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12 Best Disposable Cameras in 2023 (For Parties, Weddings & Fun)

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Disposable cameras are great fun. You don’t need to be an expert in photography to enjoy the experience of taking photos with a camera. They’re fun for all the family, from kids to adults. And a disposable camera is a fun way to record memorable moments and special occasions.

There are some excellent disposable camera options out there. And we’ll take you through all the different disposable cameras so you can find your favorite. Our list includes color film cameras and black and white cameras. And we’ve also got waterproof disposable cameras for fun by the beach or pool.

Man holding a disposable camera to his face in a market
© Lisanto (

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What is a Disposable Camera?

A disposable camera is a single-use film camera. They contain one roll of film. And when that roll of film has been used up, you take it to the photo shop to be developed. After waiting patiently, they’ll return your developed photos. But the camera can’t be used again, so it’s thrown away.

Disposable cameras are basic cameras with very few controls. They’re point-and-shoot cameras in their purest form. You point the camera and take a picture. That’s the whole process.

Many single-use cameras only have two buttons. One button is the shutter switch for taking the picture. And the other button is for activating the flash. All the exposure settings are either preset or set automatically in-camera.

Their beauty lies in their simplicity. You don’t need any technical knowledge about photography. You don’t need to worry about balancing your exposure settings for the perfect shot. Disposables aren’t about perfection. You use a disposable camera to have fun.

Woman sitting next to a window with sunlight coming through
Taken with a Kodak Fun Saver

Different Kinds of Disposable Cameras

Despite their simplicity, you can find many different disposable cameras. And this can make finding the best disposable camera difficult. You want to know that the film camera you buy suits the occasion you need them for.

The most common type of disposable camera is standard color. These cameras contain a roll of color film, and you’ll have a collection of color photos once they’re developed.

You’ll also find black and white film cameras. These contain black and white film for moody photos with a retro look. Black and white photography gives you retro grain and high-contrast images. They’re great for days with friends or something a bit more artistic.

Waterproof disposable cameras are another option. They’re ideal for poolside holiday fun with the family. Or you can take them on a surfing adventure for amazing underwater photos.

The ISO is one detail you need to consider when looking at disposable cameras. The ISO refers to the film’s sensitivity to light. The higher the ISO, the more sensitive it is to light. A film with a higher ISO works better in low-light situations, but you will see more grain in the photos.

Woman taking picture with a disposable camera in front of two tall buildings
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The 12 Best Disposable Cameras

Now we’ll take you through our top choices for the best disposable cameras. We have something for everyone, with color, black and white, and waterproof disposable cameras. Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding, or a holiday, we have a disposable camera for you.

1. Kodak Fun Saver

Kodak Fun Saver disposable camera

  • Film Type: Kodak Color
  • Number of Exposures: 27
  • Film ISO: 800
  • Built-in Flash: Yes

Kodak is the biggest name in color film. They have the biggest range of film, and they’re popular with film photographers all over the world. And the Kodak Fun Saver gives you the best entry point into the world of film photography.

The Kodak Fun Saver stands out from other disposable cameras due to the 800 ISO film. You’ll see that most cameras on this list have 400 ISO film. That means the Fun Saver can cope with situations where light is dim or fading. You can still take pictures on sunny days. But you can keep shooting as the sun goes down. There’s a built-in flash for extra illumination.

The higher ISO also means you’ll see more grain in the photos. But with the renaissance of film photography, more and more people want to see grain in their photos. The Kodak Fun Saver gives you more flexibility and a retro look people love.

The Kodak Fun Saver isn’t the most durable camera. The body is made of thin plastic and paper, so it can’t take much damage. But you don’t need to worry too much. It’s a single-use camera, so you won’t need to keep it safe for long.

2. Ilford XP2 Super Single Use Camera

Ilford XP2 Camera disposable camera

  • Film Type: Ilford XP2 Super 400
  • Number of Exposures: 27
  • Film ISO: 400
  • Built-in Flash: Yes

The best black and white single-use camera is the Ilford XP2 Super. Ilford is renowned for its black and white films. And this disposable camera is armed with one of their best film stocks, the Ilford XP2 Super.

XP2 Super produces lovely monochrome photographs. It doesn’t have the contrast range of the Ilford HP5. The blacks, whites, and greys are softer and more gradual. You get an array of tones and shades of grey, giving you excellent detail in light and dark areas.

XP2 Super film is unique because it can be developed in C41, meaning you can process it using the same chemicals as color film. That information is irrelevant to most people. But it means developing centers with limited equipment will be able to develop this disposable camera.

The film ISO is 400, a good all-around ISO for daytime shooting. There’s a built-in flash, and the lens has a fixed f/9.5 aperture. That’s a relatively narrow aperture, so you will need the flash when the light starts to dim.

