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11 Best Drone Accessories in 2024 (Updated)

Last updated: March 13, 2024 - 3 min read
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Our Top 3 Picks

Beyondsky Controller Sunshade

Price Range: $$$
Our Rating:

Tiffen ND+CP Filter Kit

Price Range: $$$
Our Rating:

Tile Sport GPS Tracker

Price Range: $$$
Our Rating:

Drones are powerful flying cameras, but you can make them even better. Adding extra drone accessories can drastically increase the abilities of your drone.

In our compilation, there are crucial drone attachments and cool drone accessories, too. They all expand your drone camera kit and will lead to a steep increase in the quality of your work. Read on to see the best drone accessories.

A drone flying above snowy mountains
Photo by Iewek Gnos on Unsplash

Essential Drone Accessories: Quick Questions

Before we jump to our best drone accessories, here are some questions and answers that you asked from us:

How Much Does a Good Drone Cost?

DJI’s brand new Mavic Mini retails for 399 USD, and it’s now available for purchase. We have not tested it yet, but it seems to be a promising offer for a low price. If you demand more or want an even cheaper drone, take a look at our favourite drones here.

Can You Bring a DJI Drone on a Plane?

No law regulates this. It depends on your airport and carrier. In the US, most airlines allow DJI drones on board, but you have to take the battery out and place it in a fireproof bag.

In Europe, practice is a bit stricter. Some airports only allow drones in checked-in baggage.

How Do You Store a Drone?

For shorter periods and carrying, we recommend a backpack or a hardcase. These are convenient and will protect your drone.

If you’re not using your drone for more extended periods, remove the battery. DJI drone batteries self-discharge after a while by slowly converting electric energy into heat.

This heat is normal. Don’t worry if your battery is warm after you haven’t used it for a few weeks.

Does a DJI Phantom Have to be Registered?

In the United States, you have to register all DJI drones (except the Tello) on the FAA’s website. This process is quick and inexpensive.

In other parts of the world, regulation varies. Usually, some registration is required. Check DJI’s website about the details.

A drone in front of a wall
Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unplash

Our Favourite Drone Accessories for Your Drone Camera Kit

Here are the best drone accessories that we find the most useful.

Some of these drone accessories are model-specific. In the case of those products, we linked the Mavic 2 Zoom versions and indicated this. If you have a different drone, choose the right version for your drone.

Note: Take extra care when choosing Mavic Pro or 2 Pro accessories. The difference between these two drones is small. But, you might not be able to fit Mavic 2 Zoom accessories onto your Mavic Pro or 2 Pro.

For flying in harsh sunlight

Price Range: $$$

Beyondsky Controller Sunshade

  • For Mavic and Spark controllers
  • Provides a clear view of your flight controls

If you’ve ever tried to fly in bright light, light reflecting on your phone’s screen might have been an issue.

Fortunately, you can quickly fix this problem by getting a hood that shades your remote control.

It not only provides a better view but increases safety. The battery life of your smart device will also grow since you no more have to pull up the brightness to maximum.

Our Rating:

Helps you take off from uneven surfaces

Price Range: $$$

PGYTech Landing Gear Extension

  • For Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom drones
  • Attaches to the legs of your drone

PGYTech, a partner of DJI, make this smart and light accessory.

It’s especially useful when you have to take off in tall grass. Without extended legs, your drone couldn’t even start, because the grass would stop the propellers from moving.

Consider it if you often take off from the wet or dirty ground. You can detach these and clean them, and won’t have to clean the drone itself tediously.


Our Rating:

To capture smooth videos

Price Range: $$$

Tiffen ND+CP Filter Kit

  • For Mavic 2 Zoom drones
  • Crucial for video

If you’re shooting video, keeping the shutter speed around half of the framerate is a good move.

This trick introduces a mild motion blur that blends the frames. The result is much smoother footage.

Videographers have long been using ND filters to get longer shutter speeds, so why couldn’t you do this on your drone? Luckily, you can.

Various brands offer filter kits for drones, but we especially like Tiffen. Their filters don’t compromise on quality but also come at a reasonable price.

