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101 Best Christmas Gifts for Photographers 2020

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Christmas is always just around the corner. If there’s a photographer in your life, you’ll want to figure out the best Christmas gifts for photographers well in advance.
And we’re here to help!
We’ve put together this massive list of Xmas gifts with photography gadgets for photographers of all creeds, genres, and disciplines.
Some are serious, others are playful. But there’s definitely there’s something in this list for your photographer too.
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101. Peak Design Capture Camera Clip

This is a perfect gift for a traveller or the photographer who’s always on the go. The Peak Design Capture Camera Clip will sit comfortably on their waist (or their backpack strap), holding their camera.
This leaves their capturing device within easy access. It clips onto any strap or belt up to 3 inches wide and 0.5 inches thick. Photographers of all levels will appreciate the versatility of this tiny accessory.
It keeps their hands empty, and their back pain-free. You could even say it’s anti-theft too.
Pick up the camera clip here
A Peak Design Capture Camera Clip

100. Vixen Optics Star Tracker

The Vixen Optics Star Tracker is the perfect addition to your astrophotography. This device needs to be used alongside your digital camera or smartphone adapter.
Once set, the Polarie tracks with the motion of the stars. This helps to eliminate “star trailing” on your photos, resulting in sharp images of the Universe.
It is light, compact and attractive. And can ensure your images are out of this world.
Vixen Optics Star Tracker

99. Celestron Inspire 80AZ Refracting Telescope

This is an entry-level telescope for all those budding astrophotographers out there. It has the easiest setup of any other telescope and comes with a fully integrated smartphone adapter built-in.
This means, photographing the dark skies with your smartphone is not only possible but easy.
It even has a red flashlight built in, helping you capture those shots in the dark.
A perfect gift for photographers reaching for the stars.

 Celestron Inspire 80AZ Refracting Telescope

98. Lee Filters ‘Big Stopper’ 3.0 Neutral Density Filter

The ‘big stopper’ is a benefit to landscape, cityscape, seascape and street photographers.
Even architecture photographers can use it to eliminate people from their scenes.
This neutral density filter stops light, allowing you to create a long exposure in daylight. Perfect for time-lapse, and situations where creative blur is needed.
 Lee Filters 'Big Stopper' 3.0 Neutral Density Filter

97. Photography Prism With Cleaning Pouch

Photography prisms are gaining more and more popularity. They help to add creativity in creating unique images through flashes, lens flares and soft focuses.
Wedding, portrait and fine art photographers use them to catch the light and bend it around your image. Get started today.
Photography Prism With Cleaning Pouch

96. MegaGear Camera Buckle Lens Cap Holder

I’m always losing my lens cap. Sometimes I find it at the bottom of my camera bag (if I’m lucky).
But sometimes it’s covered by a stray napkin, under a table, in the corner of the garden, at that outdoor family wedding I was photographing.
If you know a photographer with a similar tendency for losing track of their lens cap, do them a favour and get them the MegaGear Camera Buckle Lens Cap Holder this Valentine’s Day.
They’ll be eternally grateful.
This lens cap holder by MegaGear is a great gift idea for photographers

95. FOTYRIG Hot Shoe Bubble Spirit Level

For images that need to be exact, there is the bubble spirit level. Architecture and landscape photographers can really benefit from having one of these instead of only trusting their eyes.
It looks at both the horizontal and vertical axis simultaneously, which cuts down time and enables you to work effortlessly.
It fits onto the hot shoe on your camera but can be placed anywhere flat.
This bubble spirit level is a perfect gift for photographers

94. White Balance Card 18% 

For saving time during post-processing, a white balance card is a necessity.
Just photograph the card at the beginning of your shoot and either manage the white balance in camera or during the editing stage.
Lightweight, small size and waterproof – perfect for those underwater portraits you’ve always wanted to do.
An 18% white balance set

93. Kodak PRINTOMATIC Digital Instant Print Camera

The Kodak PRINTOMATIC is their answer to Fujifilms Instax camera range. You get an all-in-one photography machine. Not only does it capture the images, but prints them too.
Just charge the camera, load the paper and you are ready to go. Perfect for family events and gatherings. The beauty is that you see the image immediately.
Flick a button, and it changes from colour to black and white.
This is a Christmas photography gift for anyone, of all ages and passions.
 Kodak PRINTOMATIC Digital Instant Print Camera

92. Lomography Smartphone Film Photo Scanner

Analogue photography systems have one drawback – the images aren’t digital. You need to create a digital copy before you can share it on social media, or show it off on your website or blog.
This is where the smartphone scanner comes into play. Just attach your smartphone to the scanner, add the film and sit back while it scans your negatives.
It goes straight to your phone for editing before being sent off into the World Wide Web. A cool gift for photographers everywhere.
 Lomography Smartphone Film Photo Scanner is a great idea for a photographer

91. IOGEAR 12-in-1 USB 2.0 Pocket Flash Memory Card Reader

The card reader is a necessary piece of equipment for any photographer. Whether shooting on DSLR, mirrorless or adventure camera systems, this device works with all the memory cards you might be using.
Even more beneficial is if you have a few different systems that need different types of memory card.
It’s fast and efficient copying of photographic information via USB enables you to spend more time photographing.
Use this alongside the GNAR box for perfect and seamless storage.
A serious gift for photographers everywhere.
 IOGEAR 12-in-1 USB 2.0 Pocket Flash Memory Card Reader

90. Zodiac Pro Bluetooth Selfie Remote Shutter

The Zodiac is a shutter remote that works with Bluetooth technology. It allows you to stand away from your camera to capture the perfect selfie.
This way, the photographer can integrate themselves in their environment more.
A simple gift for photographers with huge potential. It even looks cool.
 Zodiac Pro Bluetooth Selfie Remote Shutter

