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The Best iPhone Lens in 2023 (Updated)

Last updated: September 21, 2023 - 6 min read
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The best iPhone lens in 2022 isn’t the one that comes with your phone. It’s the one you add to it. There are a lot of great lenses out there, and we’ve compiled a list of the best ones for you.

iPhone Lens: Black Eye Pro Cinema Wide G4

Black Eye’s fisheye lens may look simple, but it has one of the best quality optics on this list. Its multi-element lens minimizes ghosting and ensures sharp-looking photos.

This tiny gadget also includes a hood. This hood lessens glare that most wide-angle options suffer from.

With a tried and true clip-on design, the G4 can fit any type of phone from iPhone to Samsung and Pixel. It also offers a 120-degree perspective. Perfect for selfies, action shots, and even panoramas.

At about $80, it’s a great deal considering what you can do with it.

pro cinema wide G4 phone lens

Olloclip Mobile Photography Box Set

If you need a variety of smartphone camera lenses for every situation, Olloclip’s box set is the best option for you. It features a bracket that you clip onto the phone. You can then attach a fisheye, wide-angle, and telephoto lens to it depending on what you’d like to shoot.

Now you must be asking; my iPhone X already has a telephoto and wide-angle lens, so why use the Olloclip? Well, the clip-on lenses magnify your images even more if you need extra zooming power. And of course, you can also use them when you’re only using the front camera which lacks telephoto and wide-angle.

If you’re serious about your smartphone or iPhone photography, this lens kit is going to be indispensable.

Olloclip phone lenses

Apexel 36x Telephoto Lens

Most camera phones have built-in telephoto lenses, but their magnification is still limited. If you’re into taking nature, sports, or astrophotography that requires a powerful lens, then the Apexel telephoto is for you.

This superb telephoto lens is a few inches long and can even function as a regular telescope. It comes with a clip that makes it compatible with any type of phone out there. It also has a tiny adaptor that lets you attach it to a mini tripod for more stability while taking photos.

Pair it with your built-in telephoto to take pictures from considerable distances.

Apexel 36x Telephoto Lens

RhinoShield 2-in-1 Lens

This impressive lens kit is built by the phone case company RhinoShield. It is both a fisheye and a macro lens in one small package. This lens attaches to any compatible case and works well, even in harsh conditions.

The lens boasts a 110-degree wide-angle. This angle lets you cover more area more than most other fisheye lenses. If you feel like taking macro shots, unscrew the fisheye attachment, and you’ve got yourself a macro lens. It’s pretty neat for such a small lens kit.
RhinoShield 2-in-1 Lens

Hitcase Fisheye

If you’re looking for an excellent iPhone camera lens, then check out Hitcase’s Trulux Superwide Fisheye lens.

This phenomenal product can capture 148 degrees diagonal fob, so you don’t have to worry about cropping anything out. And did we mention that it doesn’t create vignettes (dark corners) like most cheap camera lenses out there?

Hitcase’s fisheye lens is compatible with a variety of cases from the same company. It also has magnetic contacts that let you effortlessly attach it to your device. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even use it underwater since it’s also waterproof. Yep, for a lens that only weighs 22 grams, it has tons to offer.
Hitcase Fisheye Lens

Hitcase Trulux Macro

Modern dual cameras now include wide-angle and telephoto. It’s debatable whether you still need clip-on lenses. But Hitcase’s Trulux Macro is one option that you can’t pass up. Especially if you’re into taking super closeup photos.

The Trulux Macro has a working distance of 12 to 22mm, which means you can get close to your subject. And unlike other cumbersome macro lens kits, it’s incredibly small. Instead of using a clip, it screws on to compatible Hitcase brand cases. Once you attach it, you won’t even notice it’s there. Now that’s a great plus.

Hitcase Trulux Macro lens

Exolens Wide Angle

Exolens is one of the best phone camera lenses out there. It features optics from the renowned lens-maker Zeiss. This lens has zero vignetting and minimal distortion to ensure you get the best snapshots every time. Plus, the lens is also coated with anti-glare to prevent unappealing lens flares.

Exolens’s special bracket feels robust, but it’s also quite big and can get in the way. The lens is more prominent than its counterparts. But at the same time, it’s rugged enough that you don’t have to worry about carrying it around outdoors. And the best part? It produces the best image quality you desire.

Exolens Wide Angle lens on an iPhone

Moment Tele 58mm

Finding a high-quality iPhone telephoto lens can be difficult. Most options out there tend to underdeliver. If you want to get the best lens for your smartphone or iPhone photography, then you need to pick the Moment Tele 58mm. It’s made of coated glass that prevents undesirable glares and preserves sharpness.

This Moment lens can accommodate the large sensors of devices such as the iPhone 11. So there’s no need to worry about vignetting or even reducing your image quality.

It’s also designed for use on dual cameras. It can achieve 2x magnification when attached to the wide-angle lens, and 4x if you use it on your phone’s telephoto lens.

Moment Tele 58mm lens for phones

Moment Anamorphic Lens

With modern smartphones came the addition of 4K video capabilities. It was only a matter of time for companies to make phone-compatible anamorphic lenses to suit these capabilities. And the Moment Anamorphic lens made waves last year when people found out about what it can do.

These Moment lenses are made of high-quality glass. It creates cinema-quality shots that feature beautiful lens flares. That means you can finally recreate the look of your favourite action-hero movies with your smartphone.

Moment Anamorphic Lens

Sony QX10

This is not your usual lens attachment as it is technically a camera. Apart from a lens that can zoom, This smart little device also houses a dedicated sensor. The only thing that’s missing is your phone to turn it into a fully functioning camera.

The Sony QX10 lens has a whopping 28-100mm focal length which defeats any dual cameras out there. It also features a ⅔ inch 18-megapixel sensor for taking photos that are far greater in quality than any smartphones. The only catch is that it costs about $300.

Quite expensive, but it’s the closest thing you can get if you want professional-looking smartphone images.

Sony QX10 lens

Conclusion: Iphone Lens

So what is the best smartphone or iPhone camera lens option for you? The best phone lens depends on what you need.  If you’re thinking of buying add-on lenses this year, think about how you want to use it.

With dual cameras now available, you have more flexibility on what you can do. But having the correct camera lens attachment will help you elevate your photography to a whole new level. Review the article and find the one you will find the most invaluable!

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