3. Fujifilm QuickSnap

Two boxes of the fujifilm quicksnap camera

  • Film Type: Fujifilm Superior X-Tra 400
  • Number of Exposures: 27
  • Film ISO: 400
  • Built-in Flash: Yes

The Fujifilm QuickSnap is one of the best disposable cameras for color shooters. It has a compact body, making it the perfect pocket camera for any occasion. And it produces some of the best color photos compared to other single-use cameras.

The Fujifilm QuickSnap is preloaded with Fujifilm Superior X-Tra 400. That’s not just one of Fujifilm’s best film stocks, it’s one of the best color stocks still available. Your images will be alive with vibrant color and rich detail. You’ll feel like a professional film photographer.

The built-in flash has a reach of 10 feet, giving you an excellent range for nighttime shooting. It’ll blind you at close range, but it means you can take color shots after dark. Other than the flash, there are no features to set this camera apart. The Fujifilm QuickSnap relies on the quality of the film. It’s simple, easy to use, and a great choice for color photos.

4. Fujifilm QuickSnap Waterproof

Fujifilm Quicksnap waterproof disposable camera

  • Film Type: Fujifilm 800
  • Number of Exposures: 27
  • Film ISO: 800
  • Built-in Flash: No

If you’re planning on getting wet, you’ll need the best disposable camera for going underwater. And the Fujifilm QuickSnap Waterproof is that camera. It’s as easy to use as the standard QuickSnap, but you can take it beneath the waves for amazing aquatic photos.

This single-use camera is waterproof down to 17 feet. That’s ideal for having fun in the pool. Or you can take it out to sea to photograph fish, reefs, or your water-loving friends.

Unlike the standard version, the QuickSnap Waterproof uses an 800 ISO film. The extra light sensitivity compensates for the darker conditions under the surface. This camera has no flash, so night shots are a no-go. But the 800 ISO lets you shoot into the golden hour of the evening.

While this is the best waterproof single-use camera, we don’t recommend it if you’re not getting wet. The QuickSnap Waterproof can be unreliable. Go for one of the disposables above for non-aquatic photo fun.

5. Kodak Tri-X 400

Kodak Tri-X 400 disposable camera

  • Film Type: Kodak Tri-X 400 Black & White
  • Number of Exposures: 27
  • Film ISO: 400
  • Built-in Flash: Yes

Kodak also makes fantastic black and white disposable cameras. And the Tri-X 400 single-use camera is one of the best you can buy. It’s easy to use yet versatile. And it gives you excellent black and white photos.

Kodak Tri-X 400 is one of the best black and white film stocks you can buy. It’s popular with different types of black and white photographers. It has fantastic contrast for dramatic monochrome pictures. But you still get excellent detail in the grey tones.

The camera is armed with a flash for nighttime shooting. While it does allow you to snap some pics after dark, the bright flash doesn’t work well with black and white film. Tri-X 400 is high-contrast in daylight, so you’ll be left with indistinct patches of black and white when using a flash.

The Kodak Tri-X 400 camera is a fun way to get started with black and white photography. It isn’t the most versatile single-use camera. But you can get creative by making some arty monochrome photos.

6. Ilford Ilfocolor Rapid

Ilford Ilfocolor disposable camera

  • Film Type: Ilford 400 Color
  • Number of Exposures: 27
  • Film ISO: 400
  • Built-in Flash: Yes

Ilford is the master of black and white, but they also make one of the best disposable cameras with color film. The Ilford Ilfocolor is the best of their single-use cameras. It’s a fun color option for the whole family and an ideal camera for snapping photos with family and friends.

The Ilfocolor is preloaded with 400 ISO film. It works brilliantly in daylight, with the 400 ISO film giving you bright color photos. It has a fixed-focus wide-angle lens, allowing you to capture any moment. You can have wide landscape shots or portraits.

The shutter speed is fixed for simplicity. You don’t need to make changes to your settings between each shot. You simply point and shoot. There’s a built-in flash, so the fun can continue when the sun goes down. It’s one of the most reliable disposable cameras. And the results are great too.

7. Kodak Max Water and Sport

Kodak Max Water and Sport Camera disposable camera

  • Film Type: Kodak Max 800
  • Number of Exposures: 27
  • Film ISO: 800
  • Built-in Flash: No

The Kodak Water and Sport camera is an excellent option for wild and wet occasions. You can take it on holiday for photos in the pool or at the beach. And they’re excellent for children because the waterproof case makes them extra durable.

The camera is preloaded with 800 ISO film. That’s good for outdoor and indoor photography. And this ISO level also works well underwater where there is less natural light. But even though the camera is waterproof down to 50 feet, the picture quality deteriorates at that depth.

There’s no flash bulb, so you are limited to daytime shooting. But there is a large shot winder for easy winding underwater. And it also makes it easier for young children to operate the camera independently. It’s underwater fun for the whole family.