89. Universal Travel Adapter 

For the travelling photographer, you can’t go wrong with the Universal Travel Adapter.
Get a few, so they can charge their laptop, camera batteries, drone batteries and anything electronic they may need.
It covers over 200 countries, comes with 3 dedicated USB ports and surge protection. What more do you need in a photography gift.
Universal Travel Adapter 

88. Photograph Crystal Ball With Stand and Pouch

Apart from photography prisms, there are crystal balls for creative and contemporary photography. These have also grown in popularity over the last few years.
They are inexpensive for what they offer you. Basically, it is like shooting an object that gives you a wide field of view.
The image is flipped, giving you the option of rotating the image, adding more interest to the scene.
The crystal ball can work in any area, but best for landscapes and architecture. It even has a Christmas feel to it, making it one of the best photography gifts.
 Photograph Crystal Ball With Stand and Pouch

87. Neewer LCD Timer Shutter Release Remote Control

The shutter release cable is a great advantage to those pushing their camera to the long end of shutter speeds.
If you are photographing a subject where the exposure time is longer than a few seconds, you don’t want the image to be ruined by camera shake.
This shutter release cable enables you to access the shutter without touching the camera.
This means less accidental shakes and movements, which is absolutely necessary for professional looking photographs.
If there is one gift for photographers, this is one of the most overlooked possibilities.
Neewer LCD Timer Shutter Release Remote Control

Apparel & Bags

86. Jo Totes Gracie Shoulder Bag

The Jo Totes is a shoulder bag, making it a little more stylish than a bag you need to wear on your back.
This bag has many 5-star reviews that helped to seal the deal in including it on our list.
It comes in butterscotch, mint, magenta or marsala colours, as they know that one bag style isn’t going to cover all tastes and colour coordination.
The material is faux-leather, but the quality is excellent. The shape allows it to conform to your body more, for a comfortable feel.
This is perfect gift for the female photographers out there.
A Jo Totes Gracie leather camera bag for women on white background

85. Peak Design Everyday Backpack

We all know about Peak Design. Their photography products are well thought-out and not only look great but work perfectly. I have their Everyday Sling, which has worked perfectly for me since I bought it.
This is smart, sleek and very minimal. There are so many features about this camera bag which make it amazing to use. The straps hug your physique, their unique divider system ‘FlexFold’ is padded, slim and modular.
The bag isn’t just waterproof – it repels water like a wizard. Just get it already.

  • Holds Full Frame DSLR & 3-4 Lenses;
  • Dedicated 15″ Laptop Sleeve;
  • Three Flexfold Dividers Protect Gear;
  • Built-In Expansion with Maglatch System;
  • Exterior & Sub-Divided Interior Pockets;
  • Either side camera and gear access;
  • Perfectly sized to fit the new DJI Mavic, with controller and accessories;
  • Four configurable tension straps let you carry large, heavy items on the outside of your pack.

front view of Peak Design backpack camera travel bag, side zipper open and showing padding for camera lenses

84. Thinsulate Suede Thermal Insulation Fingerless Gloves with Mitten Cover

For night photographers, there are fingerless gloves. These allow you to still operate your camera and devices while keeping your hands from freezing off.
For when you need to keep your digits warm, the mitten cover keeps them warm when not needed. For the winter season, your photographer friend will love you for them.
Thinsulate Suede Thermal Insulation Fingerless Gloves with Mitten Cover

83. Unisex Camera Chef Apron

There are t-shirts, socks, cufflinks and hats. Now, we have the photographers apron. This is for photographers who like to cook or grill at celebrations.
The text is comical and works well as a wordplay. For those playful photographers, this apron is a must. Especially if you want them to spend more time in the kitchen.
Great gifts for photographers all over the globe.
 Unisex Camera Chef Apron

82. 1938 Graflex Speed Graphic Camera T-Shirt

For the photographer who already has every single piece of equipment they need, there is the T-shirt.
There are many t-shirts that are over the top and are quite in your face.
This T-shirt, although, shows off the blue print of one of the best cameras of former times. The camera in question is the 1938 Graflex Speed Graphic.
It is a unisex t-shirt, available in sized medium and above. This is great if you’re having trouble on what to buy a photographer.
1938 Graflex Speed Graphic Camera T-Shirt


81. Pinhole Cameras: A DIY Guide

Pinhole photography is a creative and fun way to create photographic prints cheaply. The benefit here is that almost anything can be a camera.
The only requirement is that the container needs to do is hold the photographic paper in a light-proof manner.
Coffee tins, wooden boxes – even a matchbox if you wish. This guide will give you all the information you need.
You’ll be creating prints without having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars.
The cover of Pinhole Cameras: A DIY Guide - gifts for photographers

80. Vivian Maier – Street Photographer

For the budding street photographers, there is the Vivian Maier photography book.
She’s the photographer whose work was found, randomly, at an American auction.
Since then, she has become an immense success. And for great reason too, her images are whimsical, magical and amazing.
Either as a coffee table book, or a source of inspiration, you can’t go wrong with this as a Christmas gift.
Front cover of the book '  DJI Phantom 3 - 4K Quadcopter Drone'

79. Ansel Adams in the National Parks: Photographs from America’s Wild Places

We all know and love Ansel Adams, even if we don’t know landscape photography particularly well.
He is the Godfather of black and white images of american nation parks, the majority of which are over 70 years old!
This book will be loved by all those you buy it for. So bulk buying is a possibility. Gifts for photographers are done – whose next?
Ansel Adams in the National Parks: Photographs from America's Wild Places

78. TIME 100 Photographs: The Most Influential Images Of All Time

TIME magazine was one of the most important magazines for up-to-date news from around the globe. Two years ago, they created the TIME 100 Photographs: The Most Influential Images Of All Time, which is self-explanatory.
Here, you’ll find the stories, methods and ideas behind the most important images ever taken.
If you want to have a sneak peak at the list, have a look at our article Pictures Worth a Thousand Words.
A perfect gift for any photography lover.
TIME 100 Photographs: The Most Influential Images Of All Time

77. Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs

This book is the perfect addition to any aspiring photographers bookshelf. Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs is ideal for this new wave of snappers using DSLR, compact system and bridge cameras.
It contains no graphs, no techie diagrams and no camera-club jargon. It is split into five separate areas, composition, exposure, light, lenses and the art of seeing.
If that wasn’t enough, there are examples by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sebastião Salgado and Martin Parr. This is one of the cool gifts for photographers.
The cover of  Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs

Camera Equipment

76. Easy Macro Cell Lens Band

As we use our smartphones more and more for photography, we needed devices and equipment to follow. Here we have a macro cell lens for smartphones.
The lens is conveniently located inside a high-quality rubber band. This allows you to use most phones, both Android and Apple. The band keeps it still and taut.
The simple design keeps your phone looking attractive, allowing you to use it more.
Easy Macro Cell Lens Band

75. Lomography Sprocket Rocket

There was never such a loud and obtrusive camera. This is way more about the fun side of photography than the serious.
This 35mm super-wide angle panoramic camera will take you to a new Lomographic dimension.
The Sprocket Rocket is the first analogue camera to be fitted with a reverse gear. It allows you to rewind and remix your photos.
It also gives you an unmistakably analogue look by exposing the sprocket holes.
Lomography Sprocket Rocket

74. Lensbaby Composer Pro II With Edge 50 Optic for Canon EF

If you have ever looked into architecture, street or time-lapse photography, you may have come across the term tilt/shift.
There are specific lenses built to replicate the effects of using a large format camera.
Basically, they let you manipulate the distances of objects and settings that you are pointing your camera at.
They are also very expensive. This cheaper version is great to play around with, and will not break the bank.
This allows the focus to not only be modified horizontally but also vertically. This gives you a circular area of focus rather than a line, and can also help to make big things seem small and miniature.
A great toy that can give you stunning results.
The lensbaby composer lens is a great gift for a photographer

73. Lomography Spinner 360 Degree Camera

Lomography appears on this list a few times. It’s because they have amazing, creative cameras, bringing the joy back into the world of serious photography.
This is a special camera that captures panoramic images on film. The way it works is simple. You hold the camera up by the handle, and you pull the ring cable.
The mechanism opens the shutter while spinning the camera around.  It creates up to 8 full 360° panoramas on a 36-exposure film, but it requires special printing.
 Lomography Spinner 360 Degree Camera

72. DJI Phantom 3 – 4K Quadcopter Drone

Don’t be mistaken, this is the most expensive item on our list. The DJI Phantom 3 is a professional photography and video drone, allowing the user to capture images from above.
Able to shoot and photograph in 4K, this is the perfect choice for those who want to get into drone photography.
The camera captures RAW image while sitting on a dedicated gimbal.
This drone camera has a point of interest orbit mode, circling anything you tell it to. It will automatically return to home after its 25 minute flight time.
If you can afford it, this is one of the best gifts for photographers.
 DJI Phantom 3 - 4K Quadcopter Drone

71. DIY Pinhole Camera

If the DIY pinhole photography book (number 95) isn’t your thing, here is one that we made earlier.
This camera needs to be assembled, which is a great hands-on route for photographers aged 12 and older.
It uses 35mm film, and due to the format of 24mm x 24mm, will give you 50 exposures. The aperture is 0.16mm, which means you might have to leave it capturing somewhere for hours, even days.
This is a great little project, perfect at Christmas as one of the cool gifts for photographers.
DIY Pinhole Camera - best Christmas gifts for photographers

70. LEGO 3MP Digital Camera

If you are looking for what to buy a photographer of a younger age, look no further.
This LEGO camera houses a 3MP Resolution, and will hold 80 images before they need to be downloaded.
To get the images couldn’t be simpler. Just plug in the camera using the provided USB cable.
The camera comes with a 1.5″ LCD screen, built-in flash and a fixed focus, easy shooting for the kiddies at Christmas. 
LEGO 3MP Digital Camera

69. Ricoh Theta V 4k 360 Spherical Camera

For travel photographers, the camera equipment needs to be minimal. This is where the Theta V comes into play.
It shoots hi-def smooth 360 Degree video at 30 fps @ 3840 x 1920 pixels or 4K.
If creating mini planets are you thing, you can make them easily in both still and video versions. The Ricoh Theta V will also capture the sound if needed. Great for groups and interviews, where one camera is all you need.
For Christmas, this little gadget is one of the best gifts for photographers.
Ricoh Theta V 4k 360 Spherical Camera -photography gift ideas

68. Lomography Lomo’ Instant Wide Combo Central Park

This Lomography camera is yet another fun entrance into the world of photography. This is the instant camera version of the throwaway camera world. It uses Instax film, just like the Neo at number 42.
It comes with a 90mm built-in lens. For every image you snap, the shutter will automatically determine how much light is necessary for perfect exposure — a totally hassle-free instant experience.
There is even a wide-angle lens option, allowing you to see the entire scene. The close-Up Lens: When you just can’t get close enough, focus up to 0.1m
 Lomography Lomo’ Instant Wide Combo Central Park

67. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera

I love the Neo Classic, almost more than I love my Polaroid land camera from the 50’s. It’s because it is simple to use, and has enough settings to feel professional.
As it is simple, it gets used more – meaning more and better images. fun for the whole family, and great at capturing the atmosphere around Christmas festivities.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera

66. Fujifilm Instax Mini Black and White Film

Don’t forget to also get them the Fujifilm Instax Mini Black and White Film. A great gift for photographers all over the globe.
Instax mini monochrome film photography gift

65. GoPro HERO6 Black

If you’re looking to buy a gift for an adventurer with a knack for videography, then look no more. GoPro’s Hero 6 is the camera for you.
Waterproof to 33ft and able to capture smooth footage in even the most challenging of situations, GoPro is the perfect gift for photographers who spend most of their shooting time hiking, jumping in pools, or flying down mountainsides skiing.
This gift for a photographer keeps on giving.
GoPro HERO6 Black

