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How to Avoid Getting Underpaid – Borrow from another Industry

The passion for photography can easily be turned into a profitable career. Plenty of people who live in every corner of the world prefer to select a job that they love to do.

If you are into photography, then you can select it as your profession without any hesitation. However, freelancer photographers in the present world have to face a wide range of issues.

Getting underpaid can be considered as a common issue out of them.

From this article, we will let you the most convenient methods that you can follow to stay away from it.

When going through the stories of professional photographers on the Internet, you will come across many different stories. Most of them are related to services and prices.

Since there is a huge competition in the marketplace, the industry is associated with a lot of confusion. Many people call photographers all the time to ask different questions about their prices.

From the recent researches, it has been identified that many people decide to look on the sample photo galleries after asking for their prices.

This has made the life hard for photographers and they are working hard in order to get a profit while attracting new customers towards the business.

In addition, they are struggling to stay away from getting underpaid. In this kind of a situation, you can get the assistance of two different tools, which have the potential to offer a satisfactory service to the customer with registry options and payment plans.

Payment Plans

Offering payment plans are recognized as one of the best options available or a photographer to make the service match well with the financial goals of customers.

When you are equipped with payment plans, you can take your business to a whole new level. The customers who go through the payment plans will make their mind to go for your service without thinking twice.

Therefore, you will never have to experience reply mails that say “Your service is too expensive and we cannot afford it.”


Offering Registry Options

This is a creative method available for your clients to have their friends and family members assist in acquiring your services.

If you want to know more about this option, go ahead and keep on reading the information provided by photography registry expert and creator, Jimmy Moncrief.


Becoming a successful photographer is not an easy task, but the rewards that you can get are amazing. If you are one of the photographers who is struggling with pricing plans, you are not alone.

The amateur photographers are afraid to increase their prices because they prefer market penetration.

In contrast, the experienced photographers are always worried about the cash flow. Instead of focusing your attention to general aspects like specializing, in-studio sales sessions and social media, it is better if you can think of a novel idea like borrowing a success story from another industry.

Let’s have a look at a real world example which can clarify the above mentioned fact.

In 1956 a guy named Chuck Williams started a small cookware company in Napa, California. The one-story company did ok, with modest profitability but it struggled to grow.

The primary reason: This was a premium cookware company. Who buys cookware, young married people, with no money.

Does the above mentioned example sound familiar to you?

Chuck was looking for a convenient option to get rid of this hassle, which motivated him to do few major changes in his business on 1970. How did he solve the problem of selling luxury-priced cookware to newlyweds with no money?

He added a registry. This way friends and family could help purchase the cookware for the new couple.

When he added this new option, the company quickly expanded into Beverly Hills, New York, Chicago, and added several international locations. What company did Chuck Williams start: Williams-Sonoma. Today, Williams-Sonoma is publicly-traded and has a market capitalization of $5.7 billion.

As a photographer, you can follow the same approach in order to make your business a profitable one and make millions of dollars within few years.

If you are a photographer, you must have experiences where customers keep on mailing to you, asking for options that fits their budget. If you don’t have such packages, you are losing a great business opportunity.

As a photographer, you can seek the assistance of a custom branded registry, in order to:

  • Upsell more products to existing clients
  • Book a baby’s first-year package
  • Book a wedding
  • Book an anniversary session (couples or boudoir)

And there are many other ways you can use a registry to grow your business.

As the co-founder of Ciderr, I have had the luxury of hearing some amazing success stories, such as:

  • A photographer booking their first destination wedding because they had a registry option.
  • A photography studio making over $2,400 just in upselling to wedding clients already booked.
  • A photographer doubled their prices because of the registry option they now provided.


How does a photographer’s registry actually work?

When you have a registry for your photography business, you can use it according to the way you want, in order to bring in more and more sales. For example,

  1. You can use your registry to give opportunity for the clients to register for products and services that they want.
  2. To show your prices as percentages.
  3. Since the registries have personalized options for each and every client, you can offer customized packages to each and every client.


The entire concept helps a lot for you to make the clients do marketing for you!

For instance, they will promote the message within their network, which says that they are registered with Moncrief Photography.

This will motivate others to visit your website and look in search of the packages that you offer as a photographer. These customers can also be used to promote your business to more and more people out there!

Therefore, seeking the assistance of a registry can be considered as a great investment done towards a profitable business in photography.

1bu00djJoT5EJobfDR_jU0kriPAm-YmhtlQO3nQyY8YYou can build a custom registry using completely risk-free using’s discount code: expert.

Jimmy Moncrief is a wedding photographer at Moncrief Photography and Co-founder of Ciderr.

How To Avoid Getting Underpaid As A Photographer

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