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11 Best Underwater Fishing Cameras in 2023 (Complete Guide)

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An underwater fishing camera is the latest must-have gadget if you like reeling in a big one. It gives you a fish-eye view of the underwater world below. And an underwater fishing camera increases your chances of landing a record-breaking fish.

We’re here to help you find the best underwater fishing camera. We want to give you the advantage next time you cast off. The fish will have no hiding place once your fishing camera is running. It’ll be easy pickings on your next fishing trip to the lake.

Man fishing by lake in mountain plateau
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What is an Underwater Fishing Camera?

An underwater fishing camera is a camera that allows you to see beneath the surface of the water. The camera is submerged underwater and you have a monitor to view the underwater scene. Some fishing cameras attach to a fishing float or weight. Others can be submerged on their own to view a unique underwater world.

Fishing is an unpredictable sport. You never know how a day by the water will turn out. Sometimes you’ll have a head home with a cooler full of fish. And other times you’ll leave without so much as a bite. That can be a disheartening situation. But it’s something an underwater fishing camera can help you resolve.

An underwater fishing camera gives you a fish-eye view of the aquatic scenario. They allow you to assess your options and make more rewarding decisions. Not all fishing cameras have live view recording. But watching underwater footage can give you vital information for your next cast.

Wading angler in casting off in a river
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Best Underwater Fishing Cameras

Now we’ll take you through our top picks for the best underwater fishing camera. We have underwater cameras for all types of anglers. Whether you’re fishing on lakes, rivers, or the open ocean, we have an underwater camera for you. And we haven’t forgotten about the ice fishing fans either.

Skip to the buyer’s guide at the end if you need to know what to look for in the best underwater fishing camera.

1. Moocor Underwater Fishing Camera

Moocor Underwater fishing camera product photo

  • Video Resolution: 800 x 480
  • Screen Size: 4.3″ (10.9 cm)
  • Live View: Yes
  • Waterproof Depth: 50 ft (15 m)
  • Battery: 8-10 hours
  • Weight: 1.43 lbs (648 g)

The Moocor Underwater Fishing Camera is the best underwater camera you can get for fishing. It’s made for lakes and rivers, so you’ll need to go elsewhere for deep sea fishing cameras. But it’s the ideal option for amateur and experienced anglers. It’s a quality product and good value for money.

The LCD screen is bright and gives you a true-to-life image of the underwater environment. There’s a sun visor if you’re fishing in the summer sun. And the LCD screen is backlit, so you can use it for night fishing.

The camera uses a high-quality CMOS sensor. Its low-light performance is excellent, giving you clear images in darker waters. And it’s fitted with infrared lights for extra illumination. It has three brightness settings, so you can fish in all conditions.

Live underwater viewing is the main function of the Moocor underwater fishing camera. But you can also record videos and take photographs. The monitor has a built-in 16 GB memory card. And you can browse the library and remove media if necessary. You can also transfer pics and videos to other devices using a USB cable.

This underwater fishing camera is a must-have in your fishing gear. It allows you to find fish down to depths of 50 ft (15 m). And it works well in most fishing conditions. The cable is strong and gives you excellent control of the camera.

2. Aqua-Vu Micro Stealth Underwater Camera

Aqua-Vu Micro Stealth camera product photo

  • Video Resolution: 800 x 480
  • Screen Size: 4.3″ (10.9 cm)
  • Live View: Yes
  • Waterproof Depth: +50 ft (15 m)
  • Battery: 6 Hours
  • Weight: 1.59 lbs (721 g)

The Aqua-Vu Micro Stealth Underwater Camera is a fantastic gadget for anglers. It works well in different water conditions and it’s easy to use. And it’s the perfect entry into the world of underwater fishing cameras.

You have a 4.3-inch (10.9 cm) screen that’s bright and detailed. The resolution could be higher. But the quality of the camera helps give you a clear image on the monitor. It’s similar in size to a smartphone, so it fits in your hand nicely.

The full-color micro camera gives you a fantastic underwater live view. You can see beneath the surface, allowing you to assess your options and stalk your prey. The connecting cable is 50 ft (15 m) in length. But the camera is waterproof beyond that depth. That makes it ideal for big rivers and lakes.

The underwater camera also has infrared lights around the lens. They illuminate the water around the camera, so you can spot your next prize catch. The lights make it easier to fish in unclear water. Your success rate is sure to increase. And it’s a great option for ice fishing. The 6-hour battery life also means you won’t have to pack up early.