64. Apexel 4 in 1 Camera Phone Lens

This smart phone lens kit is a great gift for those cell phone photographers.
Four great lenses that work with Apple or Android products. You get an 8x zoom telephoto lens with manual focus ring, fisheye lens, macro lens and wide angle lens.
There is nothing that can’t be captured with these lenses. They attach easily yet leave incredible images.
Apexel 4 in 1 Camera Phone Lens

63. Hover Camera Passport Self-Flying Drone

This is a drone built specifically for ‘follow’ footage and taking selfies. It has the ability to shoot videos at 4k.
It has a 13-megapixel camera with image recognition software that allows it to keep its position without needing GPS.
Not to mention that it folds to fit easily into a backpack or purse. Definitely a gift for a photographers.
The Hover Camera Passport is the kind of gadget the travelling photographer will enjoy.
It is perfect for your next trip abroad or even a bike ride through the city.
 Hover Camera Passport Self-Flying Drone


62. Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop Subscriptions

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are the forerunners of photographic editing. They do everything you need. From simple, local adjustments, to creating complex layer masks for hardcore manipulation.
These are perfect gifts for those travelling, as they offer a useful library for all your images, but also 20 GB of online storage.
With this, you can edit your images no matter where you are. You will need a laptop to get the best from this subscription, one that doesn’t break the bank.
With a mobile or tablet, Lightroom Mobile is free, but with access to the Creative Cloud, you can access tools the unpaid users cannot.
Find the yearly subscription here.
Screenshot of Creative Cloud plans and pricing which is a perfect Christmas gifts ideas for photographers

61. XSKN Adobe Lightroom Shortcuts Keyboard

When it comes to photography, some of us tend to focus on the shooting part. Setting up a scene, location scouting, perfect camera settings, etc.
But a lot of today’s photography relies on the enhancing abilities of editing software, like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop.
This doesn’t mean that photographers aren’t taking great pictures to begin with. Lightroom offers them the possibility to take those pictures to the next level.
And XSKN Adobe Lightroom Shortcuts Keyboard will make their workflow (and lives!) significantly easier.
It’s the perfect gift for all photographers, whether they’re into landscape, macro, or astrophotography.
This laptop keyboard skin is a perfect gift for photographers

Film Photography

60. Jacquard Cyanotype Set

If you’re looking for something creative, look no further than this cyanotype kit. Even if you don’t know what it is, someone you know will love it.
Cyanotype is an alternative printing technique. The idea is to create a photogram by placing items on photosensitive paper. You create this with the chemicals.
The second step is to wash the paper to bring out the shapes and details of your items. These can be leaves or anything with a distinctive shape.
It’s easy, fun and leaves you with a print without needing a darkroom.
Jacquard Cyanotype Set - best photography gift ideas

59. Paterson Universal Tank and 2 Reels

For those analogue film photographers, a universal processing tank can be really beneficial. This set allows you to process your own black and white film at home.
It will work with 35mm or 120 films (medium format), but only black and white. Colour film requires many different chemicals and a constant temperature.
You don’t need a darkroom, as the container is airtight. With this, you will need processing chemicals and a place to keep your negatives after they are processed.
Paterson Universal Tank and 2 Reels - photography gift ideas

58. Japan Camera Hunter Street Pan ISO 400 Black & White Film

If you are a fan of street photography, then you may know Japan Camera Hunter. This blogger and photographer shares his images and camera knowledge through blog posts and articles.
He has created his own black and white film. At 400 ISO, it is a great middle ground between well-lit areas and those in the shade.
You can cover most scenes without having to swap film or miss the shot.
Make sure the photographer you buy this for has an analogue camera though.
Three boxes of Japan Camera Hunter Street Pan ISO 400 Black & White Film - Christmas gifts for photographers


57. Pixelstick Lightpainting LED Tool

The pixels stick is a revolutionary device for light painting. The controller reads images you’ve downloaded or created, and displays them using 200 full colour RGB LED lights.
The aluminium body lets you hold the stick for extended periods of time. The speed, brightness, and orientation can all be easily changed and adjusted.
This is perfect for night photographers or those who like to like to experiment.
Pixelstick Lightpainting LED Tool, photo gifts

56. Rotolight NEO 2

Portrait photographers, among others, will find they need to boost the available light. Low light situations really have an effect on the quality of the image.
For times when a light is needed, opt for the Rotolight. This High-Speed Sync Flash (HSS) provides a powerful light, either as a flash or continuous source. For flash, there is a zero recycle time.
It has the longest battery life of an on-camera flash ever made. It even adapts for true aperture dimming, resulting in less trial and error shooting.
Rotolight NEO 2 - gifts for photographers

55. Flash Diffuser Light Softbox 6×5”

The flash diffuser lightbox is designed to soften the light from your flash unit.
Otherwise, you may be left with something very harsh, creating an overexposed image.
This diffuser spreads light over a wider area, making it more controllable. It fits over your Speedlite and packs away into a compact size for easy transport.
Flash Diffuser Light Softbox 6x5”

54. Portable Photo Studio

For product photographers, you can’t go wrong with a portable photo studio. This box pops up in seconds, allowing you to take high-quality images for any purpose.
The lights are included and positioned to ensure a blanket of even light. You can even use this to boost your food photography.
With this, you don’t need to worry about complicated studio setups or expensive equipment.
 Portable Photo Studio

53. Vivitar VL-8500 Professional LED Video Light Wand

The Vivitar Light Wand is a great addition to the night photographers equipment. With this, you can light portraits easily, and light paint!
With this light wand, there 10 adjustable brightness levels between the 3200K and 5600K color temperatures.
It works from a rechargeable battery, so no wires, and comes with a case and infrared remote control. A perfect gift for a photographer.
Vivitar VL-8500 Professional LED Video Light Wand

