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9 Best Website Builder for Photographers in 2023 (Updated)

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Finding the best website builder for photographers is an essential step in starting your business. Every photographer needs their own website. It’s a portfolio, storefront, and business hub. And the more professional your website, the more success you’ll have as a photographer.

Wix is the best website builder for photographers. It’s a well-priced website builder anyone can use. It’s a no-code platform with drag-and-drop design tools, so you don’t need web design experience. There are thousands of design capabilities. And you can develop your own branding. It even uses AI features for streamlined website building.

Create stunning websites quickly and easily with this powerful website builder. It has special features for photographers to create a unique online space

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What Is the Best Website Builder For Photographers?

The best website builders allow you to create a personal and professional website. They should be easy to use with no computer design experience necessary. And the result should be an online space that shows your work at its best.

The best website builders have easy-to-use tools. You shouldn’t need a degree in computer science to create a website. And thankfully, there are plenty of website builders that make it super easy. They have drag-and-drop tools. And they have predesigned templates and widgets.

You want a website builder with a good selection of templates. And you’ll need a way to customize your webpage. This helps you create a website that stands out from the crowd. You don’t want a basic website that looks identical to everyone else’s. You want something eye-catching and original.

Websites are more than pages with text and images. They’ve become fully interactive experiences. You need a good landing page to grab the viewer’s attention. And good navigation tools are vital for helping visitors browse your website.

All the website builders in this article have these features. But finding the best one is about finding one that matches your objective, style, and budget.

You can see all the website builders in the table below. Then we look at each one in more detail in the following section.

Our Top Choice
  • High storage capacity on higher plans
  • Drag-and-drop editing
  • Logo design tools
  • 24/7 customer service
Best for Simple Websites
  • Fantastic template selection
  • Mobile-optimized websites
  • Custom domain name
  • Popup guides to help you design your website
Best for WordPress Sites
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 100+ designs and widgets
  • Drag-and-drop design tools
  • Custom popup builder
Best for Portfolios
  • Large photo and video hosting capacity
  • Templates designed for photographers
  • eCommerce features for businesses
  • 14-day free trial on all plans
Most Affordable Portfolio Site
  • Shareable client galleries
  • Automated workflows for faster website building
  • Built-in payment system for selling prints and downloads
  • Decent amount of digital storage on all plans
Best for Storage
  • 14-day free trial on any plan
  • Password-protected galleries for clients
  • Unlimited storage on all plans
  • SmugMug apps for managing your site from your mobile
Best for eCommerce
  • Fantastic storage options on all plans
  • Built-in tools for invoicing
  • Can draft contracts for clients
  • 14-day free trial on any plan
Best for Blogging and Social Media
  • Custom features for blogging and sharing on social media
  • 14-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Wide range of portfolio templates for photographers
  • Drag-and-drop editing tools
Best for Adobe Subscribers
Adobe Portfolio
Adobe Portfolio
Adobe Portfolio
  • Creative Cloud subscription gives you Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Professional portfolio templates
  • Custom domain names
  • Custom formatting for laptops, tablets, and smartphones

Best Website Builders for Photographers

All photographers need an online space to display, promote, and sell their work. And the website builders in this article have been handpicked for photographers. They have everything a photographer needs to create a digital hub for their business.

We’ve included website builders for all levels and budgets. You just need to select the one that suits your needs as a photographer.

1. Wix

Brand Wix
Free Trial / Free Plan 14-day refund window
Number of Plans 4
Key Features Large storage capacity, 24/7 customer service, drag-and-drop editing, custom domain, logo design tools
Best For Creating a unique website

Wix isn’t designed for photographers specifically. But thanks to the reasonable price and excellent results, it still scores high on our list of the best website builders for photographers.

With Wix, you can build a fantastic-looking website with very little trouble. It’s a website builder for professionals in the creative industries. It’s not exclusive to photographers. But it does have superb galleries and portfolios photographers can use to showcase their work.

The extra creative elements help you build an online space that’s uniquely yours. The templates make it easy to build a website. But you get enough creative control to make it personal.

Their sites can be used as online galleries or as a hub for your photography business. Wix also gives you logo design tools to help you expand your brand. There are built-in SEO tools to help you boost traffic. And there’s 24/7 customer service if you encounter problems. 


Wix is beginner-friendly with a straightforward workflow. Even if you’ve never designed a website before, you’ll get the hang of Wix in no time. There are a ton of tools and features that allow you to customize any of the templates. And the drag-and-drop system makes page design easy.

