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I’ve written about gear, books, and websites. Now it’s time to talk about bloggers. This post is all about photographers who take time out of their busy schedule to blog in order to help other people learn. Finding the most influential photographer bloggers is no easy task, there’s no real scale to measure influence, it’s all about the most popular blogs and most talented photographers and I think i’ve just about done it. The order is put together depending on how much I use a site, how easy it is to navigate and how good the content is, but if you think we’ve missed a site you love, let us know in a comment at the bottom.

1 – Scott Bourne – Twitter – 101,523

Scott has been writing about photography at this URL since 1998 and has a huge twitter following of over 100,000 fans, it’s no wonder that he’s at the top of our list. Photofocus posts at least once a day and is a one-stop online media site for serious amateur and emerging professional photographers interested in learning more about photography. The bulk of its posts are tips, tricks, news and reviews, aided by interviews with prominent photographers, educational screencasts and a very active community of engaged readers who regularly comment. This mammoth website contains more then 1500 posts with Scott sparing no expense to impart his knowledge.

2 – David Hobby – Twitter – 45,007

David started out as a photojournalist and made his way into writing online back in 1995. Since then, this website has grown to have a huge on-line monthly readership of over 300,000 photographers from 175 countries, and was named one of the 25 Best Blogs of 2010 by Time Magazine. Strobist is an expansive website that focuses on lighting technique to improve your photography and is 1 of only 3 websites that made it to the list from my Top 20 Photography Websites.

3 – Chase Jarvis – Twitter – 65,564

Chase Jarvis is a brand and he know’s how to sell it. He’s a fantastic photographer and i’ve already linked to one of Chase’s videos on here, because he’s well known as a visionary photographer, director, and social artist. He is widely recognised for re-imagining, examining, and redefining the intersection of art and popular culture through still and moving pictures. While commercial work for brands like Nike, Pepsi, Volvo, Reebok, Apple, and Red Bull have earned him recognition from the International Photography community. Take some time and have a look through his website and the videos on there – they’re great.

4 – Thomas Hawk – Twitter – 18,224

Thomas is all over the internet and an avid blogger and social networker. His blog covers a wide spectrum of topics from law to technique, and it’s really quite inspiring to take some time and have a good look through some of the stuff he’s been writing about. He’s got a following of over 45,000 RSS feed followers through google reader alone, so i’m clearly not the only person to think this.

5 – Gary Arndt – Twitter – 100,183

This website was started back in 2007 when Gary decided to up sticks and travel the world, visiting over 95 countries so far. The result of this expedition was this widely followed blog and huge fan base of over 100,000 twitter followers. Gary’s personality shines through in his writing on this blog, which is more of a personal diary and photo album then anything and he’s an inspiration to everyone and widely respected in the photographic community. He’s also 1 of only 2 people on this list to be found on Time Magazine’s top 25 Blogs of 2010.

6 – Joe McNally – Twitter – 60,933

Joe actually has 3 books on my Top 20 Photography Books post, so it’s no wonder he’s made it into my list of favourite bloggers. He’s got a very large twitter following, and a strong list of RSS subscribers who regularly view and comment on his content. He’s gifted with the ability of excellent photography combined with a way of writing about it that makes it easy for everyone to understand. 

7 – Scott Kelby – Twitter – 43,416

Right behind Joe with 2 books on my Top 20 Photography Books post, is Scott Kelby, processing extraordinaire. Scott founded, he is the editor-in-chief for Photoshop User magazine and president of NAPP – National Association of Photoshop Professionals. Widely respected as one of the masters in his field, it’s well worth having a look at his blog. 

8 – Jeremy Cowart – Twitter – 34,586

At his core, Jeremy loves to make art. Starting out as a designer, Jeremy really only began taking pictures to bring texture into his design work. Before he knew it, he loved photography (and was getting paid to do it.). So in April of 2005, Jeremy switched over to it full time and he has never looked back. In a relatively short amount of time, Jeremy earned the respect of artists, photographers, and celebrities alike. His blog provides insight on how he’s done what he’s done and I personally recommend it for anyone looking to change the way they take a photo. 

