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8 Best Sony Flashguns in 2023 (For Sony Alphas & Compacts)

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Finding the best Sony flashgun can be tricky because you have many choices. You can get cheaper flashes with fewer flash controls. Or you can buy more expensive flashes with several flash modes for multiple environments.

We highlight each flashgun’s power, zoom range, and weight so you can consider the best options. And most importantly, we have considered price because Sony flashguns can be expensive! After weighing all these qualities, we have decided that the best Sony flashgun is the Godox V860III-S. This is thanks to its high power, wide swivel and bounce, and amazing price!

Godox V860III-S
Godox V860III-S
Take your photography to the next level with this powerful flashgun. It boasts a fast recycle time and wireless TTL (Through The Lens) mode for effortless control.

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What Are the Best Sony Flashguns?

Here is a quick roundup table of our top choices. Note that a higher Guide Number (GN) means a more powerful flash. You can jump to our buying guide at the end for more info. We answer a few common questions asked about Sony flashguns.

Our Top Choice
Godox V860III-S
Godox V860III-S
Godox V860III-S
  • Powerful 2.4GHz X-system for reliable performance
  • Supports high-speed sync up to 1/8000 s
  • Recycling time of only 0.1-2.2 seconds
  • Compatible with Sony TTL and High Speed Sync (HSS)
  • Built-in Godox wireless system for remote control
Best for Professionals
Sony HVL-F60RM2
Sony HVL-F60RM2
Sony HVL-F60RM2
  • High output of 196 ft / 60 m at ISO 100
  • HSS and multi-flash capability
  • Wireless radio control up to 98 ft / 30 m
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Dust- and moisture-resistant construction
Best for Beginners
Sony HVL-F20M
Sony HVL-F20M
Sony HVL-F20M
  • High-power output with Guide Number (GN) 20
  • Quick and easy bounce flash
  • Customizable functions for creative lighting
  • Built-in wide panel for wide-angle shots
  • Compact, lightweight design
Powerful Third-Party Option
Neewer NW635II-S
Neewer NW635II-S
Neewer NW635II-S
  • Professional flashgun for Sony cameras
  • Powerful output of 190 ft / 58 m at 100 ISO
  • Supports HSS, front and rear curtain sync, and wireless triggering
  • Includes bounce card, diffuser and protective pouch
  • Features LCD display and intuitive control panel
Best Compact Performance
Sony HVL-F32M
Sony HVL-F32M
Sony HVL-F32M
  • Strong output of 104 ft / 32 m at ISO 100
  • Quick recycling time of 2.5 seconds
  • Wireless radio and optical control
  • Powered by two AA batteries
  • Compact, lightweight design (62 g / 2.2 oz)
Best for Creative Photography
Godox TT350S
Godox TT350S
Godox TT350S
  • Strong output of 118 ft/ 36 m at ISO 100
  • Recycle time of 0.1-2.2 seconds
  • Built-in wireless 2.4G system
  • Compatible with Sony cameras and flashes
  • Compact size, ideal for portability
Best Value
Neewer TT560
Neewer TT560
Neewer TT560
  • Great output of 124 ft / 38 m at ISO 100
  • Includes flash stand, softbox diffuser, and remote control
  • Built-in flip down wide angle flash diffuser and reflection panel
  • Wireless remote control ideal for self-portraits or difficult subjects
  • Compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, and other DSLRs
Great Compact Performance
Sony HVL-F46RM
Sony HVL-F46RM
Sony HVL-F46RM
  • High output of 150 ft / 46 m at ISO 100
  • Fast recycling time (1.5 seconds)
  • Flash control linked to face detection
  • Wireless radio control
  • Compact and lightweight

8 Best Sony Flashguns

Read below to get a better understanding of the capabilities of each flashgun. 

