy Easter still life of a set dining table with tulips and chocolate bunnies
It’s not every day that you get to sit at a table filled with chocolate bunnies, spring flowers, and other Easter-related objects. Use this as an opportunity to improve your still life photography skills.

This idea will help you use indoor lighting and background distractions to your advantage.
It will also allow you to document moments that most people would most likely forget during a celebration.

12. Take Cute Photos of Bunnies Interacting With Your Pets

A black and white pet portrait of a white rabbit jumping over a black dog - easter photo ideas
Bunnies tend to be unpredictable and active. This makes them the perfect subjects for candid photography enthusiasts.

If you want to get better at capturing sharp movements, take photos of bunnies playing with other animals. This will give them lots of opportunities to run around. And it will provide you with funny moments to capture.


A close up of a person shooting an Easter still life photo with a smartphone
Even though Easter has different meanings in every family, it allows loved ones to come together and celebrate.
This makes it the perfect time to grab your camera and improve your photography skills with these Easter picture ideas.

Take pictures of your family having fun with their children, photographing energetic pets, or going outside and photographing nature’s beauty.

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