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25 Best Film Photographers Working Today

is far from dead. More and more photographers are using film due to the ease of scanning and sharing. This is in spite of the increasing costs of film and processing.
Here, we have 25 of the best film photographers, still capturing analog images in 2019.
A red sofa chair taken on a beach using film photography

25. Toby Harvard | @toby.harvard

Toby Harvard is a big fan of neon, and what feels like, alternative processes and unique coloring. These are all apparent in his cinematic and stylised portraits.
He focuses on the human element and moment’s of people’s lives. You can tell he places importance on the setting he uses.
He has a talent for screenwriting, obviously seeping out of his film photography.
A nine photo grid of Toby Harvards colorful and mysterious portrait images - best film photographers

24. Zhamak Fullad@zhamakthecat

Zhamak Fullad is a photographer based in Toronto. Her analog photography work has recently been shown by Galore magazine. She also captures BtS images for Roy Woods.
If you are looking for those hard-to-capture party vibes, look no further than her work. The images you find are versatile and full of atmosphere.
A diptych of analog photography work by Zhamak Fullad

23. Tess Mayer@tesslomayer

Tess Mayer is a film photographer based in New York City. Her regular day sees her working for Interview Magazine, where she still manages to shoot on the side.
The analog photography style she uses ranges between portraiture and documentary. One of her film photography projects follows her younger sister growing up is one to keep up to date with.
A grid of 9 portraits by film photographer Tess Mayer

22. Ana Topoleanu | @anaonanalog

Ana Topoleanu is a portrait and landscape analog photographer. Her work covers all kinds of settings, from beaches to mountains.
This Romanian photographer has traveled and lived in many countries. She is now based in Mexico. Her full-page images really show the details and grain in her 35 mm photography.
A grid of 9 portraits by film photographer Ana Topoleanu

21. Cassandra Klos@cassandrasaurus

Cassandra Klos is a Boston-based photographer, using mainly 4×5 large format analog photography. The film photography project you need to look for are those set on Mars.
She used Utah and Hawaii as settings. Here she documents the lives of people devoting their time living like astronauts on Mars would.
Documentary photo of people devoting their time living like astronauts on Mars would by Cassandra Klos - best film photographers

20. Rosie Matheson | @rosie_matheson

Rosie Matheson was in the running to win the Portrait of Britain award in 2016. She is an expert when it comes to portraits, using 120 medium format film photography to do so.
This British photographer spends a long time setting up her scenes. They come out as crisp and neatly composed.
Her selection is short, keeping the best of her work on her site.
A grid of 9 portraits by Rosie Matheson - contemporary film photographers

19. Anna Gallifent@annagallifent

Anna Gallifent is a London based fashion photography student. Her analog photography features grain and light leaks, showing her experimental talents.
She creates and organizes many different magazine editorials. Her images are placed in categories of images using a menu on her website portfolio.
As far as film photography fashion photographers go, she is one of the best.
A nine photo portrait photography grid by Anna Gallifent

18. Rachel Jane Lemme | @todayjane

Rachel Jane Lemme isn’t only a photographer. She also works with fiber and all kinds of printing techniques.
This Oregon based analog photographer captures moments of true intimacy. Her scenes are richly colored from a huge range of settings.
There is something for every film photographer in her feed.
A nine photo portrait photography grid by Rachel Jane Lemme - contemporary film photographers

17. Patrick Cleland | @dayzedandconfuzed

Patrick Cleland’s Instagram feed feels like the reel of an old movie. Vintage color tones, harsh contrast, and nostalgia all shine through in a very slow manner.

16. Benjamin MacMaster@benmacphoto

Benjamin MacMaster gives you a peek into the past with his stunning film photography. His old film texture is plastered over his street photography shots.
They cover intimate street scenes to amazingly composed architecture. You can sense the love he has of interesting characters and spaces in the city.
A nine photo grid by Benjamin MacMaster - contemporary film photographers

15. Leanne Surfleet | @leannesurfleet

Leanne Surfleet is a British photographer. She focuses on dreamy and surreal analog photography images. She is no stranger to Lomography, as she uses their instant film camera exclusively.
We love her website. It shows real film photographic images – so real, there are dust and hair marks on every one of her images. The flaws make the image even better.
A nine photo grid by Leanne Surfleet - contemporary film photographers

14. André Terras Alexandre | @andreterrasalexandre

André Terras Alexandre is an analog photographer based in Portugal. His favorite film photography project is based on capturing lesser-known areas of Europe.
His travels gave him the opportunity to capture landscapes. He does so in an innate and personal manner. Fall in love with nature by going through his Instagram images.
A nine photo grid by André Terras Alexandre - best film photographers

