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Tis the season to be jolly. Christmas is coming, and it’s time to whip out that camera of yours.

These Christmas Photography Tutorials will help you to capture the season in the best way possible.

16 Digital Photography Tips for Christmas

This is a really good intro into Christmas photography, covering almost everything you would want to cover, in a short space of time.

It’s not exhaustive, but brings up some really good ideas, like shooting in burst fire mode during the present opening, to capture to best photos possible on Christmas morning. I really like the DIY photo booth idea.

4 Unconventional Christmas Lights Photography Techniques

This tutorial actually comes from the ideas promoted in Evan Sharboneau’s Trick Photography and Special effect ebook, so that you can produce some more interesting photos this Christmas time.

The unconventional Christmas lights idea involve panning, zooming, filters, and more. All in the pursuit of interesting images.

How to Photograph Christmas Lights

When you want to know something about lighting, David Hobby is often the man to go to, and it’s no different when it comes to Christmas lighting.

He covers everything from timing and balance, to white balance and exposure. It’s a great little tutorial, which is easy to understand and recently updated.

25 Days of Christmas Photo Challenge

I’m a big fan of photography challenges, because they force you to use your camera, and be creative, which is never a bad thing. I’ve even created my own 30 day photography challenge, and this is very similar.

It runs for the whole of Advent, right up to, and including Christmas day.

Sure, it’s pretty basic, but it’s not supposed to be hard, it’s supposed to entice you to pick up your camera, and get those creative juices flowing.

Christmas Photography Tips

This is another excellent, general tutorial for capturing Christmas with your camera. There’s some good example photos, with their settings listed, so you can learn how to take similar photos too.

I particularly like their group photo, that’s a lovely shot.

10 Ways To Make Christmas Family Photos Stand Out

What is it they say about never working with animals and kids? I forget. But I do know that if you’re taking family photos this Christmas, you will likely be working with both.

This post covers everything you need to know from clothing and activities, to camera angles and collages.

How to Photograph and Create the Perfect Christmas Card

I’m actually really impressed with this tutorial, not only does it cover the business, but the equipment, shoot, and even how to design the card and more.

If you’re looking to earn more money this Christmas, then this article will really help your to produce the best possible results.

3 Steps to Taking Great Party Photos

I’m looking at my diary now, and I’ve got my weekends booked, all the way up until Christmas, with different parties, dinners, and events.

I almost always have my camera with me at a party, and I capture some really amusing moments, which is great fun.

Christmas is a time for get-togethers and memories, so here’s how to capture them all ‘on film’.

Shooting in the Snow & More Tips

Christmas means winter (in the northern hemisphere), and winter means snow. You might be inclined to think that your landscape photography skills will transfer over to your snow photography, but I think you would likely be mistaken.

Particularly when it comes to white balance and exposure. You camera is going to have a fit when it sees all of that white, and that’s why you need to take control yourself.

Best Food Photography Tips From 3 Pro Photographers & More Tips

I have never eaten more in one day, than I did on Christmas day 2011. Amazing food, and lots of it, and lets face it, in the age of Instagram, don’t we all love taking photos of our food?

These two articles cover food photography nicely, providing you with useful information, without boring you.
10 Awesome Christmas Photography Tutorials

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