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12 Unique Photography Ideas for Interesting Photos

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 5 min read
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There are a million different ways to take a photograph. But sometimes, the simplest ideas make for the most interesting photos. Here are twelve unique photography ideas to get you started.

Unique Photography: How to Take Unique Photos

1. Create Visual Consistency by Focusing on One Color

Hit air balloons floating over a snowy landscape
Some of the most unique photos out there tend to be visually aesthetic.
You can easily achieve the same effect by focusing on very few colors in your photos. You can do this by finding similar colors in one location, as pictured above.
You can also emphasize or desaturate certain colors in post. You can use this to make your pictures look more appealing.

2. Shoot from Different Angles to Photograph Your Subject from a Refreshing Point of View

An archway over a cobbled street shot from a low angle
Sometimes, taking unique photos means shooting from unique angles, not just eye level.
Get out of your comfort zone and shoot from very low or very high angles. Don’t be afraid of rotating your camera and breaking a few rules!

3. Use In-Camera Tricks to Make Simple Photos Look Unique

A multiple exposure portrait of a girl
Some cameras, like the Nikon D750, have a Multiple Exposure feature. This allows you to merge two photos into one.
This is an easy way to take unique photos and experiment with compositions.
If you don’t have this feature, try out these in-camera tricks:

4. Focus Away From Your Subject to Emphasise Overlooked Details

A photo of a girl holding out her hand, only the hand is in focus
When we take photos, we tend to focus on our main subject and blur out everything else.
If you want to take unique photos, you have to break this rule and focus away from your subject.
For example, if you’re photographing a person, you can focus on their outstretched hand or a lock of hair.
This will stretch your imagination and make your photos look both unique and diverse.

5. Turn Everyday Items Into Exciting Photoshoot Props

A girl in a bathtub surrounded by beautiful flowers
Many unique photos feature everyday items in unusual settings. In the picture above, the girl is surrounded by flowers and is bathing in milk. The unusual use of these objects makes the picture look fantasy-themed and unique.
You can make flour look like rain, turn long hair into a scarf, etc., with the help of your imagination. The more you use it, the more unique your photos will look.

6. Create Stunning Compositions Using Reflections

A bird swimming in water, the bird is reflected on the surface of the water, creating a double image
Reflections are free and exist everywhere. This makes them every unique photographer’s best friend.
Look for reflections in water, glass buildings, windows, and so on. These are the best places to find beautiful symmetry and patterns for interesting photos.
Once you have a reflection, use it to emphasise something funny or thought-provoking.

7. Use Special Lenses and Filters to Take Unique Photos of Anything and Anyone

A heart shaped lantern floating into the night sky
Another great way to take unique photos is to use unusual tools. There are many lenses and lens filters that can change the way your photos look.
For example, to take unique photos like the one above, you can use a tilt-shift lens and a heart bokeh lens filter.

8. Zoom in to Create Unique Abstract Photos

A macro photo showing the beautiful detail of a birds feathers
Macro photographers, take note! You can use a macro lens to focus on unusual details like feathers, textures, and street signs. You can even use your smartphone lens if you don’t have a professional one.
Your results might look abstract. But they’ll have a unique touch thanks to your unusual subjects.

9. Add Depth to Your Pictures by Taking Photos Through Reflective Surfaces

A hand holding a fragment of a mirror with a girls face reflected in it
Your photos will look boring if you approach your subject the same way every time.
Instead of doing that, you can create depth by shooting through reflective surfaces. These include windows, shiny tables, and even spoons! The stranger the surface, the better.

10. Use Limited Light to Create Dramatic Atmospheres

A moody portrait of a girl, with smoke used to create a dramatic effect
If you look up unique photography online, most unique photos have great lighting.
To make your photos stand out, experiment with highlights and limited light. This means using only one light source (such as a torch or window) during your photoshoot.
This will make your photos look dramatic and help you focus on specific parts of your subject at a time.

11. Create Intentional Motion Blur to Make Your Photos Look Alive

A motion blur image of seagulls on the beach
You can use motion blur techniques to focus on the way things move both in cities and out in nature. This is a great way to give your photos personality and creates smoothness in your work.
Use a tripod, switch to a slow shutter speed, and shoot away!
To make your photos truly unique, photograph dancers, children, and animals in motion.

12. Improve Your Imagination by Taking Surreal, Abstract, and Conceptual Images

A girl standing and holding flowers, a large billow of smoke is coming towards her from the right hand side
The more you improve your imagination, the easier it will be to take unique photos. To do this, you can try out genres like surreal, abstract, and conceptual photography.
All three will inspire you to think outside the box and create iconic photos. You’ll look at everyday items from a completely different point of view.


Unique photos stand out from the rest and make you wish that you had taken them.
You can take many unique photos of your own with the help of your imagination and some photography tips.