1. Godox V860III-S

Godox V860III-S
Brand Godox
Guide Number (GN) 60
Tilt / Swivel -7 to 120 degrees / 0 to 330 degrees
Zoom Range 20-200mm
Weight 530 g
Other Key Features High-power performance, modeling light, quick-charge battery, wireless remote
Best For Photography enthusiasts who want a great all-around flashgun for an incredible price

The Godox V860III-S is at the top of our list thanks to its incredible abilities for an amazing price! You will find professional-standard settings and flash modes in this flashgun.

This includes manual and auto settings, HSS (High Speed Sync), and other flash modes. Finding this amount of control in a flashgun is rare for such a small price!

Godox’s newest addition to the V860 range has added modeling light. It is a great way to pre-visualize how your shot will look. It allows you to flip between 10 different brightness levels.

This helps you see the flash effects as noticeable or discrete as you would like. And Godox has also added a switch that allows you to switch between manual and TTL modes more quickly.

One of my favorite features is its quick-charge Li-ion battery. This battery allows 480 full-power flashes with a recycle time of 1.5 seconds.

The refresh time isn’t as amazing as those on other flashguns. So this spec doesn’t match up to the more expensive ones. But if you don’t need refresh speeds faster than 1.5 seconds, the Godox V860III-S is a perfect choice!

You can read our review of the older Godox V860II.


2. Sony HVL-F60RM2

Sony HVL-F60RM2
Brand Sony
Guide Number (GN) 60
Tilt / Swivel - 8 to 150 degrees / 90 to 90 degrees
Zoom Range 20-200mm
Weight 449 g
Other Key Features High power, high-speed settings, up-to-date flash controls
Best For Professional photographers who use a flashgun for a majority of their shoots

The HVL-F60RM2 is the most advanced flashgun that Sony produces. You must have an up-to-date Sony camera to take advantage of all its great features. So check this before buying.

You should consider this flashgun if you want a high-performing flash. It’s worth investing in a top Sony flashgun like this one if you have a high-end camera you have put money into.

Professional features include abilities like flash control linked to your camera’s face detection. The flash automatically adjusts the white balance. So the face of the subject is illuminated with natural color.

But my favorite feature is the flash’s high recycling speeds. If you have an external battery pack, you can shoot every 0.7 seconds!

Plus, there is a setting where you can use the flash up to 20 times per second! And you can do this for up to 10 seconds without an external battery pack!

With such abilities, the Sony HVL-F60RM2 works fast and accurately in normal shooting modes. It even reduces the time from pressing the shutter release to when the pictures were taken.

This accurate timing means you can take advantage of every important moment. This is crucial for photo genres like wedding photography. I suggest this Sony flashgun for anyone who will use it for most of their shoots.


3. Sony HVL-F20M

Sony HVL-F20M
Brand Sony
Guide Number (GN) 20
Tilt / Swivel 0 to 75 degrees / No swivel
Zoom Range 27-50mm
Weight 105 g
Other Key Features Compact and easy to operate
Best For Beginner photographers or Sony compact cameras that don't have a built-in flash

The Sony HVL-F20M is the perfect flash for Sony users who want more out of their built-in flash. If your Sony camera doesn’t have a built-in flash, then this is the flash you need to get!

To turn it on, you raise the head on the camera. This is unique as it lets you switch it on and off with a simple action. The flash even allows a slight tilt bounce as well. This is controlled by a switch on the side which is easy to control accurately.

Apart from that, this flash gun has a few other features. Its compact size is one of its strong points. It provides lots of flash power without much-added weight.

And you can also use this flash as a wireless control for other off-camera flashguns. Features like these make the HVL-F20M best for Sony compact cameras or simple flash photography.

A flash like this is perfect for beginners and amateurs shooting event or nightclub photography. And it would even be an excellent travel companion for travel photography.