9 – Jasmine Star – Twitter – 29,461

She’s been labeled a Top 10 Wedding Photographer by American Photo Magazine and one of the Top 5 Most Influential Photographers by PDN Magazine, so it’s no surprise she’s made this list. Wedding photography is a great way to turn pro as a photographer and Jasmine knows exactly what she’s talking about when it comes to weddings. With her many ways of communicating through Facebook, Twitter and her blog, she’s become more then just a photographer, she’s become an online personality. 

10 – Michael Zelbel – Twitter – 26,719

Michael is a photographer from Duesseldorf, Germany and specialises in artist nude photography and lighting. His big twitter following means that he manages to reach many people and influence them on their choice of lighting and techniques. I’ve personally been look at his website for a tip or 2 for a couple posts I have in the works.

11 – David duChemin – Twitter – 14,754

David duChemin is a world & humanitarian photographer, best-selling author, and international workshop leader. David blogs regularly on his website and has a strong number of subscribers due to his variety of posts and style of writing. His podcasts are popular in the photographic community and he’s made a real name for himself with his 3 books. Add this to your RSS feed and you won’t be disappointed; time and time again I find myself on his website. 

12 – Zack Arias – Twitter – 29,337

Zack Arias is an editorial music photographer based in Atlanta, GA. He’s been working in the music industry for the past seven years is now branching into more editorial work and advertising. His style and approach is simple, straightforward, bold, classic, true, and straight from camera. That last bit is something I relate to very strongly and if that’s your sort of thing, you should definitely check out his work. 

13 – Jared Polin – Twitter – 5,283

If you’re looking to learn more about shooting in RAW, this is the guy to go to. On his site you’ll find all the usual information but with extensive knowledge about post production in RAW included and an excellent video series on YouTube to learn from. Jared has the ability to influence so many people with such ease with his bold attitude towards photography – he’s a bit of a love him or hate him (or should I say, RAW or jpeg) kind of guy.

14 – Damien Franco – Twitter – 30,294

This very simply blog holds some vital gems of information within it and Damien has made a real name for himself on the internet through his blog, twitter and his writing at the very popular He writes very regularly there and his posts can be found here.

15 – Trey Ratcliff – Twitter – 21,613

Trey’s website has become the #1 Travel Photography Blog on the internet. On average, the photos get 175,000 views per day and over 60 million total, that’s quite an astounding feat for any man. His website promises a photo from him every single day, and it certainly delivers, it’s a great website, just don’t make the same mistake that i did and enter it when you’re supposed to be doing something else – it’s incredibly addictive. 

16 – Syl Arena – Twitter – 5,050

What can I say about Sly? I think very highly of this man and i’m a big fan of his book, so much so that it made my Top 20 Photography Books post, and his website is equally good. This man knows how to light a photo and he wastes no time teaching others how to do it just as well. If you’ve got some spare time, it’s well worth dedicating a photo session to some of his techniques. 

17 – Marc Silber – Twitter – 2,545

Marc updates this website almost every day and it holds some really insightful knowledge within what he’s writing. The best way to learn photography is from the pro’s and that’s exactly what he’s done. He’s gone out and videoed folks like Chase Jarvis, Matthew Jordan Smith, Bambi Cantrell and many more.

18 – Alex Koloskov – Twitter – 2,323

Often people see a shot and wonder how it’s done, this man is your answer for that. He posts photos that he’s taken and (very kindly) shares all his information on lighting setups and how he took the shot. He also shares gear reviews, tutorials, tips and behind the scenes videos from his photo sessions.

19 – Bob Krist

Bob is another writer at Pixiq and is widely considered an authority on photography. Bob’s a freelance photographer who works regularly on assignment for magazines such as National Geographic TravelerSmithsonian, and Islands. These assignments have taken him to all seven continents and have won awards in the Pictures of the Year, Communication Arts, and World Press Photo competitions. Amongst all that though, he’s not above teaching others and giving a helping hand where people need it. 

20 – Frederick Van – Twitter – 12,356

Frederick Van Johnson is a professional photographer. He is host of  ”This Week in Photography”, one of the world’s most popular photography-related podcasts, and regularly lectures and conducts training on topics ranging from marketing, business and photographic technique. I personally love that podcast and his work, and I reckon most people will, so give his website a little look.

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Top 20 Most Influential Photographer Bloggers

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