52. ExpoImaging ROGUEGELS-U Gels

For all those photographers who have a Speedlite, there is the ExpoImaging ROGUEGELS-U Gels. The name is a little over the top and silly, but basically they are a pack of gels that fit over the flash. 
The pack includes 20 filters: 14 color effects, 5 color correction and 1 diffuser. There is a handy band that allows them to stay on the flash, letting you swap them with ease.
All of these items fit within the secure pouch, provided with the set.
One of the cool gifts for photographers over the Christmas season.
ExpoImaging ROGUEGELS-U Gels - cool gifts for photographers

51. Etekcity 24″ (60cm) 5-in-1 Portable Collapsible Photo Reflector

We could all benefit from using reflectors. A little more light bounced into darker areas of the image can have a big impression.
Great for portraits and documentary projects where one prominent light source isn’t enough.
The Etekcity has 5 different styles in one package to either warm up your image or add more light. They pack a punch for a kit that can fold into a case 2/3rds of its full size.
Portable, useful and lightweight. What else could you ask for in a photography gift?
Etekcity 24" (60cm) 5-in-1 Portable Collapsible Photo Reflector


50. Bonfoton Camera Obscura Room Lens

A camera obscura was one of the devices used by painters in the 16th century. It allowed, via the use of a lens, the projection of a scene or setting. At that time, it wasn’t mobile.
300 years later, a mobile version was invented, which allowed the projection to hit light-sensitive material. This is how pinhole photography came about.
Using this lens allows the outside world to enter your living space. It can be a decoration or used as part of a photographic project.
. Bonfoton Camera Obscura Room Lens

49. F-Stop Photographer Unisex Analog Watch

Time is a precious thing. Giving it away as a present is a wonderful sentiment. What makes it better, is that it is designed following the aperture of photographic lenses.
It’s f/5.6 – time to finish work and go home.
This analogue watch is a perfect photography gift

48. Camera LED Keychain

Some something fun, get the camera LED keychain. It adds some flair to your keys, and the light is super useful. All you need to do is press the shutter to active it.
The keychain is one of many possible gifts for photography lovers.
Camera LED Keychain

47. Bokeh Masters Kit

Bokeh, is something that photographers have been discussing over and over for the last few years. This bokeh kit can really help your images gain more interest.
It might not look like much, but these stencil shaped filters affect the lights in your image. When used at a wide aperture, those out-of-focus lights take the shape of the filter cut-out.
Its fun, and can be used in some portrait, wedding or event photography – as long as the shot calls for it.
A Bokeh Masters Kit - - gifts for photographers

46. Gogloo Video Camera on Glasses

While Google glass never really took off, the idea of capturing video and stills from glasses stayed with us. Enter the Gogloo Video Camera on Glasses.
It offers you hands-free recording, no matter where you are.
Not only is it a 10MP capturing device, it sits inside some pretty sweet sunglasses. This is the perfect Christmas gift for adventurers who like to capture the environment around them.
A perfect gift for photographers at Christmas time.
Gogloo Video Camera on Glasses

45. Cuff-Daddy Camera Dial Cufflinks

Cufflinks are the ultimate detail to a fine suit. Photographic cufflinks show that you have a playful side to your serious demeanour.
Definitely a subtle touch, due to their size, but those with a photographic eye will no doubt use them as a conversation starter.
A gift that is necessary for the dapper photographer, and for one with a perky personality. These gifts for photography lovers are perfect for Christmas.
 Cuff-Daddy Camera Dial Cufflinks - a great photography gift

44. Camera Cookie Cutters

These cookie cutters are one of the best gifts for photographers, and one that keeps on giving. These come in three styles; SLR, TLR and Rangefinder.
They make the perfect cookies for the photographer who already has it all.
Not only is it a cutter, but can also be used as a stamp for more delicate food items. Be sure to pop round to their house just enough to taste the fruits of their labour.
After all, it was your gift idea.
Camera Cookie Cutters

43. Shutter Huggers Giraffe

Photographers who capture small children are always at a disadvantage when it comes to keeping their attention. This is especially true if the parents and family needs to stay with them in the frame.
The Shutter Hugger range is something that can help. These are animals that the photographer fits around their lens to try and make the camera a little nicer and less obtrusive.
They will be hooked after they start using it.
Just remind them to take it off, when photographing weddings or serious events.
 Shutter Huggers Giraffe

42. Polaroll Polaroid Camera Shaped Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Not all photography gifts should be serious. Sometimes, you need to insert that silly, yet hospitable gift into someones’ life.
In this case, it is a toilet paper roll holder in the shape of a Polaroid camera.
It even comes with photographic paper, which is a conversation starter at the least. Perfect for bringing a smile to someones face over Christmas.
Polaroll Polaroid Camera Shaped Toilet Paper Roll Holder

41. Photography Idea Cards

Let’s face it – you can find photography help and inspiration all over the net. This may not be helpful if you find yourself in the wilderness.
For those who prefer physical items over those online, there are idea cards.
This set of 72 cards is a great photography gift for youngsters and older photographers alike.
Each comes with a specific hashtag, so you can easily search what other people captured.
Photography Idea Cards

40. MIROO Slr Camera Lens 12 oz Travel Mug

For tea lovers and coffee drinkers alike, this MIROO 12oz travel mug is shaped like a Canon SLR lens.
You can even use it as a pen holder!
 MIROO Slr Camera Lens 12 oz Travel Mug

39. Vintage Camera Wall Art Print

Someone you know loves photography and old cameras, and that same someone has some space. Trust me, they do.
Get this great, yet simple print of an old Rolleiflex camera. They will love it!
Perfect if you’re having trouble on what to buy a photographer.
Vintage Camera Wall Art Print - best Christmas gifts for photographers