8. Lomography Simple Use

Lomography Simple Use Color Negative disposable camera

  • Film Type: Lomography 400 Color
  • Number of Exposures: 36
  • Film ISO: 400
  • Built-in Flash: Yes

The Simple Use film camera from Lomography is one of the best disposable cameras for color film fans. Film production is a passion for the folks at Lomography. And their disposable cameras are the perfect first step on a film photography journey.

The 400 ISO film works well in daylight, giving you lovely color tones. But you also get some of that grain that film shooters love. The camera has a 31mm fixed-focus lens for a variety of shots. And the f/9 aperture gives you plenty of light for daytime photoshoots.

The flash works well if you want to continue taking pictures at night. And the colored flash gels add an extra element of creativity to flash photography. The Lomo Simple Use camera gives you 36 shots, which is more than most other disposable cameras.

9. Kodak SUC Daylight

Kodak SUC Daylight disposable camera

  • Film Type: Kodak 800
  • Number of Exposures: 39
  • Film ISO: 800
  • Built-in Flash: No

The Kodak SUC Daylight is another fantastic option from Kodak’s line of disposable cameras. It isn’t their most versatile camera. But it produces excellent photos in bright sunlight, making it one of the best disposable cameras for summer vacations or weekends at the coast.

This camera has no flash, so you’re limited to daylight photography. But the sensitive 800 ISO film does allow you to capture low-light images. The camera also gives you 39 exposures, which is more than most disposable cameras. It’s more convenient and less wasteful.

The exposure settings are fixed and optimized for daytime shooting. The aperture is f/10. And the fixed-focus lens has a focal length of 32.8mm, giving you a nice wide-angle shot. The minimum focus distance is 3.3 feet (1m), so it’s good for anything other than macro photography.

10. AGFA Photo Le Box

AGDA Le Box disposable camera

  • Film Type: AGFA 400 Black & White
  • Number of Exposures: 36
  • Film ISO: 400
  • Built-in Flash: Yes

The Le Box camera from AGFA Photo is another excellent disposable camera if you’re interested in black and white photography. It has a flash and takes 36 exposures. And the image quality is excellent for a single-use camera.

The 400 ISO film is ideal for daytime black and white photography. It’ll give you hard contrasts many film photographers love. But you can also achieve more detail when light conditions vary. There’s also a fine grain texture that makes it distinct from digital photos.

The fixed exposure settings make it easy for anyone to use. It’s a fun camera if you want something more artistic for weddings and parties. And it’s also a gateway into black and white for young photographers.

11. Kodak Max

Kodak max disposable camera

  • Film Type: Kodak Max 800
  • Number of Exposures: 27
  • Film ISO: 800
  • Built-in Flash: Yes

The Kodak Max is another excellent single-use camera for all occasions. The outer case doesn’t have the best build quality. But it’ll create bright and vibrant photos you can treasure.

The Kodak Max uses 800 ISO film, giving you more flexibility with shooting times. You don’t need to worry if your wedding party runs into the evening. The 800 ISO film works well despite the limited light.

If things do get dark, you also have the built-in flash. It has a max range of 14.5 feet, so you can take a variety of nighttime shots. But there is a minimum flash distance of 4 feet. Stand back, or it’ll blow out your shots. The power of the flash also means you have to wait a few seconds to recharge after each shot.

12. One Shot Underwater Camera

One Shot disposable camera with box

  • Film Type: 400 Color Film
  • Number of Exposures: 27
  • Film ISO: 400
  • Built-in Flash: No

This underwater camera from One Shot is a child-friendly single-use camera for holidays by the pool or beachside getaways. It has simple controls any member of the family can operate. And you don’t need to worry about getting it wet.

It’s waterproof down to 32 feet (10m), which is enough for any swimming pool. The 400 ISO film gives you lovely photos when you’re above water or near the surface on sunny days. But it does struggle for light the further down you go.

There’s a minimum focus distance of 3.3 feet (1m). And the shutter speed is fixed at 1/120 of a second. That’s slow enough for plenty of light on sunny days. But it’s quick enough to avoid motion blur in most situations.

Young girl using a waterproof camera in a swimming pool
© London Deposit (


Finding the best disposable camera can be more difficult than you think. There’s plenty of variety with single-use cameras. So you need to find the one that meets your photography needs.

There are excellent color film cameras for all occasions, from weddings to birthday parties. And a camera with a flash means the festivities can continue into the night. You also have black and white disposables for people who want something more artistic. Then you have the waterproof cameras for underwater images.

Kodak has the biggest range of disposable cameras. But Fuji and Ilford shouldn’t be ignored. They have fantastic color and black and white disposables. And Fuji also has the best waterproof camera on the market.

Check out our Photography for Beginners course to get great shots even while using a disposable camera!

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