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Mastin Labs Ilford B&W Lightroom & ACR Presets Review

Last updated: September 21, 2023 - 2 min read
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The Mastin Labs Lightroom presets are an excellent way to liven up you editing workflow. Mastin Labs is a company that specializes in creating Lightroom presets and ACR presets. Their products are designed to help photographers achieve the look and feel of film photography with digital photos. In this article, we’ll take a look at Mastin Labs’ Ilford B&W Lightroom and ACR presets and discuss how they can help you improve your black-and-white photography skills. So if you’re interested in learning more about Mastin Labs’ Ilford B&W presets, keep reading!

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Mastin Labs Lightroom Presets: A Style That Suits You

When I’ve shot on black and white film in the past, I’ve tended to use HP5, as it’s the most readily available film.
But as it turns out, I far prefer the look of Pan F as I like my B+W photos to be quite contrasty.
The great thing about presets though is that you’re not tied to a particular film.
You can choose between all three film types, depending on what suits your photo the best.
Here’s the films you have at your disposal in this pack:

  • Pan F – high detail, low grain, rich contrast
  • HP5 – higher dynamic range, softer contrast, faster film
  • Delta 3200 – very fast film, lots of grain

You can buy them here, and save 15% (applied at the checkout).
Have a look at the comparison I’ve made below:

Pan F HP5 Delta 3200 Comparison
Pan F / HP5 / Delta 3200 – Comparison

Save Time, Save Money

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…
The less time I can spend in front of a computer, the better.
Each of the photos you’ve seen in this post were processed in 5 clicks or less (minus exposure and vignette adjustments).
It’s like having the power of a RAW file over a piece of film – you have total control to make it look however you want.
And lastly, lets not forget how much money you’ll save. In England, a roll of B+W film and development can easily run you £15-20 ($24-38) for 36 photos.
It doesn’t take long for the economics of these presets to make sense.
You can buy them here, and save 15% (applied at the checkout).
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