38. Personalised Guess Who?

Over on ETSY, you can find this old classic, but personalised. Everyone over the age of 20 should know this game, and if they don’t, then they need an introduction. Best to skip the 80’s clothing.
To get this unique edition,  send 24 pictures of your friends, family, favorite athletes, TV characters or just random strangers.
The creator will even add her own face if you don’t have enough.
One of the best gifts for photography lovers. Get playing with them today.
Personalised Guess Who? game, gifts for photographers

37. Wrapping Paper

What is better than having your face plastered over wrapping paper. This accompanied with the personalised photo gift tag speaks volumes.
The receivers will never forget who gave them this photography gift.
If they are taken apart carefully, it can be reused. It’s even a great way to spruce up an old storage box, or the lining to the insides of Grandma’s drawers.
It’s not really a gift for photographers, but what you would wrap them in.
Personalised photo wrapping paper - photo gifts

36. Kurt Adler Classic & Digital Camera Christmas Tree Ornament (set of 2)

As it is Christmas, it is the time of decorations. These ornaments are of two cameras, one vintage and one contemporary.
They will work well dangling from a tree.
The best thing about these is that they will be used year in and year out. These photography gifts won’t go out of date.
Kurt Adler Classic & Digital Camera Christmas Tree Ornament (set of 2)

35. DENY Mini City Throw Pillow

There are people who like photography, and there are those who love it. In all shapes and sizes. For those people, there is the throw pillow, covered in an interesting print design.
The Deny range has many different styles, but I found the Mini City looked the best as a pillow cover. The style is one of a tilt-and-shift, making the setting look like a model village.
Not only is it comfortable, it is a conversation starter and a punch to a plain room or setting. One of the best gifts for photography lovers everywhere.
DENY Mini City Throw Pillow - photography christmas gift ideas

34. Mug

There is no other British gift more creative and ‘out there’ than a mug. It’s a playful idea that helps promote productivity through the use of providing a handy vessel for coffee.
You can have text, but photographs are better. You can put your own mug on a mug and give it to some other mug in your family.
This results in one of the best gifts for photography lovers.
Or you can do what our cousin did for our sons’ first birthday. The pictures on the mug told his entire life (12 months). Nothing beats this cool gift idea for photographers.
This creative photo gift shows images from throughout the pregnancy, through the birth and hospital, to him being a cheeky monkey.
We already know, he will be the one to break it.
A personalised photo mug - best Christmas gifts for photographers

33. Desk Calendar

Everyone needs a calendar. There is a lot to be said for print calendars, and here you can great your own. 14 of your images are used to create a calendar.
You can start the calendar in any month, it doesn’t have to be January. Get yours today, through their simple online process.
This is one of the coolest gifts for photographers, but also handy to have all year round.
A personalised photography desk claender - best Christmas gifts for photographers

32. Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw is an oldie, but a goodie. My partner loves jigsaw puzzles, and I have been toying with the idea of something difficult for her.
Either the sky at night, or just a full-frame shot of the sea. That photo gift should keep her going for weeks, not just hours.
A better photo gift idea would be to get her to make her own picture of our family, which she can then frame and hang to show off her skills.
Have a look here on how to create and order one of your new favourite photography gifts.
A personalised photo jigsaw - best photo gifts

Protection & Cleaning

31. Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs

For the concert and event photographer, there is the Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplug set. These help to keep your hearing intact in scenarios where noise can be damaging.
The earplugs cut down on the high frequencies over extended periods of time. Get them now, so that the photographer in your family can protect themselves.
They will thank you for it when they are older.
Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs

30. goTenna

This is a great device for those who plan on doing a lot of hiking on their travels. This little device will let you text and call without the need for your mobile having service or not.
You could be in the middle of nowhere, and this will let you contact another person in case someone gets lost.
The free goTenna app includes detailed offline maps for any region in the world, which is beautifully handy.
It also provides you with your GPS location, which is great for knowing exactly where your photograph was taken.
They come in pairs, are completely waterproof and have a 24-hour battery life.
Image of two gotenna camera accessories on white background

29. Nikon Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

There are always times when you need a microfiber cloth. This helps to keep your lenses free of dust and dirt, leaving your images clean and clear.
The cloth folds away into a small pouch, resting until you need it. It will stay clean, and through anti-static technology, will ensure your lenses stay the same.
Nikon Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

28. Lens Pen

A lens pen is a revamped version of the microfiber cloth. Yes, that thing sitting at the bottom of your camera bag, covered in dirt and dust.
This little tool is specifically for cleaning the inside of your camera, and both sides of your lenses. When changing lenses, your mirror and sensor will pick up dust and dirt.
The lens pen has a retractable brush, keeping it clean for its next use. On the other side is a pen tool, used to clean the glass on your lenses. It’s curved for that reason.
The lens pen is a perfect travel photography gear option for cleaning.
Image of a lens pen, great photography gift/ travel camera accessories

27. Aquapac SLR Camera Waterproof Case

For many photographers, shooting underwater just isn’t possible, not affordable. A dedicated underwater housing can cost almost as much as the camera.
Now, there are underwater cases that don’t cost the earth. The Aquapac is one of these, allowing you to shoot 15 ft. (5m) without a problem.
It will even float when accidentally dropped.
It is designed to work with SLRs, both digital and analogue, with zoom lenses.
Aquapac SLR Camera Waterproof Case

26. GIZMON Camera-Inspired Case For iPhone

If you have friends and family like me, a camera case is needed at the same time a new phone is bought. Otherwise, glass is continually being pulled out of thumbs and ears.
This case not only looks great, it feels comfortable in the hand. It looks like a professional camera when you are capturing with it.
It’s a great balance between a fun and a serious gift for a photographer.
GIZMON Camera-Inspired Case For iPhone - best Christmas gifts for photographers

25. Giottos Rocket Air Blaster

The Giottos Rocket Air Blaster is a necessary item. Apart from looking out of this world, it cleans the dust off your camera’s mirror or sensor.
The one-way valve introduces clean air, and doesn’t recirculate the dirt and dust. Neat.
Get this for the photographer, but make sure you didn’t already buy it them as a previous Christmas gift.
Giottos Rocket Air Blaster - best Christmas gifts for photographers

