Recommended Photography Gear

Hello, and welcome to my big list of recommended photography products!

Everything listed in this page, or any of the subpages, has either been used by myself, comes very highly recommended by other photographers, or readers have personally recommended to me.

Inside some of the categories, there are links and descriptions to other relevant content that you might be interested in. Here’s a link I think you might enjoy…

Finally, I would just like to express the most important lesson I’ve learned from years of buying photography gear:

Invest money into good quality gear once, look after it, and it will last you a lifetime.

It’s tempting to always go for the cheap option because it looks like it might it’s good quality, but in my experience, I end up buying the same thing twice. The cheap version, and then the pro version after the cheap version inevitably falls apart on me.

There’s a lot of rubbish gear on the internet, and that’s why I created this list. Enjoy – Josh

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I used to find it so hard to find quality photography equipment and accessories; ones that wouldn’t fall apart after one use, and weren’t a complete waste of my money. I thought I would share my knowledge and experience with you by compiling this list, which is nice and easy to browse.