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25 Best Tumblr Photography Blogs in 2023 (Updated)

Last updated: November 12, 2023 - 9 min read
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We’ve put together 25 Tumblr photography blogs you must follow.

Tumblr has been influencing and inspiring photographers for years. Thanks to this, there are thousands of blogs dedicated to all kinds of styles.

Tumblr photography blogs are perfect for finding inspiration, connecting with new artists, and putting your work out there.

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25. Exploring Tumblr Photography: 25 Original Photographers

A screenshot from the Original Photographers tumblr photography blogOriginal Photographers is a blog dedicated to a variety of photography genres. These include portraiture, landscape, and architecture.

The blog’s aim is to promote and encourage artists. Every submission is credited. Everyone has a chance to get discovered.

New submissions are posted regularly. Your feed will always be filled with natural photos of people and places.

24. Only Old Photography

A screenshot from the Only Old Photography tumblr photography blogOnly Old Photography features images taken from the beginning of photography until the 1990s.

The owner doesn’t update the blog anymore. But you can still enjoy hundreds of images that were selected to inspire visitors.

Most of the images are black & white. This makes Only Old Photography one of the best Tumblr blogs for b&w enthusiasts.

23. Photos by Gerardo

A screenshot from the Photos by Gerardo Tumblr photography blogPhotos by Gerardo is a personal photo blog. It’s full of the owner’s original landscape photos. Most of the images feature atmospheric landscapes, crystal clear reflections, and moody colors.

There are 148 pages of photos taken over a period of 6 years. If you start from the first page and look through everything, you’re bound to get inspired by Gerardo’s admirable persistence.

This started out as a small blog with few visitors. Then it turned into a successful art page with posts that get at least 500 notes (likes) each.

22. Tokyo Photography

A screenshot from the Tokyo Photography Tumblr photography blogTokyo Photography is a personal blog made by Lukasz Palka, an urban and street photographer. Lukasz takes candid, vibrant, and gritty photos of Tokyo.

This is the perfect blog for aspiring and curious street photographers. If you want to learn how to take interesting nighttime photos, check it out.

If you hover over any image on the blog, you’ll see the camera settings that Lukasz used during the shoot.

21. Amazingly Beautiful

A screenshot from the Amazingly Beautiful Tumblr photography blogAmazingly Beautiful stands out for many reasons. It’s a great way to relax while looking through breathtaking photos. You can find new landscape photographers, and add new locations to your travel bucket list.

The blog prioritizes quality content. It aims to give every submission the respect it deserves. This means that every submission is credited properly.

20. Frederick Ardley

A screenshot from the Frederick Ardley photography blogIf you’re looking for aesthetic pictures on Tumblr, this blog is for you. The owner, Frederick Ardley is a British landscape and portrait photographer.

His portfolio has a pleasant mix of peaceful and dramatic photos. They often resemble paintings.

His posts are often accompanied by poetic descriptions. These give readers a glimpse of his creative process.

19. Breathtaking Destinations

A screenshot from the Breathtaking destinations Tumblr photography blogWith over 1 million followers, Breathtaking Destinations is one of the best Tumblr photography blogs for wanderlusters and landscape photographers.

The blog is owned by Anna, a German traveler who has been to over 50 countries and counting. She often takes photos herself too. But she mainly posts photos taken by Flickr photographers.

18. NY Through The Lens

A screenshot from the NY Through the Lens photography blogNY Through The Lens is a personal portfolio by Vivienne Gucwa, a digital photo editor and author of two photo books.

If you’re wondering what New York looks like throughout the year or just want to see its most beautiful sides, you’ll enjoy Vivienne’s creations.

17. Morgan Phillips

A screenshot from the Photos by Morgan Philips Tumblr photography blogMorgan Philips is a Seattle based photographer and traveler. He has worked with companies like Canon, BMW, Fitbit, and Twitter.

His Tumblr blog has 52 pages of atmospheric and colorful photos.

Note: some posts feature nudity.

16. A Life Alive

A screenshot from A Life Alive Tumblr photography blogA Life Alive is a travel blog owned by Forrest Mankins, a commercial photographer and director.

The title of the blog comes from a project that led Forrest to a 20,000+ mile road trip. His love for the present moment is easy to see in every post.

A Life Alive is a stunning portfolio. It’s a visual story meant to encourage others to travel, be present, and embrace small moments wherever they are.

15. Spain Street Photography

A screenshot from the Spain Street Photography Tumblr photography blogIf you’d like to get a glimpse of Spain and inspire your creative side, you’ll enjoy Spain Street Photography. 

Not much is known about the owner of the blog. But you can ask them questions through Tumblr.

Most of the images are b&w. They have a nostalgic feel that’s unique to street photography.

14. Mayan Handball Court

A screenshot from the Mayan Handball Court Tumblr photography blogMayan Handball Court belongs to Rob Simons, a writer and content creator. He combines design and photography on his blog.

Most of the images belong to other artists, are analog photos, and feature unique elements of design.