The number of templates is impressive, almost verging on overwhelming. While having a good selection of templates is a good thing, Wix may have gone overboard. It means you can choose a unique design. But you are spoiled for choice.

If you want to opt out of the design process, you can leave it to Wix ADI (artificial design intelligence). This uses your social media information to construct a website for you. It’s a nifty feature. But if you want a smart photography website, it’s best to put in the extra effort.

Pricing Options

The prices make Wix one of the top competitors for website builders. There’s no free subscription option. But they do offer a 14-day refund window if you don’t like the service.

The Connect Domain plan is the cheapest option. And it’s one of the cheapest basic plans of any website builder. That’s why it’s a good option for photographers with a young business.

The VIP is the top plan. It gives you plenty of features like 35 GB of storage and 5 hours of video. But the price is still reasonable. You also have the Combo and Unlimited plans in between.

If you stretch your budget a bit, you’ll get a lot more in return. And the plans offer excellent value, so you never have to stretch it that far. They have more business and eCommerce plans if you want to grow your enterprise. But the four website plans are perfect for a fledgling photography business.


2. Squarespace

Brand Squarespace
Free Trial / Free Plan 14-day free trial on all plans
Number of Plans 4
Key Features Mobile-optimized websites, drag-and-drop editing, 100+ templates, custom domain name
Best For Sleek and simple website designs

Squarespace is one of the most popular website builders in the creative industries. You can’t watch a YouTube video these days without seeing an advert for Squarespace. But their popularity isn’t only due to their advertising campaign. It’s an excellent builder for simple yet sleek photography websites.

Their product is aimed at artists of all kinds. And photographers fit perfectly into that demographic. The Squarespace portfolio templates are excellent in general. But they have templates specifically tailored for photography portfolios.

Squarespace is a website builder with an excellent array of designs. And all the designs give you professional results. They have an elegant minimalism that is attractive but easy on the eye. The templates enhance your photos, not overshadow them.


The best website builders are easy for anyone to use. And Squarespace fits into that category. Nothing is hidden within a maze of menus. And the drag-and-drop interface makes web design as simple as moving your mouse.

With Squarespace, you can jump right in. You don’t need to watch any tutorials before you get started. And if you do get stuck, some popups guide you along. Just hover your mouse over an area and you’ll see an info box appear. You can take it as fast or as slow as you want.

Squarespace provides customer support if you do get stuck. There’s 24-hour email support and a live chat line. The chat is open Monday to Friday from 4 am to 8 pm EDT.

Pricing Options

Squarespace offers a free trial period for all new subscribers. It gives you full access to any of the plans for 14 days. But once the trial is over, you’ll be asked to hand over your billing information. 

With a monthly subscription cost, Squarespace does work out to be more expensive than some of its rivals. But judging by how popular this web builder is, many think it’s worth the price. It’s the best website builder for photographers if you have the money.

There are different Personal and Business packages. And the two top plans are Commerce (Basic) and Commerce (Advanced). The Personal package gives you everything for a smashing photo website for an individual photographer. But you can upgrade if you’re running a company or agency.


3. Elementor

Brand Elementor
Free Trial / Free Plan 30-day money-back guarantee
Number of Plans 4
Key Features Drag-and-drop tools, 100+ designs, 100+ widgets, form builder, popup builder, motion effects
Best For Photographers and creatives of all levels

Elementor is a web builder designed with creatives in mind. It has templates for media, eCommerce, and photographer bios. And it has specific portfolio templates for photographers.

You don’t need to worry if you’re lacking computer skills with Elementor. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. Many of the features work with an easy drag-and-drop system. It’s perfect for your first website builder.

The program is beginner-friendly, but the final results are suitable for any professional photographer. The page designs are classy with a contemporary aesthetic. The final pages are slick, smart, and stylish. And your photos will look great in Elementor’s photographer templates.


Elementor is a WordPress plugin, so you need an account before downloading Elementor. But if you’re familiar with WordPress already, there aren’t many surprises.

The menus are clear so you can always find what you need. And it’s easy to apply the features you want to your photography website. There’s a drag-and-drop interface that gives you incredible freedom to structure your page. There are very few limitations.

Elementor allows you to display your portfolio however you wish. You can use the templates they provide. But you can also make adjustments to create a unique visual experience. With Elementor, you can create a memorable photography site that puts your work at the forefront.

Pricing Options

Elementor has no free subscription plan. The Basic plan is their cheapest option. It gives you one WordPress-hosted site and access for one member. It also gives you 10 GB of digital storage. It’s decent value. And it has everything someone early in their career would need. 

