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I’ve been taking photographs for over nine years. Throughout my journey, I’ve discovered many incredible artists, and among them many amazing female photographers.

The reason I started taking photos in the first place was that I stumbled upon galleries of breathtaking portraits by artists like Laura Kok, Rona Keller, and Annette Pehrsson. They inspired me to experiment with every sub-genre of portraiture that exists: black & white, conceptual, minimalistic, and so on.

My experience with these genres led to the creation of my own style, one that wouldn’t have existed without the help of such diverse galleries.

I strongly believe in the power of inspiration. If used wisely, it can be transformed into the most powerful creative energy you can imagine. I also believe that photographers of all kinds deserve to be recognised and honoured for their contribution.

For these reasons, I want to highlight 15 female photographers whose work continually pushes me to do my best. They’ve all empowered me in innumerable ways, and I’m sure they’ll have the same effect on you.

Laura Kok

Laura is a Dutch photographer with an impressive portfolio. In addition to taking photos of people, she photographs nature, and creates thought-provoking diptychs.

What I love most about her photographs is their authentic beauty. The atmospheres, colours, and compositions in her work gracefully reflect the realness of life.

portrait by Laura Kok

Many of the artists I’ve met have been nothing short of warm, and Laura is certainly one of them. When I discovered her on DeviantArt, she was already well-known. Regardless of her popularity, she was humble and kind, always willing to point me in the right direction when I felt lost.

In addition to giving me photography-related advice, she was there when I felt like giving up. I had nothing but conversations to offer her in return, so I know that her care was unconditional.

Even if Laura hadn’t ended up helping me, I would’ve continued to admire her. However, her friendly manner went the extra mile and encouraged a confused beginner in many ways.

Within just a few years, I became a confident artist with a love for light, beauty, and opportunities. Laura taught me how to be fearless, which is something only a true artist can inspire in others.

Laura’s website and Facebook.

Laura Kok photography

Alexandra Benetel

Alexandra is an Australian photographer and teacher with the dreamiest portfolio you’ll ever see. Her photographs often feature women, nature, and stunning costumes in breathtaking locations. When I look through her work, I find it hard to believe that her photos aren’t film stills!

Alexandra Benetel artistic photography

In addition to being an important part of the photography community, Alexandra is reaching new creative heights; she recently took photos for A Wrinkle In Time and Rogue One, accomplishments that beautifully reflect her potential. She is also one of Flickr’s 20 Under 20 Artists.

portrait photography by Alexandra Benetel

What I love most about Alexandra isn’t her amazing gallery, but her openness on social media. Despite her popularity, she responds to every comment, supports other artists, and makes sure that everyone feels at home on her page.

This rare ability to give her time to others is not only priceless, but eye-opening. When it comes to communication, I hope we all strive to be like her.

Alexandra’s website, Instagram, Flickr, and Facebook.

Annette Pehrsson

Annette is a Swedish photographer whose work can be neatly categorised into three parts: film, Polaroid, and digital. Through her work, she transforms everyday moments into memorable little stories.

Thanks to her photographs, I pay more attention to details both indoors and outdoors. Because of this, I’ve found immense potential in places that once looked bland.

Annette Pehrsson photography

Annette’s Instagram presence is as delightful as her professional work. She often shares personal photos of her cats, her home, and herself. In addition to constantly inspiring her followers, she passionately interacts with them. This quality makes her a friendly and influential artist deserving of much more recognition.

Annettes’ website, Instagram, and Flickr.

portrait photography by Annette Pehrsson

Sarah Rose Smiley

Sarah is an American photographer who happens to be one of the very first artists I discovered. As soon as I stumbled upon her work, I entered an intriguing world of feminism, self-portraits, and thoughtful concepts. All three of these have shaped me into a more considerate artist.

Sarah Rose Smiley diptych

Though a large portion of her photos focuses on important topics like female beauty, media pressure, and popular culture, another portion celebrates the beauty of simplicity.

One of my favourite photos in her gallery is a black & white diptych of her standing behind a door.

Another favourite (pictured above) is a self-portrait expressing the struggles of fitting into society’s norms. This combination of meaning and spontaneity are enough to make you fall for her work.

Sarah Rose Smiley portrait photography

Sarah speaks through her photographs and shares meaningful updates on her Instagram page. As she states on her website, “Aesthetics don’t give us anything real at the end of the day. We have so much more to do and care about. Changing the world will always be more satisfying than changing your body.”

A love for empowerment and equality makes Sarah’s work unforgettable. Every day, her posts remind me to be more loving, understanding, and open-minded. Because of this, she’s one my favourite female photographers.

Sarah’s website, Flickr, Instagram, and Facebook.

Evija Reke

Evija is a Latvian photographer who takes outstanding, fairytale-like portraits. Her closeups feature gentle colours, striking expressions, and sharp details.