13. Food Photography by Sergio

A screenshot from the Food Photography by Sergio Tumblr photography blogSergio Alfonso López is a food photographer. He takes colorful and detailed photos of food.

His unique way of handling light makes his images look more like paintings than photographs.

His blog is considered one of the top 50 food photography blogs.

Even if you’re not a food photographer, you’ll find inspiration in Sergio’s use of light, colors, and framing.

12. Harper’s Bazaar

A screenshot from the Harper's Bazaar Tumblr photography blogHarper’s Bazaar is a women’s fashion magazine that often posts articles and photographs online.

Their Tumblr blog is full of celebrity news and professional photoshoots.

This is a great space for fans of pop culture and photojournalism to educate and inspire themselves.

11. Floralls

A screenshot from the Floralls Tumblr photography blogIf you’re looking for eye candy (visually appealing photos) on Tumblr, Floralls will satisfy your creative needs.

This blog has a seemingly infinite amount of floral photos, gifs, and illustrations.

Most of the posts are diptychs, triptychs, or collages. These might inspire you to make diptychs of your own.

10. Forgotten Iowa

A screenshot from the Forgotten Iowa Tumblr photography blogForgotten Iowa is a blog with one impressive goal: to capture every town in Iowa. The U.S. state has 947 towns, all of which Cody Weber, the owner, photographs professionally.

Every post comes with a selection of photos featuring abandoned buildings, landscape shots, and surreal photos of people.

9. TIME Lightbox

A screenshot from the TIME Lightbox Tumblr photography blogTIME Lightbox focuses on behind-the-scenes of iconic photoshoots, stories about immigration, and remarkable photographers.

The blog was last updated two years ago. But it still has relevant information. You can use this to improve your photojournalism skills.

8. Louise Takes Photos

A screenshot from the Louise Takes Photos Tumblr photography blogLouise Takes Photos is a personal blog belonging to travel photographer Louise Coghill.

Louise’s portfolio is impressive and features an eclectic mix of photos. From a man riding a horse at the end of a rainbow, a photographer standing on the edge of a cliff to a blurred image of stars in the middle of the night, just to name a few.

Her blog is updated regularly. It mainly revolves around travel photography.

7. National Geographic Found

A screenshot from the National Geographic Found Tumblr photography blogFound is a collection of images belonging to National Geographic. There, you’ll find hundreds of unpublished and underrated photos.
This is an eye-opening blog for fans of analog photography.

6. Grace & Girlhood

A screenshot from the Grace & Girlhood Tumblr photography blogGrace & Girlhood is all about celebrating women and their photography talents. Especially those related to film photography.

The blog features nostalgic landscape photos taken by artists on Flickr.

Most of the photographers have very few followers. Grace & Girlhood is the best place to be if you enjoy supporting undiscovered female creators.

5. Olivia Bee

A screenshot from the Olivia Bee Tumblr photography blogOlivia Bee is a famous portrait and film photographer. At the age of 25, she has already accomplished a lot.

She has worked with companies like Apple and been featured by famous publications like Vogue.

Her blog features photos of celebrities, models, and friends she has worked with. Every post gives out an indescribable feeling of nostalgia.

Note: some posts feature nudity.

4. Portrait Page

A screenshot from the Portrait Page Tumblr photography blogIf you use Instagram, you’ve probably come across photography feature accounts. Portrait Page is the Tumblr equivalent of that. In fact, it uploads posts directly from Instagram.

Every post comes with proper credit and a short description of the image. Most of the photos feature women in a variety of well-lit locations.

This is a great place for portrait artists to get featured and find inspiration.

3. A Photo Blog Full of Inspiration For My Work

A screenshot from a Tumblr photography blogExperienced photographers can find beauty in all kinds of art. Quotes, snapshots, and drawings can all become invaluable tools in their work.

Inspiration blogs like this are important. They can teach you how to find potential in other people’s work.

A Photo Blog Full of Inspiration For My Work is full of eye-catching photos. These can help you come up with new ideas or simply see the world from a professional’s point of view.

2. Lensblr

A screenshot from Lensblr Tumblr photography blogLensblr is a Tumblr community that supports artists by promoting their work.

They post photos from different genres every day. Right now, there are over 59,000 images on the blog.

Lensblr doesn’t want to just promote artists’ photos. It aims to bring photographers together and give them the attention they deserve. Also, to put a spotlight on those who haven’t had much luck on other social platforms.

You can submit your own photos to the community directly through Tumblr.

1. No Ordinary Sunset

A screenshot from No Ordinary Sunset Tumblr photography blogNo Ordinary Sunset is a blog made exclusively for travel photos. The owner’s main goal is to capture as many sunsets as possible.

All of the photos are atmospheric and look like they’ve barely been edited.

This is a great place for landscape and travel photographers. You’ll learn that the potential to take stunning photos exists everywhere.


Tumblr has been around for a very long time. This makes it one of the best sources for photography inspiration.

Whether you use the website or not, you’re guaranteed to find at least some kind of inspiration thanks to the millions of photographers who regularly post there.

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