If you do find that restrictive, you can upgrade to one of Elementor’s higher plans. The Business plan is their next offer. Then they have the Grow and Scale plans above that.

Each step up comes with an increase in storage, monthly visit limits, and bandwidth. You can also have more users and more websites under one account. 

The plans are well structured. And the price increases match what you get in return. They allow you to start small with space to grow as your business develops.

We are disappointed there’s no free plan. But Elementor does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. That allows you to get a feel for the builder. And if it’s not to your liking, you can quit without losing anything. 


4. Format

Brand Format
Free Trial / Free Plan 14-day free trial
Number of Plans 3
Key Features eCommerce features, video hosting, photography-specific templates
Best For Photography portfolios

Format is the best website builder if you want a professional photography portfolio. They have hundreds of template designs. And they have a whole collection dedicated to photography portfolios. You can create sleek and professional galleries. And the eCommerce tools help you make money online.

Format doesn’t give you the most diverse and interactive website. But it’s the perfect option for displaying and selling photography work online.


The wide selection of smart templates makes Format easy to use. You can have something that looks professional with very little input. It also has the tools to make it unique to your photography brand.

Format allows you to upload your photos directly from Adobe Lightroom or Capture One. And you don’t need to worry about online image theft as you can disable right-clicks on your site. No one will be able to download your images without permission.

The client-proofing system is another bonus with Format. You can create client-specific galleries that are password protected. Not only is it a safe way to share your work, but it’s much quicker than using email. The eCommerce features are also great for generating some extra income.

Pricing Options

Format doesn’t have a free plan. But you can start with a 14-day free trial. Then you can choose one of the paid plans—Basic, Pro, or Pro Plus.

The Basic plan gives you a 15-page website that can display up to 100 images. It’s a cheap option and a good place to start. But if you pay slightly more, you get much more for your money.

The Pro plan is excellent value for money. And you get so much more than the Basic plan. There’s no limit to the number of pages your website can have. And you can display 1500 high-resolution images. You can also display 15 minutes of video. And you get 100 GB of storage.

Pro Plus gives you unlimited pages and image displays. You can display 120 minutes of video. And you get 1 TB of digital storage. It also lets you sell up to 1000 products in your online store. It’s a great option when your business is up and running.

The plans are very reasonably priced. But you get far more for your money with the Pro and Pro Plus plans. That’s why we recommend either of those plans, even if you’re just starting out. 


5. Zenfolio

Brand Zenfolio
Free Trial / Free Plan 14-day free trial
Number of Plans 3
Key Features Shareable client galleries, customizable temples, automated workflows
Best For Photographers looking for an affordable online portfolio

Zenfolio offers one of the best opportunities for photographers to create an online portfolio. The web design tools couldn’t be easier to use. And the prices make Zenfolio a fantastic option for photographers with a tight budget.

The website designs are classy and professional. The platform has excellent photography templates and web design tools. And there are many photographer-specific features to help your online business thrive.


The web templates are excellent. And you can upload the photos to your portfolio with very little trouble, even for photographers who aren’t tech-savvy. You get unlimited storage on the higher plans.

You can create password-protected galleries for clients. And Zenfolio gives you a guarantee of total image security on all of their sites. That means viewers can’t download your images without permission.

The eCommerce features are a strong point for this website builder. A built-in payment system makes it easy to sell prints and other products through your website. That gives you a gallery and photo store in one place.

Pricing Options

There’s a 14-day free trial on all plans. And when you start paying, there’s no big shock. The prices are very reasonable for a photography website builder of this quality. The prices are some of the lowest on this list if you pay annually (instead of monthly).

You can start with the Portfolio plan, which gives you 15 GB of storage and client-proofing features. The PortfolioPlus plan gives you more storage and multi-page options. And the ProSuite gives you unlimited storage and all the features you could need.

We think the Portfolio plan is ideal for beginners. The price is excellent, especially if you pay annually. And you can move to higher plans with no heavy financial impact. Zenfolio is an affordable website builder for photographers looking for a professional portfolio.


6. SmugMug

Brand SmugMug
Free Trial / Free Plan 14-day free trial
Number of Plans 3
Key Features Unlimited storage on all plans, privacy control, customer support, Lightroom integration
Best For Secure photo storage and eCommerce

SmugMug is one of the best photo storage websites available. It’s also a great way to display, promote, and sell your work online. You can create and share galleries with clients and other websites. And you can make money selling prints and downloads.