4. Neewer NW635II-S

Neewer NW635II-S
Brand Neewer
Guide Number (GN) 58
Tilt / Swivel -7 to 90 degrees / 0 to 270 degrees
Zoom Range 24-180mm
Weight 400 g
Other Key Features HSS, rear curtain synch, built-in bounce card, wide-angle diffuser
Best For Amateur photographers who want a great flash for cheap

The Neewer NW635II-S is a brilliant flashgun you can pick up cheaply. It has a high GN of 58 and features manual and automatic settings. You will also find the Sony flashgun has a built-in bounce card and wide-angle diffuser.

With a 270-degree range of swivel, it performs the same as the top flashguns. But it doesn’t offer as much when it comes to flash control. You can adjust the power output manually. But you don’t get a huge range to do this in.

It also has quite a slow refresh speed of 3.5 seconds. This is more than capable for event photography or other genres that need a sporadic flash, like real estate photography. But if you shoot in a fast-paced fashion environment, this time won’t cut it.

The flashgun also takes batteries. So it’s best to keep spares with you.

You can use the NW635II-S flashgun as an optical slave unit. This means you can remotely trigger it from the camera. This particular flashgun has an indoor range of up to 30 meters. And that is often more than enough for a simple studio setup.

Overall, it is a powerful flashgun for a great price. It is best for amateur photographers who want a cheap but strong flash.


5. Sony HVL-F32M

Sony HVL-F32M
Brand Sony
Guide Number (GN) 32
Tilt / Swivel -8 to 90 degrees / 180 to 90 degrees
Zoom Range 24-105mm
Weight 235 g
Other Key Features Smart, simple interface, manual and TTL exposure, dust- and moisture resistant
Best For Sony users who want a powerful but compact flashgun

The HVL-F32M is a slim, compact Sony flashgun that performs extremely well. Its lightweight and compact design makes it the perfect professional flashgun for Sony E-mount cameras. This flashgun provides the perfect mix of control and simplicity for other Sony cameras.

One of my favorite aspects is the super simple interface Sony provides. The back of the flashgun tells you everything you need to know with a glance.

Its ease of use is its most attractive quality. This means it’s great for beginners or those who find using regular flashguns too overwhelming (which isn’t surprising!)

The flashgun body also features a dust- and moisture-resistant design. So you can feel confident taking it outside and on the road with you.

The Sony HVL-F32M is great if you want to reduce your flashgun size but still need a powerful one. And Sony also designs their flashguns with a sleek look that looks good on top of your camera.

It’s a bit pricey. But it will last you a long time. And it is professional enough for most photo situations.


6. Godox TT350S

Godox TT350S
Brand Godox
Guide Number (GN) 36
Tilt / Swivel -7 to 90 degrees / 0 to 270 degrees
Zoom Range 24-105mm
Weight 200 g
Other Key Features HSS, front and rear curtain sync, compact
Best For Artistic, commercial, or travel photographers who want to experiment with flash for cheap

The Godox TT350S is another compact flash to consider if you want to balance power and size. Although small, it still has some great professional auto and manual functions.

You will find HSS settings and a choice between front curtain sync and rear curtain sync. This allows you to get creative with your flashgun. It is best for commercial or artistic photography or those looking to introduce new techniques into their work.

This flashgun only takes two AA batteries. So you need to take spares with you just in case. Consider buying reusable batteries to help with this additional cost.

The LCD panel at the back isn’t too confusing. It may take some playing around to get used to it, but beginners may struggle. This flashgun can also be used as a master and a slave unit.

I recommend the TT350S to photographers who are looking for a cheap flashgun that allows them to experiment. It is also perfect for someone who wants a capable flashgun for travel purposes.


7. Neewer TT560

Neewer TT560
Brand Neewer
Guide Number (GN) 38
Tilt / Swivel 0 to 90 degrees / 0 to 270 degrees
Zoom Range None
Weight 286 g
Other Key Features Bounce card and great tilt and swivel range
Best For Beginner or intermediate photographers

The Neewer TT560 is another off-brand flash that produces great results. Its incredible price is why it’s this high up on the list. It does have some levels of control, but these are minimal.