Evija Reke photography

As someone who often takes self-portraits, I admire Evija’s ability to balance two very challenging roles: modelling and photographing. Many of her photos are closeups which feature her.

Evija Reke self portrait photography

These self-portraits are so graceful and effortless that it’s easy to forget who took the photograph. At the same time, they speak of her admirable photographic skills.

Evija’s DeviantArt and Facebook.

Felicia Simion

Felicia is a Romanian photographer who has bravely experimented with almost every photography genre you can think of. She has received numerous awards, exhibited her work around the globe, and been featured in publications like The New York Times, The Guardian, and Joia Magazine.

Felicia Simion photography

Felicia’s eclectic mix of photographs doesn’t stop her from staying true to her unique style. Every photograph – be it a self-portrait, a landscape shot, or or an abstract piece – looks and feels like her. To put it simply, she’s the kind of artist whose work you’d recognise immediately.

An invincible style doesn’t stop her from evolving as an artist, however. Regardless of her huge fanbase, she refuses to settle. Her series ‘Not From Here’ expresses the rollercoaster of emotions we go through when we feel like strangers.

Felicia Simion photography Not From Here

In addition to being a multi-talented photographer, Felicia is a very humble individual. She supports other photographers, regardless of their level of experience.

This was something that greatly lifted my spirits when I was a beginner. Knowing that such a talented artist believed in my skills gave me all the motivation I needed to keep experimenting.

Felicia’s website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Gina Vasquez

Gina is an American fine art and portrait photographer. Her conceptual images feature magical settings like fish in balloons, levitating objects, light bulbs on the beach, and hundreds of flying birds.

Gina Vasquez fairytale photography

It’s no surprise, then, that her work has been embraced by authors, exhibitions, and publications.

Gina Vasquez fine art photography

When I first discovered Gina’s work, I was astounded by her kindness. I can confidently say that she’s one of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet.

She effortlessly connects with other artists and makes them feel at home in her presence. Like many of my favourite photographers, she chooses humility over pride. Because of this, it’s impossible not to admire her.

Gina’s website, Flickr, Facebook, and 500px.

Katherine Robbins

Katherine is an American portrait photographer whose work I’ve been admiring for many years. Her photos of Japan create a real and graceful view of the country. She also knows Japanese, writes the loveliest stories, and is someone I consider a dear friend.

Katherine Robbins photography

When I got to know Katherine, my love for her photographs intensified. She’s a grounded individual who’s not afraid of vulnerability.

This gentle nature is contagious. Interacting with her will leave you feeling refreshed. In a similar fashion, the subjects in her photographs bloom because of this quality.

Katherine Robbins portrait photography

In addition to taking brilliant photos, Katherine cooks, reads, draws, and makes stop-motions. This brave openness to creativity has transformed her into a truly inspirational photographer, one who deserves far more recognition than she already has.

Katherine’s website, Flickr, Facebook, and Instagram.

Rona Keller

Rona is a German photographer whose images feel like pieces of home. The countries and people she meets all turn into elegant tales thanks to her graceful approach to photography.

Rona Keller photography

Capturing atmospheres is something I often struggle with, especially when the colder months approach. It’s not easy to appreciate the opposite of what you’re drawn to.

Rona, however, finds beauty in every part of the year (and in every part of the world). This openness to life’s changes is what makes her photographs so magical and warm.

photo by Rona Keller

The vibrant colours and happy feelings in Rona’s work accurately reflect her personality. She’s a bright, friendly, and welcoming human being whose presence lights up the online world.

In addition to that, she has a talent for writing breathtaking photo descriptions and stories. I would recommend her work to anyone who’s looking for a spark of joy.

Rona’s website, DeviantART, and Instagram.

Paulina Metzscher

Paulina is a German portrait and travel photographer who masterfully captures natural beauty. Her photos of women are refreshingly delicate, while her travel shots are reminiscent of visually stunning films like Bright Star and The Atonement.

Paulina Metzscher female photographer

In 2014, Paulina won the Sony World Youth Photographer Award. This, along with previous accomplishments, led to a strong social media presence and an even stronger artistic reputation.

photo by Paulina Metzscher

Paulina is not only talented, but humble. Like many of the female photographers in this post, she has a love for real connections.

This is very evident in her photos, which feature women of all kinds exploring a variety of places. It’s also very evident in her life outside of photography; I got to know her through a series of letters she sent me a few years ago (I am, and always will be, a fan of snail mail.) Even in her writing, I sensed that she lived and breathed art.

Paulina’s openness to both nature and female beauty make her an unforgettable photographer. I hope you find as much comfort in her gallery as I do.

Paulina’s website, Flickr, and Instagram.