This kit comprises of three ND + Circular Polariser combined filters which come at 4, 8, and 16 strengths.

The polariser helps with filtering out unwanted reflections from water or the sky.

Our Rating:

For safe travel and storing

Price Range: $$$

iFlight Lipo Battery Bag

  • For any drone battery
  • Keeps your batteries separated

Many drone batteries go through meticulous quality control, but some faulty ones always slip through.

To not take any chances, we advise buying a fireproof bag for your drone batteries. On many airlines it’s compulsory.

It also protects your drone from excessive temperatures. You can also avoid accidental short circuits if you only store one battery per bag.


Our Rating:

To never lose your drone

Price Range: $$$

Tile Sport GPS Tracker

  • Works with anything, not just drones
  • Smartphone connection

This tiny GPS tracker is a useful tool for anything that can get lost.

Attach it to your drone, and if you accidentally lose track of it, look at the map on your phone.

This gadget also has a Bluetooth connection. If you’re up to 200ft from your drone, you can ring and find it.

Our Rating:

A must-have for redundancy

Price Range: $$$

DJI Spare Gimbal Cover

  • For Mavic 2 Zoom
  • Protects the most vulnerable part of your drone

When going on a more extended trip with your drone, having an extra gimbal cover is vital.

If you accidentally lose the original cover, your gimbal will sit unprotected for the rest of the trip.

The gimbal is the most expensive and sensitive part of a drone, so you shouldn’t risk leaving it exposed.

Our Rating:

To not let the propellers move

Price Range: $$$

PGYTech Propeller Holder

  • For Mavic 2 Zoom and Mavic 2 Pro
  • Convenient for storing and transporting

Anytime you pack a drone without tying the propellers, they will move freely and live their own life.

It is not only annoying but can also cause damage. So, having something that fixes their position is a great idea.

This product solves the problem perfectly while remaining cheap. Still, if you want to be even more economical, use an elastic band.




Our Rating:

To land precisely

Price Range: $$$

Landing Pad

  • For any drone
  • Fits in a small case

It doesn’t matter whether you’re flying a multi-thousand-dollar drone or a small hobby drone. A landing pad is always a good idea.

A pad helps with dirty or uneven surfaces. You can see it clearly on the camera from far away, so you can get back easier. But be careful, always nail it to the ground otherwise the wind will blow it away.

In DJI Mavic drones, there’s an automatic option for more precise landings. When taking off, the drone takes an image of the ground to find that exact spot later.

Placing a landing pad of a protrusive color below it can significantly improve its accuracy.

Our Rating:

To fly for a longer time

Price Range: $$$

DJI Charging Hub

  • For Mavic 2 Zoom and Mavic 2 Pro
  • Charges in sequence

If you want to get the best out of your drone, with maximum flight time, you’ve probably already purchased extra batteries for it.

In that case, a charging hub is handy. Plug all your batteries in it, at it will charge them one by one. It starts with the battery that’s closest to full so that you can use it as soon as possible.

You can recharge four batteries at once, and it takes about six hours to finish all of them. That means you can plug them in for the night and have two hours of total flight time next day.

This hub comes with the Mavic 2 Zoom and DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combos. If you’re building a DIY drone kit, you can buy it separately.

Our Rating:

To use bigger screens

Price Range: $$$

Uzopi Tablet Holder

  • For DJI Mavic and Spark controllers
  • No modification for the controller required

You can’t fit devices with screens bigger than 7″ in Mavic or Spark controllers.

This accessory attaches to the remote control phone holder and extends an arm above that.

So, you can put much larger screens in there, allowing for the use of iPads and other tablets.


Our Rating:

To always be protected

Price Range: $$$

PGYTech Hardcase

  • For Mavic 2 Zoom and Mavic Pro drones
  • All-proof

If you’re travelling a lot with your drone, a hardcase is one of the best investment you can make.

It protects against shocks, water, and extreme temperatures. You can also lock it on two sides for even more safety.

We find this case extremely helpful when carrying our Mavic.

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