It includes eight different levels of manual adjustment, which you can see on the Output Level Indicator on the back. Apart from this, the main positive feature is that you can swivel and bounce the flash head.

A great feature of this flashgun is that it is compatible with multiple camera brands. This may be a good choice if you’re considering switching cameras.

One notable feature is that it uses AA batteries. This may be beneficial for some photographers and annoying for others. The recycling speeds will rely on your batteries. So they will most likely not be the fastest of times.

The TT560 is a flashgun for beginners. I expect passionate photographers, even beginners, will outgrow it fast if they use a flash for most of their shoots.

So this flash is best for photographers who won’t use flashguns all the time. It’s also worth purchasing a flashgun like this as a backup. Or you can keep it on hand in case a last-minute job requires a good flash.


8. Sony HVL-F46RM

Sony HVL-F46RM
Brand Sony
Tilt / Swivel -8 to 150 degrees / 90 to 90 degrees
Guide Number (GN) 46
Zoom Range 24-105mm
Weight 308 g
Other Key Features Flash control linked to face detection, wireless radio control
Best For An all-around flashgun that is portable and powerful

The HVL-F46RM is another capable but expensive flashgun from Sony. It features high continuous shooting speeds and fast sync times, up to 1/400 s. And the flash control works with Sony camera face detection.

And it is quite compact for its power. This will suit some on-the-go photographers perfectly and won’t weigh their cameras down.

It is beneficial to get a Sony-made flashgun for your Sony camera. This is because they will have optimized the flashgun for Sony camera specs. This means you can get the fastest times and performance from a flashgun—which is important.

This flashgun also has great overheating-prevention abilities. It will allow you to shoot for longer with fewer breaks in the flash operation.

The Sony HVL-F46RM is a great flashgun that can perform to professional standards. It is expensive, which is why it places low on our list.

But it is still worth considering if you have a Sony camera. This flash will suit any photographer who wants a reliable flashgun. It works great in several environments, including travel and product photography.


Buyers Guide for Sony Flashguns (FAQs)

We answer a few questions to help you with your buying decision.

What Does A Flashgun Do?

A flashgun is a device to add controlled light to your images. It usually attaches to the hot shoe on your camera. But you can also use it remotely.

Having a flashgun opens up many possibilities that aren’t available with a built-in flash. You get a higher power as well as more control. Flashguns are crucial for several photographic genres. Most importantly, event or wedding photography.

Godox TT350S Sony flashgun on a camera surrounded by lenses in a studio
The Godox TT350S flashgun. TheRegisti (

What Is a GN (Guide Number)?

A guide number (GN) is a measurement that tells us how powerful a flashgun is. The GN tells us how far away a subject can be illuminated. So a higher GN means a more powerful flash.

This is a standardized measurement used across all flashgun manufacturers. It takes into account distance, ISO, and aperture.

Which Sony Flashgun Is Best?

Our top recommendation for a Sony flashgun is the Godox V860III-S. This is thanks to its amazing performance for a great price.

If you want a Sony brand flashgun and money isn’t an issue, the Sony HVL-F60RM2 is the best flashgun. This is thanks to its incredible power and control.


Conclusion: The Best Sony Flashguns

There’s a wide range of Sony flashguns for us to choose from. The most important factor to consider is what kind of photos you will take. If you need a great all-around flash that can work in almost all environments, choose the Godox V860III-S. But if you need the most professional option, go for the Sony HVL-F60RM2.

The V860III-S is great for its price, and the HVL-F60RM2 is the best for performance. The Godox flashgun takes our number one spot as the price is very high for the Sony flashgun.

Godox V860III-S
Godox V860III-S
Take your photography to the next level with this powerful flashgun. It boasts a fast recycle time and wireless TTL for effortless control.
Sony HVL-F60RM2
Sony HVL-F60RM2
Sony’s top-of-the-range flash gun. Expect great performance and high levels of control from this excellent flashgun.
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