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25 Most Influential Sports Photographers to Follow in 2024

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 15 min read
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If you’re a sports fan, check out our list of the 25 most influential sports photographers. And if you’re looking for a career in sports photography, then there’s plenty here to inspire you.

Sports photography keeps us connected to the sports we love. If we miss the live-action, we can see the photos later. And we can follow our favorite athletes as they prepare or compete.

But sports photography takes a lot of skill. The photographer has to know where the players will be and what the fans want to see. They have to get the shot that signifies the whole event.

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What Makes a Great Sports Photographer?

Sports photographers need to master their photo equipment. They need a good telephoto or super-telephoto lens and a camera with a fast burst speed. Those players move fast!

But it’s not just about the technicalities. Sports photographers give us ring-side seats and backstage passes. They give amateurs at home a professional’s eye view. They fuel our interest and keep us involved.

Sports photography is about bridging the gap between the fans and the players. Even if we view images on our phones while we ride the bus, we want to hear the cheers and smell the sweat. Sports photography keeps passions burning and brings new fans into the flock.

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25 Most Influential Sports Photographers

Let’s dive into our list of the most influential sports photographers.

1. Zak Noyle

A surfer taken by one of the best sports photographers, Zak Noyle
© Zak Noyle: Website | Instagram

Zak Noyle is a master of surf photography. He has his timing nailed down and knows when the wave will break. His surf action shots are great, but his work is about much more than that.

Zak uses the sea to fill his photos with energy and movement. The aquatic blues and greens are a pleasure to the eye. The sea is as much his subject as the surfers.

He gives you access to the life of a surfer. With his photos, you’re either on the beach or in the sea. You can smell the salt and feel the waves. If you look at his portfolio long enough, you might even get a tan! Zak reminds you that surfing isn’t only a sport but a lifestyle.


2. Atiba Jefferson

A skateboarder taken by one of the best sports photographers Atiba Jefferson
© Atiba Jefferson: Website | Instagram

Atiba Jefferson is a photographer centered in the skateboarding arena. As with surfing, skateboarding is as much about lifestyle as it’s a sport. Atiba is fully aware of this, and it shows in his work.

His shots are full of action. And his collection from the Tokyo Olympics is inspiring. He captures the best riders and tricks, immersing you in professional skateboarding.


3. Maria Svarbova

Synchronized swimmers taken by one of the best sports photographers Maria Svarbova
© Maria Svarbova: Website | Instagram

Maria Svarbova‘s work is concentrated on swimming and other in-pool sports. But her photography isn’t about races and competitions. Instead, she uses the pool as the center of her fine art photography.

Her work is stylized and curated. She uses the lines of the pool and the tile work and plays with geometric shapes. Swimmers add more natural shapes, and their costumes add splashes of color.

The shapes are sharp, and her composition is bold. The colors are bright but muted. Maria is a fine art photographer working in the world of sports.

4. Cameron Look

Basketball player Lebron James going for a slam dunk taken by one of the best sports photographers Cameron Look
© Cameron Look: Website | Instagram

Cameron Look is the hottest young photographer on the basketball scene. His photography gives you a court-side seat to catch the action.

Cameron’s work isn’t just about slam dunks and three-pointers. He gives you an insight into the wider world of basketball. His work features some of the biggest names in basketball. And you get to see them in more candid environments.

His images capture the atmosphere inside the area. They’re fast-paced and electric, like the game itself. Cameron is a great promoter for one of America’s most popular sports.


5. Lucas Murnaghan

A swimmer standing at the bottom of a pool taken by one of the best sports photographers Lucas Murnaghan
© Lucas Murnaghan: Website | Instagram

The photography of Lucas Murnaghan is centered in and around the swimming pool. But it’s not all galas and events. He’s another fine art photographer who uses the pool as his studio.

Lucas is a master of underwater photography. He creates another atmosphere beneath the surface of the water. As well as having beautiful compositions, his shots are atmospheric and dream-like.

He uses male models, but it’s almost as if water is his subject. He uses it to manipulate light and create texture.

