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Camera bag ownership has put me under a spell. I have about 10 at home, and they all have a different, useful purpose.

In terms of the best camera bag for street photography, this is kind of a trick question. I doubt that one bag is going to cover all your needs, your style and your camera equipment.

The street can be a tough place to photograph. Your gear will range from a body and two lenses to flashes, reflectors and even snacks for the subject if doing portraits.

Also, long city trips might mean taking more equipment with you, ensuring you aren’t caught out.

We will be looking at three different camera bag types; the sling, the backpack and the formidable messenger bag. And recommendations for the best bag for each style.

Think Tank Photo “TurnStyle 20” V2.0 – $99.75

  • Slim, contoured, body-conforming design
  • Breathable 320G air-mesh back
  • Rear internal pocket, perfect for documents or notebook
  • Fully customizable interior dividers
  • Camera body and 2 lenses

This sling is tiny and big at the same time. The limit for camera equipment is one body, and two lenses. The back panel uses a lightweight and breathable mesh, helping you stay cool in the urban, summer heat.

The benefit of a sling is that it never leaves your body. It just flips from the back to the front in one fluid movement, allowing access and then hiding out of sight.

The stabilising cord is hidden away in its own pocket, as is the rain cover. This is the second camera bag I take with me on city trips.

With this, I can’t take all my equipment, just the stuff I know I will need. Plus a 10″ tablet for editing and showing my work. Photo of a man holding a Think Tank Photo "TurnStyle 20" V2.0 Camera bag. Best camera bag for street photography.

Peak Design “Everyday” Messenger Bag 13″ – $219.94

  • 2 FLEX-FOLD removable dividers
  • Room for a DSLR camera and up to 3 lenses
  • Magnetic clasp and 4 ladder lock points
  • Built-in tripod carry feature
  • Weatherproof waxed 500D Kodra shell

There is a reason why the Peak Design Everyday messenger bag shows up in every camera bag post, and that is because it is awesome.

Stylish and well thought out, this bag is perfect for street photography. The padded strap is the first point, as it makes it comfortable to wear.

The geometric padding on the back is also welcome. This camera bag is also perfect for cycling in, as it has a dedicated extra strap, hidden with its own pocket to stop the bag from roaming.

You can place one DSLR with lens, and two other lenses in it. The rigged yet flexible dividers keep them separate. Two pockets in the back are great for a laptop and iPad, or can be used to store your cable bag.

Two smart pockets on the inside will hold your batteries and cards, the front pouch will hold your flash and other items. It even has a ribbon for your keys.

Photo of a Peak Design "Everyday" Messenger Bag 13" camera bag plus all the camera accessories it can fit inside. Best camera bag for street photography.


Think Tank Photo “Trifecta 8” Mirrorless Backpack (Black) – $89.99

  • 3 points of gear access: right side, left side and rear panel
  • Dedicated tablet pocket in rear compartment
  • Up to 6 lenses
  • Mirrorless dedicated backpack
  • Tripod attachment strap

This camera backpack is a great addition to your growing collection of camera bags. It is slim, allowing you to navigate through crowds.

The best thing about this camera bag is that it can be accessed from three different ways. From the back is one I would really like, as it provides extra security, and your bag can act like a mini table.

Lots of pockets make this camera backpack a dream to work with. Front pocket for extra items such as a water bottle, and it comes with a rain cover, neatly hidden away.

The reason I chose this bag is that you can fit in way more than just your camera gear. Perfect tool to stay out all day with.

 Photo of a man holding a Think Tank Photo "Trifecta 8" Mirrorless Backpack Camera backpack. Best camera bag for street photography.

ONA “The Union Street Camera and Laptop Bag” – $289.00

    • Handcrafted with Waxwear
    • Genuine leather accents and base
    • Antique brass hardware
    • 5 dividers, including a removable laptop area divider
  • Room for a DSLR camera and up to 3 lenses

The Union Street is a sleek alternative to traditional camera and laptop bags. Made with premium Waxwear, a cotton canvas that’s been infused with wax to enhance its strength and durability-the Union Street is designed to hold a DSLR, most 15″ laptops, and up to 3 lenses or small accessories.

And the interior is lined with soft protective padding and 5 customizable dividers, including a removable divider for your laptop.Photo of three ONA “The Union Street Camera and Laptop Bag” in black, grey and brown plus a closeup of the interior with camera accessories inside.

BAGSMART Camera Backpack – $103.99

  • Movable bag divider
  • Hidden tripod pocket
  • DSLR body and 6 lenses
  • Fits a 14″ laptop
  • Separate rain cover

I like this camera backpack a lot, due to the separation of two worlds. At the bottom, you have the dedicated camera area, fitting one body and six lenses, or two bodies and four lenses.

The top becomes separated by a movable divider, maximizing space for other things. These can be clothes, another camera, food and snacks or reading material. Even a drone.

This is great for those long-weekend city trips, as everything will fit in this small space. The other benefit is that it doesn’t look like a camera backpack, keeping your expensive gear hidden away.

If you decide not to take your camera one day (heaven forbid) then the bag can open up when all dividers are removed. Versatility is a godsend, and this godsend won’t break the bank.


Photo of a BAGSMART Camera Backpack plus all the camera accessories it can fit inside. Best camera bag for street photography.

And there you have them, five best camera bags for street photography. One of them is bound to fit your photography style and needs!

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Craig Hull

Craig is a photographer currently based in Budapest. His favourite photographic areas are street and documentary photography. Show him a darkroom and he'll be happy there for days. As long as there are music and snacks. Find him at and Instagram/craighullphoto

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