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Recommended Photography Gear

Hello, and welcome to my big list of recommended photography products!

Everything listed in this page, or any of the subpages, has either been used by myself, comes very highly recommended by other photographers, or readers have personally recommended to me.

Inside some of the categories, there are links and descriptions to other relevant content that you might be interested in. Here’s a link I think you might enjoy…

Finally, I would just like to express the most important lesson I’ve learned from years of buying photography gear:

Invest money into good quality gear once, look after it, and it will last you a lifetime.

It’s tempting to always go for the cheap option because it looks like it might it’s good quality, but in my experience, I end up buying the same thing twice. The cheap version, and then the pro version after the cheap version inevitably falls apart on me.

There’s a lot of rubbish gear on the internet, and that’s why I created this list. Enjoy – Josh

DSLR Cameras

From Canon to Nikon, crop sensor to full frame, these are the best DSLR’s on the market. Start here if you’re looking to get into photography, but don’t know which camera to buy.

Point & Shoot Cameras

Sometimes you don’t want to lug around your heavy DSLR, but you still want to take great quality photos. Not a problem – check out these recommended small point and shoot cameras!


These are lenses that I’ve personally used, and recommend to budding photographers, who want to take better photos, and improve their understanding of photography.

Small Accessories

Here you’ll find filters, batteries, memory cards, hard drives, cleaning product, remotes, and other small accessories that every photography should own.


When you start to understand flash photography, you will start to see an improvement in your photos as they look more professional and well exposed.

Lighting Accessories

Knowing how to control the light is a key factor to using flash photography correctly, and a great way to do so, is to use lighting accessories and modifiers, like these.


I spent $300 on my tripod, and although that seems like a lot of money, it’s probably the best accessory I’ve ever bought. Strong and reliable, it will last for years to come.


You never really realise just how bad camera strap designs are, until you decide to replace your strap with a the likes of the Sun Sniper, Black Rapid, or C-Loop.


Although you shouldn’t rely on post production as a replacement for good photography, PP is still a very important aspect of photography, as you add those finishing touches.


Reading from books is how I learned how to take better photos, and get my head around more complicated aspects of photography, such as lighting. Some great reads here.

Storage & Camera Bags

When you’re packing all of your gear together, you need to make sure that everything is safe and secure. I highly recommend these bags and cases, to help move all of your equipment.

All Products

If you’d like to see all of the products listed in the Expert Photography Recommended Photography Products section, then click here, and see them all on one page. – Josh

I used to find it so hard to find quality photography equipment and accessories; ones that wouldn’t fall apart after one use, and weren’t a complete waste of my money. I thought I would share my knowledge and experience with you by compiling this list, which is nice and easy to browse.