SmugMug doesn’t have the easiest interface when it comes to website building. It’s not as smooth as Elementor or Wix. But the effort will be worth it.

SmugMug gives you password-protected client-proofing options. And you can disable downloads from your site, making it harder for people to steal your work. It’s easy to set up your online store with its eCommerce features. And you have custom pricing options for print and download sales.

When you sign up with SmugMug, you also get an app. It’s available for iOS and Android. And it allows you to manage your site on the go. You can display brand-new shots when you’re still in the studio.

Pricing Options

SmugMug offers a 14-day free trial on all plans. The prices are at the higher end of the scale compared to others on this list. But photographers with a large catalog of photos will appreciate the unlimited storage. And that unlimited storage is available on all three plans.

The Power plan is the cheapest option. This is a storage plan with very few options for displaying and selling your work. That’s why we recommend the Portfolio or Pro plans for photography businesses. They have excellent eCommerce options. And you can create client galleries and professional portfolios.

You’ll need a bigger budget for a SmugMug subscription. But they have some of the best eCommerce options of any website builder. They also give you unlimited storage. And they help you with invoices. It’s ideal for a flourishing photography business.


7. ShootProof

Brand ShootProof
Free Trial / Free Plan 14-day free trial for paid plans and one free plan
Number of Plans 5
Key Features Custom branded galleries, payment and invoicing tools, and anti-theft features
Best For eCommerce and financial features

ShootProof isn’t exactly a website builder like the previous programs listed. Shootproof is something a bit different. Rather than using a program for website building, it’s a host for your photography business.

You can create branded galleries and portfolios. And you can have password-protected galleries for clients. And ShootProof gives you fantastic eCommerce tools for running your online business. 


Rather than creating your own website, ShootProof hosts you on their site. And from there, you can make a portfolio and sell your products with your branding. It’s quicker and easier than creating your own website from scratch.

It’s more restrictive than the previous options. You’re not building your own website, so you need to work within the ShootProof template. You don’t have many options for customizing the pages and galleries. But the portfolios are professional and classy.

You can safely share images with clients using password-protected galleries. You can also protect your photos and add unique watermarks for further protection.

The main benefits of ShootProof are the eCommerce features. They help you create contracts for clients. All financial transactions can be arranged through them. And it’s easy to generate invoices through the platform. Anyone running their own business knows how important that is.

Pricing Options

ShootProof has a free plan for beginners. It’s called the 100 Photo Plan. And it gives you free storage for 100 photos. This is a good place to start. But you’ll soon realize 100 photos isn’t a lot. That’s why we recommend going straight for one of the paid plans.

You get a 14-day free trial with all the paid plans. And they offer excellent value. It’s well worth the extra cost if you’re selling photos and services through the website.

The plans are arranged by how many photos you can display. Above the 100 Photo Plan, you have the 1,500, 5,000, and 25,000 Photo Plans. And the top plan gives you unlimited photo storage. That means you can upgrade as your portfolio grows and develops.

The plans are well-priced. But ShootProof is only a good option if you know you’ll be making money through the website. If you have an income from your photography business, ShootProof is an excellent website.


8. Pixpa

Brand Pixpa
Free Trial / Free Plan 15-day free trial and 30-day money back guarantee
Number of Plans 4
Key Features Wide range of portfolio templates, preset and custom layouts, 24/7 customer service, eCommerce features
Best For Blogging and social media

Pixpa is an all-in-one website builder for photographers and creative professionals. They have a no-code philosophy, resulting in a platform that’s accessible to all users. 

Pixpa is a dedicated photography website builder. And their template gallery pages are some of the best for displaying your photographs online. They also have custom galleries for social media and smartphone displays.

Pixpa gives you a professional photography portfolio without the stress of other website builders.


In Pixpa, it’s easy to make changes to the templates with the visual editor tools. And editing the pages couldn’t be easier with the drag-and-drop tools.

Pixpa gives you eCommerce galleries for selling prints and other photo products. But their standout feature is their client-proofing platform. It consists of password-protected galleries and gallery apps. This simplifies the client-proofing workflow for photographers.

Pricing Options

You can try Pixpa before you pay for a plan. They give you a 15-day free trial on any plan. Then you can continue with a paid plan. And if you change your mind later, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

There’s no free option aside from the 15-day trial. But the basic version is very reasonably priced. If you need more, you can upgrade to one of the higher plans. And with each upgrade, more templates and features become available.

Pixpa is one of the best website builders for photographers available today. It’s a great website builder if you’re on a tight budget. And it’s easy to upgrade when the money starts rolling in. It’s also a perfect match if you like blogging and posting your work on social media.