6. Claudio Villa

European football players holding soccer ball on the sidelines taken by one of the best sports photographers Claudio Villa
© Claudio Villa: Threads | Instagram

Claudio Villa is an Italian football photographer. He collaborates with the Serie A team Inter Milan. He was the official photographer for the Italian national side during their victorious campaign in Euro 2020.

He does have some stunning images from the pitch. But his work isn’t just about the game of football. He understands the personalities within the game. His portraits and vivid shots bring the viewer closer to the players and managers.

An international soccer tournament is a journey. Naturally, fans want to take that journey with their team. And this is what Claudio’s sports photography does.


7. Grant Brittain

A skateboarder performing a trick taken by one of the best sports photographers Grant Brittan
© Grant Brittain: Website | Instagram

Grant Brittain is a photographer who lives and breathes skateboarding. He’s been documenting the sport for over 40 years. And his work still looks fresh and exciting.

His sports photography is candid and energetic. He gets close to the skateboarders and creates a fish-eye effect using super-wide-angle lenses. Even his portraits seem lively and spontaneous.

He’s an integrated member of the skateboarding community, and his sports photography allows you entry, too. Skateboarding is a well-established sport, but Grant maintains a feeling of rebelliousness. As a result, the true ethos of skateboarding is alive in his portfolio.

8. Brad Mangin

A baseball player being tagged out at home plate by a catcher taken by one of the best sports photographers Brad Mangin
© Brad Mangin: Website | Instagram

Brad Mangin is a sports photographer with a passion for baseball. He has a deep respect for this great American pastime.

He has plenty of stunning shots from the diamond. Yet, his photography is more personal and affectionate than the standard photos in Sports Illustrated. His photography captures the personalities of the game. And he provides context and history.

His style of sports photography isn’t just about the sport. Instead, it’s an intimate look at the community of professional baseball.


9. Russell Ord

A surfer with a ocean wave above him taken by one of the best sports photographers Russell Ord
© Russell Ord: Website | Instagram

Russell Ord has a deep affection for the sea. And a strong respect for surfers. You can sense it in his sports photography collection.

He’s immersed in the world of surfing. But his work focuses as much on the sea as on the surfers. His photography shows that surfers work with the sea, not against it. You can feel the power of the waves as they break before the shore.

His surf collection is moody, with a sense of danger. His composition is stunning, and the colors are deep and cold.

10. Patrick Koenig

Close-up of golfer Tiger Woods taking a swing taken by one of the best sports photographers Patrick Koenig
© Patrick Koenig: Website | Instagram

Saying Patrick Koenig has an interest in golf would be an understatement. He’s a golf photographer, blogger, and all-around enthusiast.

His photography is fun and expresses his love of golf. The enthusiasm is infectious and calls you out onto the course. And the courses take center stage in his photography work.

Much of his collection is of stunning landscapes as he documents golf courses all over the globe. The colors are rich greens and blues. And he knows how to exploit the golden hour sunlight. So, even if you’re not a golf fan, you’ll find yourself surveying the green.


11. Kirill Umrikhin

Snowboarder coming down a hill taken by one of the best sports photographers Kirill Umrikhin
© Kirill Umrikhin: Website | Instagram

Kirill Umrikhin is more than just a sports photographer. He’s a Russian thrill-seeker. His photography is about adventure just as much as it is about sports. He does not focus on a single sport. So Kirill will be there whether you’re surfing the ocean or boarding down a mountain.

His photography is full of action and drama, and he has a broad skill set. His underwater photography is incredible, and his landscapes are stunning. You’ll even be impressed by his wildlife photography.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you will get a thrill from Kirill’s photography. It’s fast and intense. It will quicken your pulse even if you’re sitting on your sofa.

12. Brian Bielmann

A surfer riding a wave taken by one of the best sports photographers Brent Bielmann
© Brian Bielmann: Facebook | Instagram

Brian Bielmann is another sports photographer with a love of the ocean. His surf photography is bold and epic. The waves are huge, and the action is intense. And yet, Brian maintains an air of tranquillity in his work.

