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Lighting Accessories

Manfrotto Basic Light Stand

When you start shooting with an off-camera flash, this is one of the first things you’re going to want to buy yourself, as it’s a safe way to position your flash just about anywhere.

Manfrotto Swivel Umbrella Adapter

This adapter easily attaches an umbrella to your light stand, and the tilting feature adds adjustability to light and umbrella. Perfect for when you want to add difusion to your lighting.

Stroboframe Bracket Shoe Mount

This bracket shoe mount holds even the heaviest shoe units, and the construction is secure and durable. The bracket is very solid, and holds my flash in place nicely when I need it to.

Manfrotto Boom Stand & Sand Bag

This is a great way to improve your lighting for product and portrait photography, as it will help you to maneuver the flash wherever you want it. And it comes with a sandbag included.


Manfrotto Clamp & Flash Shoe

This is another great way to attach your flash to an unusual surface, where you may not be able to fit a stand, or it’s simply easier to just clamp the flash to an existing surface.

16-Inch Flash Beauty Dish

This 16″ Beauty Dish includes all the mounting accessories, including a grid, and an elastic difusor. This is probably my favourite light modifier, because I love the fall off it produces.

White Umbrella with Extras

This is a 40in White Satin Umbrella with Reflective Silver Backing and Removable Black Cover, gives you the flexibility to produce lots of different diffusions, from one modifier.

24-Inch Foldable Softbox with Grid

Everyone needs to own a softbox, and this 24-Inch Portable Foldable Off-camera Flash Portrait Softbox with Grid for Speedlites is perfect, because the grid modifies the light even further.

4 Heavyduty Sandbags

Sandbags are really important if you care about your gear not getting blown onto the floor (or worse). There are the perfect solution, to be filled with anything; sand, gravel, even nuts and bolts.

5-in-1 Collapsible Light Reflector

I actually own a couple of these as they’re really useful for adding natural light, exactly where you need it. They collapse too so they pack away easily when you’re done.

Honl Photo Speed Strap

Provides a large wraparound surface area to quickly attach gobos and colour correction filters to your flashes, and it’s also non-slip so it won’t budge when attached. Very useful.

Color Correction Filter Kit

Color correction filters are used to color correct your strobes for tungsten, fluorescent or cool daylight lighting environments. They easily attach to the speed strap to the left.

Flash Diffuser

This is probably one of the best things I’ve ever bought for my flash, because it makes direct, on-camera flash, much less harsh. Great for outdoors at night, pointed upwards too.

Gary Fong LightSphere Diffuser

The LightSphere is one of the most popular diffusers on the market, for one very good reason; it works. It’s low cost, and high performing, producing more professional results.