13. Teva Cosic | @tevac

Teva Cosic is a freelance photographer based in Cairns, Australia. She is a film photographer at heart, specializing in portraits and travel photography.
Her images are bold, touching and come in a wide variety. This keeps her Instagram feed fresh and unexpected.
A nine photo grid by Teva Cosic - best film photographers

12. Ryan Muirhead | @ryanmuirhead 

Ryan Muirhead is a true follower of emotion and connection. This is apparent in his portrait images, which his Instagram is full of.
He is an inspiration to all us portrait photographers with his 35 mm photography.
A nine photo grid of street scenes by Ryan Muirhead - best film photographers

11. Cian Oba-Smith | @cianobasmith

Cian Oba-Smith is an analog photographer based in London. One film photography project follows him capturing bikers in English suburbia. Another documents the Islamic community in Iceland.
Cian has many film photography projects that are great to follow. You’ll also find his work in Dazed & Confused and The Guardian.
A nine photo grid of street scenes by Ciano Oba-Smith - best film photographers

10. Niklas Porter | @niklasporter

Niklas Porter is a Swedish photographer. He explores his home country through film photography. These could be shots of cold, empty streets or people going about their daily routine.
Apart from the black and whites, he photographs extensively in color. Lights for Niklas are important. Especially when the majority of his images are captured during nighttime.
A nine photo grid of atmospheric black and white shots by Niklas Porter - best film photographers 2019

9. Santiago Murillo | @santimurillos

Santiago Murillo wanted to be a cinematographer. Instead, fell in love with the still image. He wanted to capture life in a meaningful and personal manner.
His images do have a film look to them, showing stories in the scenes and portraits he captures.
A nine photo grid of atmospheric black and white shots by Santiaga Murillo - analog photographers 2019

8. Michael Novotny@hazy_island

Michael Novotny is a photographer based in Iceland. Before that, he was based in Prague. He lives the photographer’s dream as a semi-nomadic visual artist.
He only uses analog photography. This is a great medium for a photographer who captures the raw and dreamy side of the world.
A nine photo grid of atmospheric landscape shots by Michael Novotny - analog photographers 2019

7. Elsa Bleda | @elsableda

Elsa Bleda has one of the best Instagram feeds in the world, let alone for a film photographer. Her nighttime scenes are magical and mystical, like a David Lynch escapade.
The colors and details are exquisite. They fall somewhere between a dream and a futuristic nightmare.
A nine photo grid by Elsa Bleda - analog photographers 2019

6. Wayne Levin | @waynelevinimages

Wayne Levin is one of the older photographers you’ll find on Instagram. Being born in the ’40s, he mastered film photography before digital was even an idea.
One of his film photography projects is set underwater. His images in this topic are amazing, showing his love for the ocean through and through.
A nine photo grid by Wayne Levin - contemporary analog photography

5. Ian Howorth | @ihoworth

Ian Howorth’s film photograph project concentrates on forgotten places. Here, minimalism and feelings of a-time-once-passed are very present.
Textures, colors, and patterns are important in his work. You’ll find a slower paced Instagram feed here and atmosphere oozing from every pixel.
A nine photo grid by Ian Howorth - contemporary analog photography

4. Louis Dazy | @louisdazy

If you love sci-fi, then you’ll love film photography from Louis Dazy. You’ll see blues, oranges, double exposures and a futuristic use of light.
The neon signs and lighting give his analog photography a cinematic aesthetic. They feel cold yet seductive.
A nine photo grid by Louise Dazy - contemporary analog photography

3. Emma Picq | @emmapicq

Emma Picq is a photographer based in Paris. She balances both digital and film photography, which isn’t always an easy task. Both are used for her fashion shoots and personal projects.
Her grey and yellow backgrounds are now synonymous across her work, giving it a personality. We like the shots that include the negative frames.
A nine photo grid by Emma Picq - cool film photographers

2. Pierre Crocquet@pierrecrocquet

Pierre Crocquet is a very special addition to our list. In 2013, he was the subject of a fatal car accident. Before this, he spent his last years capturing the places and people across South Africa.
Nowadays, his sister Jeannine shares Pierre’s photos. They are still exhibited to this day. The notes on images reveal relationships he and his subjects developed.
A nine photo grid by Pierre Croquet - contemporary film photographers

1. Justino Blake@ernestohemingwayo

The film photography from Justin’s Instagram feed has a very magical quality to it. He manages to capture light and colors in a way that makes you feel like its a painting.
Escape; discover his images, and fall in love with landscapes in a way you’d never thought possible.
A nine photo grid by Justina Blake - contemporary film photographers

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