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Top 20 Young Photographers You Should Know in 2024

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 7 min read
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There are millions of young photographers looking for exposure and success today.
Here are a few of the most notable young photographers. You’ll find that their work is a great source of inspiration.

20. Young Photographers: Julia Trotti
Julia is an Australian portrait and travel photographer. Her work is impossible to ignore. She mainly photographs women in a variety of colorful settings. Her photos are bright, joyful, and full of wonder.
She also has a YouTube channel. She frequently shares her thoughts on photography trends and compares different types of equipment.

19. Noukka Signe
Noukka is a Dutch fashion and portrait photographer. She recently started a 60-day photo project to experiment with different types of self-portraiture.
Like Julia, she has been taking photos for many years. She continues to blow people away with her creative ideas.
Noukka’s photos are always well-lit and have a vulnerable quality to them. She achieves this without Photoshopping her work too much, making her portfolio all the more impressive.

18. Anna Heimkreiter
Anna is a German portrait and conceptual photographer. Her photos are emotional and often feature herself in moody locations.
Despite this vulnerability, many of Anna’s photos come with hopeful stories and poems that she writes herself. This adds a new layer of depth to her work and makes it easier to relate to every image she takes.

17. Polina Washington
Polina is a Russian photographer who describes her own work as visual poetry.
She often shoots with 35mm film. She takes digital photos as well. Her knowledge of both analog and digital photography allows her to take photos that go beyond the average definition of photography.

16. Tim Cavadini
Tim is a portrait, fashion, and music photographer who beautifully merges these genres to create a wholesome portfolio.
Many of his images feature women in simple locations. It’s this simplicity that makes his images stand out so much.
Every image, no matter how simple, is vibrant and sharp in all the right ways. It makes you want to observe every detail for a long time.

15. Julie de Waroquier
Julie is a self-taught French photographer. Her work has been featured in books, magazines, and exhibitions all over the world.
She’s also a philosophy teacher who often uses her knowledge of philosophy to take awe-inspiring conceptual photos.
Julie’s work has been around for a very long time. She always finds a way to make her work stand out from everyone else’s.

14. James Chan
James is a Taiwanese photographer who uses analog photography. He takes nostalgic and dreamy photos of people. His photos are soft, candid, and joyful.
James’ work is a perfect example of why you should try using grain, motion blur, and unusual textures in your images.

13. Louis Dazy
Louis is a portrait photographer who regularly takes photos in places with low light.
He combines artificial light with intimate close-ups of people to create thoughtful and emotional images. In his work, you’ll often find vibrant logos and signs that add depth to the story he’s telling.

12. Ronny Garcia
Ronny is a fine art and portrait photographer from Colombia. He has over 200,000 followers on Instagram alone, and his style explains why.
Ronny’s work is vibrant, surreal, and emotional. It’s clear that his photos are edited. But it’s difficult not to get lost in the realism of his concepts.

11. Alexandra Bochkareva
Alexandra is a fine art and portrait photographer from Uzbekistan. She’s known for her photo project Red Heads Stories. This focuses on surreal photos of women with red hair.
Alexandra’s portraits are honest and have a pure quality to them. Many of her models have absolutely no makeup on and often pose next to wild animals in forests.

10. Brian Oldham
Brian is a fine art photographer based in Los Angeles.
His photos explore the idea of gender identity, dark human emotions, and the relationship between people and nature. His style has developed into a modern and minimalistic one.

9. Kyle Thompson
Like the other photographers on this list, Kyle has been a part of the photography world for a very long time. Based in Portland, he often takes conceptual photos of himself in unusual settings.
In his portfolio, you’ll find photos that feature living rooms overflowing with water, couples hugging in abandoned parking lots, and half-faces peeking from small puddles.

8. Sina Domke
Sina Domke is a fine art photographer with a phenomenal portfolio. Every part of her photo, from the subject to the location, has a surreal quality to it.
Her images look like they’ve been taken straight out of a futuristic movie about fairytales. You’ll find a combination of landscape and underwater images in her gallery.

7. Brittney Borowski
Brittney is a portrait photographer who often photographs weddings, couples, and families.
She aims to capture the natural beauty of people and the earth. She describes herself as one of the happiest people you’ll ever meet. This shows in her warm photographs.

6. Anastasia Volkova
Anastasia is a Russian photographer who started her photography journey by taking self-portraits in simple locations.
Now, she’s a well-known travel photographer and Youtuber with over 390,000 followers on Instagram.
Anastasia’s professional photos are fashion-oriented. Her mobile snapshots focus more on the candid beauty of traveling.

5. Mari-ann Curtis
Mari-ann is a portrait and nature photographer from England. She often takes photos with analog cameras, specifically Polaroids, to create nostalgic pieces of art.
In addition to taking photos, she draws and immerses herself in other art forms. This constant exposure to creativity makes her a bright and imaginative young photographer.

4. Ruby James
Ruby is a portrait photographer who takes stunning photos of both men and women.
Her portfolio is diverse, making it a go-to inspiration page for photographers of all kinds.
Some of her portraits are minimalistic. Others explore unusual concepts and are made using unconventional lighting techniques.

3. Manuela Kalì
Manuela is an Italian fashion and portrait photographer who taught herself how to take pictures.
Many years of experience have given her work a polished and professional look. No matter who she’s photographing, she always finds a way to capture their natural beauty without overdoing it.

2. SamAlive
Sam Fan is a photographer based in NYC. He photographs people, landscapes, and cityscapes that make you feel like you’re in the photos yourself.
Sam’s love for photography is evident in his work, so much so that he changed his name to SamAlive. As long as he’s alive, he’s going to take photos every day.

1. Natalie Kucken
Natalie is a fashion and conceptual photographer. She has a unique style that consists of cold tones, muted highlights, and an effect that looks like it’s been made using a cloudy lens filter.
Natalie’s haunting style has a candid quality to it. Most of her images look surreal. But there’s something relatable in each of them, such as a confused-looking child or an object you’d see in your everyday life.


It’s impossible to highlight every notable photographer. But it’s important to put a spotlight on some of the best ones out there.
With the help of a young photographer’s outlook on life, you can quickly improve your own work.