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This is a cool photoshop trick which allows you to overlay two images on top of each other, so that your brain struggles to work out what the face is actually made up of.

This cool photoshop trick was taken from the Trick Photography and Special Effects ebook, and you can read the review of my ebook here.

It’s great if you want to learn how to take more photos like this.

Step 1 – Take Two Photos

Take two photos of yourself. One with your face visable, and another with your hands covering your face.

You’ll want a black background too, so if you have a backdrop then that’s great, but if not, then a black t-shirt and some tape will do fine.

Step 2 – Overlay the Two Images

Open these photos in photoshop with one on top of the other.

Select the layer blending mode and choose ‘multiply’. Then you will see both at once, and you can make sure that your overlaying is as best as possible.

Then flatten the image, by going to Layer>Flatten Image.

Step 3 – Clean the Image Up

I used the paint brush tool to remove any part of the image that did not overlap. That meant the forehead and part of the chest.

To blend the wrists better, I used the graduated brush, with the neutral density filter.

Step 4 – Finish the Cool Photoshop Trick

To finish off the image, I turned the photo black and white, and adjusted the contrast and the curves. The photo doesn’t really look like me, so I’m happy to get a bit creative with my editing.

Remember, if you want to learn more tricks like this, then check out the Trick Photography and Special Effects ebook.

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Create This Cool Photoshop Trick - Insomnia

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