24. Phone Case

An interesting smartphone case is a proof someone is incredibly cool. A playful, yet responsible enough photo gift to look after their most expensive gadget.
Not only does it protect your phone, but it also serves as a portable photo frame. People will catch on to this photo gift every time you pull it from your pocket.
The hidden benefit is if you drop the phone somewhere, and your face is on it, you might get it back. A perfect gift for a photography lover.
A personalised phone case - photo gifts


23. Kogalla SSB2210 Solar Storage Bank

Travel or outdoor photographers can have a hard time keeping all their devices charged. DSLR batteries are not cheap, and even having only a handful extra ones means added weight and extra organisation.
Having some sort of device that can help with power on the road can be very beneficial.
This is why we recommend the solar storage bank from Kogalla. This foldable pack is left in the sun to charge as you move around the local area. Or it can sit in your backpack to charge as you go.
It can hold 10,000 mAh, and charges in under five hours. Find the solar storage bank here.
Image of a Kogalla SSB2210 Solar Storage Bank - best Christmas photography gifts

22. Vintage Cameras Journal

Sometimes, you’ll need to make a note of your camera settings or locations. What better than a dedicated notebook for all your photographic scribblings.
This way, you ensure that you always take the right notebook. Otherwise, you risk getting to a location with a shopping list or hundreds of things on a to-do note.
Decorated with some of the finest vintage cameras, it also looks great.
Vintage Cameras Journal - gifts for photographers

21. Vintage Camera Photo Album

When you are taking images, you don’t just want to keep them hidden away. A photo album ensures they are displayed well for when you come to show them.
It holds thirty 4 x 6″ photos and can fit in your back pocket. This can be used in conjunction with the above notebook, or with the Instax Neo further down the list. 
Vintage Camera Photo Album - photographer gift ideas

20. BAGSMART Travel Cable Organizer 

If you have a lot of little gadgets and things that you like to take with you, you will need a place to keep them all neatly.
This bag is great for organising all your small pieces of equipment. It will also enable you to access them quickly.
The bag is heavy duty, and has many different pockets for different sized objects. It can really help to cut down on time spent searching for that charger cable.
Find the cable organiser here.
Christmas gifts for photographers - BAGSMART Travel Cable Organizer 

19. Samsung MicroSD Memory Card 

Everyone with a digital camera needs memory cards. This MicroSD card will work with most devices, such as digital cameras, voice recorders and drones.
This card is super fast, working on a 100MB upload and download speed. This makes sure you can capture burst rates without any buffering. The 128GB size can hold tons of images.
For example, if your RAW file is 25 MB big, then this card can hold over 5000 of them.

 Samsung MicroSD Memory Card - best gifts for photographers

18. Lexar Professional CF Card

For cameras that need a CompactFlash card, the Lexar Professional is the best you can get. This is the card you would need for Canon or Nikon DSLRs, such as the Canon 5D Mark IV.
Here, you get 64 GB at upload and download speeds of 160 MB/S. The Professional brand does come with a price tag, however. So make sure you know what your friend or family member needs.
Photographers always find they need more space, so it solves the problem on what to buy a photographer.
Lexar Professional CF Card

17. Electronic4sale 8GB Nikon Camera Bag Shaped USB Flash Memory Drive

Let’s be honest. We all have multiple USB flash drives scattered around our bags, our workplaces and our homes.
They are small and get lost easily. And it’s difficult to know whose is whose if others have the same exact devices.
This Nikon camera shaped USB drive sticks out, so everyone knows it is yours. It is also camera related, so this stays with your photographing equipment and continues to help you with your photographic work.
This is a gift for the photography lover no doubt.
Electronic4sale 8GB Nikon Camera Bag Shaped USB Flash Memory Drive

16. RAVPower Solar Charger/Panel

This RAVPower Solar Charger is the perfect gift for those outdoor and adventure photographers.
It allows you to recharge your equipment while outside, instead of having to traipse back home early.
This also cuts down the need for multiple extra battery sets. Great news for those backs out there, worn out from carrying all that extra gear.
If this isn’t one of the best gifts for photographers, I don’t know what is.
RAVPower Solar Charger/Panel

15. Toshiba 32GB FlashAir III Wireless SD Memory Card

Memory cards are a necessity in capturing all those images. The bigger the better.
This SD (SanDisc) card doesn’t just save your images, it also allows you to send them Wirelessly.
The card creates its own wireless LAN access point. This allows your friends and family view pictures, through a browser on your PC, smartphone or tablet, quickly, easily and securely.
You can’t go wrong with this as a gift for a photographer.
Toshiba 32GB FlashAir III Wireless SD Memory Card

14. WD 4TB Wireless & Portable External Hard Drive

This portable external hard drive is a blessing in disguise. Not only is it small enough to travel with, it holds a whopping 160,000 RAW images (supposing they are 25 MB each). It is also wireless.
A perfect way to connect to your cell phone, tablet or laptop without annoying cables. You can keep it in your bag while you edit, keeping it hidden and safe.
It allows you to work with USB 2 and 3, offering fast transfers via cables or the cloud.
You can use the USB in conjunction with a card reader, allowing you to upload from any memory card.
There is a built-in SD card slot, which might be enough. On top of all of these great uses, the battery will last around 10 hours, also acting as a 6,400 mAh power bank.
The External hard drive you can find here. For more security against bumps and scratches, you can find the case here.
WD 4TB Wireless & Portable External Hard Drive

13. Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000mAh, Dual Port 2-in-1 Portable Charger and Wall Charger

Nothing could be easier than plugging your charger into the wall to charge or top up your smartphone.
This charger also lets you store some of that energy to take with you.
Up to three phone charges can be held inside and you won’t waste space as this compact storage device has two jobs.
 Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000mAh, Dual Port 2-in-1 Portable Charger and Wall Charger