The camera also has a unique fin and clip system for ice and open water fishing. It gives you control of the camera when it’s submerged. You can adjust it for upward or downward viewing. And it’s perfect for trolling. You’ll find your fish in no time.

3. GoFish Cam

GoFish Cam product photo in box

  • Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Screen Size: NA
  • Live View: Yes, with float accessory
  • Waterproof Depth: 500 ft (150 m)
  • Battery: 1 1/2 Hours
  • Weight: 0.33 lbs (150 g)

You can’t do much better when it comes to video quality. The GoFish Cam is a top-of-the-range underwater fishing camera that records all the action below sea level. It can cope with any kind of fishing, including fast rivers and open oceans.

The GoFish Cam gives you fantastic underwater video quality. It’s Full HD quality with a resolution of 1080p. And it records at 60 fps, giving you smooth underwater fishing footage. You can reel it in to watch it back. Then you can use the mobile app to instantly review and share the videos.

The primary focus isn’t live underwater viewing. But the Gofish Cam can also be used as a fish finder. You need to attach the float accessory. And this then turns it into a live view underwater fishing camera. Again, you need the mobile app to use your phone as a monitor. The footage is excellent. But you only get a top-down view in the water.

The battery life varies depending on your resolution and frame rate choices. You’ll have a battery life of 1 to 1.5 hours when recording 1080p at 60 fps. But if you record at 30 fps or 720p at 60 fps, you’ll have up to two hours of battery.

The small and lightweight camera body makes it easy to attach to your fishing line. You can capture on-hook action. And it’s good for trolling at slow or fast speeds. It’s one of the best underwater fishing cameras, especially if you like sharing your fishing videos online.

4. Anysun Portable Underwater Fishing Camera

Anysun Portable Underwater fishing camera product photo

  • Video Resolution: 800 x 400
  • Screen Size: 4.3″ (10.9 cm)
  • Live View: Yes
  • Waterproof Depth: 50 ft (15 m)
  • Battery: 5 Hours
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs (816g)

The Anysun Underwater Fishing Camera is another fantastic option for all anglers. It’ll improve your fishing experience. And we have no doubt you’ll be heading home with a cooler full of fish. It lets you see what’s happening beneath the surface. It has a bright camera and monitor. And it’s good value for money.

The LCD monitor is bright and detailed. The view is fantastic with true-to-life colors and detail. And there’s a sun visor so you don’t have to suffer glare when fishing in the sunshine. It’s lightweight and portable. And you can attach the monitor to your fishing rod for easy viewing.

The underwater camera is suitable for many fishing styles. And the eight infrared LED lights mean you can fish anywhere and at any time of day. You can adjust the light intensity to suit the underwater situation. And you can view the natural behavior of fish at night.

The 50 ft (15 m) cable is tough and durable. It can handle the pressure of fast-flowing rivers and strong fish. And it has anti-freezing technology, making it one of the best underwater cameras for ice fishing. The battery life is good and reliable. You won’t need to leave the water before you’re ready.

5. Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera

Eyoyo underwater fishing camera for sea product image

  • Video Resolution: 800 x 480
  • Screen Size: 7″ (17.8 cm)
  • Live View: Yes
  • Waterproof Depth: 164 ft (50 m)
  • Battery: 8 Hours
  • Weight: 3.7 lbs (1.7 kg)

The Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera is perfect for anglers who like to go deeper. It can take you down to a depth of 164 ft (50 m). And you’ll be able to see fish in their natural environment. And you’ll spy the ones you want to catch.

The Eyoyo fishing camera is housed in a hard case. It’s strong and durable, protecting your gear. But it means it’s better suited to fishing from a boat. And it won’t fit in a kayak. It’s an underwater camera for deep lakes and open seas, giving you a unique underwater experience.

You have a 7-inch screen for viewing your prey. We were hoping for a higher resolution from a screen this size. But the image quality is still excellent with fantastic performance at deeper levels.

The Eyoyo fishing camera doesn’t only deliver in bright environments. It has 12 infrared LED lights that give the camera the illumination it needs. You can film in dark coves, deep seas, and murky waters. And it’s even bright enough for night fishing in deep waters.

The long battery life is another reason the Eyoyo is one of the best underwater fishing cameras. You can use the camera in live view for up to eight hours. That means you can stay at sea all day. You only need to head to shore when the boat’s full of fish.