Brian’s photography isn’t just about the surf. His work is a testament to the surfer lifestyle. It’s not about competitions or medals. It’s about the sea, sun, and sand. If you spend too long in Brian’s portfolio, you might quit your job and head to Hawaii to catch the surf!


13. Savannah Cummins

A rock climber on the side of a rock face taken by one of the best sports photographers Savannah Cummins
© Savannah Cummins: Website | Instagram

Professional climbing is a rising sport, and Savannah Cummins‘s photography is helping to grow its popularity. Her photography is jaw-dropping, with stunning landscapes and mountains.

But the climbing pictures will surely raise your pulse. You might get dizzy if you don’t have a head for heights.

And it’s not just the thrill of climbing. She documents the nomadic lifestyle that goes with it. She’s a sports photographer, but travel plays a big part, too. It’s a window into a world of adventure.

14. Philip Edsel

Lifestyle shot of the back of an athlete standing outside taken by one of the best sports photographers Philip Edsel
© Philip Edsel: Website | Instagram

Philip Edsel‘s photography is less about sport and more about the athletes. He shoots fashion and commercial photography, working with the world’s greatest athletes.

His commercial photography is stylish and trendy. His images are curated and considered. But the athletes appear energetic and candid. There’s nothing stale about his photography. He can change from a studio setting with harsh artificial lighting to soft natural locations.

Philip is a photographer to watch if you’re into sports and commercial photography. He’s worked with top athletes and brands.


15. Donald Miralle

Fencers taken by one of the best sports photographers Donald Miralle
© Donald Miralle: Website | Instagram

When it comes to sports photography, Donald Miralle is the ultimate all-rounder. He’s a lover of all sports, and his focus is broad.
The Tokyo Olympics was the perfect place for Donald to demonstrate his abilities with a camera.

His collection is filled with sharp and dynamic shots on the track or in the pool. His composition is excellent, and you get a real sense of the occasion. Donald understands the inspirational side of sports. He embraces it and shares it in his sports photography.

16. Pelle Cass

Multiple exposures of many tennis players on a tennis court taken by one of the best sports photographers Pelle Cass
© Pelle Cass: Website | Instagram

Pelle Cass is a fine art photographer who uses sport as a subject matter. He uses camera skills and trickery to make vibrant and humorous images. Pelle uses a lot of time-lapse and multi-layering to craft his images.

Sports photography is usually full of movement and energy. But Pelle takes it to an extreme. His images are overloaded with movement—they seem to vibrate. And even though Pelle is an art photographer, he maintains a sense of fun.


17. Patrick Smith

American football kicker having a kick blocked taken by one of the best sports photographers Patrick Smith
© Patrick Smith: Website | Instagram

Patrick Smith is a sports photographer in the classic sense. He loves all sporting events and gets great shots no matter the area.

Patrick is all about capturing the action of the day. It’s about the excitement of the fans and the special occasions. You’d expect to see his images in magazines and on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

His portfolio is an advert for sports. He makes you want to get involved even if you’re not sporty. Whether it’s on the pitch or the racetrack, you want to be there.

18. Tom Pennington

A close-up of a swimmer in a pool waving taken by one of the best sports photographers Tom Pennington
© Tom Pennington: Instagram

Tom Pennington is another all-around sports photographer. He has shot different sporting events around the world. There’s a wide variety, but he does have his favorites.

Photographing swimming is one of his main sporting interests. Some of his iconic images from the pool at the Tokyo Olympics are from that event. Tom is also passionate about skiing and boxing. His work in those areas is worth checking out.

Tom is based in Dallas, Texas. And much of his work involved the sports teams from that state. It’s a fascinating window into American sports if you’re not from the USA.


19. Michael Willson

Australian football players grappling taken by one of the best sports photographers Michael Wilson
© Michael Willson: Website | Instagram

If you’re not from Australia, you might not be familiar with Aussie rules football. But down under, it’s their biggest sporting passion. And Michael Willson covers this corner of the market.