Noelle Buske

Noelle is an American photographer who takes dreamy photos of people and nature. Her gallery is filled with an eclectic mix of self-portraits, silhouettes, landscapes, and double exposures.

Noelle Buske photography

I love the thoughtfulness that Noelle pours into her work. Every portrait, whether it features her, a friend, or a stranger, contains an array of powerful emotions.

Her models always look comfortable; it seems like they’re completely unaware of the camera’s presence. This spontaneous nature is what makes her work exceptional.

photo by Noelle Buske

Through her work, the world is equally peaceful and meaningful. She has the kind of portfolio that will soothe and inspire you simultaneously. I highly recommend visiting her pages when your creativity needs some warmth.

Noelle’s Facebook and 500px.

Silvia Travieso

Silvia is a Spanish photographer whose gallery is filled with breathtaking self-portraits, panoramas, and close-ups.

Many of Silvia’s photographs are accompanied by thoughtful titles like The Disappearance of the Girl and Self-Preservation. These words, though seemingly simple, greatly intensify the beauty of her images.

She confidently embraces exciting concepts that involve DIY props, magnificent landscapes, and expert editing skills.

Silvia Travieso fine art photo looks like a painting

I’ve been a fan of Silvia’s work for a few years. I remember how impressed I was with her early work. Even then, she was constantly experimenting with ideas that would intimidate many.

Over the years, I’ve noticed incredible transformations; every photo she posts is more stunning, thought-provoking, and eye-catching than the last.

She’s the kind of photographer who won’t let anything or anyone stop her from creating something meaningful. Because of this, I recommend following her work right now. Her drive will motivate you immensely.

Silvia’s Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram.

Meyrem Bulucek

Meyrem is a Romanian photographer who expertly captures the relationships between people. Her photos feature people working on their passions, interacting with others, or appreciating the world.

Her gallery is a breath of fresh air thanks to its carefree yet purposeful nature. Even the strangers in her photos look like beloved friends.

Meyrem Bulucek photography

For portrait photographers, connection is key. Without it, their chances of taking authentic photos are non-existent. Meyrem, understanding this, effectively communicates with her models.

Meyrem Bulucek photo of a young woman staring out a window

All of her subjects look comfortable and content, as if they fully trust her ability to capture their essence. This trust has resulted in hundreds of gorgeous portraits of individuals doing what they love.

If you’re a fan of New York, spontaneity, and movement, you’ll fall in love with Meyrem’s work.

Meyrem’s website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Adi Dekel

Adi is a fine art photographer based in Israel. Her portraits come from a parallel universe filled with dreamy landscapes, expressive models, and ethereal colours.

Every photograph in Adi’s gallery has a unique story of its own. Even though none of her photos look the same, they all complement each other. This is evident in her first posts too; even then, her photos gravitated toward softness and magic.

Adi Dekel fine art portrait of a young woman surrounded by blue flowers

Adi has become very successful thanks to her talent and bright personality. She thrives on Instagram, Flickr, 500px, and more.

Her fans lovingly compliment her work, making sure she gets the admiration she deserves. All of this exposure shows that she’s more than a wonderful photographer; she’s a wonderful individual, too.

Adi Dekel portrait of a young woman with blue hair dressed in a gold shirt and surrounded by gold roses

What fascinates me the most about her work is her quick improvements. Even as a beginner, she produced quality work and knew exactly what she wanted.

Because of this, her gallery speaks of confidence, curiosity, and care. I’m amazed by her work and look forward to seeing her future masterpieces.

Adi’s Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram.

Zuzana Smolkova

Zuzana is a Slovakian family photographer, illustrator, and mother. She often documents her daughters’ adventures in nature. Her work is an enriching childhood experience, a collection of memories she generously shares online.

Zuzana Smolkova photography

Zuzana is one of my favourite family photographers for many reasons, the most important of which being that she’s passionate about what she does.

Despite her busy lifestyle, she finds the time to photograph the world around her. Her gallery is filled with bright, cheerful, and nostalgic images that beautifully describe the joys of being a child.

Zuzana Smolkova family photography

What stands out most about Zuzana is her personality. If you take the time to support her, she’ll take the time to thank you. She happily interacts with all of her followers and passionately shares her work as often as she can.

It’s also such a joy to see her daughters bloom through her work.

If you’re a family photographer or if you simply enjoy heartwarming childhood photos, you must check out her portfolio.

Zuzana’s Instagram.


There’s nothing as enriching as genuine friendships and powerful inspiration. Every single one of these photographers has changed my creative life for the better. T

he most beautiful thing is that each artist affected me in her own unique way; Zuzana introduced me to family photography, Laura boosted my confidence, and Gina made me feel at home. I’m immensely grateful for their selflessness.

Though there are many more amazing female photographers out there, I hope that these 15 ladies have given you enough inspiration to keep embracing photography.

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