12. Photo and Card Holder

Photos are not just perfect gifts for photographers, they are for everyone. Here we have a photo and card holder, showing off small images around the home.
We all collect things we want to show off, and this does it in an attractive way.
Use the hook to hang it from the ceiling or a wall, and use the eight magnets to showcase your art.
 Photo and Card Holder

11. Polaroid 6 Designer Magnetic Picture Frames

If you’re having a hard time figuring out what to do with your Polaroid/Fujifilm photographs after pulling them out of the camera, look no further.
These great photo frames fit the exact size of those instant pictures.
They are beautifully designed, and they are magnetic, allowing you to keep them on anything metallic.
A great gift to go alongside the Instax camera, and shows off the receiver’s photographs better than an album.
These magnetic photo frames are a perfect gift for photographers

10. VKO Memory Card Case (SD, Micro SD, CF)

The days of loose memory cards are over. The VKO memory card case is the perfect way to keep all of your cards together in one space. I know what you’re thinking, it’s just easier to lose.
Well, not if you have two – one for the full cards (safely attached inside your bag) and the other stuck on your belt or in your pocket.
These cases are water-resistant, protected against shocking falls and they even float, just in case they end up in a body of water.
They come with a carabiner for safe attachment.
12 slots for Micro SD cards + 8 slots for SD cards + 4 slots for CF cards + 2 slots for Pin keys. What else do you need? You can find the card case here.

VKO Memory Card Case (SD, Micro SD, CF)

9. PulsePak Battery Booster of up to 2 Hours for Apple

You’re in the middle of taking a photograph of your latest outing with friends. Or trying out some creative use of reflections for street photography.
This is when the screen of your phone goes black with that dreaded battery outline on it. Can you imagine anything worse?
Neither can we. The PulsePak Battery Booster is the ideal gift for the Apple mobile photographer in your life.
They’ll never miss that perfect photo again because of a too low battery!
PulsePak Battery Booster of up to 2 Hours for Apple

Tripods & Mounts

8. XSories WEFE Weye-Feye

The WEFE is a DSLR smartener. When attached to your digital camera, it generates its own WiFi network.
This enables a wireless connection and remote control of your DSLR through a dedicated smartphone app.
This allows the photographer to have the images sent to their phone or laptop for quick and easy editing. It’s the perfect gift solution for those photographers who work with clients.
XSories WEFE Weye-Feye The WEFE is a DSLR smartener

7. Manfrotto Element Traveller Carbon Fiber Tripod & Ball Head

For tripods, you can’t go wrong with the Manfrotto Element. There are many benefits with this system, the first being this tripod is made from carbon fiber.
This material ensures the tripod is lightweight, perfect for being transported over long distances. The ball head gives you 360° manoeuvrability, ensuring you never miss a composition.
It weighs only 3 lbs, and can reach a maximum height of 64.6″.
Manfrotto Element Traveller Carbon Fiber Tripod & Ball Head

6. Grizzly Camera Bean Bag

Cameras are heavy. Any photographer can tell you that. Especially f they’re crouched on their stomach, waiting for that perfect moment to photograph a pride of lions.
They’ll appreciate having the Grizzly Camera Bean Bag to both protect their lens and take some weight off their wrists.
Make sure you also grab them a pack of Grizzly’s Polystyrene Beads.

 Grizzly Camera Bean Bag

5. Pico Flex DSLR Dolly

A dolly is a necessary item for filmmaking, whereas, for simple photography, its a bonus. The only area where this would be a benefit is for either long exposure photographers or those who capture time-lapses.
This is tough, and 100% metal, except for the wheels. It is of a compact size, and has a simple construction. A carrying pouch comes with it, keeping it collected and safe.
It comes with two different threads, and can easily carry tripod heads rather than the underside of a camera.
Pico Flex DSLR Dolly

4. MeFoto Backpacker Travel Tripod Kit With SideKick360 Smartphone Tripod Adapter

There will be times when a photographer REALLY needs a tripod. These could be photographing in low-light situations, time-lapse or long exposure photography.
For those photographers who like to leave the house, the travel tripod kit is a must.
It is lightweight, weighing just 4lbs, and even comes with a smartphone tripod accessory. A perfect Christmas gift for photographers who travel, or like creative shooting.
MeFoto Backpacker Travel Tripod Kit With SideKick360 Smartphone Tripod Adapter

3. BlackRapid Breathe Sport Camera Strap

The BlackRapid sport camera strap is a strap for your camera. The cushioned area sits on your shoulder, allowing the camera to hang safely when not in use.
When you need it, you know where it is and will reach any length immediately.
It connects with the patented tether. As it uses the CR-3 ConnectR Locking Carabiner and LockStar ConnectR cover, it is safe from theft or accidental drops.
This is one of the best gifts for a photographer.
BlackRapid Breathe Sport Camera Strap

2. JOBY GorillaPod

Sometimes a tripod isn’t practical. Maybe you don’t want to schlep them around for one or two possible shots you might take. Or you don’t want to advertise that you might have a lot of expensive photographic equipment on you.
The JOBY Gorillapod is great for so many reasons. Small, compact, lightweight and fast to use. It can bend and wrap to any surface, holding your DSLR or mirrorless camera with ease.
You can photograph landscape or portrait, changing with ease.
Great for the outdoors, for any kind of camera you might have and for any situation you could envision. A perfect Christmas gift for photographers.
 JOBY GorillaPod

1. Syrp Genie Mini Panning Motion Control System

This little device was made specifically as a motion control device for time-lapse photography or real-time video projects.
The purpose of this little box is that it moves your camera in a panning motion, to your specifications. You just need to work out how fast it should go.
It comes with handy presets so you can just start shooting from the box.
They work over Bluetooth connections, and a few Genies can be added for extra camera movement control. This great little toy helps you get the best out of your work.
The Genie Mini by Syrp

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