6. MingBosky Underwater Fishing Camera

Mingbosky camera and yellow case product image

  • Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Screen Size: 9″ (22.8 cm)
  • Live View: Yes
  • Waterproof Depth: 164 ft (50 m)
  • Battery: 8 Hours
  • Weight: 5.88 lbs (2.67 kg)

The MingBosky camera is another brilliant option if you want an underwater camera for deeper waters. It’s the perfect setup for deep sea fishing from a boat. And it’s another fantastic underwater camera for ice fishing.

The 9″ (22.8 cm) LCD screen gives you an outstanding view below the waves. It’s bright with vibrant colors. And you get stunning 1080p image quality on screen. If that doesn’t help you catch fish, I don’t know what will.

The camera quality is excellent. And it’s waterproof down to 164 ft (50 m), so depth is no issue. And it’s armed with 24 infrared LED lights. That’s more than enough for deep sea fishing. And you can continue fishing into the night.

You won’t be heading home to charge the battery. This camera set has a healthy battery life of 8 hours from a full charge. But this fish finder is heavy at 5.88 lb (2.67 kg).

7. Aqua-Vu AV 715C Underwater Viewing System

Aqua-Vu AV 715C viewing system product photo

  • Video Resolution: 800 x 480
  • Screen Size: 7″ (17.8 cm)
  • Live View: Yes
  • Waterproof Depth: 50 ft (15 m)
  • Battery: 8 Hours
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs (544 g)

This option from Aqua-Vu is a serious underwater camera viewing system. The camera gives you excellent live-view footage from the water. And you can see every movement on the 7-inch screen. The camera is waterproof down to 50 ft (15m). It’s ideal for freshwater fishing trips.

The camera is equipped with infrared lights. You’ll be able to see in the darkest waters. And it makes ice fishing a lot easier. It’s a bigger unit and less portable than other cameras. But it comes with a 5-gallon bag for easy transportation.

8. LIMINK F431 Fishing Camera

Limink camera and monitor product image

  • Video Resolution: 1280 x 720
  • Screen Size: 4.3″ (10.9 cm)
  • Live View: Yes
  • Waterproof Depth: 50 ft (15 m)
  • Battery: 5 Hours
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs (810 g)

The Limink F431 is a fantastic fishing camera for all angling enthusiasts. It’s portable and lightweight. And it gives you an incredible glimpse below the water. The camera has a resolution of 1280 x 720. And the picture is fantastic on the bright monitor.

You can also record videos and take photographs under the water. This is an excellent feature if you like sharing your fishing adventures online. You also have six infrared lights on the camera for better vision in low light. And the battery life gives you 5 hours of uninterrupted use. It’s a quality camera and great value for money.

9. LUCKY DVR Video Fishing Camera

Lucky DVR camera product image

  • Video Resolution: 480 x 272
  • Screen Size: 4.3″ (10.9 cm)
  • Live View: Yes
  • Waterproof Depth: 50 ft (15 m)
  • Battery: 4 Hours
  • Weight: 2 lbs (950 g)

If you’re looking for something compact and portable, this DVR fishing camera from LUCKY might be the one for you. The monitor is compact. You can use it handheld or attach it to your rod for easy viewing. The screen resolution isn’t great, but it gives you a good underwater view. The LED lights also help in dark waters.

The LUCKY DVR camera gives you a live view. But you can also record videos. The monitor unit has 16 GB of memory for file storage. And you can view videos back on the monitor before sharing them on other devices. You get a full 4 hours of battery life. And it gives you an excellent fishing experience if the water is clear.

10. XiLiHaLa Underwater Fishing Camera

XiLiHaLa camera with reel, phone, and case

  • Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Screen Size: NA
  • Live View: Yes
  • Waterproof Depth: 164 ft (50 m)
  • Battery: 8 Hours
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg)

This smart fish finder from XiLiHaLa is fantastic fun. And it’ll help you catch fish and view the marine world. You can record videos, view live pictures, and use the camera for underwater live streaming. It’s perfect for anglers on social media.

You sync the camera to your smartphone using the mobile app. And your phone becomes the camera monitor for live viewing. The video quality is 1080p, which is Full HD. It looks professional on a smartphone screen. The camera also gives you a 180-degree wide-angle view, so you won’t miss a fish.