Michael is the biggest photographer in the field of Aussie Rules. His photography work is excellent. His images are fast-moving and hard-hitting, like the sport itself. He’s an ambassador for Australian Rules football at home and abroad.

20. Tristan Shu

A skydiver falling in the air at sunset taken by one of the best sports photographers Tristan Shu
© Tristan Shu: Website | Instagram

Tristan Shu is a French sports photographer with a sense of adventure. He travels around the globe, shooting the sports he loves. And they’re not your average Sunday league sports—they are adventure sports.

He photographs motocross, mountain biking, and paragliding, to name just a few. His website encourages you to go off-piste. You’ll be inspired to go off-road in search of a new thrill. You’ll get muddy, you could even get hurt, but that’s all part of the fun.

His photography skills are excellent, too. He’s also done commercial photography for major brands like Adidas and Honda.


21. Sterling Lorence

A mountain bike rider doing a trick in the air taken by one of the best sports photographers Sterling Lorence
© Sterling Lorence: Website | Instagram

Sterling Lorence is an action sports photographer based in Vancouver who travels the world shooting sports. His niche is mountain biking. And it takes him to some of the world’s most beautiful regions.

Thankfully, he has the skill to capture stunning images that immerse you in the locations. His action shots are fantastic, but it’s his abilities as a landscape photographer that stand out.

22. Teddy Morellec

A fish-eye shot of a skateboarder doing a trick taken by one of the best sports photographers Teddy Morellec
© Teddy Morellec: Website | Instagram

Teddy Morellec is another sports photographer who can’t sit still. He travels around the world shooting different types of sports. His real passion is action sports, like biking and snowboarding.

Teddy is unlike many other sports photographers. His work seems informal as if he’s shooting a group of friends. Everyone is having fun, and you feel involved. Teddy will inspire you to book that trip you’ve never committed to. It’s all about enjoying the moment.


23. David Bergman

A packed college football stadium filled with fans taken by one of the best sports photographers David Bergman
© David Bergman: Website | Instagram

David Bergman is a sports photographer who has captured the action for over 30 years. His images have graced Sports Illustrated’s covers.

In recent years, David has moved into concert photography. But when it comes to sports, he is still a master with the camera. He can shoot live sporting events, making you feel like you’re there.

But he’s great in the studio, too. He’s done promotional shoots for many top athletes and brands.

24. Wilson Fox

A lifestyle shot of boxer Mike Tyson taken by one of the best sports photographers Wilson Fox
© Wilson Fox: Website | Instagram

MMA is a sport on the rise. And Wilson Fox is a sports photographer that understands what it’s all about. It’s a brutal sport. And even though Will’s photography isn’t violent, his imagery is stark and hard.

He shows you it’s not just about what happens in the ring. The hard hours of training and the isolation go with it. MMA might be too violent for some, but Will’s work has depth and soul.


25. Al Bello

Portrait of an NFL quarterback throwing a football in water taken by one of the best sports photographers Al Bello
© Al Bello: Website | Instagram

He’ll probably be by the pool if you need to find Al Bello. He’s a specialist in water sports. Whether it’s diving, synchronized swimming, or water polo, Al will capture it.

He’s not limited to water sports, either. He’s a great all-rounder and a safe pair of hands for any major sporting event. Some of his most powerful work comes from shooting individual athletes. Al has a talent for capturing intimate moments of athletes’ training.


Conclusion: Most Influential Sports Photographers

Sports photographers need to have excellent technical skills. The action is fast, and you must capture the shot, or it will be lost forever.

But sports photographers do more than shoot the action on the pitch or in the ring. They keep us connected to the sports we love and inspire us to try something new.

We hope our list of the 25 most influential photographers has inspired you to pick up your camera, dust off your cleats, and get active! Check out our Quick Capture Cheat Sheets if you need help capturing action shots!

Cheat Sheets
Quick Capture Cheat Sheets
Quick Capture Cheat Sheets
Unlock photography skills effortlessly with these Cheat Sheets:

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