Use the discount coupon code EP10 to save 10% on any plan.


9. Adobe Portfolio

Adobe Portfolio
Brand Adobe
Free Trial / Free Plan No
Number of Plans 1
Key Features Gives you access to Photoshop and Lightroom, custom domain, professional templates
Best For Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers

Adobe Portfolio is the best website builder for Adobe subscribers. It’s fully integrated with Lightroom and Photoshop. And you can create a custom website to display your photography work in a professional manner.


Adobe Portfolio gives you a decent selection of website templates. They all look professional, smart, and elegant. And there’s a big enough range to find one that matches your photography style. You don’t get many custom features or add-ons. But the galleries let your images do the talking.

You can choose from any of Adobe’s unique fonts for the website text. And you can use different photo grids to display your best images. They have password-protected galleries and pages. And Adobe has excellent security settings, so viewers can’t steal your work.

The Adobe Portfolio sites look fantastic on all devices. They automatically resize your pages and content to fit any device. You don’t need to create different pages for laptop, tablet, or smartphone screens.

Pricing Options

Adobe Portfolio comes as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud package. That means it’s only worth it if you want access to Photoshop and Lightroom too. The higher price means there isn’t much point in paying for Creative Cloud if you only want Adobe Portfolio.

But Adobe Creative Cloud is excellent value in general. And that’s especially true if you want a website builder to create an online hub for your work. It really does give you everything a photographer needs.


Buyer’s Guide—FAQs on the Best Website Builder for Photographers

We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions on website builders for photographers. You need to know a website builder is the right one for your business. And these answers will help you find the perfect photography website builder.

Which Website Builder Is Best for Custom Designs?

Elementor gives you incredible creative control. It’s a WordPress extension that takes your website to a whole new level. You don’t need any web design skills. And the drag-and-drop tools mean anyone can create an eye-catching website. You can build something truly unique with no prior experience.

Wix is another website builder with terrific custom features. They have excellent templates and designs. There are so many options to choose from. And you can customize every page with the drag-and-drop tools. Wix makes it easy to create a personal and professional website in no time.

Which Website Builder Is Best for Selling Photos?

ShootProof has the best eCommerce features for selling photos. It isn’t exactly a website builder. But it’s the best option if you make a living by selling prints, downloads, or services.

Financial transactions are performed safely through the website. And they have tools to help you create contracts and invoices. They make it easy to run your business online.

SmugMug is another good choice for selling photos online. They have features for invoicing and pricing. And you can run your entire business from your account page. Your SmugMug page will become the center of your photography business. 


Which Website Builder Is Best for Portfolios?

Format has the best options if you want an online photography portfolio. The templates are stylish, modern, and professional. It has an excellent range of premade galleries. You can customize certain elements. But they never distract from your work.

Zenfolio is another fantastic option for photography portfolios. It’s slightly more affordable than Format. But it still gives you all the tools you need for a professional photo gallery. You can create large galleries that show your range as a photographer. And you can make client-specific portfolios for targeted promotion.

Do Photographers Need a Website?

A website is a photographer’s shop window. It’s the place you can display your best photography work. And anyone can check it out. These viewers might be admirers of your work or they could be potential clients.

Social media is a useful tool for photographers. You can post your favorite photos and gain a bit of exposure. But if you’re serious about photography as a career, you need a photography website.

A photography website is an online portfolio and gallery. You can display your best work with separate sections for different projects and styles. The strategy is up to you. You can show a wide range of styles. Or you can target the area of photography that makes you employable.

Building a website might seem like another financial drain. But it’s an investment that can turn into financial gain. Many website builders have excellent eCommerce tools. And these help you sell prints and downloads online. Your photography website could become your main source of income.

A website isn’t only a photography portfolio. It’s your business card, your personal profile, and a point of contact. Some people may already be familiar with your work, but they want to learn more about you. And the place to do that is your photography website.


Conclusion: The Best Website Builder for Photographers

The best website builder for photographers is a portfolio, contact card, and store. And all the websites listed here have strengths within those fields. We’ve selected easy-to-use and accessible website builders. You don’t need any web design experience to use any of them. And there’s a website builder for all budgets.

Wix is the best website builder for photographers. It gives you complete control over your website. And it empowers you to create an online space that’s totally unique. It’s easy to use, even for tech-shy users. And the subscription plans are well-priced with plenty of room to grow. 

Create stunning websites quickly and easily with this powerful website builder. It has special features for photographers to create a unique online space
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