It’s waterproof down to 164 ft (50 m). And the battery life gives you eight hours of underwater fun. It’s not for ice fishing, but it’s a great fish finder for warmer climates.

11. Chasing Dory Underwater Drone

Chasing Dory drone yellow product photo

  • Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Screen Size: NA
  • Live View: Yes
  • Waterproof Depth: 50 ft (15 m)
  • Battery: 1 Hour
  • Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 kg)

The Chasing Dory underwater drone isn’t exactly a fishing camera. But the underwater drone can be used as a fish finder. It syncs to your smartphone with the mobile app. The smartphone becomes a monitor and remote control. And you can record videos and live stream.

It’s a high-resolution camera, and the video quality is excellent at 1080p Full HD. You can drive to depths of 50 ft (15 m) for dramatic underwater viewing. Live stream quality is 720p. But that still looks fabulous on a smartphone. The battery life is only 1 hour, which is a little short for most anglers.

Fisherman on a boat holding a large fish
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The best underwater fishing camera can be a game-changer. You’ll never finish a fishing trip empty-handed again. The fish will have nowhere to hide. And you’ll be taking them home to throw on the BBQ.

There are plenty of fishing cameras to choose from. We’ve included fresh water and open ocean cameras in our list. And we’ve included an underwater fishing camera for every angler.

You won’t regret buying a fishing camera. It’s fascinating to see beneath the water. And it’ll improve your strike rate for landing a prize fish. It’s a worthy investment. And it puts more food on your table.

Hands casting off a fishing rod in the evening
© Samantha Deleo (

What to Look for in an Underwater Fishing Camera

Finding the best underwater camera isn’t easy. Using an underwater fishing camera is unlike any other type of wildlife photography. There are many elements you need to consider. And different specs and features will be better suited to certain types of fishing.

The best underwater fishing camera needs to meet your angling needs. You need to know the fishing camera will give you the advantage you want before you arrive at your favorite fishing spot.

We’ve highlighted some of the key features of the best underwater fishing cameras. We’ll give you a look at the murky waters of camera data and specifications. This information will help you make the right decision when buying a fishing camera. And that’ll lead to more fish in your bucket.

Video Quality and Frame Rate

Video quality is one of the most important specifications for a fishing camera. The quality of the video is measured by pixel resolution. And this detail gives you an idea of the standard of footage you can expect from the underwater camera.

A resolution of 1080p is Full HD video quality. This is ideal for underwater fishing cameras. And if you can get 2160p (4K), that’s even better. Lower resolutions can still work well. But you want a high-quality video that will give you a better view in water with poor visibility.

The frame rate is the shooting speed of the video. It gives you an idea of how smooth the video will be. a 30 fps frame rate gives you smooth real-time footage. Anything less might lag. If you find 60 fps, you’ll have super-smooth underwater video.

Underwater photo of trout in a river
© John Werner (

Monitor Resolution

The monitor resolution determines how clearly you’ll see the underwater view on your monitor. A bright monitor with a high image resolution gives you the best chance of seeing what’s beneath the surface. You have a clear view even in murkier waters.

A resolution of 800 x 480 is HD. That’ll give you a good view. But Full HD at 1080p is what you need to aim for with underwater cameras. A Full HD screen will give you a better chance of hooking that monster fish.

Monitor size is another important aspect of a fishing camera setup. You want a screen that’s big enough to display the fish in the water. But you also want something compact and portable. Between 4 and 7 inches is good for handheld options. But you can go for something bigger if you’re fishing on a boat.

Some underwater fishing cameras don’t have a monitor. These options need to be synced to your smartphone using a mobile app. Your smartphone then becomes the monitor. In this case, the screen size and resolution are determined by your smartphone.

Semi-submerged shot of the ocean with a boat above and fish below
© Chase Baker (

Camera Lights

An underwater camera with built-in lights is beneficial for any angler. The deeper you go, the less light there is. And the lack of light will hinder the effectiveness of your underwater camera. The built-in lights give you the illumination you need to spot fish in darker waters.

Built-in lights also help in dirty or murky water. And they’re essential in ice fishing. Thick ice blocks a lot of light, so you’ll be in the dark just inches under the surface.

Look for an underwater camera with LED lights if you want to fish in deep waters or under the ice. Some will have bright LEDs. And others have infrared (IR) LEDs. Both work well in low-light situations.

Man in orange coat fishing through hole in the ice
© Glenna Haug (
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